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Ikea - Marsden Park NSW

Danmor Consulting Engineers provide

structural, civil and hydraulic engineering

services to a variety of construction fields

ranging from residential, commercial and

industrial developments. We service greater

Sydney, the Blue Mountains Region, Central

Coast, Queensland and Canberra.

At Danmor Consulting Engineers, quality is our first priority on

any scale project. We work closely with our clients, architects

and builders who entrust us to ensure the design intent is always

achieved. Our documentation is second to none, eliminating

issues and delays on site with our impeccable attention to detail.

We are an innovative firm who utilise the latest software in

developing solutions in a cost effective manner. We distinguish

ourselves through friendly and prompt service with a primary

aim of pleasing our clients. We take the time to discuss with

our clients their concerns and always ensuring we address their

critical challenges. We endeavour to empower our clients and

inspire confidence through our quality work and service.


Real Food Warehouse - Villawood NSW


• Residential projects

• Complex architectural homes

• Medium and high rise


• Commercial/Retail

developments (shop fronts and


• Industrial buildings

(tilt up and portal frames)

• Glass and balustrade design/

façade design

• Remedial works/repairs of

existing buildings

• Forensic engineering and


• Swimming pool design

• Dilapidation and structural


• Specialise in prefabricated wall

systems such as Ritek, AFS,

Dincel and EPS

• Retaining walls

• Stormwater and hydraulic



As a specialist engineering firm, Danmor Consulting Engineers consists of a team of

highly capable and dedicated engineers who are very passionate about what they

do. Each team member is a qualified professional engineer.

At Danmor Consulting Engineers, our approach to value engineering and

lateral thinking is consistently sought after by our clients. Our attention to

detail, co-ordination and ability to deliver, has demonstrated our position as a

specialist engineering firm. Our aim is to keep up to date with the latest industry

advancements and local products to ensure our designs are as efficient and as cost

effective as possible.

Our director, Danny Morched is a Chartered professional engineer and registered

on the National Engineers Register (NER 2320868) he has over 15 years of

experience in various types of structures including residential, commercial, retail,

industrial, medium and high rise buildings. Danny has vast experience in steel

and concrete structures (reinforced and post tensioned) and has been involved in

the coordination, structural design, analysis, documentation and supervision of a

variety of world class projects across Australia and the Middle East. Danny’s roles as

an engineer on world class projects such as the Burj Khalifa (Worlds Tallest Tower) or

the Westfield redevelopment in Sydney City earned him considerable recognition.


Luxury Residence - St Ives NSW

Etbas Structural Modeling -

60 Storey Building

Parramatta NSW


With over 400 residential projects

completed yearly, we have specialist

residential engineers who can

efficiently design and document all

types and sizes of houses including

architectural homes, extensions,

villas, duplexes, and townhouses. We

are also renowned for the design of

glass, aluminium and stainless steel.

With elements such as balustrades,

glass walls and floors including the

use of glass in swimming pools.

We utilise the use the latest finite

element softwares to model such

critical elements.

Some of the design aspects that we

cover are as follows:

• Design and certification of

cantilevered glass balustrades

• Design and certification of glass

and aluminium balustrades

• Glass walls, roofs and floors

• Glass in swimming pools

• Alfresco and pergola design

• Carport design

• Deck design

• Retaining wall design

• Roof design

• Swimming pool design

• Tennis court design

• Design of strip footings, rafts

slabs and waffle slabs

• Basement design

• Steel and timber framing design

• Pile design

• Staircase design

• Shoring design

• Suspended slab design

• Underpinning

Luxury Residence - Kirkham NSW

Multi Unit Development - Canley Heights NSW



Our director is a specialist high

rise structural engineer having

been involved in the design and

documentation of some of the

world’s tallest buildings. All our

designs are modelled using finite

element softwares such as ETABS/

SAFE and are designed for all loading

conditions including wind and

seismic loads. One of our recent

projects included the modelling of

two multi-storey buildings at 40 and

60 storeys high.

Some of the design aspects that we

cover are as follows:

• 3D Structural modelling,

analysis and design

• Concrete frame buildings

• Steel frame buildings

• Precast construction

• Post tensioned structures

• Basement structures

• Shoring design

• Foundation engineering

• Lateral loads analysis

• Finite element modelling

• Value engineering


Real Foods Warehouse - Villawood NSW

Ikea Warehouse - Marsden Park NSW

Industrial Warehouse - Smeaton Grange NSW


We have experience in a variety of

industrial buildings. A few recent

projects included a tilt up panel

design for a 10m high warehouse,

steel portal frame design including

a gantry crane runway with precast

panels and the erection sequence/

temporary bracing design of a

30m high Ikea warehouse. We are

highly experienced in the design

and detailing of steel structures

with quality designs and detailed

structural drawings. Such designs all

include the design and detailing of

industrial pavements for warehouse

loading and loading due to heavy


Some of the design aspects that we

cover are as follows:

• Tilt up panel design

• Precast panel design

• Portal frame design

• Gantry crane runway design

• Industrial pavement and


• Steel frame design

• Stairways

• Mezzanine floors

• Specifications

• DA and CC documentation

• Geotechnical assessment

• Foundation design

• Shoring and retaining structures

Alpha Hotel - Eastern Creek NSW

Fire Station - Windsor NSW

Childcare - Rosebery NSW



Danmor Consulting Engineers have

been responsible for providing

preliminary advice, structural design

and documentation, inspection

and approval for all aspects of

engineering in relation to retail

and commercial shop fit-outs and

shop fronts. Projects handled also

include medical centers, hotels,

schools, churches, childcares, aerial

acrobatics facilities and fire stations.

Some of the design aspects that

we cover are as follows:

• Shop front design

• Fit out structural design

• Glass design

• Steel / aluminum / stainless steel



Stormwater - Smeaton Grange NSW

Stormwater Design - Smeaton Grange NSW

OSD Basin Design - Oatley NSW



Danmor Consulting Engineers

offer stormwater and hydraulics

engineering services. We design

stormwater systems for residential



unit developments, townhouse

developments and industrial

projects. We have the latest

water quality modelling software

required to plan, design and

deliver stormwater infrastructure

in accordance with local council

requirements. We cover both DA, CC

and CDC applications.

Some of the design aspects that we

cover are as follows:

• Residential stormwater layout

and design

• Industrial buildings stormwater

layout and design

• On-site detention systems (OSD)

• Pump out systems

• Water sensitive urban design


• MUSIC modelling

• Flood reports and certificates

• Sediment control details

Structural Reporting - Kingsford NSW

Dilapidation and Structural Reports

Remedial Works - Connels Point NSW




Danmor Consulting Engineers

offer building diagnostic services

to building strata and property

managers as well as the construction

industry and property owners.

We report on buildings that have

problems with cracking, settlement,

stability, durability and permeability

with solutions recommended

(remedial works). We also undertake

dilapidations surveys/reports which

record the condition of existing

properties adjacent to proposed new

construction sites.

Some of the design aspects that we

cover are as follows:

• Structural building reports

• Forensic reports

• Dilapidations reports

• Building defects reports

• Recommendations and

solutions (remedial works)

• Expert witness reports / scott



P/ (02) 9623 0015 • F/ 02 4744 2479 • E/ • Level 2/Suite 208, 43 Majors Bay Rd, Concord NSW 2137

Civil • Structural • Residential • Industrial • Commercial • Stormwater • DA, CC & CDC

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