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Website Development company in Delhi

The boom of web development and designing is higher than ever and the skills that today's web developers instills is beyond imagination. Giving heed to upcoming web development trends is not only there need but also a responsibility. Website:

Static Site Generator

Static Site Generator • Static site generators are an effective and easy way to create websites. • You do’t eed a dataase, istead your e pages are siple files hih ru on your servers. • With that comes improved website loading speed, better security handling, and ease of deployment. Hugo or Jekyll are the most popular static site generators.

Bots and Conversational UI • Bots are here to make our digital experience more personable • 2016 was predicted to be the year of conversational commerce, therefore design and development of bots and conversational UI will become an important web trend for 2017 • Websites designed with a "conversation first" approach already come along and seem to gain lot of popularity. is designed with a conversation-first approach. • The idea that chatbots are effective if the user interacted using certain dialogue options. That instead of open text entry they selected from a limited set of options.

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