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12 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x OVERALL WINNER Amanda Marzouk, 14 Keene’s Pointe Best Mom: Mary Marzouk My mother is my voice of reason, storyteller and nerve-calmer. The list goes on forever. However, no words can ever convey the way I feel about her. She means more to me than any words on a paper or stanzas in a haiku can express. Despite her always-busy schedule, she is able to be my best friend when I need her or a comedian when stress takes hold of me. Whenever I feel as if the world has turned against me, I look up and find my mother there, ready to embrace me in her arms. I come home from school, and she is never hesitant to listen to my daily accounts about class. My mom is my heart and soul that cannot always be seen, but the work she does will forever be there to keep me going. My mother has bettered my life through her own courageousness to boldly face any danger for my sake. When I was young and ill, she trodded through blizzards just to attain medication. The persistence I have seen in her persuades me to do better each day. My mother was my role model before I ever knew what that meant. In every waking moment, I fight because I know she does the same for me. There have been endless mistakes that I have made, and my mother has lightened the guilt by saying, “Losing a battle should never dissuade you from winning a war, so never let that stop you from continuing to fight.” 12-AND-OLDER WINNER Mason Taylor, 14 Winter Garden Best Mom: Glenda Taylor A mother is potentially the most influential person in a child’s life. Her gentle spirit intermingles with the youth and nurtures the child to succeed. When your mood falters, it is always your mother who rekindles your happiness. How often is it that you are unsure of a decision and turn to your mother for help? My mother is nothing short of this. Coming from poverty, she went against all odds and enlisted in the Marine Corps. Years later, she received degrees in both business management and education. What started as only aspirations grew into reality. Ever since I took my first breath, it was my mom who guided me as best she could with love and kindness. She drives me everywhere, supports me through thick and thin, and has given so much of herself to help me. If you can imagine a puzzle with missing pieces, it is my mom who gives of herself to help me grow more complete. The hours spent cleaning, watching over my sisters and me, and giving her best day in and out are only a small part of who she is as a person, who can only be described in two words — my mom. If I were to ask, she would say she wouldn’t change a thing. 10-11 WINNER Mackenzie Crownover, 10 Windermere Best Mom: Shannon Vaughan If you ask someone who their superhero is, they will most likely say Superman or Batman. My mom can’t shoot lasers from her eyes. She doesn’t have super-strength, but no Wolverine can beat my mom. My mom is the most hardworking person on the planet. She works 12 hours a day, 60 hours a week. She even makes time to pick out my pajamas every night. Her job is to run the intensive care unit at Orlando Health. She deserves some credit. Even while doing all this, she still makes time for my problems such as crushes, grades and friends. I have never seen someone work as hard as her and still make time for their children. My mom is the most caring person on the planet. She helps me with my grades and encourages me to do Your Dream Home Awaits … Find your dream home with the dream team! Dr. Jose Mandry • Diabetes Mellitus • Thyroid Disease • Lipid Abnormalities • Metabolic Diseases New Patients Welcome! Se Habla Español We are currently recruiting people who are interested in a new oral medication for diabetes and for high cholesterol. Call Today For More Information and to Schedule Your Appointment 407-480-4830 1510 Citrus Medical Court, Ocoee, FL 34761 • Over 10 years combined real estate experience. • Orlando native, knowledge of the area and new construction. • Two-person team advantage, both dedicated to the search for your new home. • Members of the Orlando Real Estate Association • Professional Real Estate photography and videography at no cost. • FREE Consultations and Home Evaluations Francisco Chavez Se Habla Español 407-694-6686 M illennium Homes R ealty, LLC. Call Today to Start the Search for Your New Home Courntey Shoultz 352-363-0150

great things. My mom is the sun, and I am the moon. I need her to shine. She will be there for as long as I need her, maybe even 5 billion years. I can be so mean to my mom, but she still tells me I’m special and that she loves me. Your mom may or may not be as good as my mom, but there is one thing I am sure of: my mom is my superhero. 9-AND-YOUNGER WINNER Lexi Naegele, 9 Stoneybrook West Best Mom: Lori Naegele My mom is the best, because she has taught me to be myself and not care what others think about me. She has also taught me to not be scared of the future. My mom is the role model in my family. Since my dad is usually out of town, she has to take care of my sisters, two dogs, three cats and me. I was adopted May 29, 2012. My sister has special needs. This causes her to get mad a lot. But my mom has found ways to help her. Now my sister is doing better. I think my mom is the prettiest in my family. Either with or without makeup, she is beautiful. It is funny when she lets me try on her makeup, and I mess up. Overall, my mom is the best. I don’t think my life would be complete without her. HONORABLE MENTIONS Do you know who the best mom in Southwest is? Well, I know it is my mom. I think she is the best mom, because she is nice, sweet, smart and pretty. My mom is a fantastic doctor and mother. Some reasons to prove it are first, she comforts me when I am sad. She will ask me what’s wrong, and when I tell her, she always has a great solution and great way to make me feel better. Second, she is a great cook. She can make all sorts of food and desserts. x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 13 Third, when I do not feel well, she stays home and helps me get better. She knows exactly what to do when I am hurt or sick, because she is a doctor. She works at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. She saves people’s lives every day. She even has to stay at work for 34 hours straight. Fourth, she comes to all of my field trips and events at my school. Fifth, she is the one who made me who I am. Without her, I would be nothing. So, as you can see, I have proved that my mom is the best mom in Southwest. Veda Srikantan, 9 Westminster Landing My mom has always been by my side. She has been there to help me make good choices. She supports everything I do to achieve my goals in education, sports and spirituality. My mom is the smile and light to my day. She encourages me to go beyond my goals. She is my role model. I have never heard her say anything using bad language. With my mom being both of my caretakers, she takes the position of both of my parents. My mom doesn’t mind sacrificing herself for me. We have a very special communication between us. She has a huge amount of patience. I don’t even know how she does it. When I have difficulties, she helps me with her whole heart. She has helped me choose the correct path based on God. She encourages me to serve the Lord every Sunday at Mass. One of my mom’s goals was for me to go to a Catholic school, because she wanted me to grow in God’s knowledge and practice it at school and home. She teaches me to be thankful for all God has given us, from the smallest things to the biggest things. She teaches me that problems are blessings, because we learn from them. The reason I am on this Earth is because of her. She is my all. I love her so immensely! Mariana Millan, 12 Gotha CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 Sweet, Sassy & Southern is a cute, trendy boutique that has unique gifts and clothing. We also offer custom monogramming and embroidery. Est.2016 10% OFF 4750 The Grove Dr., #164 Windermere, Florida 34786 (407) 217-7288 next purchase when you mention this ad Hours: Mon – Fri: 10 am – 5 pm Sat: 10am – 4pm Sun: closed 5/31/17 5/31/17 5/31/17 5/31/17