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16 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 I believe my mom is the best in Southwest. She is loving, caring and hardworking. I love her for who she is. I think my mom is the best, because she gives me advice when I need it. She is a great help. She helps me with projects, homework, and even arts and crafts. Amazeballs! The most important thing is she loves me for me. My mom truly is the best. One thing I love doing with her is shopping. Sometimes we say we only need two things, and we end up with 30. Those are all reasons my mom is the best in the Southwest. Milana Meyer, 9 Orange Tree My mom is the best, because she’s loving, intelligent and courageous. She loves her children. She’s a stayat-home mom, so she has to be strong. Sometimes, that can be hard. Whenever I’m sad, she cheers me up. My mom is truly the best. My mother is loving. She has given me a nurturing environment to grow in. She gives my brother and me an equal amount of love, showing that both of us are special to her. When she talks to somebody else, her eyes and words radiate kindness and attention. Finally, my mom shows love, no matter how mad, tired or stressed she is. My mom is intelligent. She helps me answer questions in life that I don’t understand. She gives me advice for the future. Most importantly, she gives me advice on how to respect myself and others. My mother is courageous. She has the strength to do what is right. She has the willpower to seek justice around her. However, she has one special ability: the ability to give up her time and money for a good cause. My mother is the best mom. She’s loving to everyone she meets. She’s intelligent and helps everyone she can. She’s courageous and will always say what she thinks is right. Without a doubt, my mother is the only person who can be my mother, handpicked by God to be my guardian. Joshua Salva, 12 Silver Woods My mommy is the best, because she helps me clean up my room. And she loves me, because when I look into her eyes, she’s so beautiful, and she smiles at me. She picks out my clothes that I haven’t worn before, and she gets me shoes that I haven’t worn before. When she talks and I copy her and we talk at the same time, it is so funny. She helps me with my homework. My mommy is a pretty singer, and I love to sing songs with her. I love to cuddle with her at bedtime. She is the best, best, best, best mommy in the world. Katie LaPeters, 4 Mabel Bridge My mom, Chantel, is the best in Southwest, because she has the best arms when she hugs me. Mom has blonde hair. She also has eyes that change colors. She is beautiful. My mom makes the best food ever. She is the best cook in the house. She makes yummy pasta, delicious chicken and ham. I love her when she makes breakfast for dinner. She has awesome cooking skills. My mom has a wonderful job. Her job is to take care of my younger brother and me. She loves her job. She is the best, because she makes me laugh by telling funny jokes. She also turns the boring times into fun times by playing with us fairly. She plays board games like Disney Who Am I with us. Out of everything, her kisses are the best. Jayden Spotteck, 9 Ocoee When you think of a hero what comes to mind? Is it Batman, Superman, Spider-Man? But what about your mom? Society has painted this picture of what a hero is supposed to be. In order to fit the category of hero you need: With over 98% occupancy rate, you can live your life while we do the managing. LEAVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TO THE PROS. FULL-SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TEAM WWW.ACKLEYFLORIDA.COM | (407) 846-8846

superpowers, brightly colored costumes and a damsel in distress who must be saved. Whenever I think of a hero, there is one person who comes to mind immediately, and her name is Cheryl Dzambo, or as I have the honor of calling her, Mom. She might not have superpowers or wear brightly colored costumes and capes, but she holds the qualities that truly make up a hero. My mom is a strong, courageous, kind and loving person. She would be the first person to drop everything in order to help anyone in need. She works a full-time job, and yet she still makes time for my sisters and me. Whenever I am sick or feeling down, she is the first person who rushes to my side. She is at all of my swim meets, and I can always hear her cheering me on. I look up to my mom in every possible way, and I hope I am as loving and caring as she is when I am an adult. “I believe in love at first sight, because I have been loving my mother since I opened my eyes.” Kimberly Dzambo, 14 The Manors My mom is the best in Southwest, because she is kind and thoughtful. My mom’s name is Ebonie Hopkins. She is 37 years old, and her birthday is April 22. She is from Illinois. Her favorite game is Uno, and her favorite color is green. Her favorite food is steak. My mom cooks the best food. She can turn anything into something delicious. I especially like her pancakes, burgers, fries, steaks and cakes. Any meal she cooks for me is scrumptious. My mom works as an adoption recruiter. She finds families who would like to adopt a child. Sometimes she plans big events at SeaWorld for the children. Her job is very hard, because most people want a certain child, but my mom is so brilliant, she can handle it. My mom is supportive, brave, brilliant, bold, special and helpful. She taught me to stand up for myself and others. Even when I do something horribly, she still supports me. CONTINUED ON PAGE 18 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 17 We can SPOT and treat ... FREE Single Vision Lenses with any frame purchased. Are you noticing your child's glasses getting stronger and thicker each year? Ask us about Myopia Control at your next visit! ... And come to us for your everyday eye needs MAY 14, 2017!