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18 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x

18 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17 My mom is magnificent. That’s why my mom is the best in Southwest. Jeryn James, 9 MetroWest My mother is the best, because she is joyful all the time. Let's say I got a bad grade on my test; my mom would come to me, console me and give me tips on how I can get a better grade. My mom doesn’t only help me, but others as well, such as my brother, father and other people. My mother has good traits in helping others, as I said. Some traits she has that inspire me are kindness, honesty, happiness and royalty. My mom also helps animals outside our house by giving them water to drink if they are injured. In almost everything my mom does, she has a helping nature. I wrote this paragraph to just show you why I love her. It may not win, but I already feel that I have won. Why? Because the gift I’ve had in my life since I was born is having a great mother who loves me dearly. Harshini Bulusu, 8 Dr. Phillips My mom is the best mom in Southwest. She helps me whenever I need help. My mom plays lots of games with me. She trusts me. Why wouldn’t anyone want a mom like her? My mom takes care of me. She even plays with me when I have a little brother. No one has a mom like her. When I am hungry, she feeds me. She is the best mom ever. Allison Curtis, 6 Sand Lake Pointe My mom is amazing; she is so loving and caring. She is like a hawk and senses when something has gone south. She knows what is best for me and even helps me make decisions sometimes. She not only cares for me, she takes time out of her day to volunteer regularly and never says no when she is given a Bella Room task. Honestly, I don’t have a single clue what I would do without her. My mom has taught me millions of things, but there are three especially important ones. First, she taught me to love others as myself. This is very important, because our world could be so peaceful if people would only follow this. Her second teaching was to build trust with one or two people who I can count on. This is important to me, because I need someone to talk to when I am down and grow closer to my friends through trust. Lastly, she taught me to have hope. She tells me, “Cuando nada esta serviendo, algo vas a servir,” which means, “When nothing is working, something will work.” My mom is my guardian angel on Earth. She has always protected and defended me. I could not have been any luckier than to get such a beautiful, loving mother. The final reason I love my mom with all my heart is because she takes me to Chipotle. Thanks, Mom. I love you. Daniel Hernandez, 14 Tuscany Ridge My mom has an awesome personality. My mom’s name is Mary. She is an art teacher and has a hobby for all different kinds of art. She teaches all students up to middle school, except fifth grade. My mom loves to teach kids in school or over the summer. My mom supports me for upcoming events. She helps me with my lines for a play. She got me ready for the actual play. She helps me study for big tests. She also helped me study and read words for a spelling bee. My mom makes me feel good by congratulating me on a hardworking day. She makes every day feel special. She gives the best hugs. The most amazing thing she does all day is work hard. She tutors all week long, five days in a row. My mom does art camp and club to earn money for the family. She makes lunches in the morning and cooks dinner at night, except when Dad finally decides to cook. CONTINUED ON PAGE 20 LLC "Something Special for Mom and Family" $32pp, 12 and under $15. Champagne Brunch with music and a show written for Mom. 12pm sitting. Music 'till 3pm. Newly renovated Bella Room. 12100 W. Colonial Dr., Winter Garden. • 407-347-9914 Voted Top Doctor in Orlando 2015 & 2016 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 19