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20 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x

20 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 She drives us to school. The No. 1 thing that I like about her is that she gives us love. Madison Salgado, 8 Windermere Trails My mom is the best, because she takes naps with me and cuddles me at the same time. Another reason she is amazing is because she plays Monopoly, which is my favorite game that she plays with me. I love when my mom cooks. She makes the best food. She could be on a TV show. I love my mom. Amber Brych, 7 Woodlands of Windermere My mom is the best mom ever. There’s not enough room to describe how amazing she is, but I’ll try. I’m not writing for money; I’m writing to show everyone how awesome she is and all she does. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work. My mom is super kind. She supports me in all I do, no matter what it is. She once saved a turtle’s life by taking it off the road and let us bring it to our home and keep it as a pet. She also saved a dog she found on the side of the road, brought it to the vet, and gave it to the pound after a couple days. She thought she shouldn’t leave the dog at the pound, so she got her. She once skipped a work trip, because it got back home on my birthday morning, and since I was in school, she just didn’t want to miss it. She is super intelligent. If I need help with studying or homework, she is quick to help. She has a good job and is the boss, and you need to be smart to do that. As you can see, my mom deserves this award. I love her so, so much. My mom would do anything to make me happy. That’s why she is the best mother ever. Sean Fitzpatrick, 12 Windermere Downs LET US MAKE THIS MOTHER’S DAY A MEMORABLE DINING EXPERIENCE. Our Mother’s Day brunch in Trevi’s, from 12pm to 4pm, will feature chef inspired soups, signature salads, sliced antipastos, Italian and local cheeses. Traditional and modern dishes will be showcased throughout the dining area, as well as our signature “strolling” cart service. Our chefs will prepare custom hand made pastas dishes as well as slow roasted meats and locally caught seafood. The dessert bar is highlighted with hand crafted desserts, gelato, crispy beignets as well as various interpretations of the classics. We will also feature endless champagne and mimosas along with live entertainment. David’s Club and Piper’s Grille will also feature holiday brunch and dinner experiences starting from 10:30am until 11:00pm. Make reservations by calling 407-390-6664. • 1500 Masters Boulevard • ChampionsGate, Florida, 33896

Four kids are a lot to handle, but somehow, my mom manages to take care of us all. She is my hero, best friend and all-around greatest mom of all time. My mom is a very positive person. When I am feeling down, she is the person I go to, and she always cheers me up. Plus, she doesn’t hesitate to show love toward her family and friends by helping and/or making us smile. My mom always looks on the bright side. If I lose a game or get a bad grade, she encourages me to work harder. My mom just makes me happy and is the best influence a kid could have. My mom is a multitasker. She owns her own company. She runs a national health care business and helps thousands of people throughout the nation. She is also able to attend all of our school and other events. After that, she comes home and cooks fabulous meals for the whole family. Even though it is a lot of action, my mom is organized through it all. My mom is very talented and achieves many of her goals, along with her hobbies and interests. Furthermore, I am able to enjoy her amazing cooking three times a day. No doubt, my mom is talented, and, because of this, the best person to be around. My mom is the most important person to me. I love her to the moon and back. Savanna Schenk, 11 Windermere Who is crazy amazing, sweet like candy, bright as sunshine and loves me dearly? My mom, of course. I could go on and on and on about her excellence. My mom is for sure the most superior in the Southwest. At school, she is the team leader for the whole eighth grade. That must be rigorous, but I know my mom can do it because she is highly intelligent and knows what she’s doing. Whenever I’m feeling blue, my mom knows my ticklish spot. She’s so intuitive and motivating. My mom is the most generous person I know. I love her so much. Another great quality is her humor. I think she is hilarious. She also thinks on the bright side. My mom is really enthusiastic. She is so encouraging, which is one of my favorite qualities she has. I appreciate her so much. My mom is the most spectacular mom a kid could have. She is so amazingly awesome. Avery Twedt, 9 Steer Lake Pointe I love my mom, because she loves me back. She exercises and plays with me a lot. My mom taught me how to snap my fingers and how to cook. Sometimes I watch TV shows with my mom. We like the same movies. I also watched the debates with her. My mom is the best. She helps me when I need her and helps me believe I can do it. We go to stores, and she also lets me do arts-andcrafts projects. My mom hugs and kisses me a lot, and I love her very much. Akhtar Ahmad, 6 Phillips Landing My mom is the very best. She is always busy with my brother, Cade, and me. Between me having dance class four days a week, sometimes performances on the weekends, and piano lessons, and Cade with high school baseball practice every day and games three or four times a week, my mom rushes around everywhere. This is why my mom is the very best. On top of all that, she helps Cade and me with our homework and takes us to dentist and orthodontist appointments. My mom got me interested in cooking and baking, because she does that every week and still has time to make a delicious meal for her family. Best of all, my mom forced my dad to get me a cat for Christmas. She does lots of things for my brother and me, because she loves us very much. My mom spends a lot of money on my brother and me. She buys us more expensive food to keep us CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 21