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24 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x

24 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x Changing lives one smile at a time! INVISALIGN TOOTH WHITENING GENERAL DENTISTRY COSMETIC DENTISTRY IMPLANTS VENEERS Dr. Simmonds Call 321-558-7635 Teeth Cleaning Only $109 • Complete Exam (D0150) • Prophy (D1110) in Absence of Gum Disease • X-rays (D0274) 1601 Park Center Dr #1 Orlando, FL 32835 Dr. Catral WE DO IMPLANTS! Missing Teeth or Unhappy with your smile? $500 OFF IMPLANTS If appt. is booked before June 1, 2017 227706 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 22 My mom is there with me when I am sick and in the saddest and hardest times. She wishes she could transfer the sickness that I have to her, so I don’t have to feel bad. My mom is sweet, loving, caring, encouraging, awesome, cool, smart, giving, always thinking of others, independent, responsible, countable and the list could go on and on, trust me. We like to spend time together and eat tacos, pizza, rice, beans and hotdogs. We also like spending time with friends and family, like our dog, cat and David. That’s why my mom is the best in the Southwest. Alessa Diaz-Urbiola, 9 The Reserve at Belmere Has your mom always been there for you? Has she helped you through hard times in life? To start off, my mom is the best, because she cares for me. In the morning, when I wake up, my mom makes breakfast, which means she cares for me to have a good, fresh start for the day. Also, my mom comes to my tennis tournaments and supports me to make me feel confident that I’ll do great. Secondly, my mom teaches me new things. One thing my mom teaches me is how to make my lunch. It’s good to start off early in life, because when it’s my responsibility to make my lunch later on, I’ll know how. Also, my mom taught me to never give up, because I'll find a way. She’s also shown me that education has a high value in life, so I need to try my best in school. In addition, my mom is the best, because she drives me to day-to-day activities. She drives me to piano to show that she knows I love the piano. She drives me to tennis to show she supports me in whatever I end up doing in life. Isabella Scherer, 10 Lake Down Crest Moms are amazing, but my mom is the best. Moms are awesome in Dr. Shahid Usmani, Dr. Shaista Usmani Dr. Bindu Parekattil, Wellington Esquea, PA-C Personalized Care with Compassion & Excellence Same-Day Sick Visits Sports & School Physicals Immunizations ADHD/ADD Management Preventive Care & More! Se Habla Español 1551 Boren Drive, Suite A • Ocoee, FL 34761 Conveniently located near Health Central. Just minutes from MetroWest, Winter Garden and Windermere. Call 407-395-2037

a lot of ways. First of all, my mom is funny. My mom makes really funny jokes and asks funny questions. My mom does crazy things, like every time I leave for school, my mom will do a funny hip-hop dance (probably because I left the house). My mom also sings funny and with random words. Another thing is, my mom plays with me. My mom watches me play sometimes and will play with me (which is torture). My mom also helps me play and gives me “tips.” One last thing is, my mom cooks great food. My mom makes awesome desserts, like gooey chocolate brownies. My mom also makes an awesome macaroni and a killer chicken. To wrap things up, moms are amazing, but mine is the best. Caden Collins, 11 Windermere My mother is the best in the Southwest, because when I am sad, x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 25 she makes me happy. She plays with me. She helps me. She says I am everything to her, and that makes me happy. I love my mom. She is so funny, and my mom protects me. She is the best. She’s nice and awesome. Ethan Hartfield, 6 MetroWest I have always had fears, but my biggest fear is losing my mom. She is not just any mom; she is my best friend. Best friends come and go, but this one will always stay. I believe my mom is the best mom in the Southwest. If you don’t believe me, how about I convince you? First of all, my mom knows how to cook, clean, build, drive a boat, bake, convince and help me with my education. My mom works her butt off to pay the bills, feed me nutritious meals, and, most importantly, keep a roof over me. CONTINUED ON PAGE 26