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26 x May 4 - 17, 2017 x THINKING OF SELLING OR BUYING A HOME? TODAY IS THE DAY TO CALL: JOHN SCOLARO, REALTOR ® 7626 Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, 32819 P. 407-230-5567 E. WATERFRONT Vizcaya Condominium Heart of Dr. Phillips/Restaurant Row 8761 The Esplanade #19 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths “Like New” Condition Stop by these vendors with your coupon and mention "Go Team" and support the team to find a cure Le Cafe Cafe de Paris de Paris Purchase any Bag of Coffee Now or K-Cup Package and $1.00 thru end of May is Donated to LLS Grand Oaks Shopping Center – Dr. Phillips Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Every Order Lunch, Dinner or Tuesday Tues. Takeout and 20% is in May! Donated to LLS Whole Foods Shopping Center – Dr. Phillips Support finding a cure. Visit: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 My mom is not just working 24 hours a day, she is actually working 24 hours a day alone. Luckily, she only has to take care of one child, but sometimes I can be a handful. My mom doesn’t really have a flexible schedule, but if I want her somewhere, she will be there. My mom would jump in front of a speeding car on the highway to save my life. She is literally everything I could have wished for. One time, we went to Wisconsin to visit our family. We made snowmen, snow angels and even had snowball fights. My mom buys me toys and candy. My love for my mom is more powerful than a laser shooting your heart. I truly believe my mom is the best mom in Southwest Orlando. Camden Moore, 10 Sand Lake Hills My mom is the best for endless reasons. First of all, she is a single mother. It sounds hard being a single mom, but she makes it look easy. She is currently going to school to achieve her dream of being a radiologist. While having two kids, working full time and going to school, she’s a pro at it. She says how tired she is but still manages to stay awake. She works so hard to take care of our family and achieve her goals. Some things she does for me include cooking, washing my clothes, giving me shelter and buying me things. I know that my mom wants the best for me. My mom means the world to me. My mom makes me smile. She jokes around a lot with me and makes me feel happy when I’m down or upset. She says that I can talk to her about anything. I feel like she understands me the best out of all the people I know. To add to my sister and me, we have a dog. So my mom technically takes care of three kids. Dogs are a lot of work, and you have to buy them things, too. Our dog is very needy and likes a lot of attention. And, of course, my pro mom makes all that happen. Largest Selection of Maternity Clothes in the Area! • Dresses • Special Occasion Dresses • Pants • Bathing Suits • Tops • Sleepwear • La La Loungers We also carry- Seraphine (Princess Kate's favorite), Olian, Nine Fashion, Maternal America, Noppies, Ripe Maternity ... Swaddle Blankets, Car Seat Covers, Nursing Scarves, Pregnancy Bands, Sticky Bellies and more ... 1201 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Suite 2 Winter Garden, FL 407-877-3400 Mon - Sat 10-6 • Professional and Friendly Atmosphere • We Specialize in All Aspects of Dentistry • Most Insurances Accepted and Care Credit Available • New Patients and Emergencies Welcome Call Today for More Information and to Schedule Your Appointment! 407-522-7989 133 Terra Mango Loop, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32835 11183 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite E, Orlando, FL 32837

My mom is the most spectacular mom ever for various reasons. I love her. Victoria Ruiz, 11 Gotha My mom’s name is Kimberly, and she is the best mom. I am sure there are a lot of great moms out there who love their kids, but my mom works really hard, especially with my schedule. She gets up every day at 4 a.m., because she works in Tampa, and has a babysitter stay with my brother and me to get us to school. She leaves for work so early so that she can leave Tampa at 2 p.m. to pick me up for early release from school at 3 p.m. I am on a competition gymnastics team and train five days a week, four hours per day. My mom picks me up and takes me to practice and then has to pick up my brother and take him to his practices and then come back and pick me up. She stays up late preparing lunch and dinner for the next day since we don’t have a lot of time after school. She also helps me with my homework to make sure I get A’s in school. She doesn’t get a lot of sleep, but she sleeps a lot on the weekends. She also takes really good care of our cat and dog. We don’t have a lot of time during the week, but after she rests on the weekend, she tries to do something really fun with me. Benjamin Monzella, 11 Sanctuary at Bay Hill My mom is the best, because she supports me in everything I do and pushes me to do my best and help others. My mom helps my family with all our needs and others’ needs. She influences my life to be a light in others’ dark times. My mom makes sure that my siblings and I do our best in school. She makes sure that we get a lot of work done, but also have breaks so we can rest our brains. Because Mom is a teacher, she goes to a teaching event every year so she can be an even better teacher. It helps us, x May 4 - 17, 2017 x 27 her children, that she goes to these events, because then she can help us more with our work and put beauty into our writing. Mom is a big help with our education, and it pays off for her when she sees the good grades we get. My mom is not just a teacher, she is a peace-maker and a love-spreader. She has helped the world so much by helping with our family’s nonprofit #HangAHeart. #HangAHeart is an organization in which kids and adults show love by sewing felt hearts for those who are experiencing dark times. Without my mom, there would be no #HangAHeart. I am truly blessed to have such a loving mother who inspires me every day to be just as hardworking and kind as she is. Victoria Salisbury, 11 Winter Oaks My mother is my forever best friend. She gave me life, nurtures me, fights for me and, most importantly, loves me unconditionally. She taught me how to walk and talk. She shapes me into the very best version of myself. My mom is more than just a definition from My mom has the hardest job of all, but somehow she manages to keep up. My mom is there when I need a shoulder to cry on, and she puts everyone’s needs before her own. My mother pushes me to do my best in everything I do, no matter what it is. No matter how bad her day has been, she is there for me. She never complains or says no. I can count on her to always stand by my side. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without her. I am so lucky to have a mom who loves and cares for me. Nothing can compare to the amount of love a mother has for her children. My mother is the reason I am who I am today. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.” Lauretta Piesko, 13 Piney Oak Shores CONTINUED ON PAGE 28 Coal Fired. Award Winning. Delicious. Known for its high-energy atmosphere and simple menu, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza serves everything fresh, daily. Dine In. Take Out. Catering. Taste for yourself at 8031 Turkey Lake Rd | Sand Lake | 407.363.9466 |