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m8d #4

What is your favorite

What is your favorite travel destination and why? and where do you dream about going? I have been on amazing locations like St. Lucia, the stone desert of Marrakech, Sri Lanka, Jackson Hole etc, but I have never actually have the time to explore these places, unfortunately. Therefore my very favorite travel destination must be when I was backpacking with my boyfriend through Asia, for example Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Bali. I dream about a lot of travels, but right now Japan, Africa and Iceland is on the top of my list. Beauty and Health tips? How do you stay healthy in your busy every day? Take the stairs when I can, walk as much as possible, stay active and try to work out when there is time and energy. I go to hot yoga when I am home in Copenhagen. I try to get all of my veggies, a lot of water and plenty of sleep. But trust me, I am not that holy. I use only natural oils on both face, hair and body. How does the future look for you, what do you dream of ? I dream about continuing my work as a model, as long as I still enjoy it. Experience and learn a lot more. I dream about finding out what my greatest passions are, and become super great at it. Help wherever I can and do what makes me happy. I still haven’t found that one passion, but it will be something creative and where I can help others and the environment for sure.

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