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May June Discover Newsletter

May June Discover

Discover Dinosaur Giants An Exhibit from the Sereno Fossil Lab MayJune 2017 Main Library May 15 – September 24 Did you like the dinosaurs you saw in the movie Jurassic World? Visit the Library to see the two-story-tall giant Jobaria—you will have to go to the 1st and 2nd floor to see all of him. You will find a flying pterosaur with a 16-foot wingspan and a fierce Suchomimus, who looked like a crocodile with enormous claws. The exhibit will feature: • Fossils • Real dinosaur bones you can touch • Expedition images The bones of the Dinosaur Giants were discovered in Africa by world-famous University of Chicago paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno. More Dinosaur Adventures! The Library added some gigantic activities for more dinosaur fun: · Dinosaur Expedition with Paleontologist Map · Cave Explore Adventure · Build a Dino · Fossil Dig · Dino Photo Opps Para una descripción en español, vea la página 17. Thank you Sponsors! Home of the Junior Savers - Be a Tour Guide! The Library is looking for volunteers to be a part of this exciting Dinosaur Giants exhibit. Apply online at Kickoff Celebration! Monday, May 15 Noon Join Elgin School Dist. U-46 CEO Tony Sanders and Gail Borden Public Library Executive Director Carole Medal when they “cut the vines” to open the Dinosaur Giants: An Exhibit from the Sereno Fossil Lab and the Reading is Gigantic! Summer Reading Challenge. Reading is Gigantic! Summer Reading Challenge Starts May 15 See page 2. 33-foot-tall Jobaria will be greeting visitors at Gail Borden Library all summer. It was discovered by world-famous Paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno. ` Are You Missing Out? Don’t miss out for a chance to win an Android tablet! See page 6. THE GAIL BORDEN PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT NEWSLETTER | PUBLISHED BI-MONTHLY ISSUE NO. 2017-03 | May 1, 2017