REMKO RKW 1000 – 9800 INOX Stainless Steel Chiller Operation ...


REMKO RKW 1000 – 9800 INOX Stainless Steel Chiller Operation ...

◊ Operate the units exclusively within the permissible

operating ranges.

◊ Do not expose the unit to direct streams of water

High-pressure cleaners, etc.

◊ Protect the connection lines from being damaged, for

example, by animals.

◊ The unit may only be connected to a correctly installed

and grounded power supply.

◊ Never open the unit housing.

There may cause an electric shock.

◊ Operate the unit only when assembled and for their

intended purpose. Keep in mind that it is dangerous

to remove covers protective grilles, etc., during operation;

this can lead to uncontrolled operating situations.

◊ Never operate the unit in rooms susceptible to explosions.

The units are also not suitable for operation in

rooms containing large amounts of dust or aggressive


◊ Installation and repair work may only be performed by

authorised personnel.

◊ Cleaning and minor maintenance work made only be

performed by the operator or an authorised person

designated by him in accordance with the instructions

contained in the section "Maintenance and Service".

◊ If the unit is set up outside and is susceptible to being

hit by lightning, the appropriate countermeasures

must be implemented by an authorised company.

Transport and Packaging

The unit is shipped in a stable transport box made of

wood and cardboard. Please examine the unit when it is


Make note of any damage or missing parts on the shipping

bill and notify the shipping company and your contract


We do not assume any liability for subsequent complaints.


◊ When shipped, the units are packaged in a box and

mounted on a palette.

◊ The units must remain upright and be transported

with suitable means. They must also be adequately

secured from falling over.

◊ If the units are transported to a setup location that is

higher up, such as platforms or roofs, they must be

transported in an upright position as shown below.


The chiller is operated fully-automatically by an internal

regulation or by an external cable remote control installed

by the customer.

Both types of unit operation allow some parameters to

be changed as well as the water return temperature to

be displayed.

Internal and external regulation

Pulling point

Wooden boards to protect

from pressure

CH-DIN regulation Cable remote control


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