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RKS 435H, RKS 448H

Combong>inong>ation ong>inong>door units

Operation · Technology · Spare parts

Edition GB – S08

Made by REMKO


Safety ong>inong>structions 4

Environmental protection ong>andong> recyclong>inong>g 4

Guarantee 4

Transport ong>andong> packagong>inong>g 5

Unit description 5

Combong>inong>ations 5

Operation 6

Shuttong>inong>g down 6

Care ong>andong> maong>inong>tenance 6

Troubleshootong>inong>g 7

Assembly ong>inong>structions for specialist personnel 8-10

Installation 10-11

Leak tests 11

Condensation connection 12

Electrical connection 12-14

Before ong>inong>itial operation 15

Initial operation 15-16

Unit dimensions 16

Technical data 17

Unit illustrations 18

Spare parts list 19

Notes 19

This operatong>inong>g manual must be read carefully before ong>inong>itial

operation / usong>inong>g the equipment

This manual is part of the unit ong>andong> must always be stored ong>inong> the

immediate vicong>inong>ity of the ong>inong>stallation location or on the unit itself.

Subject to change; no liability accepted for mistakes ong>andong> prong>inong>tong>inong>g errors.


Safety ong>inong>structions

Read the operatong>inong>g manual

thoroughly before ong>inong>itial operation

of the unit.� �t �t �t �ontaong>inong>�� �ontaong>inong>�� �ontaong>inong>�� u��eful u��eful u��eful

hong>inong>t�� , ong>inong>��tru�tion�� ong>andong> warnong>inong>g

noti�e�� to avert ri��k�� to per��onnel

ong>andong> equipment .� �ailure �ailure �ailure to follow

the ong>inong>��tru�tion�� ong>inong> the manual �an

re��ult ong>inong> hazard�� to per��onnel, the

environment ong>andong> the ��y��tem ong>andong> to

forfeiture of any guarantee �laim��.�

■� Store thi�� operatong>inong>g manual �lo��e

to the unit��.�

■� The unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� may

only be ��et up ong>andong> ong>inong>��talled by

��pe�iali��t per��onnel.�

■� The unit�� mu��t be ��et up, �onne�ted

ong>andong> operated under the

operatong>inong>g �ondition�� ��et out ong>inong>

the manual ong>andong> mu��t �omply

with appli�able regional regulation��.�

■� The unit�� for mobile u��e mu��t be

��et up on verti�ally on a ��uitable

��urfa�e where it i�� ��afe to

operate.� �nit�� �nit�� �nit�� for ��tationary ��tationary ��tationary

operation mu��t only be operated

when ong>inong>��talled ong>inong> a fixed lo�ation.�

■� Alteration�� or modifi�ation�� to

the unit�� or �omponent�� ��upplied

by REMKO are not permitted

ong>andong> �an �au��e malfun�tion��.�

■� The unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� may

not be operated ong>inong> ong>areaong>�� with an

ong>inong>�rea��ed ri��k of damage.� The

mong>inong>imum �learan�e�� mu��t be


■� The ele�tri�al power ��upply mu��t

be tailored to the requirement��

of the unit��.�

■� Safe ong>andong> reliable operation of the

unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� i�� only

guaranteed by proper u��e ong>andong>

when �ompletely a����embled ong>andong>

ong>inong>��talled.� Safety equipment may

not be modified or bypa����ed.�

■� Operation of unit�� or �omponent��

with vi��ible defe�t�� or

damage mu��t be prevented.�

■� All hou��ong>inong>g ��e�tion�� ong>andong> openong>inong>g��

ong>inong> the unit, e.�g.� air ong>inong>let��

ong>andong> outlet��, mu��t be free of foreign

obje�t��, liquid�� ong>andong> ga��e��.�

■� The unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� mu��t

be a ��uffi�ient ��afe di��tan�e

from flammable, explo��ive,

�ombu��tible, aggre����ive or �ontamong>inong>ated

ong>areaong>�� or atmo��phere��.�

■� Tou�hong>inong>g �ertaong>inong> part�� of the

unit or �omponent�� �an re��ult ong>inong>

burn�� or other ong>inong>jury.�

■� �n��tallation, repair�� ong>andong> maong>inong>tenan�e

may only be �arried out

by authori��ed ��pe�iali��t per-

��onnel; vi��ual ong>inong>��pe�tion�� ong>andong>

�leanong>inong>g �an be performed by

the operator when di���onne�ted

from the power ��upply.�

■� Durong>inong>g ong>inong>��tallation, repair, maong>inong>tenan�e

or �leanong>inong>g of the unit��,

appropriate pre�aution�� mu��t be

taken to rule out any hazard�� to

per��onnel �au��ed by the unit.�

■� The unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� mu��t

not be expo��ed to me�hani-

�al load��, extreme humidity or

dire�t ��unlight.�



ong>andong> recyclong>inong>g

Disposal of packagong>inong>g

All produ�t�� are �arefully pa�kaged

ong>inong> environmentally friendly material��

for tran��portation.� To make a

valuable �ontribution to redu�ong>inong>g

wa��te ong>andong> �on��ervong>inong>g raw material��,

di��po��e of the pa�kagong>inong>g

material at appropriate �olle�tion

poong>inong>t�� only.�

Disposal of used units

Produ�tion of the unit�� i�� ��ubje�t

to �on��tant quality �ontrol.� The

material�� pro�e����ed are ex�lu��ively

of high quality ong>andong> mo��t of them

�an be re�y�led.� You �an �ontribute

to prote�tong>inong>g the environment

by en��urong>inong>g that ong>yourong> u��ed unit i��

di��po��ed of ong>inong> an environmentally

friendly manner ong>inong> long>inong>e with appli-

�able regional regulation��, e.�g.� by

authori��ed di��po��al ong>andong> re�y�long>inong>g

�ompanie�� or at de��ignated �olle�tion



�t i�� a prerequi��ite for any �laim��

under guarantee that the orderong>inong>g

party or it�� end �u��tomer

�ompletely fill�� ong>inong> the “Guarantee

Certifi�ate” en�lo��ed with the unit

promptly after ��ale ong>andong> ong>inong>��tallation

ong>andong> return�� it to REMKO GmbH &

Co.� KG.�

The term�� of the guarantee are ��et

out ong>inong> the “General term�� ong>andong> �ondition��

of bu��ong>inong>e���� ong>andong> delivery”.� �n

addition, any ��upplementary agreement��

�an only be made between

the �ontra�tual partie��.� A�� a �on��equen�e

of thi��, you ��hould �onta�t

ong>yourong> dire�t �ontra�tual party ong>inong> the

fir��t ong>inong>��tan�e.�

Transport ong>andong>


The unit�� are ��upplied ong>inong> robu��t

tran��port pa�kagong>inong>g.� �mmediately



after delivery, �he�k the unit�� �arefully,

note any damage or mi����ong>inong>g

part�� on the delivery note ong>andong> notify

the �arrier ong>andong> ong>yourong> �ontra�tual


No liability will be a��epted for

�laim�� ��ubmitted later.�

Unit description

�n �oolong>inong>g mode, the outdoor unit

of the ��plit de��ign �ombong>inong>ed room

environment ��y��tem i�� u��ed to di��-

�harge the heat removed from the

room to be �ooled by the ong>inong>door

unit ong>inong>to the open air.�

On �oolong>inong>g ong>andong> heatong>inong>g unit��, the

heat ab��orbed by the outdoor unit

�an be di���harged by the ong>inong>door

unit ong>inong> the room to be heated ong>inong>

heatong>inong>g mode.� The unit �an �an �an be

ong>inong>��talled outdoor�� or, if �ertaong>inong>

requirement�� are met, ong>inong>door��.�

The outdoor unit i�� made up of

a refrigeration �ir�uit with �ompre����or,

a blade �onden��er, a

onden��er fan, a rever��ong>inong>g valve

ong>andong> a regulatong>inong>g element.� The

outdoor unit �an be �ombong>inong>ed

with REMKO ong>inong>door unit�� with a

�orre��pondong>inong>g refrigeratong>inong>g �apa�ity

(��ee “Combong>inong>ation��” table).�

The outdoor unit i�� a�tuated by

the �ontroller for the ong>inong>door unit.�

Wong>inong>ter �ontroller��, ba��e bra�ket��,

wall bra�ket�� ong>andong> refrigerant pipe��

are available a�� a��e����orie��.�

Refrigeratong>inong>g circuit RKS…H diagram

System setup



Conden��er fan

Outdoor unit

The ong>inong>door ong>andong> outdoor unit�� are �onne�ted by refrigerant pipe��.�


Coolong>inong>g ong>andong> heatong>inong>g

Rever��ong>inong>g valve

Conden��er �ilter dryer Regulatong>inong>g element

Capillary pipe

�ndoor unit

Conden��ation pipe

Blo�kong>inong>g valve

Conden��er fan

RKS 435 H RKS 448 H

RXW 350 •

RXW 480 •

RXD 350 •

RXD 480 •

Conden��ation pipe


�nje�tion pipe



Su�tion pipe



�nje�tion pipe

Su�tion pipe



The outdoor unit i�� operated by

the �ontroller for the �onne�ted

ong>inong>door unit.�

�or thi�� rea��on, the ong>inong>��tru�tion��

ong>inong> the “Operation” ��e�tion of the

ong>inong>door unit manual mu��t be followed.�

Shuttong>inong>g down

Short-term shutdown

1.� Shut down the ��y��tem u��ong>inong>g

the remote �ontrol.�

2.� Di���onne�t the power ��upply to

the unit.�

3.� �n��pe�t the unit for vi��ible damage

ong>andong> �lean it a�� de���ribed ong>inong>

the “Care ong>andong> maong>inong>tenan�e”


4.� �f po����ible, �over the unit

with a pla��ti� ��heet to prote�t

it agaong>inong>��t the effe�t�� of the


Permanent shutdown

The unit�� ong>andong> �omponent�� mu��t

be di��po��ed of ong>inong> long>inong>e with appli-

�able regional regulation��, e.�g.� by

authori��ed di��po��al ong>andong> re�y�long>inong>g

�ompanie�� or at de��ignated �olle�tion


REMKO GmbH & Co.� KG or ong>yourong>

ontra�tual partner will be able to

provide you with the name of an

appropriate ��pe�iali��t �ompany ong>inong>

ong>yourong> ong>areaong>.�

Care ong>andong> maong>inong>tenance

Regular �are ong>andong> �omplian�e with

�ertaong>inong> ba��i� requirement�� en��ure

fault-free operation of the unit ong>andong>

long ��ervi�e life.�


The power supply must be

disconnected ong>andong> secured

agaong>inong>st reconnection before

carryong>inong>g out any work on the



■� Keep the unit free of ��oilong>inong>g,

foulong>inong>g ong>andong> other depo��it��.�

■� Clean the unit�� with a moi��t


Do not u��e a water jet.�

■� Do not u��e any �leaner�� that

are ��harp, abra��ive or �ontaong>inong>


Type of work

Checks / maong>inong>tenance / ong>inong>spection

■� Only u��e appropriate �leanong>inong>g

agent��, even for extremely

��evere ��oilong>inong>g.�

■� �f ne�e����ary, �he�k the level of

��oilong>inong>g of the ex�hanger fong>inong>��.�

■� Cover the unit with a pla��ti�

��heet to prevent dirt from gettong>inong>g

ong>inong>to the unit.�


■� We re�ommend that you arrange

a maong>inong>tenan�e �ontra�t

with annual maong>inong>tenan�e ong>inong>terval��

with an appropriate ��pe�iali��t


Thi�� will en��ure reliable operation

of the ��y��tem at all time��!

Initial operation

General •


Che�kong>inong>g voltage ong>andong> �urrent • •

Che�kong>inong>g �ompre����or fun�tion • •

Che�kong>inong>g fan fun�tion • •

ong>inong> ex�hanger ��oilong>inong>g • •

This will ensure reliable

operation of the system at

all times!

Che�kong>inong>g refrigerant level • •

Che�kong>inong>g �onden��ation draong>inong> • •

Che�kong>inong>g ong>inong>��ulation • •


Half yearly


Troubleshootong>inong>g ong>andong> customer service

The unit ha�� been manufa�tured u��ong>inong>g ��tate of the art produ�tion method�� ong>andong> it�� fun�tion ha�� been te��ted

��everal time��.� However, if any malfun�tion�� malfun�tion�� malfun�tion�� ��hould ��hould ��hould o��ur, o��ur, o��ur, �he�k �he�k �he�k the unit u��ong>inong>g u��ong>inong>g u��ong>inong>g the li��t li��t li��t below.� below.� below.� �n �n �n �n �n ��y��tem�� ��y��tem�� ��y��tem�� ��y��tem�� ��y��tem�� with


ong>inong>door ong>andong> outdoor unit��, you ��hould refer to the “Trouble��hootong>inong>g” ong>andong> �u��tomer ��ervi�e ��e�tion�� ong>inong> both operatong>inong>g

manual��.� �f �f �f all the fun�tion fun�tion fun�tion �he�k�� �he�k�� �he�k�� have been performed ong>andong> the unit i�� i�� i�� ��till ��till ��till not workong>inong>g properly, notify

ong>yourong> lo�al ��pe�iali��t dealer.�

Functional fault

Fault Possible cause Check Remedy

The unit i�� not runnong>inong>g

or ��hut�� it��elf down.�

The unit i�� operatong>inong>g

with redu�ed or no

refrigeratong>inong>g �apa�ity.�

Power failure.�

Maong>inong>�� fu��e defe�tive.�

Ma��ter ��wit�h off.�

Maong>inong>�� feed damaged.�

Waitong>inong>g time after ��tartong>inong>g up

too ��hort.�

Operation above or below

��pe�ified temperature range.�

�ntermittent over

or undervoltage.�

Di���onne�tong>inong>g �onta�t on external

onden��ation pump open.�

Air ong>inong>let ong>andong>/or outlet

openong>inong>g blo�ked by

foreign obje�t��.�

Heatong>inong>g or wong>inong>d load


No heat di���harge po����ible.�

Leak ong>inong> refrigeration �ir�uit.�

��� all ele�tri�al equipment


Are all lightong>inong>g �urrent �ir�uit��


��� all ele�tri�al equipment


Did the unit re��tart after

approx.� 5 mong>inong>ute��?

Are the fan�� on the

unit ��till workong>inong>g?

Che�kong>inong>g by a

��pe�iali��t �ompany.�

��� the external �onden��ation

pump for the ong>inong>door unit ong>inong>di�atong>inong>g

a fault?

�oreign obje�t�� around air ong>inong>let

ong>andong> outlet?

Ha�� there been a �hange to

the �on��tru�tion or appli�ation?

��� the fan on the outdoor unit


��� ��ignifi�ant fro��t formation vi-

��ible on the large blo�kong>inong>g valve?

Che�k voltage ong>andong>

wait for unit to re��tart.�

Repla�e maong>inong>�� fu��e.�

Turn on ma��ter ��wit�h.�

Repair by

��pe�iali��t �ompany.�

S�hedule longer waitong>inong>g time.�

Ob��erve temperature


Shut down ong>andong> re��tart the


Clean the �onden��ation pump


Have the pump repla�ed.�

Clean blade��.�

Redu�e air re��i��tan�e.�

Take appropriate mea��ure��

to ��top the heatong>inong>g ong>andong> wong>inong>d


Che�k fan / wong>inong>ter


Repair by

��pe�iali��t �ompany.�


Assembly ong>inong>structions for specialist personnel

Important ong>inong>formation before


■� �or ong>inong>��tallation of the entire

��y��tem, the ong>inong>��tru�tion�� ong>inong> the

operatong>inong>g manual�� for the ong>inong>door

ong>andong> outdoor unit�� mu��t be


■� Brong>inong>g the unit a�� �lo��e a�� po��-

��ible to it�� ong>inong>��tallation lo�ation

ong>inong> it�� origong>inong>al pa�kagong>inong>g.� Thi��

prevent�� any tran��port damage.�

■� Che�k that the �ontent of the

pa�kagong>inong>g i�� �omplete ong>andong>

ong>inong>��pe�t the unit for vi��ible tran��port


Report any defe�t�� immediately

to ong>yourong> �ontra�tual partner ong>andong>

the �arrier.�

■� Lift the unit at the �orner�� ong>andong>

not at the refrigerant or �onden��ation


■� The refrigerant pipe�� (ong>inong>je�tion

ong>andong> ��u�tion pipe), valve��

ong>andong> the �onne�tion�� mu��t be

ong>inong>��ulated to ��eal them agaong>inong>��t

vapour diffu��ion.� �f ne�e����ary,

the �onden��ation pipe ��hould

al��o be ong>inong>��ulated.�

■� Choo��e an ong>inong>��tallation lo�ation

that en��ure�� a free air ong>inong>let ong>andong>

outlet.� (See “Mong>inong>imum �learan�e��”


■� Do not ong>inong>��tall the unit ong>inong> the immediate

vi�ong>inong>ity of equipment

that radiate�� a large amount of


�n��tallation �lo��e to heat radiation

redu�e�� the performan�e of

the unit.�


■� Do not open the blo�kong>inong>g

valve�� for the refrigerant pipe��

until the entire ong>inong>��tallation pro�e����

i�� �omplete.�

■� Seal open refrigerant pipe��

agaong>inong>��t the ong>inong>gre���� of moi��ture

u��ong>inong>g appropriate �ap�� or adhe��ive

tape�� ong>andong> never kong>inong>k or

�rimp the refrigerant pipe��.�

■� Avoid unne�e����ary bend��.� Thi��

mong>inong>imi��e�� the pre����ure lo����

ong>inong> the refrigerant pipe�� ong>andong>

en��ure�� a free return flow of

�ompre����or oil.�

■� �n parti�ular, you ��hould take

pre�aution�� to en��ure the oil

return if the outdoor unit i�� po-

��itioned above the ong>inong>door unit.�

(See “Oil return mea��ure��”


■� �f the ba��i� length of the refrigerant

pipe ex�eed�� 5 metre��,

refrigerant ��hould be added.�

�or the quantity of additional

refrigerant, refer to the “Addong>inong>g

refrigerant” ��e�tion.�

■� ���e ex�lu��ively the refrigerant

pipe ���rew �ap�� ��upplied

ong>andong> do not remove them until

��hortly before �onne�tion to the

refrigerant pipe��.�

■� Set up all ele�tri�al �onne�tion��

ong>inong> long>inong>e with the appli�able D�N

ong>andong> VDE regulation��.�

■� Alway�� ��e�ure ele�tri�al long>inong>e��

properly ong>inong> the ele�tri�al termong>inong>al��.�

Otherwi��e, fire �ould be


Wall feed throughs

■� A wall feed through of at lea��t

70 mm ong>inong> diameter ong>andong> with

a 10 mm gradient from ong>inong>��ide

to out��ide mu��t be �reated for

ea�h ong>inong>door unit.�

■� We re�ommend that the hole i��

padded out ong>inong>��ide or long>inong>ed, e.�g.�

with a PVC tube, to prevent

damage to the pipe��.�

■� When ong>inong>��tallation i�� �omplete,

the wall feed through mu��t be

��ealed with an appropriate ��ealong>inong>g


Do not u��e material�� �ontaong>inong>ong>inong>g

�ement or lime.�

Pipes ong>inong> wall lead through

Control long>inong>e

PVC pipe

Su�tion pipe

Conden��ation pipe

�nje�tion pipe

Installation materials

The outdoor unit i�� either ��e�ured

to the wall u��ong>inong>g 4 ���rew�� ong>andong> a

wall bra�ket or atta�hed to the

floor u��ong>inong>g a ba��e bra�ket.�

Choosong>inong>g the ong>inong>stallation


The outdoor unit i�� de��igned for

horizontal upright ong>inong>��tallation


The ong>inong>��tallation lo�ation for the

unit mu��t be horizontal, flat ong>andong>

��table.� The unit mu��t al��o be ��e-

�ured agaong>inong>��t tippong>inong>g.�

The outdoor unit �an be ��et up

either out��ide or ong>inong>��ide a buildong>inong>g.�

�or outdoor ong>inong>��tallation, follow

the ong>inong>��tru�tion�� below to prote�t

the unit agaong>inong>��t the effe�t�� of the



�or floor or roof ong>inong>��tallation, the

unit mu��t be ong>inong>��talled with at lea��t

10 �m of ground �learan�e.�

On �oolong>inong>g ong>andong> heatong>inong>g unit��,

rai��ed ong>inong>��tallation ong>inong>�rea��e�� the

heatong>inong>g �apa�ity produ�ed.�

A ba��e bra�ket i�� available a�� an



The fong>inong> ex�hanger (�onden��er) for

the outdoor unit i�� a �omponent

that emit�� heat.�

Sunlight ong>inong>�rea��e�� the temperature

of the fong>inong>�� ong>andong> thu�� redu�e�� the

heat di���harged by the fong>inong> ex-


Where po����ible, the outdoor unit

��hould be ong>inong>��talled on the Northern

��ide of the relevant buildong>inong>g.�

Shadong>inong>g ��hould be ��et up if required.�

Thi�� �an take the form of a

��mall roof.�

However, the mea��ure�� taken may

not affe�t the emergong>inong>g flow of

hot air.�


�f the unit i�� to be ong>inong>��talled ong>inong>

wong>inong>dy lo�ation��, it mu��t be en-

��ured that the emergong>inong>g flow

of hot air i�� �arried away ong>inong> the

prevailong>inong>g wong>inong>d dire�tion.� �f thi�� i��

not po����ible, the �u��tomer ��hould

provide wong>inong>d prote�tion.� Make

��ure that the wong>inong>d prote�tion doe��

not blo�k the air ��upply to the unit.�

Wong>inong>d protection



Installation ong>inong>side buildong>inong>gs

�n region�� with heavy ��nowfall,

you ��hould ong>inong>��tall the unit on the


�t ��hould be ong>inong>��talled at lea��t 20 �m �m �m

above the highe��t expe�ted ��now

level to prevent ��now from penetratong>inong>g

ong>inong>to the outdoor unit.�

A wall bra�ket i�� available a�� an


Mong>inong>imum clearance to snow

■� En��ure adequate heat di����ipation if the outdoor unit i�� to be ong>inong>��talled

ong>inong> a �ellar, loft, adjoong>inong>ong>inong>g room or �orridor.�

■� �n��tall an additional fan, whi�h ��hould have the ��ame volumetri� air

flow a�� the outdoor unit to be ong>inong>��talled ong>inong> the room ong>andong> be �apable of

�ompen��atong>inong>g for any additional pre����ure lo����e�� �au��ed by air du�t��.�

Installation ong>inong>side buildong>inong>gs

Hot air

Light well



Hot air


Outdoor unit

20 �m

Cold fre��h


Light well


■� En��ure a �ontong>inong>uou��, unimpeded

air ��upply from out��ide,

if po����ible through oppo��ite air

openong>inong>g�� of ��uffi�ient ��ize.�

■� Comply with any ��tati� ong>andong>

other ��tru�tural regulation��

ong>andong> �ondition�� for the buildong>inong>g

ong>andong> provide ��ound ong>inong>��ulation if


Mong>inong>imum clearances

The diagram below ��pe�ifie�� the

mong>inong>imum �learan�e�� for fault-free

operation of the unit��.�

The��e prote�tion zone�� allow

unimpeded air ong>inong>let ong>andong> outlet,

en��ure ��uffi�ient ��pa�e for maong>inong>tenan�e

ong>andong> repair�� ong>andong> prote�t the

unit agaong>inong>��t damage.�


Mong>inong>imum clearances

Air ong>inong>let E



RKS 435H RKS 448H


A 100 mm

B 700 mm

C 400 mm

D 100 mm

E 200 mm




Oil return measures

�f the outdoor unit i�� po��itioned at

a higher level than the ong>inong>door unit,

appropriate oil return mea��ure��

mu��t be put ong>inong> pla�e.� Thi�� Thi�� Thi�� normally

ong>inong>volve�� �reatong>inong>g an oil liftong>inong>g bend

for ea�h 2.�5 metre ri��e.�

Oil return measures

Oil liftong>inong>g bend

ong>inong> ��u�tion pipe to

outdoor unit,

1x per 2.�5 metre





50 mm

Outdoor unit

max.� 8/10 m

Outdoor unit

Installation may only be performed

by authorised specialist


The ong>inong>��tru�tion�� below de���ribe

the ong>inong>��tallation of the refrigeratong>inong>g

�ir�uit ong>andong> of the ong>inong>door ong>andong>

outdoor unit��.�

1.� �or �or the required pipe �ro����-��e��ro����-��e�tion��, refer to the “Te�hni�al

data” table for the outdoor


2.� �n��tall �n��tall the ong>inong>door unit ong>andong> �ononne�t the refrigerant pipe a�� de-

���ribed ong>inong> the operatong>inong>g manual

for the ong>inong>door unit.�

3.� Durong>inong>g ong>inong>��tallation, ong>inong>��tallation, ob��erve ob��erve the

bendong>inong>g radii of the refrigerant

pipe�� ong>andong> never bend a ��e�tion

of the pipe twi�e.�

Thi�� �an re��ult ong>inong> brittlene���� ong>andong>

a ri��k of �ra�kong>inong>g.�

4.� Lay the refrigerant pipe�� pipe�� from

the ong>inong>door unit to the out-

door unit.� En��ure En��ure En��ure that they are

adequately ��e�ured ong>andong> make

��uitable provi��ion for oil return!

5.� �n��tall �n��tall the outdoor unit with

wall or ba��e bra�ket on ��e�tion��

of a buildong>inong>g that are ��tati�ally

approved for thi�� purpo��e.�

�ollow the ong>inong>��tallation ong>inong>��tru�tion��

for the bra�ket��.�

6.� En��ure En��ure that no ��tru�ture-borne


noi��e i�� tran��mitted to ��e�tion��

of the buildong>inong>g.� Tran��mi����ion of

��tru�ture-borne noi��e i�� redu�ed

by vibration ab��orber��!

7.� Remove the fa�tory-fitted


prote�tive �ap�� ong>andong> the ���rew

�ap�� on the blo�kong>inong>g valve �onne�tion��

ong>andong> u��e them ong>inong> the

��ub��equent ong>inong>��tallation.�

8.� Make ��ure ��ure that the ���rew ���rew �ap �ap

i�� fitted onto the pipe before

borderong>inong>g the refrigerant pipe��.�

9.� Pro�e���� Pro�e���� the laid refrigerant

pipe�� (Figure 1+2).�

1 Deburrong>inong>g the refrigerant pipe


Refrigerant pipe

2 Borderong>inong>g the refrigerant pipe

Borderong>inong>g tool

10.� Che�k that the border ha�� the

�orre�t ��hape (Figure ).�

11.� �ir��t �onne�t the refrigerant

pipe�� to the blo�kong>inong>g valve�� by

hong>andong> to en��ure a �orre�t fit.�

12.� Then permanently ��e�ure the

���rew atta�hment�� u��ong>inong>g 2

��panner�� of appropriate ��ize.�

While tightenong>inong>g, alway�� hold

with a ��panner (Figure ).�

13.� �it the two ong>inong>��talled refrigerant

pipe��, ong>inong>�ludong>inong>g the �onne�tor��,

with appropriate heat ong>inong>��ulation.�

14.� Only u��e ong>inong>��ulation ho��e�� that

are ��uitable for u��e ong>andong> ��uffi�iently

re��i��tant to diffu��ion ong>inong>

the relevant temperature range.�

Correct border shape

Tightenong>inong>g screw attachments

Tightenong>inong>g with 1 ��t ��panner

Holdong>inong>g with

2nd ��panner



1 4“ 12-16 Nm

3 8“ 28-32 Nm

1 2“ 40-44 Nm

5 8“ 64-68 Nm

Additional ong>inong>stallation ong>inong>structions

■� When the outdoor unit i�� u��ed

ong>inong> �ombong>inong>ation with �ertaong>inong> ong>inong>door

unit��, the refrigerant pipe��

may need to be �onne�ted ong>inong>

a different way.� �f �f �f ��o, ��o, ��o, fit the

redu�ong>inong>g or expong>andong>ong>inong>g ���rew

atta�hment�� ��upplied to the

ong>inong>door unit.�

■� �f the ba��i� length of the �onne�tion

long>inong>e i�� greater than 5m,

refrigerant mu��t be added to

the ��y��tem durong>inong>g ong>inong>itial operation.�

See “Addong>inong>g refrigerant” ��e�tion


Only tools that are approved

for use on refrigeration equipment

may be used.

Pipe cutters, deburrers ong>andong>

borderong>inong>g tools.

Leak test

On�e all �onne�tion�� have been

made, the manometer ��tation i��

atta�hed to the �orre��pondong>inong>g

S�hrader valve �onne�tion��, if fitted:

red ���� �� ��mall ��mall ��mall valve


�� �� ong>inong>je�tion ong>inong>je�tion pre����ure pre����ure

blue �� ���� large valve

�� �� ��u�tion ��u�tion pre����ure pre����ure

After �onne�tion, the leak te��t i��

performed with dry nitrogen.�

The leak te��t ong>inong>volve�� ��prayong>inong>g

the �onne�tion�� fitted with leak

dete�tion ��pray.� �f �f �f bubble�� bubble�� bubble�� �an �an �an be

��een, the �onne�tion i�� not fitted


�n thi�� �a��e, tighten the ���rew atta�hment

or �reate a new border.�

After a ��u��e����ful leak te��t, the

ex�e���� pre����ure i�� removed from

the refrigerant pipe�� ong>andong> a va�uum

pump with an ab��olute fong>inong>al partial

pre����ure of at lea��t 0.�01 mbar i��

��tarted up to �reate a va�uum ong>inong>

the pipe��.� Thi�� Thi�� Thi�� al��o al��o al��o remove�� remove�� remove�� any

re��idual moi��ture from the pipe��.�



A vacuum of at least

0.05 mbar abs. must be


The time taken to �reate the

va�uum depend�� on the pipe

volume ong>inong> the ong>inong>door unit ong>andong> the

length of the refrigerant pipe��, but

the pro�e���� defong>inong>itely take�� at lea��t

0 mong>inong>utes.�

On�e foreign ga��e�� ong>andong> moi��ture

have been �ompletely removed

from the ��y��tem, the valve�� on the

manometer ��tation are �lo��ed ong>andong>

the valve�� on the outdoor unit are

opened a�� de���ribed ong>inong> the “�nitial

operation” ��e�tion.�



Condensation connection Electrical connection

Be�au��e the temperature on the

regi��ter i�� below the dew poong>inong>t,

onden��ation i�� formed durong>inong>g


The lower hou��ong>inong>g �over on the

outdoor unit take�� the form of a

�olle�tor.� The �onden��ationonden��ationonden��ationon- �ononne�tion ��upplied i�� to be fitted


■� The on-��ite �onden��ation pipe

mu��t be laid with a gradient of

at lea��t 2%.�

�f ne�e����ary, fit ong>inong>��ulation that i��

re��i��tant to vapour diffu��ion.�

■� When operatong>inong>g the unit at an

external temperature of le����

than 0°C, the �onden��ation

pipe mu��t be laid with fro��t

prote�tion.� The �u��tomer �u��tomer �u��tomer mu��t mu��t mu��t

keep the lower hou��ong>inong>g �over

free of fro��t to guarantee �on-

��tant draong>inong>age of the �onden��ation.�

�f ne�e����ary, auxiliary pipe

heatong>inong>g ��hould be fitted.�

■� After layong>inong>g the pipe��, free

draong>inong>age of the �onden��ation

mu��t be te��ted ong>andong> permanent

impermeability en��ured.�


The �onne�tion�� on the outdoor

unit are lo�ated ong>inong>��ide the unit

above the �onne�tong>inong>g valve��.�

The �ondu�tor �ro����-��e�tion of

the power ��upply depend�� on the

��tru�tural �ondition�� ong>andong> the �onne�ted

load of the unit.�

Connectong>inong>g the outdoor unit

Before ��tartong>inong>g the �onne�tion,

ob��erve the followong>inong>g ong>inong>��tru�tion��:

Connectong>inong>g the RXW 0

wall unit

A power ��upply to the ong>inong>door unit

ong>andong> a 5-wire �ontrol long>inong>e from the

outdoor unit to the ong>inong>door unit

mu��t be ong>inong>��talled.�

Connectong>inong>g the RXW 80

wall unit

A power ��upply to the ong>inong>door unit

ong>andong> a 6-wire �ontrol long>inong>e from the

outdoor unit to the ong>inong>door unit

mu��t be ong>inong>��talled.�

■� The power ��upply �ome�� from

the �onne�tong>inong>g termong>inong>al�� on the

RXW ong>inong>door unit.�

We re�ommend u��ong>inong>g a ma��ter

��wit�h ong>andong> a repair ��wit�h.�

■� �f the long>inong>e�� are ong>inong>��talled ong>inong> ong>areaong>��

with ��trong magneti� field��, the

ontrol long>inong>e�� ��hould be ��hielded.�

■� The outdoor unit i�� a�tuated

by the �onne�tong>inong>g long>inong>e from the

ong>inong>door unit.�

■� The ��y��tem i�� fu��ed a�� ��et out

ong>inong> the te�hni�al data.�

Connectong>inong>g the RXD

ceilong>inong>g cassette

A power ��upply to the outdoor

unit ong>andong> a 6-wire �ontrol long>inong>e from

the outdoor unit to the ong>inong>door unit

mu��t be ong>inong>��talled.�

■� The �u��tomer mu��t ong>inong>��tall the

onne�tong>inong>g box �lo��e to the

outdoor unit.�

We re�ommend u��ong>inong>g a ma��ter

��wit�h ong>andong> a repair ��wit�h.�

■� �f the long>inong>e�� are ong>inong>��talled ong>inong> ong>areaong>��

with ��trong magneti� field��, the

ontrol long>inong>e�� ��hould be ��hielded.�

■� The power ��upply to the ong>inong>door

unit �ome�� from the �onne�tong>inong>g

long>inong>e from the outdoor unit.�

■� The ��y��tem i�� fu��ed a�� ��et out ong>inong>

the te�hni�al data.�

The pro�edure for �onne�tong>inong>g the

long>inong>e i�� a�� follow��:

1.� Remove the unit �over.� �over.�

2.� Remove the ��ide ��ide panel�� panel�� on the


3.� Sele�t Sele�t the �ro����-��e�tion �ro����-��e�tion of the

onne�tong>inong>g long>inong>e ba��ed on the


4.� Run the two long>inong>e�� long>inong>e�� through the

edge prote�tion rong>inong>g�� on the

fixed �onne�tong>inong>g plate.�

5.� Conne�t Conne�t the long>inong>e�� long>inong>e�� a�� a�� ��hown ��hown ong>inong>

the �onne�tion diagram.�

6.� Se�ure Se�ure the long>inong>e ong>inong> the ��traong>inong> ��traong>inong>

relief ong>andong> re-a����emble the unit.�

Electrical connection diagram

RXW 0 connection

Outdoor unit �ndoor unit Maong>inong>�� feed long>inong>e

Red Red

Yellow Yellow

Compre����or a�tuation







�an a�tuation

Rever��ong>inong>g valve a�tuation

RXW 0 / RXD 80 connection

Electrical circuit diagram

RKS H combong>inong>ed with RXW 0

230 V~,

50 Hz,

L1 / N / PE

Outdoor unit �ndoor unit Maong>inong>�� feed long>inong>e

Control �ondu�tor

Control �ondu�tor

Control �ondu�tor

Colour codong>inong>g

WH �� White

BL �� Blue

BN �� Brown

BK �� Bla�k

RD �� Red

YE �� Yellow


External �ondu�tor

Neutral �ondu�tor

Compre����or �onta�t

Rever��ong>inong>g valve

�an motor

Prote�tive �ondu�tor

230 V~,

50 Hz,

L1 / N / PE

�it the ��en��or of the ong>inong>door unit

ong>inong>to the �a��ong>inong>g of the outdoor unit

onden��er bow!





RXW 80 connection

Outdoor unit �ndoor unit Maong>inong>�� feed long>inong>e

With thi�� unit �ombong>inong>ation, a

�ompre����or �onta�t i�� fitted ong>inong>

the fa�tory.�



Red Red

Yellow Yellow





������ ����


Compre����or a�tuation







�an a�tuation

Rever��ong>inong>g valve

Rever��ong>inong>g valve a�tuation






230 V~,

50 Hz,

L1 / N / PE







RKS H combong>inong>ed with RXW 0,

RKS 8H combong>inong>ed with RXD 80

Colour codong>inong>g

WH �� White

BL �� Blue

BN �� Brown

BK �� Bla�k

RD �� Red

YE �� Yellow

RKS 8H combong>inong>ed with RXD 80

Colour codong>inong>g

WH �� White

BL �� Blue

BN �� Brown

BK �� Bla�k

RD �� Red

YE �� Yellow


















������ ����


Rever��ong>inong>g valve







������ ����












������ ����









Rever��ong>inong>g valve

Before ong>inong>itial operation

After ��u��e����fully �ompletong>inong>g the

leak te��t, the va�uum pump ��hould

be �onne�ted to the valve �onne�tion��

on the outdoor unit through

the manometer ��tation (��ee “Leak

te��t” ��e�tion) ong>andong> a va�uum

��hould be generated.�

Before ong>inong>itial operation of the unit

ong>andong> after any work on the refrigeratong>inong>g

�ir�uit, the followong>inong>g �he�k��

mu��t be performed ong>andong> do�umented

ong>inong> the ong>inong>��tallation log:

■� Che�k all refrigerant pipe�� ong>andong>

valve�� for leak�� ong>andong> for unong>inong>tentional

��wappong>inong>g of ��u�tion

ong>andong> ong>inong>je�tion pipe�� u��ong>inong>g leak

dete�tion ��pray or ��oapy water

when unit i�� ��topped.�

■� Che�k refrigerant pipe�� ong>andong>

ong>inong>��ulation for damage.�

■� Che�k ele�tri�al �onne�tion between

ong>inong>door unit ong>andong> outdoor

unit for �orre�t polarity.�

■� Che�k all atta�hment��, mountong>inong>g��

et�.� for proper retention

ong>andong> �orre�t level.�

Addong>inong>g refrigerant

The unit ha�� a ba��i� fillong>inong>g level of


�or ba��i� refrigerant pipe length��

of more than 5 m, additional refrigerant

mu��t be added, a�� ��pe�ified

ong>inong> the table below:


RKS 435H RKS 448H

Ba��i� pipe length Additional quantity

�p to 5 m ong>inong>�lu��ive -

Make sure that the refrigerant

used is always added ong>inong> liquid


5 m to max.� 15 m 22 g/m

Initial operation

�nitial operation mu��t be �arried

out ong>inong> long>inong>e with the ong>inong>itial operation

�ertifi�ate ong>andong> do�umented


On�e all �omponent�� have been

onne�ted ong>andong> te��ted, the ��y��tem

�an be ��tarted up.�

To en��ure proper fun�tionong>inong>g,

a fun�tional te��t ��hould be performed

before hong>andong>over to the

operator to identify any irregularitie��

durong>inong>g operation of the unit.�

Thi�� �he�k depend�� on the ong>inong>door

unit ong>inong>��talled.�

The pro�edure�� are do�umented

ong>inong> the operatong>inong>g manual for the

ong>inong>door unit to be operated.�

Functional test ong>andong> test run

Te��t the followong>inong>g poong>inong>t��:

■� �mpermeability of refrigerant


■� Smooth runnong>inong>g of �ompre����or

ong>andong> fan.�

■� Di���harge of �old air from

ong>inong>door unit ong>andong> heated air from

outdoor unit ong>inong> �oolong>inong>g mode.�

■� �un�tional te��t on ong>inong>door unit

ong>andong> all program ��equen�e��.�

■� Che�k ��urfa�e temperature of

��u�tion pipe ong>andong> identify any

evaporator overheatong>inong>g.� To

mea��ure the temperature, hold

the thermometer on the ��u�tion

pipe ong>andong> ��ubtra�t the boilong>inong>g

poong>inong>t temperature read from

the manometer from the mea��ured


■� Do�ument the mea��ured temperature��

ong>inong> the ong>inong>itial operation




Test run

1.� Remove the �over�� �over�� from the


2.� Start ong>inong>itial operation by briefly

openong>inong>g the blo�kong>inong>g valve��

on the outdoor unit until the

manometer ong>inong>di�ate�� a pre����ure

of approx.� 4 bar.�

3.� Che�k Che�k all �onne�tion�� �onne�tion�� for leak�� leak��

u��ong>inong>g leak dete�tion ��pray or

appropriate equipment.�

4.� �f �f you have identified any leak��, leak��,

open the blo�kong>inong>g valve�� by

turnong>inong>g them a�� far a�� po����ible

anti�lo�kwi��e u��ong>inong>g a hexagonal


�f leak�� are identified, the

defe�tive �onne�tion ��hould be

repla�ed.� �t �t �t i�� i�� i�� then e����ential e����ential e����ential to

repeat va�uum generation ong>andong>


Unit dimensions

5.� Turn on the on-��ite on-��ite ma��ter ma��ter

��wit�h or fu��e.�

6.� Set the target temperature on

the ong>inong>door unit to a lower temperature

than the �urrent room

temperature u��ong>inong>g the remote


7.� Swit�h Swit�h the ong>inong>door unit to �ool�oolong>inong>g mode.�

8.� Durong>inong>g the te��t te��t run, �he�k �he�k the

fun�tion ong>andong> �orre�t ��ettong>inong>g

of all regulatong>inong>g, �ontrol ong>andong>

��afety devi�e��.�

Dimen��ion�� ong>andong> de��ign ��ubje�t to modifi�ation�� ong>inong> the �our��e of te�hni�al development.�







Because of the start-delay, the

compressor starts runnong>inong>g a

few mong>inong>utes later.




9.� Che�k Che�k the �ontrol �ontrol of the ong>inong>door

unit u��ong>inong>g the fun�tion�� de-

���ribed ong>inong> the operatong>inong>g manual:

timer, temperature ��ettong>inong>g�� ong>andong>

all mode ��ettong>inong>g��.�

10.� Mea��ure overheatong>inong>g, the

external, ong>inong>ternal, outlet ong>andong>

evaporation temperature�� ong>andong>

enter the mea��ured data ong>inong> the

ong>inong>itial operation log.�

11.� Remove the manometer ong>andong>

re-atta�h all part�� previou��ly


Make ��ure that the ��eal�� are

fitted ong>inong> the �over��.�

Fong>inong>al measures

■� Re-fit all part�� removed.�

■� �n��tru�t the operator ong>inong> how to

u��e the ��y��tem.�


All figure�� ong>inong> mm


Technical data

Series RKS 435H RKS 448H

�un�tion�� Outdoor unit for �oolong>inong>g ong>andong> heatong>inong>g

Rated refrigeratong>inong>g ong>inong>g �apa�ity �apa�ity 1) kW 3,49 4,78

Rated heatong>inong>g �apa�ity 2) kW 3,78 5,17

Outdoor unit operatong>inong>g range - �oolong>inong>g °C +21 to +45 (with optional wong>inong>ter �ontroller -10 to +45)

Outdoor unit operatong>inong>g range - heatong>inong>g °C -7 to +21

Refrigerant R 410A

Max.� operatong>inong>g pre����ure, per refrigeratong>inong>g �ir�uit kPa 3800 / 1200

Max.� volumetri� air flow m³/h 2000 2100

Max.� noi��e level 3) dB(A) 49 51

Power ��upply V/Hz 230 / 1~/ 50

Degree of prote�tion �P 24

Rated ele�.� power �on��umption – �oolong>inong>g 1) kW 1,07 1,48

Rated ele�.� �urrent �on��umption – �oolong>inong>g 1) A 4,91 6,91

Rated ele�.� power �on��umption – heatong>inong>g ong>inong>g 2) kW 1,09 1,51

Rated ele�.� �urrent �on��umption – heatong>inong>g 2) A 4,99 7,01

Max.� ele�.� ��tartong>inong>g �urrent A 24 32

Ba��i� refrigerant quantity kg 1,35 1,56

Additional refrigerant quantity > 5m g/m 22

�nje�tion pipe refrigerant �onne�tion �n�h (mm) 1/4 (6,35)

Su�tion pipe refrigerant �onne�tion �n�h (mm) 1/2 (12,7)

Max.� refrigerant pipe length m 15,0

Max.� refrigerant pipe height m 8,0

Dimen��ion�� Height mm 540

Width 770

Depth 290

Weight kg 37,0 41,0

Serial number 657.�.�.� 658.�.�.�

�T no.� 1619200 1619210

1) External temperature TK 35°C / �K 24°C, �ombong>inong>ed with RXW 350 / RXW 480

2) External temperature TK 7°C / �K 6°C, �ombong>inong>ed with RXW 350 / RXW 480

3) Clearan�e 1 m



Unit illustration




8 9

Dimen��ion�� ong>andong> de��ign ��ubje�t to modifi�ation�� ong>inong> the �our��e of te�hni�al development.�










Spare parts list

No. Designation RKS 435H RKS 448H

1 �ront panel 1105811 1105811

2 Conden��er fan blade 1105817 1105817

3 Conden��er fan motor 1105816 1105826

4 Blade �onden��er 1105812 1105823

5 Cover plate 1105810 1105810

6 Side plate, right 1105815 1105815

7 Compre����or, �omplete 1105813 1105824

8 Conden��er, �ompre����or 1105814 1105825

9 Conden��er, �onden��er fan 1105820 1105827

10 Blo�kong>inong>g valve, ��u�tion pipe 1105818 1105818

11 Blo�kong>inong>g valve, ong>inong>je�tion pipe 1105819 1105819

12 Compre����or �onta�t - 1105828

13 Rever��ong>inong>g valve 1105821 1105821

Spare parts not illustrated

Wong>inong>ter �ontroller 1613162 1613162

�or ��pare part�� order��, alway�� ��pe�ify the �T no.�, the unit no.� ong>andong> the unit type (��ee ratong>inong>g plate)!



ong>andong> ong>inong> ong>yourong> ong>areaong>!

ong>Relyong> on our experience ong>andong> consultancy


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PO Box 1827· D-32777 D-32777 Lage


Telephone +49 5232 606-0

�ax +49 5232 606-260

E-mail ong>inong>fo�remko.�de



�nternet www.�remko.�de




We u��e ong>inong>ten��ive traong>inong>ong>inong>g to en��ure that

ouron��ultant��’ te�hni�al knowledge

i�� alway�� right up to date.� Thi�� ha��

helped to build our reputation a�� mu�h

more than ju��t a good, reliable ��upplier:

REMKO, a partner that help�� to ��olve



REMKO not only ha�� an exten��ive dome��ti�

ong>andong> ong>inong>ternational ��ale�� network,

our ��ale�� ��taff are highly qualified


REMKO field ��taff are more than ju��t

��ale��men: They mu��t be able to advi�e

our �u��tomer�� on air �onditionong>inong>g ong>andong>

heatong>inong>g te�hnology.�

Customer service

Our unit�� work a��urately ong>andong> reliably.�

However, if a fault ��hould ever o��ur,

you �an �ount on REMKO �u��tomer ��ervi�e.�

Our exten��ive network of experien�ed

dealer�� guarantee�� that you will

alway�� re�eive qui�k ong>andong> reliable ��ervi�e.�

Subje�t to te�hni�al modifi�ation��, no liability a��epted for ��pe�ifi�ation�� ong>inong> thi�� do�ument!

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