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Fah Thai Magazine May-June 2017


HAPPENINGS THAILAND PATTAYA COME SAIL AWAY Imagine the spectacular scene of boats dotting the waters as they cruise through the ocean. The wonder of witnessing such an event is possible at the ‘Top of the Gulf Regatta,’ an annual international sailing event. This year, the event takes place from 4 to 8 May at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club on the shores of Na Jomtien beach in Pattaya. Not only has the event received a strong interest from potentially more than 250 participating boats, a large number of spectators is also expected. Another special aspect for the event is its presence at the largest marina in Southeast Asia, showcasing the attractive design and facilities. It’s now a perfect time to experience this vibrant beach town during one of the most celebrated international sailing events. BEAR HUGS Good news for teddy bear lovers because the Teddy Bear Museum is already in Pattaya and welcomes all doll lovers to see its irresistible cuteness. Founded by a young Korean who intends to give happiness to those who visit his museum, the place provides visitors with a variety of themed teddy bear zones. In the Europe zone, you can find a picturesque scene of Europe set up with cute teddy bears. The Dream zone is decorated in a fairy tale world, and for the Inca zone, it features teddy bears showcasing the ancient culture. Each zone is just creatively unique and the enticing part is that dolls are not in a glass showcases. You can touch and even hug the dolls as much as you want. Definitely a perfect spot for photo-taking! SPOTLIGHT Eat and Drive Located inside the lobby of Siam@Pattaya at Pattaya, the Car Bar offers a unique bar experience you won’t forget. Beautifully decorated ‘cars’ are converted into dining seats and tables according to its car concept. A variety of tasteful cocktails are served and it is possible to sit at the bar to see how the mixologists skillfully create the drinks. There are signature cocktails and delicious small dishes not to be missed, such as vegetable crudités with four types of dips, chicken satay with peanut sauce and grilled toast, among others. The lightness of the interior design also calls out for a fun and energetic ambience. If you’re looking for some enjoyment and a stylish place to hang out in Pattaya, this place would definitely be one of the best choices. 100