Steps to Reset Bitdefender Account Password


Read the PDF How to Reset Bitdefender Antivirus Account Password by Bitdefender Internet Security Support. Visit:

Step1: Accessing the link

Tap and go to the officials Bitdefender link to proceed with the


Step2: Forgot password option

Click on the “Forgot your password” option carefully as

suggested by Bitdefender Antivirus Support Services

Step3: Email address

Type and then click on the “e-mail address” which you have now

Step4: Recover password

In the “new window” section, simply type the e-mail address

which you will use to create your own My Bitdefender account

and then click on the Recover password link.

Step 5: Checking phase

Checking of your e-mail is essential and then carefully

click on the provided link.

A new window will automatically appear in front of


Step 6: Checking the maximum characters

One needs to type the new password which should

least be of 6 characters long.

Retyping the password is an essential process in

the Confirm password section.

Step7: Submit button

Click on the “Submit” button and then tap on the

“Apply Changes” option.

At last but not the least, accessing your My

Bitdefender account, requires typing your own e-mail

address and the new password which you have just set


Company Name : Bitdefender Technical Support


Address: 1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 700, Austin, Texas, 73301


Support Mail :




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