Dear friends,

Welcome to the 2017 Giving Together catalog, an opportunity for you, as a donor

of the Community Foundation for Brevard, to make a gift with targeted impact to

selected nonprofits in our region.

Remember the child-like joy you would experience leafing through the magazines

and catalogs of yesteryear dreaming of the perfect holiday gift to give to your

loved one? The Giving Together catalog offers that same opportunity for you to

support nonprofits in Brevard – they are waiting for you to make their dreams

come true!

This catalog provides additional opportunities for our donors to assist the

Foundation in strengthening our region’s nonprofits. The Giving Together catalog

allows donors to choose gifts as individuals, or to engage their families in the

decision-making process.

The nonprofits chosen for this year’s catalog span our impact areas of Adult &

Families, Animal Welfare, Arts & Culture, Conservation & Environment,

Educational Support, Health & Wellness , Housing, Food & Basic Needs, as well as

the broad array of passions and challenges that our donors wish to address.

The nearly 30 projects featured in this year’s catalog were fully evaluated by our

staff, as well as a team of community volunteers, to ensure that they are

representative of nonprofits working most effectively in the region. By giving

together, we can have a greater impact in our communities by insuring that much

needed services and resources get delivered to those who need them.

We ask you to join us in supporting our local community – we are certain there’s

a project to match your passion!

Thanks for all you do to give back!

Robert Watts

Interim CEO

Lisa Davidson

Manager, Grants & Programs

The 2017 catalog is

broken down into

several impact areas:

Adult & Families

Animal Welfare



Arts & Cultural

How you use the

Giving Together

catalog is entirely up

to you!

You can choose to fulfill

an entire need, or a

part of several.

Educational Support

Health & Wellness

Housing, Food &

Basic Needs

*= Organizations with Agency

Endowment Funds at the Foundation

Please feel free to contact the

Foundation with questions about any

of the projects, or how you can make

a recommendation:

Theresa Grimison


Aiding Space Coast Animals Project, Inc. ("ASAP")

Did you know pit breeds have one of the largest litters? They also

consistently comprise at least 75% of the dogs in Brevard County's

primary shelter.

This is why the need is so critical for the Snip-a-Pit program. Funds will

pay half the cost of ASAP's 2017/18 Snip-a-Pit program to spay/neuter

approximately 100 pit bulls and pit bull mixes at an discounted cost of

$100/dog. This program offers free and low-cost spaying and neutering

of pits to low-income owners who otherwise could not afford the


Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Brevard County Legal Aid, Inc.

Legal representation and advocacy to ensure dependent children who

are wards of the state receive services needed to achieve success.

Funds provided for this program will be used for a direct program staff

assistant, whose efforts ultimately help our clients become gainfully

employed, earn high school diplomas, and pursue college degrees as

they age out of foster care and learn to become productive members

of our community.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Brevard County Sheriff's Office Police Athletic League

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Charity Inc., supports a Police Athletic

League program that provides leadership, team building and

heightened self esteem, and promotes a drug free and alcohol free

lifestyle through positive law enforcement interaction, athletic and

educational programs.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Brevard Cultural Alliance

Implementation of Next Generation Artist Residencies for K-12 Brevard

Public Schools students. Residencies provide an intensive series of

classroom sessions designed to immerse students in a particular art

form while enhancing existing school curriculum. Program seeks to

enhance not only participant's artistic skills but overall academic

performance through arts integration, and equip them with

transferable 21st century life skills, such as capacities for creativity and


Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



Brevard Family Partnership*

To pay for summer camp activities for children (ages 6-17) in foster care.

Children and youth in foster care have experienced trauma, and

summer camps are a very good opportunity to develop socialization

skills, and identify other skills that children possess. This includes

therapeutic animal camps (equine therapy) as well as physical and

artistic camp experiences.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Brevard Rescue Mission, Inc.*

Brevard Rescue Mission works to permanently break the cycle of

homelessness in families by providing a long term solution to single

mothers and their children living at Casa Carol, a transitional housing


The 12-24 month program is designed to transform families from

dependency to self-sufficiency through daily accountability, personal

responsibility & goal advancement. Funds are used for support services

such as; education, medical assistance, case management, life skill

education, transportation, child care, shelter & providing housing.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Bridges BTC*

Purchase of several 'SMART' boards from a partnership with

AbilityPlus / No Limits Academy.

Our 'Enrichment Program’ serves more than 80 individuals with

significant intellectual & physical disabilities requiring assistance with

most aspects of daily living. Smart Board is an amazing technology that

not only enhances the way our instructors teach, but it also enhances

the way individuals with disabilities learn & communicate.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Club Esteem, Inc.*

Club Esteem's Future Professionals program helps remove barriers to

higher education for teens from economically disadvantaged

communities. Program activities have a strong emphasis on STEM,

leadership, and high school and college matriculation and graduation.

Activities include: tutoring, mentoring, SAT/ACT prep, assistance

completing college applications, guest speakers from various

professions; resume writing & job interviewing skills, etc.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



Crosswinds Youth Services, Inc.

The goal of this program is for homeless students to identify ways

technology, using an iPad, can help them gain professional experience.

Resume writing, proper online communication skills and job search

apps will all be part of the program. The program's objective is to

identify career interests, resume development, online communication

skills and sources to expand career experience for homeless youth.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Daily Bread*

Daily Bread has started ‘A Way UP’ program aimed at specific on-thejob

skills training. The 12-month program creates economic

opportunity for extremely low income/unemployed Melbourne

residents by providing warehouse skills necessary for successful

employment with local distribution centers.

With this training, there are available openings in the area with hourly

rates of $15-$18, plus benefits, allowing a way up to self-sufficiency.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Dance Arts Centre

‘Brevard Dances’ is a program designed to promote dance education

accessibility to youth residing in underserved, low-income areas of

Brevard. Funds provide free dance classes to youth ages 7-17 from the

Boys and Girls Club Temple Terrace branch, Dorcas Outreach Center for

Kids (DOCK), Lipscomb Community Center and Club Esteem. Focus is

placed on building the students’ self-confidence, enhancing creative

thinking and promoting collaboration and teamwork amongst peers.

Funding would cover a total of 132 classes during the 2016 summer

(40 classes – twice weekly) and fall term (84 classes).

Eckerd Kids

Eckerd Raising Hope, a program of Eckerd Kids, strives to meet the

emergency basic needs of the community's most vulnerable children.

Funds would provide school-aged children, at-risk for homelessness,

with basic hygiene and clothing supplies that will ensure these children

are able to have positive and normalized experiences.

Did you know? From July 2015 - June 2016 the program served 148

children. From July 2016 - January 2017 the room served 228 children,

a 54% increase.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



Family Promise of Brevard, Inc. *

Keeping the family unit together, provides short-term emergency

shelter and meals to homeless families with children through a network

of congregations and volunteers. Funds will be used to pay for 31 days

worth of essential services to shelter four families, or 14 people, while

they are transitioning back into stable housing. These essential services

include intensive case management, transportation, & shelter operating

costs necessary to provide the 434 bed nights for those families.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

GRG of Brevard is assisting relative caregivers to become self-sufficient

through the Child First Programwhich includes advocacy, training,

support groups, referral services, and basic needs. Participants are

relative caregivers who are providing safe, loving homes to abused and

abandoned children. Funds will provide parenting classes, support

group meetings, and training materials

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Helping Seniors of Brevard County, Inc.

Help underwrite printing of the "Yellow Pages", a free 8-page

educational publication produced monthly and distributed by Senior

Scene Magazine. Its purpose is to increase seniors' awareness of

community resources that will assist with health, legal, financial, and

personal issues that impact their quality of life.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Jess Parrish Medical Foundation

The Children's Center Respite Care, a monthly Parents Night Out

program where special needs children and typically developing

children interact while caregivers have time away. As the only place in

North Brevard that offers out of home respite care with a Registered

Nurse, parents are able to relax and enjoy a night away.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Junior Achievement of the Space Coast*

JA seeks funding to support an additional 10 classrooms in Brevard

County Title 1 classrooms. JA's elementary programs prepare students

to develop successful financial management habits, empower them to

explore the potential of becoming an entrepreneur, and provide the

skills necessary to succeed in a global economy.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



LEAD Brevard, Inc.*

A 'best practices' board governance workshop for current and next

generation board members and staff of our county's nonprofit

organizations, presented by a nationally renown trainer.

This annual program helps facilitate strategic dialogue about the critical

role that boards play in overseeing their organizations' mission, finances

and strategic direction.

Love INC of Brevard*

Love INC networks churches, businesses, agencies, governments and

individuals to help people out of poverty and need.

Funds will be used to expand the Love INC Auto Repair and Auto

Purchase programs to serve 60 households.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Melbourne Municipal Band Association, Inc.

Support for the 10th annual Summer Youth Band, a free music

program for low income students. Funds will be used to underwrite

teacher stipends, music equipment and supplies, and rental of

rehearsal and performance space.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Promise Inc.

Promise's Affordable Housing Development will be home to 126

residents with special needs. Currently, only 30% of our Promisers are

employed. Funds will be used for job coaches who provide vocational

training through Promise's Vocational Training and Employment

Program, helping to prepare each Promiser to work at one of our

planned social enterprises or elsewhere in the community.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Space Coast Early Intervention Center*

Free play increases literacy and physical development and our free play

area is in need of a face-lift! Through donations and volunteer labor we

hope to attain a new climbing dome for our kids! We will be using

other funds for painting, repair, storage, and landscaping.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



Space Coast Kibble Kitchen

Many low income, disabled and elderly families/individuals in Brevard

are unable to afford to feed their pets and theses pets are at risk for

being surrendered. Funds will purchase 41,000 lbs. (6 month supply) of

quality pet food for distribution free of charge to pre-qualified

applicants. Additionally, we have partnered with Meals on Wheels for

daily home delivery to elderly housebound recipients.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


Special Olympics Florida Brevard

Funds will share the cost to provide transportation for Special

Olympics athletes, coaches & chaperones to and from out of county

sports competition throughout the year.

Providing transportation ensures all athletes chosen have an

opportunity to participate in an Olympic style competition. Most

athletes are not able to drive and rely on others to provide this

necessary service.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


The Brevard Health Alliance, Inc.

The 'Brush, Book, Bed' program will provide pediatric patients with a

new, age appropriate book at each of their annual well visits, as well as

a toothbrush. Program promotes a higher attendance rate for well

visits, improves health outcomes and preventative care measures, as

well as provides children from low-income families the opportunity

receive free books to facilitate their children's education and free

toothbrushes to promote good oral health.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


The Children's Hunger Project

See a hungry kid. Buy food. Feed the kid. Our backpack program

follows this simple concept in providing packages of food to children

on the weekends during the entire school year.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


The Henegar Center for the Arts

Funding will provide The Henegar Center's youth educational program,

Feller Theatre Academy, the ability to offer additional scholarships to

Brevard students. These scholarship opportunities include classes

throughout the year as well as their summer camp program. Funding

also enables The Henegar to increase production values for the summer

camp performances and offer stipends to our professional instructors.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project

Funds will benefit the Multi-Sensory Program for children with

special needs.

Morgan’s Place provides a safe environment for parents to bring

their children with special health care needs and disabilities for

hands-on therapeutic, creative, and fun activity and play. Our

Sensorium has been specially created for the physically disabled

child to be able to literally “experience” their senses in a wireless

environment and for the child with a sensory processing disorder

to be able to independently regulate the amount of sensory

stimulation they want or need.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:


The Salvation Army, North Central Brevard Corps

Currently, affordable music and/or dance classes are limited to North

and Central Brevard County youth. Oftentimes, opportunities such as

dance and music classes are one of the first things to be cut from a

family's budget since they can be viewed as "non-essential."

The Salvation Army Performing Arts School will be expanded into the

Central Brevard County Area by offering additional, high quality music

and dance classes.

Amount Requested:


Amount Needed:



Community Fund – These unrestricted gifts provide the Foundation with flexibility in its

charitable purpose, allowing the Board of Trustees to respond to innovative projects and

changing community needs.

General Operating Fund – Gifts to the general operating fund help sustain our ongoing

work of building philanthropy in Brevard and strategic initiatives like next generation

philanthropy, staffing, community outreach, Brevard Veterans Resource Network and

more. Gifts to this fund are especially important to the long-term health of the Foundation.


Giving Together

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