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the end of the line thinking I was trying to get

back onto a down trail. We came upon an opening

and there was no more line so this must be

the trail down. We all confided and knowing

we were going downhill as we had done before.

Not realizing the truth. The sense of directions,

landmarks and all started to become a journey of

traversing into the woods trying to cross over to

a main trail. The reality was we had gone on the

backside of the mountain off resort grounds into

backcountry territory.

live for situations of helping and protecting

us out there. If anything comes up they are

ready. Some places in the world your just

stuck and have to accept the consequence.

I’m alive and warm today and the summer

sun is here. Thanks to all of you out there

that do your service for us to be here. Sugar

Bowl Rocks and Placer County Search and

Rescue you Rock.

Up on the


This story is about being grateful to

those situations that teach you very

serious lessons of how a small miscalculation

can create a life or death

situation. Finding a potential disaster or

a moment of hope. This is my story of

being lost in the backcountry on a cold

snowy winter day.

I have come to embrace winter as I

have embraced summer in the tropics

of winter. In the last 3 years I have gotten

back into snowboarding after a 10

yr hiatus of tropical winters. This last

January, my 2 friends and I took off to

the slopes of Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe

area and we had a blast of whiteout

weather. Literally, it was hard to see

what was left and right and I took the

chance as winds raining on us at 60

mph and clear direction was impossible.

We had gone down twice already

and honestly I just wasn’t feeling it. I

took a break for an hour and we said

that we’d meet up at the Lincoln lift.

After refreshments I was motivated

again and we all went up again. This is

where the adventure began.

At around 2:30 we made it to the top

and again the wind had brought a

strong white out and my goggles where

just blinding me. It was cold and direction

was to head out. Making my way

down left and right and following my

intuition, the landmarks disappeared.

Just had to wing it and things just went

fast. Then as we headed into a woodsy

area feeling we were on the trail we

found ourselves in an avalanche safety

boundary. We examined it and felt we

were somewhere towards the middle of

the valley thinking it was the cliffs. So

I avoided it and made my way towards

Down and down, we went still feeling we were

on our way towards the trail, listening to a lift

line sound and just not knowing the truth. The

snowpack was heavy and it was more and more

impossible to snowboard and even walk so had

to lay on board and swim thru it. It was a slushy

wet cold day. 2.5 hrs later and the sun was coming

down by that time we knew we were lost and

calling out for anybody to direct us. This suck’s,

I told myself, come out for fun and find yourself

desperate and not knowing where and how. So

luckily one of us had a cell phone and we had to

traverse to an open high spot and found reception.

It was just in time, we called in the resort

and informed Sugar Bowl ski patrol and they

basically figured out what we shared that we

were lost on the back side and that we needed to

stay put and they were coming for us. It was getting

dark and the hours passed. Finally two bros

yelled out and we coordinated sounds and they

followed our trails and we were discovered cold,

wet and wandering how all this happened.

Eleven years they have of total rescue experience.

Eric and Dan, two humbled and very acute

men in total awareness of their duties they instantly

came to our needs of water, food and figuring

how to get us out. The Rescue crew took a

GPS pinpoint, communicated with resort central

and local authorities, assessed the situation that

walking out in the dark uphill & no place for a

helicopter rescue meant another kind of extraction

plan. Being far from a road, our pick up

became a coordination of volunteers and officers

where we had to snowshoe, ride snowmobiles

and then CAT (Snow track vehicle) out thru

miles of backcountry until we made it almost to

Truckee. Basically we were in the Donner Pass

backcountry where the famous Donner party

incident happened over 100 yrs ago. Interesting,

we were getting hungry!! The rest is history. The

men that came for us were locals and transplants

from other states and even Australia. All I could

think about was that we were that close to being

out all night right before a blizzard was to hit 2

days from then, cold and wet and no fire. A pretty

scary & a realistic wake up call to what can

happen on a simple ski day. I came to appreciate

the men and women that work and prepare and

One Love


Where do I even start, Giving thanks to

thee most high for this beautiful experience

to be able to share!!

To have overstanding of the ability to

truly live and lead a life of love is more

than possible, it is vitaly to our higher


Studying to be an herbalist/holistic healer,

living as a light beam... I realized to truly

find my path, I need to fully submerge

myself and walk in it.

In December 2009, I got on the

plane with 5 suite cases, the sum of my

belongings, to relocate and live in Costa


As of this far I have visited most of Costa

Rica and have not yet made up my mind

as to WHERE in Costa Rica am I going to

live? Most of this time I have been in da

Caribie. This is where I have found “da”

most “irie” live music n “da tranquillo”

vibe. On the Pacific side I experienced

more DJ music in variety such as house,

trance, drum n bass, & dub step style.

Which has been super blessed. There was

a magical Full Moon Festival that I was

able to experience: Manifesto #5!!! Super

SF style, high energy Fire dancers, the

whole bit!!

Music is my heartbeat. Let the drums fill

us and the shakers move us!

After about a month, almost two

months I started to miss my Bredren and Sisters

of the highest high, the musical kind!

Hungry late one night, we walked to

get a veggie pizza from Pizza Buracca. During

the walk, I expressed to a new friend I was

walking with, how my dear friends that do live

shows back in Northern California is the only

thing I miss or even really have thought about

since I have been here.

There are 2-4 “big bands” on “da Caribie” that

plays at all the local spots, different nights of

the week. One really popular venue is PLAN

B, everywhere else had DJs. Maybe once a

month they will have a big reggae show with 1

-2 bands, but mostly DJs.

It’s been nice and I am thank full, just

wish there was more live music! It might have

something to do with the fact that most all the

shows are FREE!! People here are not so much

into “paying” for shows, so the artists aren’t

making too much. When it’s high season they

sell a lot of CDs. It’s different, more “tranquilo”

and jammin.

On the walk back from Pizza to the

center of town, where we all like to chill, Plan

B was hosting a Jam night, which occurs on

Sunday nights. Mostly the same 4-5 people

playing some groving bluzzy old rock jazz

stuff, but this night felt different as we walked

in. A dirty blond dready kid (Lead singer of

Reggae Band from Miami) reminding me a bit

of Ras Mathew; maybe 5-10 years younger. He

jumps up on stage and let’s his rhythms flow!!

The band felt his energy n grooved into some

sweet irie toons.

I closed my eyes and I was at COO-

PERS! The feeling I was longing for was here,

it is always inside us and we can manifest and

create any reality! Especially when we share,

communicate what we need, then let go and

trust the universe to provide..

We are blessed and we can

create our realities and have

everything we need!

Rather interesting, even as I sit here

in Paradise, writing of the magic and beauty

of “Da Caribie”. The Rasta here shout out

callings min Patua of how “dem” want to go

to California for “da” love of Ganja. There’s a

ganja culture here, everyone smokes da ganja.

I’m thinking about Vegas, where instead of

smoking a cigarette before & after meals in

the restaurant, there is a joint. Yes! There is the

Hotel owner rolling a joint as he tells you the

room rates. Taxi cabs don’t even mind if you

blaze one. Remember this is “Da Caribie”, I am

experiencing. Not all of Costa Rica is “tranquilo”,

a great portion of it, is. However it is

not what California knows as ganja.

After the first week of running out

of our Cali Treats, we needed some more

medicine relief from the blessed herb. All

that was available was Jamaican weed. At

this point we started to really search. I asked

and told every local, I don’t believe you, I

know this is not all that Costa Rica has to

offer in the Ganja realm. Then it came, the

sweet “shiva”! So green and fluffy! Yum

yummy! It’s not to high in THC. Some

strains I could recognize, and are cross

bread to be able to handle the climate. Seeds

and strains are greatly requested. People

who know how to create new strains and

take pride in their research. Kinda like dog


More and more are growing indoor.

Mostly experienced persons from the

US. Lots of locals have small scenes, and

make clones.

Now come the cookies and brownies!

A few older Rasta, make treats made from

“da jamaican” herbs which was not to

strong. Locally made medicine treats were

not as concentrated as I’m use to. Good

education equals responsibility.

The locals, from my new friends,

business owners to children greatly request

live bands and music events

Well, considering the fact that I’m the

producer of MAXIMUM EVENTS, I love

creating dreams into reality. So collectively

I was inspired to co-create a World Music

festival called “EVOLUTION”. The date

has been chosen to be September 4th, 2010.

This will be the third “Evolution Festival”.

The first “Evolution” Festivals were

in Sacramento and Topanga California in

2007-2008. There were amazing healers,

speakers; such as Charles Eisenstien (author

of the” Yoga of Eating”, & “the Accent of

Humanity” ). Multiple styles of art in different

mediums was displayed, Juaqueen

Brand was one of the many artists names

that was remembered. Music performance

by the Luminaries, Emery Hanley, Soul

Medic & Ras Mathew. Proceeds will go to

create “EVOLUTION” Festivals all across

the world. Share LOVE, HEALTH, and

NATURE thru different mediums such as

music, art, dance, food, healing energy

work, and connecting us all. We all are one!

Opening space for

connection, cleansing

and creative

positive possibilities

to become

realities! We will

also donate to

local non-profits

in the area that we

produce an event.

For now its Costa


Looking forward to learn and experience

more music & herbs in Costa Rica.

There is so much here and still protected. I

am thankful for all that I have experienced

and thankful for the future. As I experience

more it will be my pleasure to share.



INFO contact: Amanda at:

SPONSORS Please contact us and unite

with us!



Create the world you want to

live in, give thanks for we are



Miss February “This Nugz’ for Two”


Soul Medic

Ras Matthew

King of the Groms

By Amy J

Before designated skate parks, skaters created “skate

spots” which consisted of curbs, stairs and maybe a rail.

Usually, the locations were patrolled by security and a skate

session was short lived. The lack of obstacles and areas to

skate in the late 90’s hindered the progression of skateboarding.

However, the massive influx of skate parks over the last

ten years has pushed skateboarding to an entire new level.

One dramatically changed area of skateboarding is the

younger generation of boarders. The combination of board

enthusiastic parents and accessible skateboard parks has

provided younger skaters with ample room for growth. Surpassing

older generations by adding new elements to well

known tricks, these younger skaters, referred to as “groms”,

are now a staple of the skateboarding industry.

To showcase skaters ranging in ages 5-12, an annual

contest, “King of the Groms” is held in late February at 3rd

Layer Skate Park in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The contest

series started in 2003 by 3rd Layer and is the pinnacle of

all grom contests. The winner is considered the best grom

skateboarder in the U.S. and rewarded a board sponsorship.

To gain entry in February, riders must qualify in at least

one category: mini-ramp, street, or bowl. Qualifiers receive

a “golden ticket” which entitles entry to KOTG. Four other

skate parks, located around the U.S., team up with 3rd Layer

to provide the qualifying contests. Camp Woodward West in

Tehachapi, Ca; Camp Woodward in Central Pa; SkateLab in

Simi Valley, Ca; and Progressive Skate Park in Canton, Ga.

“King of the Groms” contest also proves skateboarding is

not just for guys. Last year’s winners included a girl skater,

nine year old Hannah C. from Canton, Ga. This year, Hannah

earned her 2010 golden ticket at Progressive Skate Park

in both mini-ramp and bowl; she is looking forward to the

final contest in February.

As skateboarding gains popularity, new styles of skate

tricks emerge. “King of the Groms” offers fascinating insight

into the expanding future of youth skateboarding. Stop

by 3rd Layer in Golden Valley, MN, February 19-21st to

watch the final bowl, mini-ramp and street contest(s). Check

out the 2010 contest results, pictures and other information

regarding KOTG at:

Hannah C @ KOTG 2010 QC photo: MC

Kentyah meets

Afrika Bambaataa

Inna Visionary

Reflective Zone

AB: I’m Brother Afrika Bambaataa

of the Universal Zulu Nation. I’m the

Godfather of Hip-Hop culture last

millennium, and the Amen-Ra of Universal

Hip-Hop culture this millennium.

I’m a recording artist, activist,

producer, organizer, ah…visionary…

and then some. [chuckles]

KF: On your website, inside the tab

‘Psychology versus Beliefs’, one of

the things that’s listed is that there are

many who are blind, deaf, and dumb

to knowledge of self and others, and

you feel the ones who know should


AB: Right.

KF: How does music play a role in


AB: Well, music you use to break

barriers down, and, and music can

be used strongly to teach. When the

world was going through a whole

racist thing in the Sixties, it was

music that broke down the barriers.

Groups like Sly, James Brown,

Country Joe McDonald, John Lennon,

all these different black and

white groups that was doing certain

songs to break down a lot of barriers

that was happening. Then you

had a lot of these DJ jocks, that was

getting more open-minded and was

playing many different music under

one rule. Before you used to have

black radio…white radio, used to

have black parties and white parties.

Or you could have black and white

parties, but there’s a line, with blacks

be on that side, whites be on that

side. Or blacks drink that side of the

water; whites drink that side of the

water. A lot of people don’t realize, that

was only thirty, forty years ago. You

got others who are starting to want to

see that happen back again! You know,

you got a whole thing of Nazis getting

ready to happen, and they’re using music.

They had a big thing on CNN that

they trying to bring the whole Hitler

thing, and they’re using CDs to get it

out to the youth. You know, bringing

white supremacy. Then you got other people in

hip-hop that’s trying to break all that racist stuff

down, and now you see white rappers with the

black rappers, everybody’s bling-bling’d and

getting it on. So it’s like they say: There’s a

war going on between good and evil, and that’s

why that movie Constantine came out, with the

same guys that dealt with the Matrix, and, you

know, they gonna start revealing a lot of heavy

topics. This millennium…they gotta catch up

to the Federation that’s happening with other

planets and stuff. The Earth part has been too

slow in progressing on. Too many humans have

disrespected Mother Earth; she’s starting to spit

the acids out. Now, I’ve been talking that all

over the planet. You disrespect Mother Earth,

she’s gonna spit your ass out. So that’s why you

lost 100,000 or more in the tsunamis. You lost

60, 000 or more in Turkey. You lost, I think,

thirty or something thousand down in Venezuela

one time. All in one… [snaps] …day. What

happened to the Mayas? They just disappeared.

The Mayans. One minute they had a big empire,

the next thing, gone. Where they go?

KF: Also under Psychology versus Beliefs

is set forth: “We believe in the “seen” and the

“unseen”. We believe in the power of the mind,

and that knowledge is as infinite as God Himself.”

How do you perceive of music being able

to illuminate these other dimensions, these other

spheres of spiritual reality?

AB: Well, like I said, music deals with frequencies

and sounds and noises, that might hit

other frequency that deals with the Earth’s heartbeat.

Deals with certain noises that might be

dealing with space. Might be certain frequencies

of sound that hit certain beings…the ones

we see and the ones we don’t see! Music is no

joke. You know, and I’m talking about all styles

of music. Even just noise music. Even when

you in the house, and you don’t have nothing

on, and you just start hearing these sounds, of

what’s just in the house. Prince said something

in his song: Imagine what silence look like. I

mean, that’s deep in itself. Just imagine what

silence look like. You can’t even feel the silence

cause when you turn everything off, try to get silence,

you start hearing…[chuckles] bug noises

that you don’t know what’s what. You might

hear so clear you could hear certain

crickets, or birds, or something

outside, or the air of the

wind when it’s rough, and you

start hearing the wind blowing

against the window, or doors…

Those are sounds are also music

or something that’s being played.

Fire, when you light it, a match

when you hear that sizzle, that’s

the sound. That’s the sound of the music of

that match being played. So, you know, everything

is connected. Everybody trying to

find God, or God is in this one, God is in Jesus.

No, God is in everything that we be on

this planet. You wouldn’t even know God

if it wasn’t for the sun, moon and stars, the

roaches, the ants, the animals, certain things

you didn’t make as a human. Yes, the Creator

gives you the blessing that you could

create something, or clone, and do all this

other crazy stuff. But, you know, you could

bring all these humans to get together on the

planet. We could hold each other’s hands.

We could all look at the sun and start humming,

and…humming to death. [Chuckles]

We want the sun to move over to that side

with the moon. And the sun look at us,

said, “Look at these dumb bastards. Let me

just send a little spark of my little fire down

there and burn they asses up.” So, with all

us in spirituality, and holding our hands,

all, “Hmmm.” Doing the “aum” and stuff,

we ain’t doing nothing to move that sun,

or to move that moon. Although we do got

the power, if we want, to bend forks and

spoons, or some people might could move

chairs, and things like that, but they ain’t

progressed that whole inner self power that

they could move planets. Although, some

people say the pyramids was put together

by telepathic means. Some people think

the Esterese made it. Others say that black

people made it straight out. And things like

that, so you could go crazy with everybody’s

trying to come up with they whole

belief, or trying to get the factology, or what

was this that made the piano, what was this

that make the temples and the, all these

different things, the ancients of ancients of

China, the ancients of ancients of, of the

Americas of, of Africa, and

stuff, and… So, you know,

it’s just deep, just to get into

that type of situation, that

type of subjects that nobody

wants to speak about today.

They think you’re coo-coo,

they think you’re crazy, cause

everybody’s caught up in

matrix thing, you know, with

the red pill and the blue pill. They want

the illusion, just to live. I make my money,

I want my house, a roof to live under, and

that’s it. Forget about there’s other things

beside that. Never try to think that what we

living now might be the illusion…

KF: Do you perceive of your music as illuminating

a more holistic understanding of

the world? A more spiritual understanding

of the world?

AB: Some of my music. Not all music…

some of my music is shake your booty,

get down, party, ‘how you feeling mama

tonight?’ And then there’s a lot of

records I made that’s mainly for your

mind, as well as shaking your butt.

You know, when I did the album

Warlocks and Witches, Computer

Chips and Microchips, we was talking

about the New World Order, and

there’s things that’s coming down.

Like setting out that there is witches

out here. There’s microchips they’s

gonna put in your body to control

and such. We was also saying, you

get to choose what you wanna be,

any one of them terms you want to

jump with, is all out here. When I

did the album, it scared the hell out

of people at Profile Records. The

guy put a hundred things for people

to look up. Same like I did on my

album, Dark Matter Moving at the

Speed of Light. There’s a hundred

words of wisdom for people to go

look up, to and see what’s out there.

KF: Other artists that I’ve spoken

with speak about music as arriving

from a collective unconscious, a

realm that we can go into in dream

state. Often it is set forth that an artist

can become a channel for music

to manifest. Do you perceive of that

as well?

AB: Yeah, you can see that. Some people

get that vision, that comes in they dream

state, and then he makes music like that.

Some have made some beautiful music that

came from things like visions, or things that

came into they consciousness

from a subconsciousness, or

from some sound, or something

they might have seen,

or might have unseen in the

seen of the unseen while they

was sleeping, that they might

have visit in they dream state.

And then there’s some ain’t

had no dream state, they had an out-of-body

experience and went somewhere, and got something,

and came back and brought it back to this

plane. So, you know we have been to many different

things where I’ve said, “Damn!” I used

to have this thing where I used to teach people

how to fly that was in the projects. I don’t know

what type of projects, but I always have this visuals

come that I show people to run in a certain

way, and I be holding my breath, and we could

start floating. It always keeps coming to me, this

type of visions. I am dying to speak to David

Blair, because I believe he’s some other type of

being. Magic is cool, but when he changed the

coffee into change. Or when the people said

they seen him levitate, then that’s a whole deep

thing in itself that, you know, I would strongly

like to go and see him do before me, and then

have a conversation, you know, “How did you

really do that levitation?”

KF: Do you feel like music - your music - has

a power? Do you feel that you are illuminating

a parallel world and or you’re bringing into this

world another reality?

AB: Well, that’s a whole ‘nother thing itself

too, man. When you get into parallel worlds,

that’s a deep subject. My music, I don’t use it

as a…sometime I might have seen a parallel

world, but I got into parallel worlds for watching

a certain sit-com series show called

Dark Shadows, which features Barnabas

Collins as a vampire in it. It was

an occultic show with werewolves and

ghosts, and all that that was onChannel

7, WABC. That show brought me into

the Leviathan people and parallel time.

Also shows that came out after that,

like Sliders. Quantum Leap. First

Wave, which is about the Nostradamus

predictions. All these certain movies

that just blew my mind. Then, certain

music that they used to be showing

that they want to go to parallel time,

they use certain sounds and music and

trance to take you there. Then

getting into the Ouija Board

and the I Ching which all takes

you into a whole nother thing.

All that, that’s some deep stuff!

Ouija board, that was what’s making

them give you these names,

and spelling out the words, and

all that. You know, all that type

of stuff is heavy stuff to start

looking at it. A lot of people,

“Oh, that’s occult, that’s the dark

world! Aaaah!” Check it out

anyway, there’s something going

on! And if the things are moving

themselves like that, then what’s

making it move? But if we

dealing, like people that‘s other

– people that, you know, we, we

could do levitation with our finger.

I don’t know if you ever did

it when you was a kid, and they

put the thing on your leg, and…

everybody trying to feel you can’t

do it, and do the energy over the

head, and…people just lift up

people three times my size, girls

and everything, they try to lift

them, they can’t move nobody,

even me. And I do the energy

thing over them, and…everybody be

bugging. I had people after me, “Oh,

you’re a witch!” [Laughs] We got that

power, but people just don’t use it.

KF: When you’re performing as a

deejay – and with your band, as well –

do you perceive of yourself as channeling

music, channeling energy to the


AB: Yeah, you could. You could

make the crowds feel energetic. You

could bring them calm. You could get

it where they just working up a sweat,

like they about to just fly off the - the

dance floor. You could bring the audience

with music that, if they ready,

make them violence, then they start

hurting each other. You could bring it

where there’s just love all in the room.

So music is definitely a powerful tool.

Music could cause wars. Music could

stop wars. Music could make you

feel at peace. Music can make you

feel un-peaceful and just want to slash

people up and stuff, or shoot people.

So there’s many ways how you use the

certain music. That’s how it’s so deep

when they use in all these movies, how

you can be one minute calm, and stuff,

and you watching the movie, and it

goes [like incidental film music, sings]

“Duh-nuh!” Just jump or something,

or you watching Michael Myers, and

you’re cool, and ain’t nothing happening,

then that sound is come out,

and you know what’s getting ready to

happen, or Jason and all that. So it’s

deep how that you use music in certain

things. Like when you shopping in

these stores, you know, these big superstores

or supermarkets, and you hear

the music, but you don’t hear it. Like

you could do your homework or your

book, but then you don’t really hear

the music ‘cause you really focused on

that, but you hear a slight something in

your ear. So it’s deep how they could

do…they used to have to say music

could soothe the savage beast, or tame

certain animals, and stuff like that.

Music ain’t no joke.

KF: Sun Ra was very much a proponent

of exploring hyperdimensional

realms, psychic realities, the cosmos,

things of that nature. How much has his

life and ideas influenced you?

AB: Well, I get no influence from Sun Ra. I

knew about him. I heard some of his music.

My main influence is definitely from James

Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and George

Clinton. And then, knowing about the cosmos

and all that, I would have to say strongly, the

Most Honorable Elijah Mohammed. Elijah

Mohammed dealt with things in space as well

as dealing with the situation and experiences of

black people and all type of races of people on

this planet. It was Elijah Mohammed telling

us that there was life on Mars. He was saying

that certain humans can go certain places ‘cause

every planet is made for them certain beings.

He said if we was to go to Mars, that our face

would get big, and that it would blow up! Then

here come Hollywood down the line, and they

made the movie Total Recall. When he went to

Mars, and they show the dome over the place?

And, when he came outta that dome, his head

started swollen up, get big enough, and homie

had to get back into that air thing before his

head blow up. Elijah Mohammed is the first one

that taught a lot of people about The Mothership

and later on along the line, they came and made

a movie, based on Elijah Mohammed’s teachings,

V. Then came the Independence Day. So

the question is, where did this man, who had

a fourth-grade education, who ,if you was to

look at him, looked just like them Grays with

them chinky, golden eyes, where did he get this

certain knowledge from? They say it came from

Mohammed, but… to know about beings on

other places, to build a nation within a nation?

Here you got the United States of America, and

here’s this little man from Georgia, and he only

had a fourth-grade education, building another

nation within a nation, the Nation of Islam.

KF: Lastly, as an individual who was there

since the beginning, and is still there: Do you

perceive hip hop as a unifying force?

AB: Hip-hop, the culture, can unite a lot of the

young adults and youth. But if they don’t have

no spirituality, and deal with the fifth element

of knowledge, then hip-hop can be used against

you, and control you as a slave and a zombie,

just like any other music that’s out there, if you

don’t have the third eye, the fifth element of

knowledge, to see through the B.S. that’s coming

at you. So you must have that fifth element,

for you can see through the B.S. – the knowledge,

the culture, the overstanding of everything.

Once you got that understanding with the

root of things, then you can try to overstand on

it. Otherwise, if not, then you become a slave to

the rhythm. All right?

Kentyah Fraser bio:

Kentyah Fraser is a producer, DJ, percussionist

and writer. Having attended both

New School University in NYC and CIIS in

SF, Kentyah is influenced by the erudite and

gritty sophistication of the downtown NY

art and music scene, as well as the spiritual

deepitude that CIIS and the Bay Area

community it serves is known for. Kentyah

is keen to acknowledge that he learned the

ropes of the music industry as de-facto mentee

and assistant to Paul D. Miller aka DJ

Spooky. Similar to Miller, Kentyah seeks

to integrate his intellectual and spiritual

pursuits into his sonic output and vice-versa.

He is currently finishing a book which

explores the intersection between progressive

music and spirituality via interviews

with a variety of innovative musicians and


For his musical pursuits, Kentyah, while

“fresh on the scene”, has worked, played

and recorded with many legends in the

realms of reggae, hip hop, jazz, funk, and

world music. DJ Spooky, Ron Carter, Mike

Clark, Airto, Horsemouth Wallace, Badal

Roy, Paul Jackson, Killah Priest, Brian

Jackson, Mike Stern , Dr Israel , the Miles

Davis Estate, Heavyweight Dub Champion,

Del the Funky Homosapien, Oz Fritz and

Bill Laswell are only some of the illustrative

artists that Kentyah has been blessed

with the opportunity to work with. Killah

Priest once referred to Kentyah as “a young

Bill Laswell...” and Mike Clark often describes

Kentyah as “a very talented young

artist who has the spirit of a serious