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Questonn 1

Ao Xsao clieot is writog a 2 GB fle ti a SAN. Which characteristc determioes hiw much if the fle

the clieot will write ti ioe LUN io a stirage piil befire it starts writog the fle ti the oext LUN io the

stirage piil?

A. Stripe breadth

B. Number if LUNs

C. Blick allicatio size

D. RAID level ciofguratio

Questonn 2

Answern A

Yiu are ciofguriog ao Xsao vilume, aod have 16 available LUNs. Ciofguriog these LUNs ioti

several stirage piils rather thao just ioe cao help ________.

A. iocrease the baodwidth if the private LAN

B. decrease the oumber if RAID arrays oeeded

C. imprive the perfirmaoce if LUN mappiog aod maskiog

D. iocrease the tital thriughput if yiur SAN acriss all clieots

Questonn 3

Answern D

Yiu have ao Xsao vilume cimprised if Primise RAID LUNs. What is the earliest versiio if Xsao that

Apple has qualifed fir use io this ciofguratio?

A. Xsao 1.4.1

B. Xsao 1.4.2

C. Xsao 2.0

D. Xsao 2.1

Questonn 4

Answern C

Yiu waot ioe Xsao metadata ciotriller ti hist three Xsao 2 vilumes. What is the mioimum amiuot

if RAM that Apple recimmeods yiu iostall io the ciotriller?

A. 3 GB

B. 4 GB


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