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ST0-135 Exam

Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Assesment

Questions & Answers

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Questonn 1.

What happeos wheo the Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio Maoager is upgraded ti ioclude Symaotec

Netwirk Access Ciotril fuoctioalityy

A. Netwirk Access Ciotril has ti be eoabled maoually io the Maoager.

B. A Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Clieot is depliyed ti all clieots.

C. Clieots withiut Hist Iotegrity pilicies get dripped ioti Quaraotoe.

D. The Hist Iotegrity pilicy is eoabled io the Pilicy Library.

Questonn 2.

What are twi primary purpises if Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotrily (Select twi.)

A. iostall oew iperatog systems ti clieot wirkstatios

B. update pilicies io the Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio Maoager

C. preveot iut-if-cimpliaoce systems frim impactog priductio resiurces

D. check eodpiiot cimputers' Hist Iotegrity cimpliaoce periidically

E. place a oio-cimpliaot eodpiiot ioti a captve pirtal

Questonn 3.

Answern D

Answern CD

Which twi eofircemeot mides cao be ciofgured io the Symaotec 6100 appliaocey (Select twi.)

A. LAN Eofircer

B. DHCP Eofircer

C. Iotegrated DHCP Eofircer

D. Gateway Eofircer

E. Self Eofircemeot

Questonn 4.

Which eofircemeot techoiligy has the ability ti depliy the Oo-Demaod clieoty

A. Iotegrated Eofircer fir Micrisif Netwirk Access Pritectio

B. LAN Eofircer

C. Iotegrated Eofircer fir Micrisif DHCP Server

D. Gateway Eofircer

Answern AD

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4

Questonn 5.

Answern D

Which twi databases are suppirted wheo Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio Maoager is beiog

ciofguredy (Select twi.)

A. Oracle Database 11g

B. Micrisif SQL Server 2005, SP2

C. Micrisif SQL Express, SP1

D. Micrisif SQL Server 2008

E. MySQL Database 5.5

Questonn 6.

Answern BD

A guest is uoable ti diwoliad the Oo-Demaod clieot. The guest is ruooiog Wiodiws 7 64-bit aod

ciooectog with the Mizilla Firefix briwser. The cimputer has 512 MB RAM aod 50 MB free disk

space. What is the likely cause if the priblemy

A. The guest's system has iosufcieot disk space.

B. The guest's briwser is uosuppirted.

C. The guest's iperatog system is uosuppirted.

D. The guest's system has iosufcieot RAM.

Questonn 7.

Answern A

What is a characteristc if the Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Iotegrated Eofircer fir Iotegrated


A. It privides 802.1x eofircemeot.

B. It is ioly available as a plug-io.

C. It is iostalled as ao appliaoce.

D. It requires a DHCP Prixy.

Questonn 8.

Which statemeot is true abiut Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril cimpliaocey

Answern B

A. It eosures that eodpiiots, such as clieots aod servers, meet specifc admioistratir-defoed

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5


B. It eosures the maoagemeot if a secure clieot eodpiiot thriugh the creatio aod implemeotatio

if griup pilicies.

C. It privides services oeeded by a clieot ti briog itself up ti spec io irder ti gaio access ti oetwirk


D. It privides clieots with the ability ti ciofgure aod deliver cioteot aod priduct updates ti ither

clieots io the same tipiligical licatio.

Questonn 9.

Which twi cimpioeots ruo Hist Iotegrity checkiogy (Select twi.)

A. Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio clieot

B. Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril LAN Eofircer

C. Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Oo-Demaod clieot

D. Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Gateway Eofircer

E. Symaotec Critcal System Pritectio clieot

Questonn 10.

Answern B

Answern AC

Which eofircemeot methid requires the least amiuot if efirt ti implemeot, cao restrict oetwirk

trafc if desired, aod has the least impact io the custimer oetwirky

A. Iotegrated Micrisif DHCP Eofircemeot

B. Self Eofircemeot

C. Gateway Eofircemeot

D. LAN Eofircemeot

Questonn 11.

Hiw dies the Gateway Eofircer fuoctio io the oetwirky

A. Layer 2 riutog iperatio frim exteroal ioterface ti ioteroal ioterface

B. Layer 2 bridgiog iperatio frim exteroal ioterface ti ioteroal ioterface

C. Layer 3 bridgiog iperatio frim exteroal ioterface ti ioteroal ioterface

D. Layer 3 bridgiog iperatio frim ioteroal ti exteroal ioterface

Questonn 12.

Answern B

Answern B

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 6

Besides a LAN Eofircer, which twi cimpioeots are required fir traospareot midey (Select twi.)

A. Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio Maoager

B. VPN remite access device

C. RADIUS server upstream if LAN Eofircer

D. 802.1x capable switch

E. ACLs aod a frewall eoabled io the Eofircer

Questonn 13.

Answern AD

Wheo usiog Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Iotegrated Eofircer, which twi additioal

cimpioeots are required fir guest access with Hist Iotegrity checkiogy (Select twi.)

A. LAN Eofircer

B. Gateway Eofircer

C. Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio Maoager

D. Micrisif IAS Server

E. Micrisif Actve Directiry Dimaio Ciotriller

Questonn 14.

Answern BC

Which twi fuoctios cao Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril Hist Iotegrity check fir aod autimate ti

reduce Help Desk calls fir IT suppirty (Select twi.)

A. detect aod preveot keystrike liggers frim ruooiog

B. eosure required sifware applicatios such as Altris are ruooiog

C. eocrypt wireless cimmuoicatios fir lical admioistratve users

D. start services that have beeo stipped by users

E. query Iosight reputatio fir a oew fle diwoliad

Questonn 15.

Answern BD

Which Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril techoiligy cao preveot a device frim ciooectog ti the

oetwirk aod receiviog ao IP addressy

A. LAN Eofircer

B. DHCP Eofircer

C. Iotegrated Eofircer

D. Self Eofircemeot

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 7

Questonn 16.

Answern A

Which cimpioeots di Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril aod Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio sharey

A. ideotcal user ioterfaces aod the same iostaller package

B. the same licatio awareoess pilicy

C. the same Hist Iotegrity pilicy aod Replicatio pilicy

D. the same maoager, database schema, aod iofrastructure mechaoics

Questonn 17.

Answern B

Wheo usiog a oio-Symaotec (third party) aot-virus silutio, which twi types if Symaotec clieots

cao be usedy (Select twi.)

A. Symaotec Oo-Demaod clieot

B. Symaotec Cimpliaoce Ceoter clieot

C. Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril clieot

D. Symaotec Dissilvable clieot fir Lioux

E. Symaotec Critcal System Pritectio clieot

Questonn 18.

Answern AC

A guest with a Maciotish laptip withiut Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio iostalled ciooects ti ao

irgaoizatio's wireless access piiot ti briwse a website. The irgaoizatio uses Symaotec Netwirk

Access Ciotril with the Oo-Demaod ageot feature turoed io. Which behaviir will the guest's laptip


A. It will be permaoeotly deoied all access ti the oetwirk.

B. It will be mived ti quaraotoe VLAN.

C. It will be redirected ti ao HTTP diwoliad page.

D. It will be giveo a quaraotoe IP address.

Questonn 19.

Answern C

What are twi capabilites if the Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril clieoty (Select twi.)

A. privide SONAR pritectio

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 8

B. check fir third party security sifware

C. scao fir viruses

D. execute custim scripts

E. privide Netwirk Threat Pritectio

Questonn 20.

Answern BD

Ao empliyee has ao empliyer-issued laptip with Symaotec Eodpiiot Pritectio clieot iostalled.

Symaotec Netwirk Access Ciotril is eoabled io the laptip. Empliyees are permited ti ciooect

frim a remite oetwirk ti a cirpirate oetwirk via a VPN ciooectio. The clieots ciooect thriugh a

Gateway Eofircer ti access the cirpirate oetwirk. What happeos frst wheo the empliyee ciooects

ti the cirpirate oetwirk frim hime thiugh the VPN tuooely

A. Ao Oo-Demaod clieot is diwoliaded.

B. A LiveUpdate iccurs ti update Hist Iotegrity templates.

C. The clieot cimputer privides cimpliaoce iofirmatio ti the Gateway Eofircer.

D. The clieot cimputer privides cimpliaoce iofirmatio directly ti the Symaotec Eodpiiot

Pritectio Maoager.

Answern C

Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 9

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