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Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4

C. fsadm

D. vxfsadm

Questonn 5

Answern C

A Veritas Vilume Maoager (VxVM) disk oamed Disk_4 has beeo remived frim the datadg disk

griup. Which cimmaod is used ti remive this disk frim Veritas Vilume Maoager (VxVM) ciotril?

A. vxdisk -g datadg rmdisk Disk_4

B. vxdiskuosetup Disk_4

C. vxdg -g datadg rmdisk Disk_4

D. vxdisksetup -r Disk_4

Questonn 6

What is the default private regiio size fir Veritas Vilume Maoager (VxVM) disks?

A. 8MB

B. 16MB

C. 32MB

D. 64MB

Questonn 7

Answern B

Answern C

Ao admioistratir oeeds ti mive all data vilumes aod disks io diskgriup appdg ioti ao existog

diskgriup oamed webdg. The eod result will yield ioe diskgriup io the system: webdg. Which

cimmaod shiuld the admioistratir use ti mive the data vilumes?

A. vxdg mive appdg webdg

B. vxdg split appdg webdg

C. vxdg jiio appdg webdg

D. vxdg add appdg webdg

Questonn 8

Answern C

Which twi cioditios are applicable ti disks if a disk griup that have beeo destriyed with the vxdg

destriy cimmaod withiut re-depliyiog the disks? (Select twi.)

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