atw 2015-01


atw Vol. 60 (2015) | Issue 1 ı January


Issue 1

January 2015



Overview of PHARE

Projects Implemented

in Romania

| | Cover: A frosty cold winter day outside the Forsmark nuclear power plant. In the foreground the biotest basin and in the background

reactor 1 and 2. Forsmark generates approximately one sixth of Sweden’s total electrical energy consumption per year.

(Courtesy: Vattenfall AB)


60 3

60 4

Contents 6

Imprint 21

Nuclear Power Plant Olkiluoto 3

Containment Leakage Test Under

Extreme Conditions 22

Tobias Fleckenstein

Abstracts | English 8

Abstracts | German 10

Inside Nuclear with NucNet

EU 2030 Targets “Unachievable”

Without Long-Term Nuclear

Operation 12


NucNet and Maria van der Hoeven

Calendar 13

Operation and New Build

Overview of PHARE Projects

Implemented in Romania Between

1997 and 2008 for Enhancing the Nuclear

Safety Level 14

Radian Sanda, Benoit Zerger,

Giustino Manna and Brian Farrar

Spotlight on Nuclear Law

Paradigmenwechsel im Beförderungsrecht

oder am „Flaschenhals“ 25

Paradigm Shift in Transport Legislation

or Rather at the „Bottleneck“ 25

Hanns Näser

| | Measuring equipment to assess tests for Okiluoto 3 project.

(Courtesy: TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH)


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