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The Connect Magazine_Spring 2017

18 Cover Story 24

18 Cover Story 24 Contents Spring 2017 BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, CELEBRITY TRAINER & MILLIONAIRE INVENTOR ASHLEY BLACK IS CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE BODY AT A TIME 38 Features 18 NASHVILLE SCHOOL MAKES HISTORY WITH INNOVATIVE APPROACH TO STUDENT DEVELOPMENT 24 30 BALLIN’ IN THE BOARDROOM Sheila Gibson Dribbled Her Way From All-American to Corporate America. 34 FROM SIGHTLESS TO VISIONARY, DR. MING WANG IS ONE UNSTOPPABLE IMMIGRANT 38 THE NATIONAL HISPANIC CORPORATE COUNCIL’S ANNUAL SUMMIT WAS A SPRING HIT OF OPPORTUNITY 45 MY MISSISSIPPI BURNING A Tale of Racism & Religious Hypocrisy. 46 ARTIST UPLIFTS COMMUNITY WITH PASSION AND VISION, ONE BRUSHSTROKES AT A TIME 48 ENTREPRENEUR, INTERNET SENSATION & REALITY STAR NAJA RICKETTE SPILLS HER SECRETS ON ABUNDANCE Columns 14 16 SPRING IS THE SEASON FOR REINVENTION BY THE DAILY DOLL Spring is for coming alive and growing out of corners. I SHOULD BE DIVORCED BY NOW With the odds stacked against us, this is how we make it work. 46 48 22 DO YOU KNOW YOUR BUSINESS SEASON Doing the right thing at the wrong time will not produce great results. 29 SWITCH IT UP: FIVE WAYS REVAMP YOUR PROFESSIONAL ROUTINE Infuse the freshness of spring into the renewal of your mindset. The Connect Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication and online media source committed to engaging our diverse audience through empowering and impactful stories of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and businesses on the pursuit of positively changing the world, through efforts large and small. 16 30 6 THE CONNECT MAGAZINE | SPRING 2017 THECONNECTMAGAZINE.COM

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