Upper Sixth Yearbook 2010

Lauren Brookes

2012 Leavers


Upper 6th leavers 2012 have had some amazing

memories and experiences at Christ College. Our

leaver’s book I hope shows that Christ College hasn’t

just been about education, but sport, house music,

and various nights out and centre parties.

Many have been here for 2 years, 5 years or 7 years

and I hope this book shows not only what we got up

to this year, but previous what we have experienced in

previous years as well.

There will no doubt be many smiles and laughs after

reading this and viewing the photos, especially as very

little has been deleted and much has been shared.

It seems that all of the stress and various Mem-pens I

have accumulated have paid off. Many have

contributed greatly to the success of our leavers book

so just a few thanks; To Huw Richards for allowing

this book to be created and arranging for this book to

be published; his unwavering support in the more

traumatic times have been greatly appreciated. To Mr

Paul Edgely for the numerous photos he had to take,

to make sure everyone was satisfied with their

appearance. To Peter Hyland for writing out all of

School House’s leaver’s questions because they

decided to hand write them, to Joe Tsang with his

contribution to photos and to Ben Macgill for his help

with the feature pages ! Thank you to everyone for

making this possible.

This book demonstrates the truly memorable

moments that we have had here, the great friends we

have made and the incredible experiences we have

shared. Although this is the end of Christ college as

we become Old Breconians I have no doubt that many

will stay in touch and the friendships we have gained

will not end here! I’m sure many will make it back to

various events such as Llandovery day, Brecon sevens

and Brecon Jazz and the nights out that go with it.

Good luck to the Class of 2012 !, I’m sure success will

come through many forms, and wherever we may end

up, Christ College will always be a place to come back

to; to remember previous times and to share new

ones !

Good luck and keep in touch.


De Winton

To my “de Winners”

The end of term marks the year end,

As on the path of life you wend.

For me my first, for you your last,

It is time to reflect on your de Winton past.

De Winton

Sports day victory, for the second year in a row.

A hat trick next year, maybe, we’ll see how we go.

The House Music win bringing the sweet sound of success.

Fondue nights with warm chocolate, oh what a mess!

Sleeping in corridors, ’though beds were all made,

Sunglasses day where you looked cool in your shades

The SAFFA Big Brew serving tea, cakes and more,

To raise lots of funds for the boys back from war.

Chicago, oh what a song and a dance.

Many a school trip over to France.

The tug of war win, showing how well you can pull,

Makes sure the trophy cabinet remains nice and full.

Let’s take a look close look at the Upper Sixth leavers,

A fabulous bunch - some quiet, some real divas!

Hannah will no doubt deliver the grades

To allow her to deliver lots of new babes.

A better Head of House I could not have wished for,

I shall be sorry to see her head out the front door.

Daisy T is well on her way

To read French and History at Royal Holloway.

As long as she realises the Royals aren’t there,

She’ll have to find another way to meet a throne heir.

Valeriya’s off to Chelsea for Art and Design,

Creative and funny, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

If her new friends find her a little ‘insane’,

She will use her excuse, “I am from the Ukraine!”

Blossom, dear Blossom, the brains of the House,

I hardly knew she was here, she’s as quiet as a mouse!

So good at your science and fantastic with numbers,

I hear it’s real’ cute the way you eat your cucumbers!

Megan, Miss Hospitality, is off to Manchester Met.

The likes of whom they will not have met yet!

She won’t bite policemen, just nibble their knees,

She also makes a great cup of tea!

For Gabby a year out to ‘see life’, that’s real neat,

Before devoting her life to policing our streets.

Try not to ‘face-plant’ on the police station floor,

I would not recommend that you do an ‘encore’!

Study from home, is what Izzy will do,

To learn to become a styling guru.

Seemingly quiet, you can be a little bit crazy,

You’d have to be, to share a room with our Daisy!

Dedicated, committed, I could not ask for better,

Every house should have their own special Hetta.

Mrs John once said “But Hetta, you’re just so much larger than me!”

So live it large as you head to Exeter, to read History.

Martha loves x-rays to see inside, not out.

She’s not to be messed with when fencing a bout.

She’s the one to cross swords for the mighty Welsh team,

As she heads off to Teeside, she’ll let out a big scream.

You’re a tough act to follow for the girls in your wake,

You have all done your best for this House’s sake.

So, as you eat up your last few school dinners,

Remember, you’ll forever be my first ever “de Winners”!

Samantha Warwick


Name: Lauren Brooks

Nicknames: Ginge, Lawen

D.O.B: 14.02.94

Address: 130 Dixon Close, Enfield, Redditch B976AP

Email: laurenbrooks.02.94@gmail.com


A levels: Biology, Chemistry, History, Physics (AS)

Lauren Brooks ~ DeWinton

Greatest Achievement:

Surviving CCB

Plans for Next Year:

Zoology at The University of


Life Ambitions/ Career Prospects:

To Work in Conservation

Favourite past time:

Horse Riding

Best Night Out:

Llandovery Day ‘11

Favourite centre party


Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Shine Jesus Shine

Most Embarrassing moment:

Will remain forgotten!

Any Regrets:

None, your past shapes your future.

Abiding memory:

U6th Biology, Dale fort, Bells silly

comments, lightsaber fights with

Alys, Karl & the tampon, 3rd form

window spying, being locked in

“Narnia”, Business with Fern & Nic,

The Shrew Crew, Summer camp

antics, Ferns many trips to A&E,

stealing Bills granny scooter, getting

stuck in the bog of eternal stench

with Dents, ninja stars, GCSE study

leave, Bilbs’ “vash” club, Bens GCSE

party, Annabel the female sexual

predator, DRG

Favourite Quote:

Everything Happens for a Reason

Where do you want to be in

10 years:

Happy and Successful


Name: Henrietta Carthew

Nicknames: Hets, Het, Henti, Jew, Boyfriend, Nig Nog,

Trotter, Kitten, Wifey, Top Knot, Sketta...

D.O.B: 18.01.94

Address: Penyrheol, Llanbedr,

Crickhowell,Powys NP8 1TA


Email: hetta.carthew@gmail.com

A levels: English, French & History

Greatest Achievement:

GB Polocrosse

Jumping off the rock with Soph on


School Prefect

Sports Day x2

Surviving National!!


Plans for Next Year:

GAP YAAH—Kenya & South Africa

Life Ambitions/ Career Prospects:

Career – no idea??? Ambitions – live

abroad, have fun!

Favourite past time:

Tea, Toast & Chats in Bannau

Cake Dates



Best Night Out:

‘Where’s Wally’ without a doubt!

(Skipping with Han, Giggling with

Rach & Soph the ANIMAL!)

Favourite centre party

Pirates or Where’s Wally

Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,

Jerusalem, Give Me Love, Blessed be

your name, Where dem girls at,

Twilight, Teenage Dream, we speak

no Americano, Send me on my Way,

For the first time, Without you,

Judas, Wake me up, We found love,

Sway-level up, Hot right now, Say a

little Prayer, Get Here, Raise your

Glass, It Girl, All About tonight,

Hangover, Riverside, Earthquake-

“HEY SIMON”, Someone Like you –

Rach’s special version, Call me

maybe, Be Thou My Vision, That’s

What Makes you Beautiful, I’m Sexy

& I know it, Glad you came, Bring it

on track.

Most Embarrassing moment:

Either wearing the wrong uniform

on my first day, mucking up Jamie’s

chapel reading with the sticky notes

or being kegged in centre by


Any Regrets:

A couple...

Abiding memory:

Football on the field in summer!

Playing hockey with the most

amazing team in the world, The

school bus; Mogs, Gabs, Johnny

Robs etc..., my valentine, Repping

the moves & limpeting with Rach,

Jim Jam & the Sprinkler, Nig Nog &

Lala, PRE-SEASON X2; those flippin’

sand dunes! Cake dates with Soph,

Driving home in convoy with Mogsy,

Drunken Heart to Hearts with Ro,

‘Daddy’s Little Soldier’-hey?. Letting

Down that tyre with Han –For

payback call 118. BALL. Gym Sesh

with Dan & El(power hour), Fat

Camp with Kitten! Bagels with the

Breakfast Team, Bannau Till I die,

Butter fight with Bishy, Endless chats

with cups of tea.THE RALLY.

Llandovery Night –Bea the bruised

mess, Sarah Hope the LAD & Stewy

the hero! History with Goldhagen,

English with Bushy in his Gok Wan

glasses, Trotter, Jungle torture in

prep with meg, back massages from

rach & suze, TYF:Surfing (the

surfboard cord-SOPH) & Coasteering.

Sports Day 2011, independent

learning in RS, ST.MALO 2K10,

Sharing a room with Kitten, getting

ready for my 18th in ten minutes,

angry face with teeth, NON-STOP



Favourite Quote:

“Ooh Chunkyy” – Mr Bush

“So does the blind dog do the dishes

& mow the lawn for you?” – Han

“I’ll just Triple Charge my iPod”& “A

balloon doesn’t need helium in it to

float-all balloons float!”Bea

“Shall we crack into the Apple Sourz

lads?” – Soph

“Hey it’s Amph, Sorry I couldn’t stay

last night”

“Ah guys it’s Taylor Swift! Love a bit

of Taylor...”/”Ed Don’t you dare kill

my pond snails!” – Ro

“Hentau I’ve got jaw cramp...stretch

my chin for me?!” – Morris


“Why doesn’t the school have punch

bags?! I’m gonna go start a fight

with a tree!” – Rach

“No No”, “What happened to your

eye?!! Ben I really worry about

you!”& “Glastonbury!”– Ben

“Steffaaann.... D’you get utt?!”

“I’m not Jeanine!” Soph

“Yes there definitely is a tree in the

movie” – Karl/Hagrid!

“Naning...Just like decorating a


“Who’s Marie Miss?”Shoughie

“Yes but Hetta you’re just so much

larger than me!” & “I know she’s

had a car accident but will she be

okay for sports day?!” – Mrs John

“Shuuu-uuut---upppp!” & “Good

morning Baltimoree!!”- Ellie

“Hets ... I’m gonna have to go out in

my boxers Or my Canterbury’s!” &

“Can ‘ee fook” – Jim Jam

“Teddy says no...TEDDY”- “Eating a

crumpet just for banter” – Rach, El,

Will & Ben

“If you’re hungry... I’ve got alcohol”

- Kitten & Izzy

“No hets im Rhianna not Ellie” –

Rach v

Where do you want to be in

10 years:

Married to a rugby player, kids?

Successful & HAPPY!


Henrietta Carthew ~ DeWinton

Name: Ellie Harris

Nicknames: Yank, Ellie May, Twin Mate, Sponge, Mess

D.O.B: 07/02/1994

Address: Ty Nant, Groesffordd, Powys, LD37SN

Email: cute.as.a.button@hotmail.com (bad choice as a 10 yr old!)


A levels: Art, English, Photography, History

Ellie Harris ~ DeWinton

Greatest Achievement:

Getting offers from all my interviews

Plans for next year:

Fashion Promotion and Imagery in


Life Ambitious/Career Prospects:

See the world, be involved in fashion

always (follow Martha following

valery following her dreams)

Songs that will remind you

of CCB:

Jump, b.o.b plays the guitar, let me

think about it, boy does nothing,

shine jesus shine, lord of the dance

(the best hymn ever!) And of course

the te duem;)

Any Regrets?

I try not to regret anything, life’s too


Favourite Past time:

Avoiding games, photography,

sneaking out, shopping!

Best Night Out:

Bristol for my 18th cant go wrong

with a hot pink cowboy hat and a

few shots!

Abiding Memory:

DRG impressions, nesting, hiding in

leahs room, synchronized napping,

coordinated zumba seshs, pizza with

lawen, getting lost on buses with

val, bellends witty comments, PBS,

having the house just for val and I,

my 18th!

Favourite centre party

Cartoons, in wonderland 2k11!

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Every time I have ever fallen over in

front of reuben

Favourite Quote:

‘Ellie I need some achievements!’

‘Curses’ ‘I like it when its sunny

because the sky is white’

‘ELLIEISMYFRIEND!’ ‘Twinnnnmate’

‘do you cryyy at all’ ‘anode sludge’

‘FINDERS!’ ‘my fantastic abs’ ‘all the

moony carrots’ ‘OI KIDDIES’ ‘will

morris really does look like a turkey’

Where do you want to be in

10 years?

somewhere with a very big closet e.g



Name: Isobel Hurn

Nicknames: Izzy, Whizzle, Wiz

D.O.B: 21.02.94

Address: Slwch House, Bronllys, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0LH


Email: mizzh94@hotmail.com

A levels: Art, Photography, Business Studies.

Greatest Achievement:

Being a house prefect.

Completing the Extended Project.

Going to Paris with the Nolan

Powell Art Travel Bursary Award.

Plans for Next Year:

Take a gap year to work and travel,

complete a styling course. Go to

Camp America.

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Travel the world, meet new people,

become a professional stylist. Have

fun and be Happy!

Favourite Past Time:

Tea and gossips in Bannau with the


Best Night Out:

Life guards – such a funny night!

Top gun and my birthday night out

(maybe should have worn a longer


Favourite centre party

Army & Top gun

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Carried across the dance floor and

chucked into a door by a giant

baby on a stag do….

My little car being towed out of

astro car park.

Songs That Will Remind You

of CCB:

Cover drive – Twightlight. Flo rida –

Wild ones. Labyrinth – Earthquake

‘HEY SIMON’. House Music - Say a

little prayer. Azelia Banks - 212.

Serani – No games. Shots shots

shots. Sak noel – Loca people. Pixie

lott – All about tonight. Train –

Drive by. Dj Boogie - Nice to nice to

know ya. Charlene Soraia – Where

ever you will go.

runners. Picnics in Newport. TYF.

Drunken antics. Business trips. Hot

chocolate in Morrison’s. Being in

the best house ever – Bannau. The

banter and the giggles. CCB - some

of the best memories and some of

the best people!

Favourite Quotes:

“If you’re hungry I’ve got alcohol.”

–Hetts & Meg

“Who are we Han’s army” –Life


“I only ever see you when I’m at

the bar getting a drink and you

come skipping a long with Izzy” –


“You’re coming home with me even

if I have to drag you by your hair” –

Ffi ffi

“I’ve got a sausage in this pocket

and I sometimes even bring a bag

for the soup!” – Soph & Megv

Where do you want to be in 10


Have no clue! Hopefully successful

and happy in whatever I do.

Isobel Hurn ~ DeWinton

Any regrets:

Wish I had got involved more.


Abiding Memory:

De winton winning sports day

twice! House music. Birthday cakes

and coke in Business. Messing

about on the field in the sun.

Seeing the sights of Paris. 118

Name: Martha James

Nicknames: Gremlin, Dominant Martha (DM), Sponge

D.O.B: 16/03/94

Address: Trevithel Court, Three Cocks, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0RY

Email: M_james1234@hotmail.com


A levels: Business Studies, English, Physics and maths

Martha James~ DeWinton

Greatest Achievement:

Fencing for Wales and gaining 6th

place in the UKSGs

Life ambitions:

Diagnostic radiographer and follow

Valery while she follows her dreams

Favourite Past Time:

Fencing/skiing (tree tracks/jumps)

Best Night Out:

Couldn’t choose, they’ve all blurred

Favourite centre party:

Where’s Wally

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Getting a tad too drunk at centre


Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Yalta! The Salmon dance, Shady

love, 99 problems, b.o.b play the

guitar, dedication to my Ex, Lord of

the dance, Te deum

Any Regrets?

none, not much point in that

Abiding Memory:

Nesting in Valery’s and Ellie’s Rooms,

the tunnel, English class, summer

ball, Every night out, becoming 2nd

daughter, cupcake store and


Favourite Quote:

“buy me more jewellery!” “I love

water and sneezing” “I like Elle and

the seaside” “Ellie is my friend!”

“vodka and mash potatoes”

“Hufflepuff’s are really good


Where do you want to be in

10 years?

Still in contact with the wolf pack


Name: Gabriella Knight

Nicknames: Scabby, Bappy, Lala, Gabz

D.O.B: 12/12/1993

Address: 2 Allt View, Bwlch, Brecon, Powys,



Email: gabz.xx@googlemail.com

A levels: History, Business Studies and Art

Greatest Achievement:

Being part of the de Winton team

winning sports day 2 years running!

passing my biol AS.

Being a House Prefect.

Plans for Next Year:

Go travelling mainly to Australia and

New Zealand, and then find myself a

full time job when I get home.

Life Ambitions/ Career Prospects:

To be in the Police and be as

successful as I can be.

Favourite Past Time:

Having a laugh with friends, and a

gossip in Bannau kitchen.

Best Night Out:

Lifeguards for hans 18th , Sailors for

Ben and Seans 18th and Leaver's Ball


Favourite centre party

The first one we had in L6th as

military and Top Gun for Hetta's


Any regrets?

No, try not to have regrets there's no


Abiding memory:

Meg falling up the stairs smashing a

cup of tea. Always being the wrong

side of the bar. France in 3rd form,

Disneyland Paris 4th form, Ben's

GCSE party, First centre party,

Oranges, Chapel every morning

which I slowly came to enjoy. Tall

Ships was an amazing experience I'll

never forget. De Winton winning

sports day! Never thought that day

would come! Going to Morrisons for

a hot chocolate weekly with Meg

and Han. Maths lessons with Hannah

and Ben. Bannau girlies. Easter camp

in 4th form.

Favourite Quote:

'I just laughed so hard I wee'd a little

bit!!' -Hannah

'Mmm Cuppa Soup, like a hug in a

mug' -Ro

'G'day Sir, can you say kangaroo?' in

maths lessons with Mr Shannon

Gabriella Knight ~ DeWinton


Most Embarrassing Moment:

Face planting The Lounge floor on

my birthday.

Songs that will remind you of CCB:

'Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston

(3rd form). Shake it (GCSE revision),

Twilight, Where them girls at, Te

Deum, and so many others.

Where do you want to be in

10 Years?

I want to be in the Police for a few

years and settled in that as a job and

be happy and able to live


Name: Megan Morgan

Nicknames: Mogsy, Shaggy, Toad, Simon, Kitten, Dyke

D.O.B: 04.08.94

Address: Upper Cathedine, Bwlch,Brecon,Powys, Ld3 7sz

Email: mogsy_megan@hotmail.com


A levels: Photography, Business & History

Megan Morgan ~ DeWinton

Greatest Achivement:

1st in House Compare

House prefect

Playing House rounder’s lol

Keeping Hets’ room tidy

Plans for next year:

GAP YAAH—Ski Season

Life Ambition/Career Prospects:

Marry a dwarf

Favourite Past Time:

Drinking tea in Bannau

Prep Times with Kitten (Hets)

Hot chocolate in Morrisons

with the Girls

Best Night Out:

Life Guards – Epic night snorting

Peach snapps

Favourite centre party

Army & Top Gun – Hetta passed


Most Embarrassing Moment:

Falling up the stairs in business,

smashing cup on my head!!!

Any Regrets:

Not making the 1st hockey team

Favourite Quote:

“Hey Simon, we be boxig it up”,

“She doesn’t look much like a

beetle”, To Police man “I don’t bite I

only nibble”, “Shaggy dog”,

“Wassup darling, I been keeping my

eyes on your movement”, “Kitten”,

“If your hungy, ive got alcohol”,

“Whos a cookin, you good looking”,

“Who are we? Hans army”, “Mr

paul, can I throw this bottle of wine

out of the window”, “Its not the

taste its the texture” , Carl “can you

get a protestant pope”, “Naaning,

its like decorating a cake”

Abiding Memory:

Charades – The Elephant, CHINA the

best experience of my life, Sharing a

room with Hett’s in Bannau, South

pacific, A Christmas Carol - lamenting

ghost. Noel Thomas on the Poland

trip singing I know a song that will

get on your nerves for hours. FAT

CAMP – Kittens gym sessions. Trying

to stick a tampon up Carls nose! Mr

Edgely – absolute lad, Mrs Allen –

what a babe loved lessons with her.

Songs that will

remind you of CCB:

212, Sway level Up, Labyrinth

EARTHQUAKET (hey simon) ,

twilight, SERANI NO GAMES,

Dynamite, We found love, Sway, Hot

right now, Say a little Prayer,

Eminem lose yourself! Wild ones,

Say a little prayer, nice to nice to no

yah Dj Boogie, call me maybe☺

Where do you want to be in

10 years?:

Living abroad & successful


Name: Valeriya Shpak

Nicknames: Shpak, Shpakness,Shpaky, ukranian,twin mate,


D.O.B: 08.02.1993

Address: lviv kylchickoi 16a\25

Email: shpakvalerija@mail.ru


A levels: Art, Photography, RS ,DT

Greatest Achievements:

offer from london, improving my


Plans for Next Year:

london university

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

follow my dreams\ make ART!

Favourite Past Time:

spendint time with friends, meeting

new people, a lot of travelling,


Best Night Out:

cardiff..oh wait.

Favourite centre party

I LOVE 6th form parties, all of them


Abiding Memory:

parties in our rooms, zumba with

ellie mate,PBS, movies with El, exiats

at Daisy's, ellie's everyday notes on

my board, out traditional birthday

celebrations, tunnel meetings, gossip

girl with blossom.

Favourite Quotes:

oh lord oh lord kids these days,

curses, buy me more jewellery, i love

trains, i love sneezing and water, ok

freak, twin maateee, do you cry at


Name: Daisy Thomas

Nicknames: D - Dog

D.O.B: 19.02.94

Address: Cefn Coed Mawr Farmhouse

Sarnau, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9PT


Email: daisyathomas@gmail.com

A levels: French, History, Photography, English (AS)

Daisy Thomas ~ DeWinton

Greatest Achievement:

Completing the Extended Project

and overcoming fear of speaking in

front of large groups of people

Plans for Next Year:

Hopefully go straight to Royal

Holloway to do a joint French and

History course whilst living in halls

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Ambitions: Sky Dive, become fluent

in French and live in France

Career Prospects: No idea; get my

degree and hopefully just see where

it takes me - preferably something

involving languages

Favourite Past Time:


Spending time with friends when

boarding or at events like Centre


Best Night Out:

Upper Sixth Llandovery – drinking

games before going out

Favourite centre party:

Has to be the first centre party in

Lower Sixth – always excited about

the first one, loads of people there

and my favourite costume

Songs that will remind you of


Flo Rida: Club Can’t Handle Me

LMFAO – Sexy And I Know It

Rihanna – S & M

Usher - OMG

Remember these three being played

at Centre Parties

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Undoubtedly the end of Lower Sixth

– running the 200m and managing

to trip, fall over and face plant

myself just before the finish line and

in front of the whole school, parents

and teachers

Any Regrets?

Putting myself forward to do the


Abiding Memory:

No specific memories but will never

forget being able to lie on the rugby

field in the summer with ice-cream

from the dairy – best place to be

when the weather’s hot

Favourite Quote:

“There are those who want things

to happen, there are those who wait

for them to happen to them, but

then there are those who make it


Where do u want to be in

10 years?

Hopefully have a well-paid job living

and working in France or living in

Britain with a job that involves a lot

of travel - possibly married


Name: Hannah Thompson

Nicknames: Han, ‘Hanzie’, Simon, Spanner,

D.O.B: 12.04.94

Address: 34 The Nurseries,

Langstone, Newport, NP18 2NT


Email: hannahthompson94@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: History, Art, Photography, (English AS)

Greatest Achievement:

Head of house and school Prefect.

Not being kicked out after 4th form.

Plans for Next Year:

To studying Midwifery at Cardiff.

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects: o

hopefully pass my Midwifery training

and move abroad (somewhere hot)

to do it there. Own a Audi TT soft

top in baby blue. Own a house with

a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Travel

around the world and go on a camel

ride around a desert.

Favourite Past Time:

America and New York ski trip.

Playing football on the field in

Summer. House competitions.

Covering all the Chapel with

Christmas decorations. 118-118 and

the Runner’s antics. Running the

3legged race for sport relief. Waving

to Rachel from the other side of


Best Night Out:

New Year 2011, Jamie’s and my 18th

in the George (the parts I can

remember), Lifeguards- ‘Who are

we?’ ‘Hans ARMY’, Ro’s 18th ‘Hey

Simon we be Boxin’ it up!’, Where’s

Wally, Sailors, Lower 6 Ball night,

Hetta’s 18th Topgun, Karl’s 18th in

Cardiff-coming back to the hotel and

verbally abusing the Domino Pizza


Favourite centre party:

Where’s Wally.

Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Twilight by Coverdrive, Call me

Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson, Say a

little prayer by Aretha Franklin,

Earthquake by Labrinth, David

Guetta Titanium Beautiful Girl by

Sean Kingston, any kind of Hymn.

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.

Most embarrassing moment:

Matt kegging me in the Garage and

everything coming down. In History

thinking Hitler was killed by Tom

Cruise. Falling from a climbing frame

on Crickhowell field day and ending

up at the bottom straddling Mr Owen.

Asking a blind man who came to do a

lecture whether his blind dog does his

washing up and puts his clothes in the

washing machine for him, to which

later on in the lecture he referred to

people who call his dog blind and who

think he is incapable as ‘brainless and


Any regrets?

Not allowing Doctor Phelps to see my

ability for a potential 1st team hockey

player. Not burning down Ban-eye.

Abiding Memory:

Megan and Mr Thomas on the Poland trip

and Meg putting a tampon up Karls nose.

Trekking back to the train station through

the centre of Cardiff with the Lifeguards,

wearing what I went out in and carrying a

blow up long shaped male body piece

under my arm...’you know it’s been a

good night lads!’ Ben and Shough giving

me a lapdance to Justin Bieber’s

Boyfriend. Bagel and eggs in the

mornings. Snuggles with the girls in

Centre. Skipping with the Wallies (Rach,

Hetta, Soph) in Harley’s. 5th form Maths

lessons with Mr Owen, Gabby and Ben.

6th form Art lessons. Congas on a

Monday morning with Mr West, (well

Saturday for the majority of my time in

CCB). Sports Day 2012.

Favourite Quote:

‘Hey Hannah’s a Jewish name, we

should so hang out’. ‘I think I just

peed a little’. ‘Go and get your

sneakers on’. Hetta: ‘Wish me luck ;)’.

Mrs John to Hetta ‘But Hetta you are

just so much larger than me’ (fatter,

fatter). ‘Tea 5.30?’ Everyone to

Sophie: ‘YOU’RE MINGING!!’. ‘Navada

del Louisey’. ‘Baby milk and cewreal’.

3 legged race ‘I think we would

definitely win a gold if this were

the Olympic gold’.

Where do you want to be in

10 years?

Rich and retired? Be happy

wherever I am...hopefully

holidaying twice and year,

sun and snow, and to still be

in touch with CCB Leavers



Hannah Thompsonn ~ DeWinton

Name: Blossom Tse

Nicknames: Bloss

D.O.B: 06.04.93

Address: Hong Kong

Email: blossomtse_1046@hotmail.com


A levels: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics,

Further Mathematics

Blossom Tse ~ DeWinton

Greatest Achievement:

Chemistry Olympiad

Plans for next year:

Going to university

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

live happily and have a job that i will

enjoy a lot

Favourite Past Time:

Late breakfast with Valery. Saturday’s

lunch. Science buddy with Lauren.

Having fun in house with Valery,

Lauren, Ellie, Martha and Daisy. Last

summer term. Every weekend☺☺☺

Best Night Out:

Valery and Ellie’s birthday meal


Shine Jesus Shine

Any Regrets:


Abiding Memory:

Biology lessons with Mr Sims. PBS!!!

Favourite Quote:

What has been done has been done,

what has not been done has not

been done. LET IT BE.

Where do you want to be in

10 years?


Favourite centre party:

First centre party in lower 6th

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Being bantered during Bio lessons.


Alway Survivors







How do I describe them ? ………….

Determined. And Dramatic


A quality demonstrated by many. Annabel is worthy of a special mention here as I

have never known a girl fit in so much work experience over her holidays and even

had a quick trip to hospital between placements. Yier is also particularly determined,

despite joining us in January, she has worked extra hard to catch up a whole terms

work and sit her exams in June.

There have been a few ‘Drama Queen’ moments over the years. However, there is

also some real talent. Fern’s creative flair and use of language is moving, particularly

when she recites her own poetry, or writes prayers for chapel. Rachel and Ellie’s

performance in the house drama competition was brilliant and comedic.

Whilst so many girls will remember their parts in productions including

South Pacific and A Christmas Carol.


Lottie stands out as one of the most organised girls I know ! Her attention to detail

in all that she does is outstanding, she has been a fantastic Head of House and a

great support to myself and Miss Jones. Without her we would never have raised

over £500 for MacMillan Cancer Support.


Donnies’ girls are defiantly not wall flowers, Sophie can always be relied on to be

loud at the strangest of moments, whilst Amy letting the juniors know its ‘reg’ can

probably be heard in St Davids. The winner of the loudest Music award goes to

Danni, in future I will always think carefully who I allocate the room above my office!



I am constantly amazed by how nurturing and caring they are with my son Hayden,

and one day I know they will be fantastic mums (but not yet please girls!).




It has been lovely to see them aim for the top universities and tough courses. I am

proud of them all, especially Alys and Annabel who have successfully gained places

to read Medicine and Veterinary Science respectively (but that’s the science teacher

in me!). Future Careers beckon in many fields including Law, Medicine, Veterinary

Medicine, Teaching, Business, Languages, Humanities, Pharmacy, Biomedical Science,

the Military and more.

Energetic and Enduring

Ellie is a perfect example here, she is predicted top grades and also manages to fit

more into a day than I thought possible; from mountain biking to music, chapel to

endurance events. Danni is also full of energy, she runs everywhere and no request is

too much trouble for her. Jos has demonstrated a different kind of energy and

amazing patience this year as an outstanding Head of Alway.


Donnies’ girls feature highly in CCB’s first Hockey, Netball and Rounders teams.

Without forgetting squash, running, badminton and the victorious house Volleyball

team. Their competitive nature has enabled us to challenge schools much bigger

than us in national competitions. Congratulations to Rachel and Jos who have

represented their country in competitions and to Bea, Rosie and Fern for leading

their respective teams to many victories.







Donnies’ girls never fail to make an effort to look

their best. Rebekah’s skills with hair and make up are

impressive, whilst a few girls probably keep some

fake tan manufactures in business. (See photos of

balls, dinners, hockey tournaments etc) I am sorry to

say I have ‘seen’ far too much on various evenings

before big events. Girls you know who you are!!


Donnies’ girls have international connections.

Rebekah and Danni have lived in Germany, Jos in

Scotland and Yier in China. Yier has shared her love of

Chinese cooking, whilst Amy is now very adventurous

with her food after braving many delicacies on her

amazing trip to Japan. There is also the obvious

Italian connection with La Belles Pizza.


Beulah and Annabel are heading to Tanzania to work

in an orphanage this summer where their

resourcefulness will definitely be needed. Beulah

never lets circumstances stand in her way, even the

weather could not dissuade her from a parachute

jump for charity.


Many of the girls have leadership qualities, whether

it’s in CCF like Danni or on the sports field like Bea.

However, it is Rosie’s leadership skills which have

been outstanding this year. She has not only led the

school on various celebratory occasions but has

tackled many tricky situations, demonstrating

excellent judgement and people skills.

Sociable And Supportive

In addition to knowing how to party, Donnies’ girls

acknowledge that social skills are important. Ffion

and Alys must be mentioned for their natural ability

to interact with their peers, staff and the public


It has been lovely to see how the girls have supported

each other. I know they will be friends for many years

to come and I look forward to hearing updates on

what they are doing from time to time.

Good Luck for the Future Girls! – Mrs Blatt x

Name: Josceline Beaumont

Nicknames: Scotts, Scotty, Gimley, Burger Beaumont, Sniper


D.O.B: 28.08.94

Address: Glenside 22 Sorbie Road, Adrossan, Ayrshire KA22 8AQ


Email: jos2@live.co.uk

A levels: History, RS, English

Josceline Beaumont ~ Donaldsons

Greatest achievements:

Full colours, Donnies winning senior

sports day every year. Playing Firsts

Netball and hockey. Winning house

singing five years in a row, prefect,

alway survivor, being in chapel choir

for 6 years, having one blue note.

Plans for next year:

Go to Exeter with Goldhaggen, and

study law.

Life ambition/career prospects:

Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins,

and a Chanel bag, Open a chambers

with Rosie Woodrow. Live in New

York. Travel the world. Become a

Victoria Secret Angel with my


Favourite pastime:

Dorm raiding. Chilling in the mirror

room with the Wolfpack. Reading

Vogue/ Elle with Bea. Dorm 103 life

in general. Quoting Mean girls with

Sophie Meinertzhagen, and having

pillow talk. Flicking ink on the back

of Dicksons shirt in Chemistry.

Congers. Chilling on the field and

going to the river in summer.

Sledging. House Music competition.

Sports day. Rachel and Bea’s Scottish

accent. Making Rocky Road.

Best night out:

Llandovery day ’11 and ’12. Becs

18th in Cardiff. Joes 18th in

Swansea. Kerby and Johnsons 18th in

Brecon. Beas 17th with the snipers.

The rally. Ball night. New Years in

Hereford. Rosies 18th in Hereford.

Karls 18th in Cardiff.

Favourite centre party:

Bill CCF, Chavs, Angels, pirates,


Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Forever, Te Deum, Closer, Dynamite,

we speak no Americano, Umbrella,

Love story, Jerusalem, Abide with me,

Lord and father of mankind, I danced

in the morning, guide me o thou

great redeemer, The Swurver, Lead us

heavenly father, Canon lan, Tell out

my soul, stand up stand up,

thousand miles, one fine day,

something inside so strong, love sex

and magic, shut up and drive. Soldier

boy. The creeps. Schools out for the

summer, Best thing you never had,

American boy, Step up.

Most embarrassing moment:

Falling down a hole on Cambrian.

Clive having a go at me for not

standing up in his lesson, when I

was. Oli Blandford texting

Mr Caithness off my phone saying ‘I

do drugs’.

Any regrets?


Abiding memory:

Dear Edwina, Bugsy Malone, Oliver, Fiddler

on the Roof.Donnies with the Webblins.

3rd form French Trip. APC. Being a cripple

in Mrs Webbers Badminton lesson.

Cadsam and Cambrian with Bill. Being

taught by Dangermouse. 3A Massives.

Casually strolling with trackies rolled up,

hoodie over the shoulder, sunglasses and

eating ice cream... In the lashing rain with

Rosie Woodrow. Ireland Sports tour 2009.

Biology Bench – George, Rachel and Ben.

Canada Sports tour 2010 – When I broke

Rach’s toe, and met Berris. Stars. Being

chatted up by some nice Jewish men in

Vermont. Wimbledon training with Jamie,

Rosie and Ben. Fern getting a ring binder

stuck in her foot. New York Trip

2010.Being chased through Bute town by

an Indian man, with George and Ed.

Discovering Lottie’s broken Orchid. Soph

getting with Kovacs. Sophies’ various

nicknames – Snoop Jew, Scooby Jew,

Goldhaggen, my nuts harden, catnip.

Taking the family trail in Gold D of E. Mr

Bush’s English lessons.

Favourite quote:

‘Awwww come on!’ ‘Goodnight Mr

Owen’. ‘Ah the Pondweed’, ‘Lets make

teams’. ‘Guys this is getting really tedious’.

‘piece of cream’ ‘When I grow up I want

to be rich, I want to be famous, I want to

be in Donnies.’ ‘MMMMM beast’. ‘OH

YEEAAAHHH’ ‘SWAMP’. ‘Macbuff’. ‘Don’t

oi me sunshine’. ‘Let me at ‘em’. ‘Alvin and

zi chodemonks’. ‘Hannah… That’s a

Jewish name’. ‘Rach have you been

toning?’ ‘Simon where are your trousers?!’

‘You can do my garden’. ‘Are you going to

zi party?’ ‘I really want to lose three

pounds’. ‘Girls and boys its all about

independent learning’. ‘Oh grumpy what

a lovely name’. ‘Hard on her dick’. ‘Lottie

Lottie what a posh tottie’. ‘Dale Mate’.

‘Say you love me’. ‘ Honk if your horny’. ‘Zi

turkey burger’. ‘Berris’. ‘Shutters are

coming down.’ ‘Ooooh Chunky!’ ‘Tiger

Lilly’. ‘Mike wasowsky.’ ‘Right then class,

settle down, Turbins off’. ‘Hey simon we

be boxing em up.’ ‘everyone in Donnies

looking fit!’ ‘Everyone in the gym taking

protein’. ‘Doesn’t matter because Wills

coming first anyway’. ‘The CLIVE’. ‘Captain

Cameltoe’. ‘Honeeeeyyy I’m home!’

Where do you want to be in 10


Work as a part time Victoria Secret

Angel, while opening a law firm with

Rosie Woodrow, and will be living in

Exeter with Catnip. Most importantly

hope to still be in contact with

everyone in Christ College.


Name: Amy Bilbrough

Nicknames: Bilbs, Toad, Narni, Matrix, Wagner

D.O.B: 11.11.93

Address: Petchfield House, Elton, Ludlow, SY8 2HJ


Email: bilbrough_4@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Biology, French , religious studies, Art

Greatest Achievements,

Birthday Prefect for the win! / Susan

Boyle in stars in their eyes / South

Wales u16 hockey team/ being made

captain over Rach for Powys (Jan

Loves me more than you!) / Huw

Walford / Luke watts / Jesse Ashby.

Surviving two years of Religious

studies! – Independent learning /

discovering Sophie on ball night /

Choir for 5 years / 1sts hockey for 4

years – shame about the last one!

Plans for next year

Go to university to study primary

teaching, potentially start a family to

give me firsthand experience for my


Life ambitions/career prospects

LIVE THE DREAM! And teach the

children in my class to live the dream


Favourite past time

Poon Slaps and towel pikying / The

Blanford game / bear hunting / the

religion channel

Best night out

Llandovery 2011 ;)

Favourite centre party

I couldn’t possible choose!

Songs that will remind you of CCB

Breaking Free/ sexy and I know it /

Somebody/ abide with me / Dear

Lord and father of mankind / shine

Jesus Shine / Lead us heavenly Father

Lead us / cannon llan / sospan fach /

Oh Christ The Same / The swerver /

Tell out my soul / Songs from Oliver /

forever young

Most embarrassing moment

Yier seeing my gluteus maximus /

Managing to swear in my solo in the

school play with a microphone taped

to my face – Glad my parents were

not there that night / Nailing myself

in a hockey match on the Canada

hockey tour / Being scared of rides so

spending my time at the theme park

in Canada on my own carrying the

‘dick of the day’ teddy bear and

everyone’s coats whilstwaiting at the

exit of each ride / Nailing myself in

pre season hockey.

Any regrets?

Taking A level RS – The biggest one


Abiding Memories

Donnies with the Webbers! – We

love you! House music 2007/

Metting Sophie – Who greets with a

hand shake? / leadership weekend /

Sophie’s toileting issues/New York

trip – Rachel Cathering Hope sitting

on my face in limited attire!/ GCSE

Party, setting fire to Arnorld, Yeovil

RS trip, Dickson and Miss Greens

escapade on Easter camp / Charlotte

Barry’s wrists / Dommy Powell / Cam

Hunter / Matheeewww / Sophie

braking the French office window

Favourite quote

‘get your rat out’ / ‘It’s not banter

it’s bullying’ / ‘MMMMPastry’ /

MMM. Beast/Hard on Dick / Honk if

you’re horny / ‘Good morning Narni’

‘You girl lost that match because you

were too focused on passing lorry

drivers / snoopy Jew / ‘Viagra falls’

‘honk honk England’ ‘Excuse me

,excuse me’ ‘Blatantly not a virgin’

‘Get in your pyjama’ ‘That is

disgusting’ ‘I haven’t got a lissssp’

‘Do you get it’ ‘ah balls’ ‘Poooberty

+ molecoools’ ‘ I haven’t pulled

since new year... Soph it’s only

January’ ‘ Loving Life’’somebody’

‘Alan’ / ‘BCA’ / ‘Dip me in chocolate

and throw me to the lesbians

Where do you want to be in 10


Still be in contact with everyone’s,

married with 2 children and just

generally still living the dream!

Amy Bilbrough ~ Donaldsons


Name: Fern Bowkett

Nicknames: Noo Noo, Nanda, Ferny, Fungul, Hedgehoggywoggy,


D.O.B: 30.09.93

Address: Bowketts Wood, Hope Bagot, Ludlow,

Shropshire, SY8 3AF


Email: fernbowkett1@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: English Literature, History, Art

Fern Bowkett ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievements -

getting rejected from Oxford, house

prefect, editor of the Breconian, 3A’s

at A Level, Half Colours, first hockey

team since 3rd form, South Wales 3

years in a row, Welsh Trials, going to

see Justin Bieber at his first uk

concert with Noo Noo, Surviving with

Bilbz for 18 years.

Plans for next year –

Year out. Ghana for 5 months.

Life ambitions/career prospects – To

one day, become a successful,

published author and to have my

name on the front of a best selling

novel - the odds are small - but I

won’t give up so keep an eye out for


Favourite past time –

Winding up Miss Green, locking Bill

out of the stores and stealing his keys

and bike with the Shrew Crew, Form

3 and 4 dorm antics

Best night out –

Bristol for Ellie Harris’ 18th birthday.

Favourite centre party –

What I wanted to be when I was 5 -

sexy santa!

dick!’ ‘Duchess…Kittens!’ ‘AHH ZEE

PIGS IN BLANKETS!’ ‘Get in your

pyjama!’ ‘Literally - Rosie comment’

‘Are you going to the Parteeee?’ ‘That

is vile’ ‘That is disgusting’ ‘I have not

got a lissssssssssssp!’ ‘pray b****

pray!’ ‘ooo chunky’ ‘Toad’ ‘Do you

get itttttt?’ ‘Yummy’ ‘I am just living

the dream’ ‘Tiger Lilly’ ‘Terrible isn’t it

children’ ‘teachers are not here to

teach you, school is for independent

learning’ ‘Mike Wisowski! ‘And


Songs that will remind you of CCB

Baby .

What Makes you Beautiful

Domino and Titanium

Number One

Wild One

A Thousand Miles

Dancing in the Moonlight

Blow your whistle

Most embarrassing moment –

Treading on a folder in an RS lesson,

an ambulance was called and had to

have it surgically removed!

Any regrets? –

If you look back on life regretting,

you can never look forward hoping.

So no - no regrets.

Favourite quote –

‘Don’t oi me sunshine!’ ‘Loiee Loiee

what a posh Toieee’ ‘Blatantly not a

virgin!’ ‘Caught it!’ ‘Nevada Del

Ruizie’ ‘I need baby miwk and

ceweal’ ‘Loieee and Loiees mum’ ‘

Girls - I’m not competing with you’

‘Its not banter its bullying’ ‘Hard on

Abiding Memory –

Chemistry with DRG, Canada Tour,

3rd form room

Where do you want to be in 10

years? -

Ten years. Wow. Still want to be in

touch with everyone.


Name: Beulah Davies

Nicknames: Boo Boo, Be, Boola, Beu

D.O.B: 06.11.93

Address: Cwmgwilym, Garthbrengy, Brecon LD3 9TH


Email: beulahdavies@ymail.com

A levels: Business Studies, Art, Photography

and a failed Economics at AS.


Greatest Achievements -

Managing to get the Nolan Powell

Art Travel Bursary Award to travel to

Paris! Actually becoming a house

prefect. Not having to do a chapel.

Highly commended in science

photography competition. Not

dropping a tray in the dining hall.

Receiving very little banter.

Plans for next year –

Gap year to travel including a trip to

Tanzania with Annabel this summer,

see the world and enjoy myself! And

also attempt to set up my own

photography business. Going around

taking snaps and selling them.

Followed by Uni in 2013.

Life ambitions/career prospects –

To have a gap year to travel and then

to study Business Management in

Uni, and settle in to a well paying

job to then own my own business!

Favourite past time –

Leadership at the beginning of L6th,

winning £25 in a L6th bingo night,

Paris sightseeing with Izzy, going out

and having fun!

Best night out –

So many! Llandovery nights, Centre

Parties, Birthdays, and general


Favourite centre party –

All which I’ve been to have been a

fantastic laugh!!!

Favourite quote –

‘ Let’s just be spontaneous’

Songs that will remind you of CCB

– Like a G6, Walking in Memphis, Traktor,

Having the time of my life, Whistle by Flo

Rida, Big Bad Wolf, Beyonce – Single

Ladies, Changed the way you kissed me,

Lupe Fiasco – Show Goes On.

Most embarrassing moment –

Falling in-between two tables at a

centre party. Failure to get Mr

Cooper to buy us drinks. Forgetting

the words in house music. Releasing

hands with someone in the crowd

jumping trust exercise at leadership,

resulting in Blossom falling through.

Any regrets? –

Not getting involved enough within

the school and missing too many

nights out and events and not

coming to CCB sooner.

Abiding Memory –

Paris sightseeing with Izzy, the initial

shock horror when trying on school

reg games kit for the first time. Bilbs’

moonies (scarred for life). Late night

chats with the girls. Gossips set out

to be 10minutes, ending up being a

good hour and a half. Cake and coke

lessons in Business. Come Dine with

me and Jeremy Kyle.

Where do you

want to be in

10 years? -

In my own


successful and


Beulah Davies ~ Donaldsons

Name: Elinor Davies

Nicknames: Ellie, Ellie-Belle…, Sheepy, Ellington, Barry, Dave,

Smellinor, Welly Dorris

D.O.B: 18.10.93

Address: The Cedars St John’s Road, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9DS


Email: ellierosedavies@gmail.com

A levels: English, French, Spanish

Elinor Davies ~ Donaldsons

Greatest achievements :

Only girl in 6th form to have sensible

footwear, Running for Wales, starring

as Oliver in the school play, full

colours, Walking to school with Rach

every morning, beating Reuben at 1

and a half mile run (the bet still

stands), surviving the Will Morris


Most embarrassing moment :

Alan just generally popping

unexpectedly around school, texting

Mr Sims to ask for fake tan, climbing

into bed with Verena on leadership

Any regrets :

burning my eye lids on the 3rd form

French trip

Favourite quotes :

‘Good morning Baltimore’ , ‘Teddy

says no’, ‘Get down Gelert!’,‘never

trust a mexican’, ‘to de boat!’, ‘I’ve

got it!’ ‘She doesn’t look much like a

beetle’, ‘I’d make a really good

boyfriend’, ‘Get in the shower Abbey’

‘Holy crap its a talking poodle’, ‘are

you going to ze party?’

Plans for next year :

Gap year, get some maturity, train


Life ambitions/ career prospects:

Become a popstar / be able to speak

fluent Spanish and French / travel the

world/ run a marathon

Favourite past time :

Gym, doing the crossword

Best night out:

toss up between Johnson’s 18th and

Kerby’s 18th

Favourite centre party :

Where’s Wally?

Songs that will remind

you of CCB :

‘All you need is love’, ‘smiley faces’,

‘Skinny Love’, the Te Deum,

‘Tomorrow’ , ‘something inside so

strong’, ‘somebody’, ‘Shine Jesus

Shine’, ‘One Fine Day’, ‘A thousand


Abiding memory:

Swimming after prep in Alway, Cic

falling over in Bugsy malone, 2nd

form camping trip – sharing a tent

with Rees Harris, Nicola waggling her

finger at fat people in chip shop,

Nicola getting chased by flies on the

way down Pen y Fan, Nicola dumping

Lawrence after he gave her

chocolate, Jo Tsang throwing the ball

the wrong way in rounders, Shough

picking my nose at Luke James’ party,

dancing in Bannau, Mr Andras’

chuckle, Jerry’s giggle, cleaners

throwing loaves of bread at the

ducks, Reuben falling down the hill

at Ben’s GCSE party, Teja arriving

back to Donnies like a wounded

soldier, Charlotte barry breaking both

her wrists, Lukas Fischer Wolf

rapping in Stars in your eyes, running

up pen y fan, the adventure races

with the Clive, every single house

music, Dickson standing up to Jane

Tomlins, confusing poor Monsieur

Toby, José loving life, Adey doing

soldier boy with Ramiro and Caeser,

St Malo 2K11

Where do you want to be in 10


Rich and famous, fit and healthy,

successful but happy at the same

time, neighbours with Rach


Name: Rebekah Denton

Nicknames: Rebekah Jade Denton

D.O.B: 12.01.94

Address: 14 Taw Road , Chivenor , Barnstaple , Devon ,

EX31 4BL


Email: lil_bexxy@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Biol, Chem, Physics and maths AS

Greatest Achievements:

Beating Llew in biology :P

Plans for next year Go to uni and

study biomedical science, if not cry

and possibly join the navy ;)

Life ambitions/career prospects

Biomedical/Clinical scientist and

following Daisy following Ellie

following Martha following Valieya

following her dreams

Favourite past time:

Movies , Reading , Eating , Sleeping ,

Dreaming, Cycling

Best night out

My initiation

Favourite centre party

Where’s Wally

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Single Ladies , Te Deum , Jar of

Hearts, Dont Stop the party, On the

floor, S&M, I Just had Sex, Whip my

hair, Hey Baby, Alors on danse

Most embarrassing moment

(In life) shouting at a man in a super

market and him turning out not to

be my dad, (In Christ Col) Leaving

the cooker on and having to admit it

in front of a lot angry people.

Abiding Memory

Biology trip (Dinocrab), Sims banter,

Tunnel Crew, Getting 2/34 in a trig

test, Reuben putting his bare ass in

Alys’s face with me and Lauren

hiding, Me and Meg spying on

people on the quad, Trying not to go

to Alys room to talk and failing,

Chatting super late with Franzi at

night, Being peoples favourite

hairdresser, Being called an albino,

Sunday breakfast ftw, Telling Panda

to shut up because she’s being so

loud, Running to DRG’s lesson so I’m

not late, Creepy kebab shop guy,

Daisy’s dream coming true , Going

to the Cafe with Eva and Valery

Favourite quote

“All little girls deserve to be told

they’re pretty, even if they aren’t”

Marilyn Monroe. “What is Italian

food?” Annabel Dereham

Where do you want to be in 10


In a good career and have some idea

of where I’m heading in life.

Rebekah Denton ~ Donaldsons

Any regrets?

Wish I wasn’t so shy


Name: Annabel Dereham

Nicknames: Bel, Bels, Bellend, Rango, brick,

female sexual predator

D.O.B: 14.06.94

Address: Sapness Farm, Woolhope, Hereford, HR1 4RJ


Email: annabeldereham@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths & History AS

Annabel Dereham ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievements:

not yet dropping my tray in the

dining hall despite being so clumsy,

getting half colours, beating Llew in

chemistry ;) getting into my first

choice uni, learning to shoot and

play squash, having the complete

inability to sing in tune for a single


Plans for next year:

Volunteering/travelling in Tanzania

this summer with Beulah then to

Bristol to study veterinary science

Life ambitions/career prospects: to

get some common sense, to learn to

think before I speak, to stop playing

with my hair, to learn to cook/light a

fire/general life skills etc., to qualify

as a vet and to have a family, to


Favourite past time:

talking ;) going out, laughing, ‘rave

dancing’, playing the T-Rex game and

never have I ever, stalking the smurf

leopard minx, lunchtime Jeremy Kyle

dates, biology banter, horseriding

with Lauren, dominating on the

squash courts & showing Alys how

aerobics is really done, late night

cwtching and of course, hunting new


Best night out:

either Ellie’s 18th in Bristol or

Summer Ball 2011

Favourite centre party:

Alice in Wonderland or Egyptians

(budget outfits made from a

bedsheet and safety pins!)

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

the te deum, bread of heaven, the welsh

national anthem, sosban fach, Jerusalem,

breakaway, walking in mephis, BARBARA

STREISAND, shots, alors on danse, boyce

avenue covers, fast car, someone like you,

the A team, loca people, big bad wolf,

friday, give me everything, go hard,

riverside, all of justin bieber (fern!) whistle

by flo rida

Most embarrassing moment:

spraining my ankle jumping over a

fence on leadership, all the ditsy

comments I say without thinking,

getting kegged in centre by reuben,

falling off the blocks in the lounge,

turning into a smurf during the first

centre party, every uncoordinated

moment that has ended badly, my

‘rango’ face when I get confused,

dropping my phone in my rat at

dissection club

Any regrets?

Never sharing a room with Alys, not

getting around to doing ‘come dine

with me’ with the girls, being an easy

target to bearhunt

Abiding Memory:

out of tune singing in chapel, being

locked out of drg’s lab for being late,

early morning bench polishing,

freddos in maths, the hilarious biol

trip to dale fort, insane banter in

donnies com, pink shirt Fridays,

leisurely Sunday breakfasts, denton

always getting smashed at after

chapel drinks, Seans excessive eating

habits, cravats at quiz club, constant

banter in biology with sims,

impromptu photoshoots with yank

and a lamb, ridiculously graffitied

prep diaries, breaktime crosswords,

water fights in the showers when

your towel’s been stolen

Favourite quote:

“work hard, play hard” “any path that

doesn’t have obstacles never led

anywhere to begin with” “in the book

of life, the answers aren’t in the back”

all biology banter: “GET YOUR RAT

OUT”, “sir, have we done the spinal cord

yet?”, “denton you minx!” “go pick

some blossom” “how are you today

cassamir?” everything DRG says: “don’t

come to lessons unless you can function

properly” “you idle peasant!” “sort your

life out”, “oh nooooo”, “lost in the

woods (with bewildered eyes)” “I was

the only one that actually looked Indian

in the Indian play!” “I’m not drunk!

(spills drink all down herself” “I’m

scared of choking on my tongue!”

“rangoed” “I wasn’t even wearing nice

pants!” “buy me more jewellery!”

“when I went to London I was scared I’d

get stabbed” “and what of it?” “you’re

a wizard harry!”, “breifcase!” (nice

spelling morgan ;)) “ROOM SERVICE!” “I

wasn’t even drunk I was on antibiotics!”



Where do you want to be in 10


enjoying life doing a job I love,

surrounded by people I care about

Name: Rachel Hope

Nicknames: Squaz, Squirrell, Hoper, Narni, Doma, Burger

Bec , Ginge, Judas, Bruno, hairy toes , Noo Noo

D.O.B: 4/04/1994

Address: 9 Saint Johns Court , Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 9EF


Email: hoper9@googlemail.com

A levels: English, Art, History,


Greatest Achievements:

Alway survivor, In the school play for

seven years and having the role of

turkey boy, School prefect ,

Cambrian, Wales U`18 Hockey

Squad, Powys Netball, Ryan Vaughn,

winning speech and drama with Ellie,

Bronze D of E, not making it out past

9 for Ben and Sean`s, Porthcawl

cross country in Alway, getting an A

in GCSE chemistry, playing 1st hockey

for 4 years, winning Llandovery day

3 years in a row. One Blue note,

knowing the Superbass and Starship

rap, walking to school every morning

with Ellie, winning Donnies house

cup for 5 years in a row, Being locked

out of DRG`s lesson after being 30

seconds late, Sand dunes (yes only


Plans for next year:

Playing hockey in Australia on a Gap

Year, then History at University

Life ambitions:

Own my own art gallery, Live in

Jamaica, get a degree, be a DJ, meet

Beyonce, to have been in the MI5

building, learn to surf

Best night out:

Llandovery Night, Kirby`s 18th,

Lifeguards – Hannah`s 18th, New

Year, The Rally Dance-geeks, Karl`s

18th in Cardiff, Jazz 2011 (Bentley

and the lion), Royal Welsh 2011, Ball,

Bec`s 18th, Swansea (Steff eating

Jos` face), Bea`s 17th with Snipers,

Ro`s 18th- boxers, Morris and Ed`s

GCSE party, Wolfpack in Hereford

Favourite past time:

Tea in Bannau, House music, Art

classes with Bagpuss (Harry Harris)

crew and Rueben, nuggiying Soph,

talks with noo noo, chilling in the

mirror room, Dancing, The Gorilla

impression, summer on the fields,

centre, football on the field, the

tennis ball game, Cwtches

Favourite centre party:

Bills last centre party-Army, Pirates,

Chavs 2k11, TopGun-Hetta`s 18th

Robbers, Where`s Wally – THE BEST

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

We can get right, forever, closer, A

thousand Miles, Commander, Yeah, you

can’t stop the beat, yellow, walk on water,

Ill bring your flowers, Happy ending,

Dynamite, We speak no Americano, abide

with me, Jerusalem, lord and father of

mankind, guide me o thy great redeemer,

shine Jesus shine, lead us, callon llan,

sosban fach,

Most embarrassing moment:

Kegged in the height of the summer

on the field , having one line to sing

in Dear Edwinna and singing it out of

tune, dribbling infront of Mrs Green,

Running down the squash court hall

and slipping over infront of the year

above boys, tripping over purposely

on the quad in front of a certain


Any regrets?

Not being able to stay longer

Abiding Memory:

Bugsy Malone-splurge gun,

Millennium stadium for a Netball

tournament, compulsory cross

country, Latin lessons- Bea getting

sent out for hitting me on the head

with a pencil case, hitting Dani with a

pillowcase with a deodorant in it, Mr

Trumper`s sweet box, Music lessons

with Coops, pink primark knickers,

beast face, Four musketeers, 3A

massive, GCSE Chemistry with Drg,

GCSE drama with pirate and Daisy

Thomas , Alway pantomime, skipping

last lesson and Trumps going mad,

Mrs trumper asking us to take off

bracelets, playing the cello with Ro`s

guitar skills in music school, winning

house music –THE WEBBERS, France

in 3rd form 2008 – Ryan jumping in

lake and pulling out a fish, 24 hour

coach trip at the back of the bus,

circle time with Miss John , dancing

with Ro and Bea on the tables in RS to

sugarbabes/Bea singing. APC, pulling

out of dewintons pegs, Nicola doing

the hacka, , Disneyland 2009,

Oakwood, Easter camp …, Joe Tsang

in GCSE rounders, Hiding in

wardrobes and jumping out, Ireland

u16 hockey tour 2008, GCSE Party

eventful ….., House bbq/ waterfight,

pen y fan and Nicola chased by flies &

pulling a moony, sledging , New York,

Nationals, Bannau picnic, canoeing in

3rd form, running everywhere as

118, Mr Bush and his amazing

teaching/Gok wan glasses, gluing Jos`

pages together ,

Rachel Hope ~ Donaldsons

Name: Lottie Mackenzie

Nicknames: Loiee (fern thinks!) Lot, snoodles, posh totty

D.O.B: 10.03.94

Address: 17 Elm Road, Wirewoods Green, Tutshill, Chepstow,

Monmouthshire, NP16 7BX


Email: mackenzie10@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: History, Geography, Art

Lottie Mackenzie ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievement:

head of house/ hockey 1st’s for 4 years/

making the 1st’s netball in my last year

eventually!/ Managing to get a U in

French, but then shortly was raised to an

E!/ Fixing a bed with a chopping board in

4th form/ breaking my nose 4 times/ half

colours/ getting through 3rd form after

being in a dorm with fern, ro, soph and

meg!/ Setting off an alarm in donnies with

ro and jane/ taking De Wintons gazebo at

house BBQ/ Donnies Volleyball team.

Plans for next year:

..undecided! Travel, experience and

then go to University.

Life ambitions/Career prospects:

to lottify the world as the girls would

put it.. basically to stick bows

everywhere! .. on a serious note, i don’t

know what i want yet, but when the

right thing comes along i will know.

Favourite past time:

Donnies Comm, astro playing hockey with

the Girls, late night chats in my 5th form

dorm with soph, bilbs, neelam about

Nath! Good old times in 3rd form rooms,

cuddles after prep, coffee in centre at

break, Chemistry with Dickson and DRG/

Art with Rueben, Dannie and Rach

Best nights out:

lifeguards Cardiff

Any regrets?:


Favourite centre party

What I wanted to be when I was 5

Most embarrassing moment?:

Got to be running into a goal post on

my first year in my first hockey session

Songs that will remind you of CCB?:

calon lan/ 1000 miles (Webbers song)/ tai

daeum/ ‘lord jesus Christ.. you have come

to us.. you are one of us.. marys son’/ O

Christ the same/ dancing in the

moonlight/ micheal Buble- crazy love/

Bruno Mars- Just the Way you are/ tell out

my soul/ I am what I am/ One Fine Day/

Happy Ending/ Something inside so

strong/ Breakaway/ Walking in Memphis/

Atlast- Beyonce

Abiding memories:

all of my favourite past times but

some that stand out.. The corner of

the astro path and the river/ Canada

Tour/ Ireland

Favourite Quotes:

‘Dont Oi me sunshine’ ‘Dickson put it

away’ ‘you peasant’ DRG/ ‘I think there is

a leek up here miss’ Fern /‘ahh balls’/

Rueben: ‘you look lovely today Lottie’

Lottie: ‘go away Rueben’/ George ‘Buird,

buird, buird, Buird is the word’/’brazini

co-efficient’ Geography

Where do you want to be in

10 years?:



Name: Sophie Rebecca Meinertzhagen

Nicknames: Soph, Snoopy, snoop-jew, pigeon

legs, mynuts, Goldhagen, Lou , poodle ,Poo-girl

(it was a wee) alex the lion

D.O.B: 07.07.94

Address: Elmwood house, Filton Road, Hambrook,

Bristol, BS161QG


Email: sophierebecca23@live.co.uk

A levels: History, Geography, Art


Greatest Achievement:

Learning the entire wrap to lose yourself

by Eminem with Ro , making the u16

hockey team, getting an A in AS English ,

being Donnies paper girl, U6th “A”

Geography, Deputy head of Donnies,

Surviving D of E adventure race, being

friends with HOS, playing the triangle ,

getting with Bilbs’ brother.

Plans for next year:

Hopefully Exeter Uni with the Scottish


Life ambitions/Career prospects:

figure skater, professional surfer, be the

next female Eminem, driving dads

Subaru without him noticing, learn to

do a backflip, meet Beyonce

Favourite past time:

rapping and wrestling with ro, annoying

laura, getting noogied by rach, beating

ellie in xcountry races, listening to duets

by geography department, chillin with the

art crew,

Best nights out:

llandovery, Johnsons 18th, kerbys 18th

Brecon rally, life guards, ball last year,

New year, Ro’s 18th, young farmers,

els 18th, bec’s 18th, posh toties,


Any regrets?:

Getting that fringe.

Favourite centre party

where’s wally?

Most embarrassing moment?:

getting kegged in the dinnng hall,

Jamie texting my mum telling her I

was a lesbian, breaking the window in


Songs that will remind you of CCB?:

Breakaway, Somewhere over the rainbow,

Turbulence, Lose yourself, earthquake,

Breaking free, Happy ending, defying

gravity, abide with me ,jerusalum, lord

and father of man kind, guide me oh thy

great redeemer, shine jesus shine, callon

llan, oh christ the same, tell out my soul

Abiding memories:

Alway dorm rading, TYF, dorm 103 for

life, French trips, Ireland trip, Will

Bright poping out of a bush, GCSE

drama, New York trip.., sledging,

GCSE French, pen- y- fan, paying Cic to

do my packing, APC, Oakwood,

chemistry with DRG, 118,

Favourite Quotes:

“You can do anything you set your mind

to man” “im not geneie“ “GILLET GET

DOWN” “don’t oi me sunshine” “keep

your hands to your self” “DE FENSE”

“Viagra falls” “excuse me” “ get in your

pjama” “this horse took hetta all the way

to the GB finals (snort) ”

Where do you want to be in

10 years?:

Somewhere hot. Still in contact , Lovin’


Sophie Meinertzhagen ~ Donaldsons

Name: Alys O'Reilly

Nicknames: Al, Cloud, Reister, Yoda, Shlew, A-lisp,

Noble Gas, Jesus

D.O.B: 30.10.93

Address: Pen y lan, Glasbury, Hereford, HR3 5NU


Email: alyss05@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Physics AS

Alys O'Reilly ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievement:

Half Colours, 1st VII Netball, Not dropping

my tray yet! … , Never joining the bench

polishing club, surviving 2 years of banter,

Not becoming as ditzy as Annabel, giving

up chocolate for lent, House Volleyball


Plans for next year:

Pass my first year of uni! Stay in

contact with as many people from CCB

as possible, Visit Annabel at uni, See

how Denton’s doing in the Navy .

Life ambitions/Career prospects:

Specialise in becoming a

GP/Cardiologist/Neurologist, Be involved

in research that gets published,

Teach/train future doctors, learn a

foreign language, Teach sign language

to my dogs, Visit all 50 states of the

USA and the moon,

Favourite past time:

Being resembled to Predator, Bear hunting,

playing 3D squash, Imitating Annabel’s

voice, Lightsaber fights, Quoting asdf,

Favourite centre party

Chavs – Annabel had all the necessary

jewellery etc.

Most embarrassing moment?:

Being oompa loompa orange before

Summer Ball, First centre party..., being

late for biology as was eating cake!

Songs that will remind you of CCB?:

First one - Welsh national anthem -

especially after Wales won grand slam!, Te

Deum, Calon Lan, Bread of Heaven,

Sospan Fach, Be Thou My Vision, Onward

Christian Soldier, Barbara Streisand,

Breakaway, Walking in Memphis,

Starships, I’m Sexy And I Know It,


Abiding memories:

Calling Bilbs a toad on my first day,

Uncovering the smurf leopard minx at

Dale Fort, DRG locking late people out

of class, Sims’ sexist jokes, denying I

have a lisp, Cravats, Fern’s obsession

with Bieber, Corridor chats, TEAM AB,

Throwing rats brain,

Best nights out:

Summer ball 2011- so many shots with

Fern! Wish I could remember more…

Any regrets?:

Letting the boys in biology borrow a

pen, Never sharing a room with Denton

or Annabel, not joining CCB in 3rd

form .

Favourite Quotes:

“Common sense is not a gift, it’s a

punishment. Because you have to deal

with everyone who doesn’t have it”-(Bel!)

“I would rather lose in a cause that will

someday win, than win in a cause that will

someday lose”- Woodrow Wilson, “Well

done Al!” – Bea/Bilbs, “ “I’m happy

because the sky is bright” – Annabel, “You

idle peasant” – DRG, “Get your rat out” –


Where do you want to be in 10 years?:

Speciality training, celebrating Wales winning the grand slam/world cup and

Swansea city the premiership!.


Name: Danielle Osborne

Nicknames: Dannie, Dan, Dan Dans, Hedgehoggywoggy,

Candy red, wifey ;) golden delicious.

D.O.B: 03.07.94

Address: 26 Furse Hill Road, Tidworth Wiltshire SP9 7SL


Email: danniemiche@hotmail.com

A levels: Art, Photography, History

Greatest Achievement:

Getting to 6th form and passing my AS

levels, being in the Hockey team,

Llandovery Days, Grade 1 tap, Filling this

out without crying!! Best female potential

officer was BIG for me! Cambrian

successes! Alway survivor.

Plans for next year:

AYIA NAPA! With my ladies! Then work

for a couple of months then jet off to

Australia for 9 months!

JB song (thanks to Fern :L) Boom Boom –

vengaboys (alway) candy shop (alway)

Black and Yellow (me and Johnson :L) we

speak no Americano, Frisky (Ed and wills

party) apple bottom jeans, dynamite

(Canada) whistle – flo rida, Pretty much

every song reminds me of CCB!!

Most embarrassing moment?:

Ed Davidson put a worm down my

trackies!!!and being kegged constantly

throughout school.

Danielle Osborne ~ Donaldsons

Life ambitions/Career prospects:

Gap year to Australia, then University to

study Criminology. After Uni, hopefully

Sandhurst .

Favourite past time:

Too many!! Alway has always been a

favourite! GCSE year was great! Although

stressful, 6th form has been the best two

years. Ireland tour was amazing! Canada

tour was unbeatable!

Best nights out:

so many…Llandovery day nights are

always great! Top gun, Everyone’s

18th! Sailors Has to be up there!

Any regrets?:

Not one. Life’s too short.

Abiding memories:

After 7 years that is an impossible

question, I loved the majority of my

time here! And will never forget Christ

College or the people or watching

horrors with fern. The whole of Alway

was…eventful, I will always remember

Rachel’s face when she hit me with a

pillow which had a deodorant can

inside! Getting ready for nights out

with the girls, whether at Rachel’s, or

in the Gremlin! Poland trip.

Favourite Quotes:

I would say ‘live every day as if its your

last, because one day it will be, but as

Rosie probably doesn’t like it, I’m going to

go with, “Don’t ask what if, ask what



Favourite centre party


Songs that will remind you of CCB?:

Pon de floor (rachel hope), Alors on

Danse, antidote, 212, TURBULENCE!! Any

Where do you want to be in 10


Hopefully staying fit and healthy,

settled into a nice Job, still in contact

with people from school. I’ll let you

know if anything changes.

Name: Ffion Parry

Nicknames: Ffi Ffi

D.O.B: 14.07.93

Address: Llwynrhydill, Upper Chapel, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9RG


Email: ffionanwen@live.co.uk

A levels: Geography, RS and Maths

Ffion Parry ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievements

Being picked for the rounder’s team,

getting an A in maths and being a

house prefect

Plans for next year

Hopefully going to university,

Life ambitions/career prospects

Travel to New Zealand, China and Las


Favourite past times

Chats in Bannau, singing the Te Deum,

centre parties with the girls, sitting on

the field in the sun and Congas

Best night out

Lifeguards in Cardiff

Favourite centre party

SWAT Team and Army

Songs that will remind you of CCB

Earthquake Labrinth, Wild ones Florida,

Drunk Ed Sheeran, Starships Nicki

Minaj, Turn up the music Chris Brown,

Blessed be your name, Jerusalem, Sorry

for party rocking LMFAO, Onward

Christian Soldiers, Te Deum, Call me

maybe Carly Rae Jepson, Lord of the


sports and others which I can’t


Abiding Memory

Making brilliant new friends,

Geography trip to North Wales,

Jumping off the cliff in TYF, Leavers Ball

2011, Bannau Christmas party, Sports

dinner, Army, Cave girls, Lifeguards,

Boxers, 118 118, Sailors, New years in

Hereford and Results night 2011,

Favourite quote

It’s not the taste it’s the texture

If you’re hungry..... I’ve got alcohol

Hey Simon, we be boxin’ it up

Ewe not fat, Ewe fluffy

Hey its Amph, sorry I couldn’t stay last

night x This school is all about

independent learningDon’t kill my pond

snails Ohhh noooooooooo

Shopping bags they way down my


Where do you want to be in 10


Don’t know what career, but I want to

be happy and hopefully living abroad

Most embarrassing moment

When I got rejected from the

badminton team,

Any regrets?

Not being in the school play, not

getting more evolved with team


Name: Beatrice Wigmore

Nicknames: Bea, Fraz, Bee stings Wigmore,

Sniper Bea, Burger Bea

D.O.B: 07.07.94

Address: Rose Cottage Llanfrynach Brecon Powys



Email: bwigmore@me.com

A levels: Chemistry, Physics, Biology

Beatrice Wigmore ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievements

Alway survivor, completing Cambrian,

Cremin, Captaining the First Hockey,

Cross country, being in all 7

productions, Powys netball, School

Prefect-jokes, D of E, Full colours,

south wales hockey, firsts hockey for

4 years, Winning against Llandovery

on 3 consecutive years , running the

sand dunes, re-sitting AS biol 3 times,

only getting 3 bluenotes, Cadsam-


Plans for next year

Get into Uni/Travel

Life ambitions/career prospects

Become a Pharamasist, Buy myself a

rolex, sky dive, Drive in F1, streak,

travel to every continent (inc.

Antartica) Ride an elephant, see

northern lights, see coldplay live,


complete a marathon, new years in

edinburugh with jos-hogminayyyyyyyy,

go to Glastonbury, climb Kilimanjaro.

Favourite past times

Chillin’ with Bannau crew, reading

elle, rapping , bitty with Bruno, Chillin’

on field, tennis in the summer

,reminiscing with superbeast, Biology

banter with sims, Mountain biking,

trips to the garage, flirting with Mr


Best night out

Many 18ths, JAZZ, Royal welsh 2011,

My 17th, Hereford, New years at joe’s

and Ro’s, Mad Friday, Llandovery x2,

7’s night,

Songs that will remind you of CCB

Closer-Neyo, Forever chris Brown,

1000 miles, Candy shop 50 cent,

Dynamite tao Cruz, Gold rush ed

sheeran, , Dirty Cristina Agulera,

super bass- niki minaj, , abide with

me, Hymn 100 ‘, ‘something inside so

strong’ ‘Jerusalem’ ‘guide me o thy

great redeemer’ ‘callon llan’ ‘

Most embarrassing moment

Singing 1000 miles in the R.S cuboard,

Old breconian eveining, getting

caught with luke by mr andras,

getting kegged in the com, Having to

hold Lloyds hand in the play,

Any regrets?

Leaving certain people behind

Abiding Memory

Bugsy Malone, compulsory cross

country, ceaerlion, Getting kicked out

of Latin, MEATLOAF- dameon, Pink

Primark Knickers, Alvin asking me out,

Alway pantomime, Cello playing,

house music, FRANCE, Danicning on

the tables in R.S, APC, Aragon, Easter

camp, battlefields trip, piercing my


Owen in a wetsuit, EW YORK, Chavs

2K11, bannau Christmas party, 118,

Pre-season, geography field trip,

CHINA, Oakwood, Llandovery-the

bruise, Cambrian, Bannau picnic.

Favourite quote

‘Go die in a ditch’ ‘MMMMM BEAST’

‘Mmmmm weiwei’ ‘mmmm pastry’

‘yeh ledge’ ‘ AH BALLS’ ‘Err jos can

you stand up please?- I am standing

up sir’ ‘why are the traffic lights

making a noise?’‘ so that deaf people

can hear it’ ‘DE-FENCE’

Where do you want to be in 10


Successful and still in touch with


Name: Rosie May Woodrow

Nicknames: Ro, Ro ro, Barbie, Wooders, Woodrow, Po,

Simon, Burger Barbie, Sir

D.O.B: 13.03.94

Address: Foxes Barn Shelwick Hereford HR1 3AL


Email: rosiewoodrow@live.com

A levels: English Literature, Geography, History

Rosie Woodrow ~ Donaldsons

Greatest Achievements :

Head of School

Alway survivor

School play for seven years

Netball captain

Powys netball lol


Cambrian- Harry Harris ‘in the



D of E gold

Tall ships

Learning the Eminem rape

1st netball and Hockey for four


D of E Gold

Winning llandovery day for 3 years

in a row

Upper 6th A Geography

Donnies winning senior sports day

every year in a row

Plans for next year

Go to Birmingham with Rach and

study Law

Life ambitions/career prospects

A Victoria’s secret angel ( getting

Mr Edgley to Photoshop my

application) Be in the Olympics, Be

the next female prime-minister with

Soph as my adviser, meet Eminem,

marry a famous sportsman .

Favourite past time

Singing in chapel

School plays


Wrestling with Sophie

Best night out


Royal Welsh

New year’s 2012

My birthday and other birthday’s


Rugby players night in Brecon

Ball night

Llandovery ( the last 3 years)

Favourite centre party

What we wanted to be when we 5’

Bill’s last party, we dressed up in ccf


School girls

Any regrets?

Not yet

Abiding Memory:

Bugsy Malone

4 musketeers being split up in art

for laughing hysterically

Latin lessons – sent out for clapping

a result

Music lessons with coops

Strolling with trackies rolled up, flip

flops, ice cream, in the lashing rain

with jos

Alway dorm raiding

Cumpulsory cross country

TYF- coastering

Playing guitar and cello with rach

Tutor period with Mr slater (

standing in a bin)

Being in donnies -103

Winning house music twice

Trips – Ireland, Canada, France, New


Cricket, Football and tennis on the


House bbq and massive waterfight

Mr Bush – and his gok wan glasses

Mr Lyon and Mr Thomas’s duet for

my birthday

Favourite quotes

Everyone in donnies looking fit

Living the dream

I was almost crying myself


You can do anything you set your

mind to man

Chilling with my bit**ess

Do you get it ?

Teeeam moist

Oh zee turkey burger

Yeh ledge

Dripping with synopticity

Where do you want to be in 10


Barrister / judge / potential prime


Playing sport

Still in touch with everyone

Basically living the Dream, loving life


Name: Yier Zhou

Nicknames: 12

D.O.B: 14.11.93

Address: China ZheJiang Ningbo Liyuanxindu 47

danyuan 1104


Email: warm_year@hotmail.com

A levels: math; futher math; business studies

Greatest Achievements :

start over successfully and find

myself. Plans for next year

Um...enjoy university life?

Life ambitions/career prospects

To be honest, I don’t know what I

want to be

Favourite past time

on the lower sixth, I and Angie went

to a coffee shop every weekend,we

might do prep or just chat with

local. I really miss her.

Best night out Umm... It’s too dark


Favourite centre party

Ummm... “...”

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Happy Ending ; breakaway

Any regrets?

I hope my English can be better and

then I can chat with all of you more

confidence. I really enjoy my time in

Donnie, donnie’s girls are all very

helpful and friendly. I should make

more friends and spend more time

with you.

Most embarrassing moment

...It’s a long story. Let me introduce

the background, I just came back

from China and met my new

roommate Alys. She is really nice and

I really want to make friend with her.

On the next day morning, I went to

the shower and I saw Alys and

Annabel were waiting at the outside.

I just went into the bathroom and

started showering .I thought there

was no one waiting for this and

someone left her shower power,and

then, for somehow reason, Alys

came into the bathroom and picked

her shouwe power....Then I realize

that Annabel and Alys were waiting

for those two bath being empty and

so they can having shower

together...(Alys and Annabel, you

may forget this thing. Because you

are so kind. However I still want to

say sorry to you two. I love you

Yier Zhou ~ Donaldsons

Abiding Memory:

business studies class


Where do you want to be in 10


- - find UFO????? And escape from

the earth?

Look a likes

Aled Bea Ben Bilbs

Blosson Daniel Kim Denton Ed


Ellie D

Giotto Hanna Harry Jamie

Joe T

Johnson Jos Karl Kerby


Lottie Morgan Morris Rich E


Sean Shough Sophie M Tom

Couples that

should have been

Sophie and karl

Sophie and Jamie

Rach and Jamie

Zak and Gabby

George and Dannie

Will Morris and Hetta

Ellie and Reuben

Sean and Alice

Jamie and Ffion

Ed and Lowri

Johnson and Dannie

Bea and Rory

Best legs

Rosie Woodrow

Rich Edwards

Best Bum




Jamie Thompson

Ben M

Andrew Shough


Karl Hunt

Will Morris

Best Dressed


Meg Morgan

Izzy Hurn

Jos Beaumont


person to

go to prison


Oli Kerby

First to

drop out

of Uni

Andrew Shough



Jamie Thompson – Jamie is a gentleman

who has grown considerably in his time at

Christ College. He is an independent young

man who knows what is right and whose

instincts are usually good ones. Loyal he is,

(which is often tested when you are a

Middlesborough fan) and he has a passion

for the beautiful game that has seen him

really lead with a combination of honest

hard work and real dedication as he

resurrected football in the school. He might

have a sweet right foot but he also has an

agile mind and will, I am sure, go far. Jamie

has led the house with a quiet authority that

suggests there is a growing depth to this

young man that has yet to be fully revealed

– I look forward to hearing news of the

exciting future that awaits him.

Ed Davidson – Ed has four great loves – his

family, his rugby, his pecs and his bed! On

the rugby field he is a leader without doubt,

strong, committed and bold and he has

confidence that inspires others. Ed is a

young man who loves country living and the

great outdoors. He is best when he has

responsibility, a burden which he wears

lightly, and he has hidden depth of character

that when the going gets tough he will

respond. For Ed the sword or rifle is

preferable to the pen – he will not be

confined to an office – in fact


classroom has proved quite a challenge! He

seeks the thrills and spills of a life in the

forces where his natural leadership, ability to

make decisions and no nonsense approach

will be great assets. I have little doubt he

will rise through the ranks quickly!

Andrew Shough – a young man of

considerable talent and likes to be very

much at the heart of the action, Andrew is a

big character. Never shy to voice an opinion

or bring ‘outrages‘ to his housemaster’s

attention Andrew enjoys debate and has a

combatative style. Tenacious on the rugby

pitch and skilful with hockey stick in hand he

is more than a capable sportsman who is

blessed with self belief and a real sense of

personal drive. He has all the hallmarks that

will make him successful in particular the

ability to respond positively in adversity and

the willingness to grasp the opportunity

when it comes . He hopes for a military

career and I have little doubt will make an

excellent and committed soldier.

Ben Macgill – snappy dresser, debonair,

man about town and a young man inclined

to fall in love! Ben has a real flair for

photography but likes to keep his portfolio

wide ranging from rugby to scuba diving

from partying to the gym. Muscles might be

his nickname but there is more than brawn

to him, charming and in fact gentle he

shows a quiet determination to succeed.

Ben is a young man who values greatly his

family and his friends and draws

considerable strength from his relationships.

He is interested in following a career in the

Police Service and is off to study Criminology

where his perceptive mind and eye for detail

will surely deliver success.

Karl Hunt – Karl, or is it ‘Cupid’, is a true

character whose gentle charm and

thoroughly honest approach to life are

hugely endearing qualities. His bedroom

resembles a bombsite most of the time, he’d

lose his head if it weren’t screwed on (or at

least leave somewhere around the house)

and yet he is often the glue that has kept

this year group so together. He is kind,

generous to a fault and dependably

forgetful as well as having the most

mischievious of smiles. Karl is not a man of

great subtleties, a prop forward or second

row he is not afraid of getting stuck in but

he has an enormous heart and his

willingness to work hard for his friends, the

house and his team mates has endeared him

to all. Karl wrote down his ambitions of

what he wants to do in life but

unfortunately lost the piece of paper!! He

thinks he might read geography at university

I hope he’ll find his way back to see us.

Tom Trumper - If Tom were a car he’d

been a Mercedez Benz– spacious, classy,

efficient and built to last – capable of doing

thousands of miles without the need for

extensive repairs it seems and lets face it – as

parents - we’d all want one. This young

man is a timeless classic from a good

boarding school, the only thing is he is a day

boy but he has spent most of his day and

sometimes much of the night here –

studying, playing, singing, acting and

performing a myriad of roles. Tom is a true

gent, whose manner and attitude suggest

he has more than learned that what you get

out of life is dependent on what you put in.

He should be well set for an interesting and

exciting time based on his considerable

achievements here at CCB. Tom has a heart

for serving others (it runs in the family

obviously) and will be off to Bristol to

become a physio ….I have little doubt he

will be an excellent one!

Rocky Chan – Chi Lok - quiet, respectful and

with a heart to serve Rocky is a gentleman of

great integrity and honesty. Sacristan, chorister,

pianist, prefect, badminton champion and

facebooker as well as a bit of a romantic, Rocky

has many strings in his raquet. He is a deeply

thoughtful young man who has coped superbly

with his immersion into the land of the daffodil

and through his consistency and willingness to

play his part, albeit it quietly has won the respect

of his peers.

Joseph Tsang – Joe joined Orchard on a free

transfer in the 4th form but Orchard got the

bargain. A Man United fan he has demonstrated

a hunger for success that would have made even

Sir Alex Ferguson proud. He has taken just about

every opportunity going to him, be it playing

percussion, leading the choir, completing his

extended project, serving Alway or playing

football not to mention developing his interest in

photography. Joe has a ‘can-do’ approach to life

and his enthusiasm to be the best he can and self

discipline to maintain his momentum are

especially impressive. Joe has an entrepreneurial

streak in him which sees him wanting to study

accountancy and finance; I have little doubt his

star will continue to rise for some time yet.

Alvin Tsang – quiet, thoughtful but quite a hit

with the ladies! Alvin is a super young man

whose gentle charm and considerable maturity

have been invaluable assets to the House and

school. He is modest about his achievements

particularly in uniting others and being a catalyst

for much of the social life amongst the Chinese

community here. He is a pretty fine cook too,

playing the role of head chef on many an

occasion as he has cooked for friends and peers

and I am pleased to say as his culinary skills have

progressed so his taste for ‘Chickenland’ has

diminished. He enjoys his sport, especially

basketball and in this sphere he has been

instrumental in leading the team in his final year.

A real gentleman, with a big heart and a strong

instinct to help others means an interesting

future awaits him as he heads off to read

Sociology at university.

Aled Carter – a new arrival in the sixth form it

took time for Aled to acclimatise to his new

patch in Wales, so different from life in

Azerbajan. Adapt though he has and it is great

testament to him that he has done so. Naturally

confident in his own ability and strongly

independent he has grown to develop a love of

the mountains of the Beacons, running up and

down Pen Y fan often on a Sunday in double

quick time in between developing his interest in

Art and Design and playing basketball. This

young fellow has hidden strengths which he will,

no doubt, continue to uncover in the years to

come. He loves a project or a challenge and will

push himself to complete it once he has got

going. Our best wishes go with him as he

prepares to study Architectural Design and


Name: Aled Carter-Pannett

D.O.B: 25.01.94

Email: aled.carter.pannett@gmail.com

A levels: History, DT, Art


Aled Carter-Pannett ~ Orchard

Greatest Achievement:

Eagle Scout

Plans For Next Year:


Favourite Pastime:

running in the becons

Best Night Out In:


Favourite Quote:

running in the becons


Name: Rocky Chan

Nicknames: Rocky Raccoon, Rockstar, Chi Lok, Wocky,

Awesome, Stinky Chan, One Can Chan, Hero, Silly Sausage

D.O.B: 02.11.93

Address: Hong Kong


Email: Rockyc1102@hotmail.com

A levels: Maths, Physics, Economics, Chinese,

International English

Greatest Achievement:

have survived in Christ College for 6

years and 2 teams

Plans For Next Year:

to study Applied Psychology in


Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Sticking with Jesus and having a job

that is related to psychology

Best Night Out:

Lang Lang piano concert with Mr.

West and Mr. Copper

Favourite centre party:


Songs That Will Remind You Of


Shine Jesus Shine, Blessed be your


Rocky Chan ~ Orchard

Favourite Pastime:

playing table tennis and throwing

chickens around in Alway, learning

how to play drums in the Music

School, winning all the badminton

matches against the other schools

for the badminton first team,

playing Chocky Chan Chase in

Orchard with Ben, Ed, Jamie,

Shough, Alvin, Karl, Joe and Aled

(Tom doesn’t play because he thinks

he is huge), looking after the school

chapel, having Chinese New Year

meals with all the Chinese in school,

summer ball, and definitely

compulsory fun day~

Most Embarrassing Moment:

too many...

Any Regrets?

Never regret. If it is good, it s

wonderful; if it is bad, it is


Abiding Memory:

Friends and teachers show care for

me when I was upset about my

family and good friends comfort me

when I felt depressed.

Favourite Quote:

1. You don’t get to choose how

you’re going to die. Or when. You

can only decide how you’re going to

live. Now.

2. You must be the change you

wish to see in the world.


Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years:

May be working in Hong Kong, who


Name: Edward Davidson

Nicknames: Davo, Brillo, shower w*nker, gym w*nker

D.O.B: 30.06.1994

Address: Little Hurstley, Kinnersley, Hereford,



Email: edwarddavidson1@hotmail.com

A levels: Physics, Biology, Pe, Geography

Edward Davidson ~ Orchard

Greatest Acheivement:

Becoming Gym Prefect for 2Years


3 Years of 7’s and First XV Rugby

Becoming A2 Pe LAD


Plans For Next Year:

Who Knows? Gap year, Play rugby

abroad, Army if they take me!

Life ambitions/career prospects:

Army if I’m not playing for England

before that!

Favourite Pastime:

Peer pressuring Karl!

Gym and gym dick



Going out with the lads

Pissing everyone off in the shower

after matches

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

You'll see in ten years when you

switch on your radio brainprojection

3D high-def smellsenseorific

head device...basically I

don't know...

Best Night Out:

Karl’s Birthday in Cardiff

Last and only Llandovery night to date.

Georges for two nights on new years,

with the lads

Portugal with Crawshays

Canada, being hosted and the boys

taking us to house parties we soon

demolished the houses, pools and their

drink supply so moved onto another

house where we did the same! And the

nexts days bus journey being sick and

Alun Walker of all people looking after


The famous smuggling of booze from

Quebec to Ontario funniest time i have

ever had.

Most Embarrassing Moment:

A few, Finding a pair of 3 yr olds

knickers in my pencil case and being

accused of stealing them, Cheers


Tripping over before the line to score

against Coleg Morganwg 5m flat

onto my face, genuine injury!

5th form dorm with ben, caught

twice in one night...

Songs That Will Remind You Of


Calon Lan, Imma Bee (BEP) in the

gym!, Stronger (Kanye), Yellow

(coldplay) Obvious reason, Niggas in

Paris, Jerusalem, Tell out my soul.

Any Regrets?:


Favourite Quote:

“Twitter?” Webbs,

“I left a boy and have returned a

man!”(on crutches) me to ben

“My names not very German” Lazlo,

“what is it mate?”... “Adolf”

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?:

Alive after surviving my tours in the

army with a bit of luck, with the lads

on the lash! If anyone is game!?

Abiding Memory:

Tough have a few. 4th form

activities week with the lads,

Gauntlet and 3rd form character

building, oh how times have

changed...! Running out onto

Llandovery’s pitch in L6th hairs on

the back of my neck were on end,



Name: Karl Hunt

Nicknames: Special K, tubz, fatshit

D.O.B: 31.01.94

Address: 1 DolPistyll, LlanfihangelTallyn, Brecon


Email: hunt_karl@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Geog, PE, History

Greatest Acheivement:

Becoming an A2 PE Lad

Upper 6th A geography class

Scoring a try against llandovery

Plans For Next Year:

Uni to study Geography

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:


Favourite Pastime:

Canada tour

Loughborough tour

Best Night Out:

18th birthday,cardiff, llandovery,


Favourite centre party

1st one/bills leaving one

Songs That Will Remind You


Glad you came, my life would suck

without you, over the rainbow

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Repainting my house with my sick

Megan putting a tampon up my

nose (nose bleeding)

Any Regrets?

Religious studies!

Abiding Memory:

Tom crying when losing to harry

copp on rugby 2008

Personal dart board

Shough sleeping in a sink for 2


Favourite Quote:

Is there a protestant pope

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?


Karl Hunt ~ Orchard


Name: Ben Andrew Stewart MacGill.

Nicknames: Jew (Obviously) Muscles MacGill (By the younger years)

One of Dirty Shoughzer’s Boys. Round Eye - From Johnno

D.O.B: 04.11.93

Address: Little Hall, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, SA20 0YW.


Email: ben_macgill@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: PE, Photography, Geography and Chemistry AS.

Ben MacGill ~ Orchard

Greatest Achievements:

Making Ed go on fat loss pills.

Becoming an A2 PE Lad.

Beating De-Winton in Netball

Getting a Re-tweet from

Stuart Hogg and David Harvey!!!

Drinking from the Guinness tap in

the Lounge. Having a Soup Kitchen

in Rosie’s Car!

Plans For Next Year:

Hopefully University.

Booking a return flight to Zante.

Be on Take Me Out!

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Be like Gaz and get a degree in

“Pulling Women”.

Become a Policeman for the

London MET.

And if all fails, become famous by

swimming in the Thames during

‘The Boat Race’ or by singing a duet

with Justin Bieber.

Favorite Pastime:

Peer Pressuring.

Tweeting.Doing Straw-pedos on

nights out. Looking, smelling and

feeling Reem! Setting trends in

school with Shoughzer.

Facebook Stalking.

Best Nights Out:

The carnage of three consecutive

nights out in the Brecon Jazz two

years running. Karl’s Birthday in

Cardiff - 4th February 2012

Loughborough Tour 2k11

Shough’s Birthday where an Orphan

volleyed a dead pigeon at Ed!

Favourite centre party:

Going as LMFAO with Shoughzer.

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Tripping over in house music in

front of everyone!

Songs That Will Remind You


BEP - Imma Be (Classic gym tune)

Run DMC - Its like that (George

before a Rugby match)

Calon Lan - Orchard House

best ever song!

Blessed be the name of the Lord -

(Llandovery 7’s)

Can’t Say No - Connor Maynard


Any Regrets?

Going out on AS results night.


Stealing Hannah’s seat in GCSE


Abiding Memory:

Me, Ed and George watching a guy

practising his samurai sword

routine against his washing up line.

MacGauntlet 4th Form activities

week - The 5 Kings! Karl and Niblett

rummaging through McDonalds bins

in London.

Reading @TheRoyCropper ‘s

Tweets. U6th ‘A’ Geography Class!

Trumper’s World Playing Pool in the

Centre. Going to Glastonbury in the

2011 ball. The Massive ‘Surplus’ of

food in the North Wales Geography


Favorite Quote:

“Heres your glasses”

- Karl to Webbs

“You’re Minging!!”

- The Bays in Cardiff

“Jeans Mentality” - Ed


“Ming Mong”

“Dripping with Synopticity”

- Mr. Lyon

“Nice GDP per Capita!”

“HEYYY” - (In a really gay voice)

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

A Model/Actor/Singer/Pro Football



Name: Andrew Michael Shough

Nicknames: Shoughie/ Shoughzer/Dirty Shoughzer/ Shough

D.O.B: 04.05.94

Address: 4 Red Kite Close, Cwm Calon, Hengoed, CF82 6GU

5 Kingstone Walk, Ryelands Street, Hereford, HR4 0PJ


Email: shough1@hotmail.com

A levels: PE, Economics, French, Biology and Physics

(lasted 2 weeks)

Greatest Acheivement:

Getting an offer from 1 uni after 5

rejections, becoming an A2 PE LAD,

completing a ‘king kong’, passing

out in the sinks in the Lounge before

10pm and being ‘escorted’ out of


Plans For Next Year:

Tear up the freshers scene with the

lads, work and travel. Then start

training with the army.

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Own/run my own bar, join a boyband,

neck Frankie Sandford and to start up

a business selling car stereo’s to

premiership footballers with Ben on

sales and Karl working in the depot.

Favourite Pastime:

Dishing out banter, chatting,

tweeting @TheRoyCropper, peer

pressuring, corridor cricket, facebook

stalking and raping, breaking picture

frames and various other artefacts

around the house and trying not to

get caught by Mrs Copp.

Best Night Out:

Loughborough tour #Revs, Karl’s

Birthday in Cardiff, various nights

out in the town that is Brecon.

Favourite centre party:

Where’s Wally



Most Embarrassing Moment:

Ball night 2011. Oh dear.

Songs That Will Remind You


Glad You Came – The Wanted, Can’t

Say No - Conor Maynard, Tell Out My

Soul, Bread of Heaven and


Any Regrets?

Too many girls to list.

Abiding Memory:

The Gauntlet, 3rd form French trip,

prep time in 3rd form (paintball mask

and chocolate santa), Karl riding

Webs’ bike round the quad and

wearing his glasses, pub time with

the lads, Trumps’ and Webs’ PE

lessons, Llandovery Day.

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

Having a successful career in the

army whilst married to an absolute


Andrew Shough ~ Orchard


Favourite Quote:

‘‘Remember this face!!’’ - Ben

chundering after a centre party

‘‘Teachers are going on strike

because of inflation.’’ - Karl Hunt

(renowned for his economics


‘‘Vas me up en’’ - Zak Hawkin

‘‘WHAT!! TWITTER??!!’’

‘‘M-BEAST’’, ‘‘2 DAYS!’’,

‘‘nice guns’’, ‘‘nice life’’,

‘‘nice authority’’, ‘‘nice weight’’.

‘‘Ming Mong’’,

‘‘This is an OUTRAGE’’, ‘‘disgrace!’’,

‘‘mate, he’s mugging you off’’,


Name: Jamie Peter Thompson

Nicknames: Gaymie (Ben MacGills) or J-Dog (Shoughzers)

D.O.B: 12.04.94

Address: 4 The Nurseries, Langstone, Newport, NP18 2NT


Email: jamiethompson_@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Geography, Economics, Physics and AS Maths

Jamie Thompson ~ Orchard

Greatest Acheivement:

Being Head of House for the last

year of the Orchard Lads (Started

with Bomber as HoH!) Being football

captain for 2 seasons, with a full

football fixture list in U6th (As

frequent as Shoughs Uni Offers!)

Falling asleep in the George Toilets

Plans For Next Year:

Hopefully Uni at Reading for

Geography but smash it in Zante

and Jazz before that.

Hopefully pass my driving test at


Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Househusband and just play football

and golf and watch Sky Sports (I

would cook!)

Go to every professional football

clubs grounds in England

Favourite Pastime:

Rugby 08 in Chapel Time in the old

4th form prep room, and claiming

to be in the choir if the cleaners

caught us (with Ed Davidson)

Using Shack’s in Brecon and sinking

the Squashed Frogs with Shough.

Spraying the fire hose through the

4th form toilet!

Best Night Out:

Llandovery Nights, Brecon Jazz,

Loughborough Tour, Karl’s 18th ,

House Parties in Canada, Shots


Favourite centre party:

Bill Dowling’s Final Centre Party

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Not packing one I don’t think, the

occasional Keg maybe and perhaps

4th form PSE with Mrs Allen and Ed.

Songs That Will Remind You


Glad You Came by The Wanted

Calon Lan (Orch Winning House


Any Regrets?

Taking Maths and Physics

Abiding Memory:

3rd Form Character Building, you

don’t forget that sort of thing...noone

else would though #Gauntlet Canada

Tour when we were in 5th form,

where the girls stayed in hotels while

we were hosted and went to house

parties every night. Pool Rugby and

The Paintball Mask in 3rd form prep

Favourite Quote:

“We’re going to need a jar and a

funnel back here!” Ben MacGill’s


“You like my body... you think im


Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

Watching Middlesbrough win the

Champions League.

In a boy band after 10 years of

singing lessons!

And my own brand of

chinos and drills vv


Name: Thomas Trumper

Nicknames: Trumps, Tommy T, Textbook, Kookaburra T, Beano.

D.O.B: 26.04.94

Address: 4 Belle Vue Road, Brecon


Email: tommytrumper@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: History, Biology, PE

Greatest Acheivement:

Full Colours, Captain of both Hockey

and Cricket 2012

Plans For Next Year:

University at UWE Bristol

Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

Sports Physiotherapist

Most embarrassing moment

Dropping my dinner tray in dining

hall on my first day of school

Abiding Memory:

Karl’s antics and quotes, banter with

Mr Simms, Llandovery Day, Dale Fort

biol trip, football on the field after

tea, cricket blazer.

Thomas Trumper ~ Orchard

Favourite Pastime:

Sport, TV, singing

Best Night Out:

Llandovery night 2011, having to

carry Harry Curtis to his bed on his


Favourite centre party

Different countries (as a Mexican)

Favourite Quote:

“You peasant”, “Annabel the sexual

predator”, “Has there ever been a

protestant pope?”

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

Sports physiotherapist in Australia!

Songs That Will Remind You


‘Do you hear the people sing’, The

Milky bar kid theme tune, ‘Ain’t no

sunshine’, ‘Tipsy


Name: Joseph Tsang

Nicknames: Joey T

D.O.B: 23.10.93

Address: 3A, Hilltop Mansion, Cloud View Road, North Point,

Hong Kong


Email: jsph1023@yahoo.com.hk

A levels: Geography, Maths, Economics And Art

Joseph Tsang ~ Orchard

Greatest Acheivement:

Being a school Prefect, Head of

Alway, Head of Choir and achieving

my Half Colour, also achieved a

good set of GCSE and AS Results.

Plans For Next Year:

robably going to Durham University

to study accounting a finance, and


Life Ambitions/Career Prospects:

I wanted to be an accountant, earn

enough money in my 40, and spend

my life helping with community works,

serving god and the church and just go

traveling around the world!

Favourite Pastime:

When we all dorm raided Aled and


Songs That Will Remind You


Don’t really have one, but if I were

to pick one? Probably “Wonderful

World-Sam Cooke” Since we

absolutely dominated the part song

in The House Music Competition!

Abiding Memory:

Having a bunch of such great

friends, including Jamie Thompson,

Rocky Chan, Tom Trumper, Lawrence

Chu, Ben Macgill, Ed Davidson,

Andrew Shough, Karl Hunt, Valery

Shpak, Daisy Thomas, Beulah Davies,

Annabel Dereham, Alys O'Reilly and

many many many more......Thanks

for everything in all these years, it’s

really been the most amazing time

of my life so far!

thinking. Don’t let the noise of

other’s opinions drown out your

own inner voice. And most

important, have the courage to

follow your heart and intuition. They

somehow already know what you

truly want to become. Everything

else is secondary.” Steve Jobs.

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

In Hong Kong, Working as an

accountant in one of the best firms

in Hong Kong, hopefully married

and living the dream.

Best Night Out:

Of course the raving night out after

Orchard Dinner with the lads!

Favourite centre party:

Ooooo, tough one! It’s probably

gonna be “Where’s Wally”

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Too embarrass to even talk about!

But there is one, When I dropped

the cross in the chapel.

Any Regrets?

THAT WEE CHART (it’s an anagram,

figure it out)

Favourite Quote:

“Almost everything–all external

expectations, all pride, all fear of

embarrassment or failure–these

things just fall away in the face of

death, leaving only what is truly

important. Remembering that you

are going to die is the best way I

know to avoid the trap of thinking

you have something to lose. You are

already naked. There is no reason

not to follow your heart. Your time

is limited, so don’t waste it living

someone else’s life. Don’t be

trapped by dogma – which is living

with the results of other people’s


Name: Alvin Tsang

Nicknames: Alv , Tsanger

D.O.B: 05.01.93

Address: Flat A, 15/F, Tower 7, Sky Tower, No,38 Sung Wong Toi Road,

Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Email: alvintsangcool@hotmail.com

A levels: Maths, Economics, Art, PE (AS)

Greatest Acheivement:

Football captain (F3/4), 1st

basketball captain, most improved

player in rugby (F5), some good

grades in GCSE/AS, couple of times

of merit prices

Plans For Next Year:

Going to university of Kent to study

social science and work as a

lifeguard in Hong Kong in my


Favourite Pastime:

All sports I had played, especially on the

football pitch, where had become a

captain in form 3 and 4. Also basketball

court with an unbeaten season as a

captain as well. Excursion to Oakwood

is fun. Life in orchard house and also

the celebration of Chinese New Year

and the guitar times I played in the

music school. Also sports day.

Best Night Out:

Watching champion league final in

the bar where Barcelona won.

(can’t remember which year)

Favourite centre party:

October 2011 (what would I want

to be when I was 5 or 3...can’t

Songs That Will Remind You


Hymn 186 (O Christ the same) where

we always sing the last sentence of

the last verse as loud as we can in

chapel. Also the house music song in

Orchard (Welsh- Calon lan), where we

had won the house music that year.

Most embarrassing moment:

pulled orange juice in to my dinner

(which I thought its gravy source) in

the house perfect dinner in orchard.

Any Regrets?

In the 2nd term of U6, I twisted my

ankle in a basketball match, and

injury lead me missed the last few

following football matches in CCB.

Also missed the coming leavers ball

while I needed to go back home


Abiding Memory:

Trips to France and Italy. Video night

on Saturday (Alway). Go karting trip

+ paintballing (Orchard Excursion).

The free lessons I had in U6 in school.

The morning chapel I lead in U6. The

time watched football and rugby.

Favourite Quote:

Time flies, but memories will not.

Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?

Hopefully can have a stable job in

Hong Kong. Surely will come back to

UK or well...Wales.. to come back to

CCB to visit.

Alvin Tsang ~ Orchard


Llandovery Day



Dan Kim to Lawrence

I have known Lawrence since 3rd form, and he was one of the

first friends I made, he knew what it was like to be and overseas

student even though I’m Korean and he’s Chinese.

I have many memories of fun choir rehearsals and gigs; and my

best was of D of E expedition, he is kind hearted and I hope he

does well. .

Giotto Lui to Andriy

Andriy came to CCB in the 6th form which is the same year as

me. He is a good photographer and musician from Ukraine. We

have played on the summer concert in lower 6th in which we

were both guitarists in the band. Also he is an amazing chess

player who I am determined to beat some time at CCB

Andriy to Giotto

I met Giotto two years ago when we started our A-Level course

in CCB. He was a silent student in the beginning, but when I

heard him playing guitar I thought that we could make a band

and play together. He is a very talented musician. He is a good

friend, and I hope that I will stay in contact with him.

Bowen to Richard James

I first met him at TYF leadership; the best time with Rich was

playing Tan Ass (a football game). He is a great singer; he lends

me a lot of money. We have a wonderful Sunday every week.

Cocktail Night.

He is a tea bag monster, at least 5 cups of tea everyday. He is a

nice guy. Small nipxxxxxs. Music txxt – Rupert.

Richard James to Bowen

Met Bowen first at TYF. Favourite past time with him was

playing football (tan ass) and playing pool. Brilliant football

player – talented in the field. Class at maths, he loves shouting

and making weird noises in random situations. He spends a lot

of money on pointless Itunes. (He gave me a pair of school

shoes). Probably should loose weight. He eats too much chicken

land. And has man boobs. Cocktail Night!

Peter To Will.

Met will first at Tyf. One of the best mate’s I’ve found here at

ccb. He tends to live more in my room than his own room and

any other room for that matter. My bed is used in his frees for

sleep when I’M NOT THERE. Lazy git.. All round decent guy. I

can tell that something cheeky will be said about me. But ill hold

some decorum.

Lawrence To Daniel

I first met Daniel in 3rd form, he is the first and only Korean

friend that I have ever had. The only thing I remember from the

first day he arrived was that his showed me his five by five Rubix

cube and solved it in front of me in no time. I also remember his

very straight and rather long hair cut he had in third form. Since

then his English has improved a lot and he now claims that he

can speak five different languages (*including Chinese). He is

also a very talented pianist, grade 8 with Distinction. I think he

has done well getting an offer from LSE (which he claims is

better that Oxford), and I wish that he does get in and have a

very successful time in uni and in the future.

MKT To Llew

I first met Llew when I was 13, we didn’t exactly make the best

of friends as we would fight over everything and compete in

everything. Although after playing for the firsts, getting an offer

from Oxford and stealing my love I think he won.

Llew To Morgan

The first time I met Morgan he decided to break the ice with a

bad and slightly racist joke. Nearly 5 years later he still behaves

in exactly the same way. The only difference is the change from

small and fat to long and thin, even his bowl cut hasn’t

changed. He’s always a rich source of information and

motivation, telling us about green-screens, nerve toxins and

encouraging me to get a holiday. But this is only expected seeing

as he has an IQ of 142 and massive obliques.

Richard Edwards To Blandford

I first met Blandford two years ago and in all that time his love for

hiding my pillow, taking the fuses out of my plugs and felling the

tree (knocking me over) hasn’t changed, credit to his

determination and imagination and he’s made it funny enough so

that I’ve only really wanted to hit him once. Generally a nice guy

though, but I’ve always thought he should hit the gym a bit more.

Blandford To Rich Edwards

One might describe Richard as being like a tree, he has knowledge

and wisdom beyond his years, and he doesn’t move much. Rich

has always stood way above his peers in terms of academic

prowess, thriving in his heavily math based environment. He

always enjoys mixing and socialising with his classmates, especially

the overseas boys. Rich has always been at one with sports, he

particularly enjoys badminton and volleyball, as well as being

notorious for the elegant giraffe like manner in which he graces

the basketball court. He also enjoys centre parties and I think it’s

fair to say he has a way with the ladies, in particular his dearest

Fiona. However his lack of experience often lets him down

Will To Pete

Drummer-boy Pete has been deafening us for the past two years,

choosing a strenuous career over playing in a band is the stupidest

thing he’s said.

He’s always around with an earphone blasting tunes,

or keeping everyone awake with some Travis Barker in his room.

Mountain biking is no match, and that’s a simple fact.

Geography and RS tried to outwit him,

But he got there first, and just dropped them.

Not so keen on ‘mums’ home food, he sometimes has swinging


University plans out the window, decision made not too long ago.

For the wannabe-cop planB is now planA

and I think it’s fair to say…School house has brought out the

Animal in him.

Reuben To Sean

Sean is FAT, he has always been fat and that’s why it baffles me

that he stole my girlfriend. All joking aside I have many fun

memories with Sean, by the river getting burnt, running around

school house away from sixth form. We’ve sung together, played

rugby together occasionally when Sean ill gymed together and

best of all played squash. I know he will do will in life coasting

through on his good general knowledge and silver tongue.

Sean To Reuben

Reuben is the strangest person I have ever met. When I first met

him, he didn’t seem too bad, but after a week of him terrorising

Morgan at 1 in the morning, I knew he was strange. It came to a

point that when he nearly died in the river in 3rd form, I wasn’t

very surprised. This has continued throughout the school, and he

has emerged as a natural leader, head and shoulders above

everyone else in organising the third form to gang up on Morgan.

Above all, I will remember him for his “vibrant character” and

often schizophrenic tendencies.

Name: Oliver Joe Blandford

Nicknames: Blandford, Blandy, Fatford, C*ntford

D.O.B: 16.06.94

Address: 56 Bearcroft Weobley Hereford

Email: Oli_blandford@hotmail.com


A levels: PE, Biology, Economics

Oliver Blandford ~ School House

Greatest Achievements

Getting with Rach

Meeting James Dale

Plans for next year

Train up my Pikachu so it evolves

into a raichu

Mow my Lawn

Life ambitions/career prospects

Avoid Thornber

Make Money

Become a qualified lollipop Lady

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Die Antwort ft DJ hiteck – enter the


Most embarrassing moment

Losing pool to reuben

Being associated with Morris on

every night out

Messing up my chances with

Rihanna Mcarthy.

Any regrets?

Not taking Photography/ Art/ DT

Favourite quote

“show me where you piss from”

“id make a really good boyfriend”

morris to ellie

“I love you” Morris to ellie

“that’s my fucking fifty quid jumper

mate”-will morris

“you’re minging”

“dale mate legend”-oliver joe


Where do you want to be in 10


Smoking cigars and throwing

pennies at Ducks

Favourite past time


Best night out

Cardiff- when Morris got mugged

Abiding Memory

Morris making 3 girls cry in one


Favourite centre party

The one where Shane raped



Name: Lawrence Chu

Nicknames: Larry, lawrencium, chuman, chuchuchu.

D.O.B: 21.07.93

Address: Flat 1, 11/F, Block B, Hyde Towers, 21 Kung Lok Road, Kwun Tong,

Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Email: lawrence721@hotmail.com

A levels: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Maths.

Greatest Achievements

Deputy head of house, silver award

in chemistry Olympiad

Plans for next year

Bio Chemistry in University

Life ambitions/career prospects

Invent something useful

Favourite past time

Summer camp 10, summer ball 11

Best night out

School house summer solstice, even

though it’s a morning.

Favourite centre party

The first one is always the best.

Most embarrassing moment

Falling over in hockey practice.

Any regrets?

Should have done more music.

Abiding Memory

Camping next to the sports hall for

summer camp

The days in school house

Favourite quote

“Who was that…morgan thornnber”


“Thornber” everyone in the com.

Where do you want to be in 10


In UK or Hong Kong working..

Lawrence Chu ~ School House

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day.

O Christ the same


Name: Sean Patrick Cook.

Nicknames: SK, Cookie, or Cook.

D.O.B: 06.11.93

Address: 8 Caynham Court, Caynham, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 3BJ

Email: sean.patrick.cook@hotmail.co.uk


A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and History (AS).

Sean Cook ~ School House

Greatest Achievements:

Probably the day I was made Head Boy,

or Vice Captain of the 1st XV, or

starting for the 1st XV when I was 15

on Llandovery Day.However, beating

Llew in any test is probably up there,

along with being the only boy to wear

the appropriate dress on Tweed

Tuesday every week, without fail, or

eating a £15 family KFC meal after a

sevens tournament!

Plans for next year:

Go to Bath University (hopefully!), to

study Biochemistry. If I don’t get into

Bath, I will be heading off to Cardiff. A

gap year would be fun, but I just want

to get started as soon as possible, and

meet new people.

Life ambitions/career prospects:

Lead the English Rugby Team to two

consecutive World Cups in 2019 and

2023! Apart from that, I haven’t really

thought about careers. Biochemistry

allows you to do lots of different

careers, so I could do almost anything

after University. I would like to continue

to study after my Undergraduate

degree, for a PhD or something similar,

but I really have no idea about careers.

The only thing I really don’t want to do

is work in an office cubicle, for 5 days

a week, 9-5, doing a job I really don’t


Favourite past time:

I would like to say Rugby, but I know

lots of other people will put that!

Congers is always one of the highlights

of my week, as is the newly formed

Quiz Society, but the activity which I

have loved throughout my time here,

has to be in the Summer, when

everyone is on the pitches before prep,

and everyone gets involved is a massive

game of British Bulldogs, or Touch

Rugby, or Football.

Best night out:

Mine & Ben’s joint 18th Birthday. It was

meant to be fancy dress, (you had to

come as something beginning with ‘B’

or ‘S’), and so I went as a sheep. Ben

was meant to go in a Lederhosen as

the character Bruno from the film

‘Bruno’. However, Ben wussed out,

which left me as the only boy in fancy

dress. In a sheep onesie. In Brecon. In

Late November. I got a lot of strange

looks, but it did earn me a few free

drinks! One memory from that night

which I will remember for a long time

is when I was in the Kebab House at

about 1:30am, getting the mandatory

early-morning kebab, when I feel

someone touching the back of the

hood of my onesie. I turn around, and

see a very drunk Andy Powell stroking

it! He started to stroke my face, so I left

as soon as I could! I will also remember

the Llandovery Night when I was in

U6th, which consisted of me getting

kicked out of the Boar’s Head, only to

return in a few hours, and belt out

some songs on Mr. Halpin’s guitar

with some Old Breconians!

Favourite centre party:

One of the ones in the Lent term of

Lower 6th, where I went as the Builder

from the Village People, kitted out

with some atrociously short denim

shorts, along with Morgan, Llew,

Harry, and Reuben, where we

performed the YMCA on the tables.

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

Tell out my soul, Bread of Heaven, O

Christ the same… almost all of the

hymns really! Especially the Te Deum.

Aside from hymns, The Beatles’

‘Tomorrow Never Knows/Within You,

Without You’ will be remembered, as it

was played repeatedly throughout prep

one night in 5th Form in preparation

for our Maths GCSE the next day!

Most embarrassing moment:

Any time when I have been next to

Harry when he does anything.

Any regrets?: Not working hard

enough, especially in 5th Form, and the

start of L6th, or whenever I have been

too lazy to go to the gym. I also think

that I probably could have go to know

some people in my year better.

Abiding Memory:

My most abiding memory from my

entire time at CCB? Being in 5th Form,

on study leave, and just messing

around with Josh Wesson and Morgan

in school house, especially getting


stuck in a part of school house for

about 3 hours with Josh, and Reuben

refused to let us out!

Favourite quote:

‘It’s a green screen you Idiot’, ‘It’s a

Nerve Toxin’, ‘No thanks, I’d much

prefer a pint’- all Morgan Thornber.

‘Was Italy carved in the shape of a

boot?’, and ‘Isn’t Robert Mugabe the

President of the USA?’- both Fern

Bowkett. And my own one: ‘God she’s

a peasant, and of course I’m hungry!’.

Where do you want to be in 10


As I previously mentioned, captaining

England to another world cup win! Or

on my private island, outside my multi

million pound house, drinking

cocktails. If both of those fall through,

doing a job which I enjoy, with people I


Name: Llywelyn Davies

Nicknames: RYAN!!

D.O.B: 10.07.94

Address: Trefri The watton Brecon Powys


Email: rllewied@hotmail.co.uk

A levels: Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Greatest Achievements

Organising a party in Richard

Edward’s room

Plans for next year

Making plans for the year after.

Life ambitions/career prospects

Things usually work out ok; we’ll just

have to see what happens.

Best night out

When everyone else passed out and I

watched Hot Fuzz

Favourite centre party

The one with 5 people

Most embarrassing moment

Getting with Alys O’riley.

Any regrets?

Getting with Alys O’riley

Abiding Memory

Blanford’s hatred of Ducks

“Your minging”

Favourite quote

“Don’t be racist, be like Mario, he’s

an Italian plumber, made by

Japanese people, who speaks

English, looks Mexican. He runs like

a Black man and grabs coins like a


Llywelyn Davies ~ School House

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Every Day I’m shuffling

Where do you want to be in 10


Anywhere but Brecon


Name: Richard Edwards

Nicknames: Tree, Yao Ming, Tree beard,

D.O.B: 19.03.94

Email: Rich_e_123@hotmail.com


A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics,

Richard Edwards ~ School House

Greatest Achievements

Playing for the 1st team once,

because that wasn’t likely to


Plans for next year


Life ambitions/career prospects

Haven’t got a clue yet….

Best night out

Llandovery 2011

Favourite centre party

When we went as the YMCA,

because thats the only one I went to

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Hymns mainly, like Jerusalem

Most embarrassing moment

Having my eyebrows shaved off for

the first day back…. Kerby

Abiding Memory

has to be MKT throwing a mug

through a window and then walking

away like a bad man

Favourite quote

Sean Cook “but she’s a peasant, and

of course I’m hungry”, Pete Hyland “I

Don’t know what bulls**t you’re

going to make up next”, Morgan

Thornber “Stop touching my knob”

Where do you want to be in 10


Wealthy and living in Reuben’s

shadow, like Ben Barnes and Bono.


Name: Peter Hyland

Nicknames: PC Pete, Pewee, Pete,

D.O.B: 02.09.93

Address: 21 Alderley Close Carterton Oxon Ox18 3QP


Email: peter.hyland5@btinternet.com


A levels: History, Rs, DT, and Geography (dropped)

Greatest Achievements:

Surviving TYF and in general. Being a

winner of Young Musician 2 years in a

row with the Drums, considering I had

never played in front of anyone before I

came here. Managing to record over 20

Drum Covers with the DT camcorder

without them realizing.

Plans for next year:

Join specials to get experience for

about 1-2 years alongside any job

that will have me.

Life ambitions/career prospects:

Metropolitan Police Service. CO17

Airport Security. Leave the UK,

hopefully live abroad.

Favourite past time:

Playing Drums, and Summer Solstice.

Best night out:

Wasn’t one for night outs. :P

Favourite centre party:

Didn’t go to Centre Parties. Too


with Doctor Phelps. Got a large

amount of abuse for that one.

Gabby was there. :P

Also finding out that I was going to

be in an all Girl class in History. Was

expecting Reuben for company, but

he Dropped History.

Any regrets?:

No don’t think so, well maybe not

sure, the regret would be not taking

every opportunity offered.

Abiding Memory:

Hitting a gate on Mountain Biking, a

memory that will haunt me for ever.

Daniel Kim and his great judgement

of closing gate on a fast moving


Favourite quote:

Meh, Can’t be Bothered. “Chimp”

Where do you want to be in 10


Hopefully settled with a job and a

house. Ideal really. Not much else


Peter Hyland ~ School House

Songs that will remind you of CCB:

Any Hymn. Flo Rida, Club Cant

handle Me , Newton Faulkner,

Dream Catch Me.

Most embarrassing moment:

Thinking I was late for history, and

waltzing into a lower 6th lesson


Name: Richard James

Nicknames: Pav, curls

D.O.B: 12.01.93

Address: Trecastell, North Road, Aberystwyth

Email: rjames_93@hotmail.com


A levels: Music, Business, Welsh

Richard James ~ School House

Greatest Achievements -

young musician winner, house music

solo winner and seventh in cross


Plans for next year –


Life ambitions/career prospects -


Best night out -

Llandovery 2011

Favourite centre party -

the one where Thornber was topless

Songs that will remind you of ccb -

Somewhere, Jerusalem, Du bist die

ruh, N.W.A Straight outta Compton

Any regrets? -

Loss of licence

Favourite quote

“if I could marry weights... I would”

- Nibblett. “I’m so on the ball” – Me.

I’ve had enough of this bulls**t” –

Peter Hyland, “I’m texting a

Geordie!” – Patrick Berryman


Name: Daniel Kim

Nicknames: Danny, Dan Kim, Kim, DK, Dan, One Can Dan

D.O.B: 09.12.93

Address: San-su-in villa #101, Seongbuk-gu, Jeongneung-dong,

Seoul, South Korea 508-47


Email: danielshk@naver.com

A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Spanish, Religious Studies

Greatest Achievements –

Prize for Young Musician

Competition, Grade 8 Distinction on

Piano, Winning the Piano section of

House Instrumental Competition,

Captain of Mountain biking, Senior

Chorister, Music Scholar,

Plans for next year –

studying Philosophy at LSE

Life ambitions/career prospects –

professor, lawyer, lecturer

Favourite past time –

4th form – International table,

Lower 6th – Tunnel gathering

Best night out –

Ball night, llandovery night

Favourite centre party –

first centre party

Most embarrassing moment –

saying, 'sorry' during the Night

Prayer on Sunday night, after

making mistake on the organ.

Any regrets?


Abiding Memory –

Choir concerts, 'Magnificat',

'Messiah', birthday celebration at


Favourite quote –

'it's all about independent learning',

'Immature!', 'did you been to tea?',

Uh uhhh', 'yeah but...', 'I'm confused,

I give up, I hate maths',

Where do you want to be in 10

years? -

Britain or America, with my friends

and family

Daniel Kim ~ School House

Songs that will remind you

of ccb –

abide with me, Te Deum,

Magnificat, Messiah,

Requiem, Carmina



Name: William Lewis

Nicknames: Will, French Kid, Frenchie, Will jewis

D.O.B: 18.07.93

Address: 6 Maescelyn, Brecon

Email: w.lewis1993@mail.com


A levels: French, Spanish, Photography

William Lewis ~ School House

Greatest Achievements

Organising a surprise party for

Tommy T’s 18th

Plans for next year

Spanish, French + Italian

at Cardiff Uni

Life ambitions/career prospects

UN or Mill Intel Core

Most embarrassing moment

Shouting, singing and swearing in

Petes’ room face down on a pillow

when DRG walks in and stands at

the door for bout 5 mins without me


Any regrets?

Finishing half a bottle of JD on my

own :L

Favourite past time

My guitar

Best night out

LLandovery night 2011, night before

flight to China

Favourite centre party

When Tom got ‘asked to leave’ the

rugby club

Songs that will remind you of ccb

When I was a youngster, Rizzle kicks

Midnight run, Example

Abiding Memory

Sims’ Yorkshire accent during

morning reg when tell morgan off

again, horrible

Favourite quote

DRG: ‘You idle peasant’

Where do you want to be in 10


With a job


Name: Giotto (Rungang) Liu

Nicknames: Giotii••Joto

D.O.B: 07.10.93

Address: Shanghai, China


Email: giotto_liu@hotmail.com

A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Art

Greatest Achievements

Found the purpose of life,

Found who I am

Plans for next year

Art & Design foundation course,

Form a band,

Life ambitions/career prospects

jewellery designer

Favourite past time

Playing music with my friends,

Best night out


Any regrets?

I didn't form a band in CCB

Abiding Memory

leeping in heathrow•

Favourite quote

The three stages of truth•


2.Violent opposition

3. Acceptance

Where do you want to be in 10



Rungang Liu ~ School House

Songs that will remind you of ccb

all hymns, Welsh National Song

Most embarrassing moment

playing the

untuned guitar

on concert


Name: Andrii Pateli

Nicknames: PAV

D.O.B: 08.12.92

Address: Kyiv, Ukraine

Email: andriypateli@gmail.com


A levels: Maths, Economics, Further Maths, Photography

Andrii Pateli ~ School House

Greatest Achievements

DofE Adventure Race

Plans for next year


Life ambitions/career prospects


Favourite past time


Best night out


Favourite centre party


Songs that will remind you of ccb

Dance man

Most embarrassing moment

When I came last in 400m race on

the Sport Day 2011.

Any regrets?


Favourite quote


Where do you want to be in 10


In Ukraine.


Name: Reuben Skibniewski-Woods

Nicknames: Skibz, little Michael, Billy the

Kid, Arnold, Beyonce.

D.O.B: 31.08.93

Address: 14 Castle Street Llandovery

Email: 12_woods.


A levels: Music, Physics, Economics.

Greatest Achievements

Maria, and showing of my dancing

Plans for next year

Shaving my back, and other


Life ambitions/career prospects

Angelina Jolie, own an ant farm,

Call my son Llew or Chewbacca +

follow Thornber.

Favourite past time

Messing with Thornber and Morris

Abiding Memory

Thornber’s house and his

books……..love to read………

Favourite quote

“It’s a green screen you idiot”

“all terrain” “Turkey minor”

“Chow”…….. “CHIMP!!”

Where do you want to be in 10


Oxford University and wherever

Thornber is.

Reuben Skibniewski-Woods ~ School House

Best night out

New Year in Tenby, in the mariners

and the late night lounge. P.S

Love masti chat

Favourite centre party

The one where Thornber didn’t

take his top off. And when Kerby

fell in love with Daisy.

Songs that will remind you of


Like a virgin, Jerusalem, Skinny

love, The Cave, Get a good

feeling, Passout

Most embarrassing moment

Getting caught not doing

prep…..exactly (eating a

sandwich)…..by DRG


Any regrets?

Eating way too many


Name: Morgan Thornber

Nicknames: MKT, uhh uh, Lankey, Thornber, The chode of

chode hall, morgasm, John Swahartzaneger.

D.O.B: 03.01.94

Address: Just ask Reuben, he knows all too well

Email: Mkt994@hotmail.com


A levels: Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Morgan Thornber ~ School House

Greatest Achievements

Surviving school House, Best patrol


Plans for next year

Counselling, lots of

counselling,…..oh and Uni

Life ambitions/career prospects

Avoid Reuben, write a novel, run a

marathon, build a hospital, finally

get in touch with reality.

Favourite past time

Tall Ships, E-Z bar…..what an


Best night out

Ball 2K11/ Llandovery day.

Any regrets?

The Chinese air waves joke…..oh

God why…..

Abiding Memory

Llew hitting his head in the com

jumping from the sofa.

Favourite quote

“shes a peasant, and of course im

hungry” “nerrrrrrrgh” (morning

face), “the softest hands”, “your

minging”, “Chimp”

Where do you want to be in 10


Having aa pint, hopefully coming

back from some form of


Favourite centre party

Bills last…..sniff…sniff

Songs that will remind you of


Like a Virgin, welcome to the

jungle, Animals

Most embarrassing moment

Being stripped in the corridor

chasing my stolen duvet and

clothes, “what are you doing

Morgan” (simms) “what

does it look like I’m doing

sir” (me)


Name: Bowen Zhang

Nicknames: Bowen, Bo

D.O.B: 18.04.93

Address: Room 402, Flat 1, Ouyang Road, Shanghai, China


Email: 414107545@qq.com

A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics

Greatest achievement:

Gold in senior maths challenge

Plans for next year:


Life ambitions:

Business man

Songs that will remind you of CCB:

“like a virgin”

Bowen Zhang ~ School House

Most embarrassing moment

Being caught by SAS ……..

Favourite quote:

“ha, Gayyy!”-Guillain


St Dai’s

Upper Sixth

Name: Harry Curtis

Nicknames: Briefcase’

D.O.B: 10.05.94

Address: Flat 5, Boleyn House, St. Michael St,

Brecon, Powys, LD3 9AB

Email: harrycurtis@live.com


A levels: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and History (at AS).

Harry Curtis ~ St David’s

-Greatest Achievements:

I went from having never done

music theory ever before (in October

last year) to doing my Grade 5

theory exam (at the beginning of

March). I haven’t had my results

back from the exam yet.

Plans for next year:

Hopefully I’ll be studying Chemistry

at Keele University in north

Staffordshire, but if that doesn’t

happen I’ll probably look for a job in

the police.

Favourite centre party:

The one where we had to come as

cartoon characters (?) and I came as


Most embarrassing moment:

The day after Ellie’s birthday party

when I was in fifth form. Enough


Any regrets?

I wish that I hadn’t done the

sciences at A-level; I should’ve done

English and RS.

Life ambitions/career prospects:

Composing music and playing the

piano are the things that I enjoy

doing the most, and being a

composer is my life ambition.

Abiding Memory:

Singing in congers once a week and

Choral society meetings where Mr.

West would give the best directions

eve e.g. “it’s filthy!”.

Favourite past time:

Playing the piano is definitely my

favourite pastime. I had a few

lessons when I was very young but I

decided to give it up, then when i

came to Christ College I decided that

I wanted to learn to play. I’ve never

done any grades (because I didn’t

want to) but I’m not that bad.

Best night out:

The Llandovery night-out the year

before last, when the St. Dai’s boys

stayed at my dad’s house and

Johnson was sick in the garden.

Songs that will remind you of

CCB: Blessed be the Name! God, I

hate that song...

Favourite quote:

It’s hard to pick one, but I guess Mr.

West’s usual “when in doubt: sing it

out” is the most memorable one.

Where do you want to be in 10


I’ve always wanted to live in the

United States, so ideally I’d like to

live there. I would say that I would

like to be happily married by then,

but maybe twenty-eight is too

young to start a family. If I was

going to start a family, as much as

I’d like to live in America, I’d want

my son/daughter to be British (if not

rjust for the more bearable accent).


Name: Sirui Deng

Nicknames: REX DENG

D.O.B: 27.10.92




A levels: B


Plans For Next Year:


Where Do You Want To Be In

10 Years?


Sirui Deng ~ St David’s


Name: Jerry Feng


D.O.B: 16.06.92

Address: Dong Yi Wang YI LANG GE 1701 Daliang Shunde,

Guangdong Provence, China

Email: deyizifyt@163.com


A levels: Business studies, Economic, Maths, Further maths.

Jerry Feng ~ St David’s

Greatest Achievements

I’ve survived from APC

Plans for next year

do my favourite subject Business

Management in Edinburgh U.

Life ambitions/career prospects

create my own company in the


Favourite past time

to be with my friends

Favourite centre party

everybody get drunk and high..

Best night out

There are too many things.

Songs that will remind you of ccb

ten thousand times ten thousand


Most embarrassing moment


Any regrets?

Used to have some but when I look

back from those history,

There is some good memory

Abiding Memory

business class

Where do you want to be in 10


A businessman just like my father

and enjoy my life.


Name: Henny Kan

Nicknames: Henny

D.O.B: 26.11.93

Address: Flat 5D Block 7 233 Electric Road City Garden

North Point Hong Kong


Email: heiwun_kan@yahoo.com.hk

A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics

Plans for next year:

University life

Life ambitions/career prospects:

work in Shell Diesel Company

Favourite past time:Rugby and

basketball match, sixth form parties

Favourite centre party:

What do you want to be when you

are 5 ?

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

The club can't handle me

Any regrets?

Yes, I should get more involve in the

British life

Abiding Memory:

TYF leadership camp

Favourite quote:

Nothing is impossible

Where do you want to be in 10


I have no idea yet

Henny Kan ~ St David’s

Most embarrassing moment:

Missed chapel and get caught, drunk

at school


Name: Oliver Kerby

Nicknames: Kevin, Rango, Kerbstep

D.O.B: 29.09.93

Address: Upper Cefn-Carnau, Ton Road, Llangybi, Usk,

Newport, NP15 1QQ



A levels: History, Spanish, Business Studies

Oliver Kerby ~ St David’s

Greatest Achievements –

1st Team Rugby, Being called a dick

by Grant Wolstenholme, surviving

6th form, Beating an Asian at ping

pong, Getting a lot of lash on board

with Ben and Shough.

Plans for next year –

Gap year, Working, Get some good

lash on board, get on the pull, apply

for Sandhurst.

Life ambitions/career prospects -

Joining the army, Marry Jaquetta,

Get on the smash

Favourite past time –

Drinking with the lads, playing

rugby, banter, watching Morris be

thoroughly erratic on a daily basis.

Best night out –

Tenby on New years eve with the


Favourite centre party –

Smurfs with Rhodders, Reuben, and


Songs that will remind you of ccb

Bread of Heaven, Jerusalem, Abide

With Me.

Most embarrassing moment –

Too many to pick one...

Any regrets?

Being mates with Will Morris

Abiding Memory –

Llandovery Day 2011 and the night

out after.

Favourite quote –

“The Softest Hands” - Reuben

Woods, “Sometimes you’ve got to

jump straight in the deep end and

you realise, you just don’t know

enough about swimming pools to

finish the metaphor” – Matt Mills.

“Olly you’re just far too

unpredictable” – Mr Chandler. “Olly,

try and give a shit.” – Grant


Where do you want to be in 10


In the Army, hopefully alive, with

some money and some serious lash

banter under my belt.


Name: Jason Luk

Nicknames: Luky

D.O.B: 10.06.94

Address: The Grandiose, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


Email: lukex999@hotmail.com

A levels: A- Maths, Further Maths and Physics

Greatest Achievements:

got distinction in Theory of music

Plans for next year:

study in university

Life ambitions/career prospects:

be a civil engineer

Favourite past time:

Rugby and Basketball

Abiding Memory:

Small Thomas was enthusiasm for

teaching me Physics

Favourite quote:

practices make perfect!

Where do you want to

be in 10 years?

I have no idea

Jason Luk ~ St David’s

Favourite centre party:

The first party when I was lower sixth

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

Sexy and I know it

Most embarrassing moment:

When I got hangover


Name: Julian Mavris

Nicknames: Jules

D.O.B: 14.05.93

Address: BL D5, SC A AP 28, Sos Nationala, Iasi, Romania

Email: iulian_93@yahoo.com


A levels: English, Physics, Economics

(Photography and Business Studies AS)

Iulian Mavris ~ St David’s

Greatest Achievements

Being at Christ College.

Plans for next year

Inventing time travel, coming up

with a better answer for this


Life ambitions/career prospects

Staying alive, preferably.

Favourite past time

Working on Photography

Best night out

LLandovery day in lower sixth, a lot

of fun.

Favourite centre party

The first one, everyone was there.

Songs that will remind you of ccb

Every one of them on those charts

channels that we have to watch

every morning in registration.

Any regrets?

Not particularly, maybe not playing


Abiding Memory

Coming for a cup of coffee at the 11

o'clock break in the 6th form centre,

the first day it snowed in lower sixth,

the week we spent without heating

or hot water in St Dais, the hot and

sunny days of June, and a couple of

talks with some teachers that I will

never forget.

Favourite quote

Don't take life very seriously, you're

going to ruin it.

Where do you want to be in 10


Hopefully living my dreams (I have a

feeling everyone answered with this

- but I mean it!).

Most embarrassing moment

When I couldn't find a proper answer

for this question. I felt absolutely



Name: Matthew Mills

Nicknames: Matt

D.O.B: 24.11.93

Address: 19 Greystock Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 2FB


Email: matthewjohnmills@gmail.com

A levels: Physics, Biology, Chemistry

Greatest Achievements:

Honestly I wouldn’t say I have any

Plans for next year: Do some Uni, eat

some chicken, you know see what


Life ambitions/career prospects:

President of the Universe

Favourite past time: Gym / pranking


Most embarrassing moment:

Probably falling in the mud on the

Biol field trip last year haha

Any regrets?:


Abiding Memory:

Down the river with the boys in

summer 3rd/ 4th form, just chillin

Matthew Mills ~ St David’s

Best night out:

After one of the centre parties when

everyone was out, not sure which

one… maybe it was the one when

Morris got with Clara lol… (which he

did btw)

Favourite centre party:


Favourite quote:

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you

go-so long as you do not stop” –


Where do you want to be in 10


No Idea, just somewhere sunny

Songs that will remind you of ccb:

Too Many Man – Boy Better Know

(electro bassline remix of course)


Name: William Morris

Nicknames: Will Bill, Turkey, Will Bill Chill Stats Facts Steak

Bait Morris, Musto

D.O.B: 01.06.94

Address: Hereford

Email: will_morris_99@hotmail.co.uk


A levels: Math, History, French

William Morris ~ St David’s

Greatest Achievements -

Two Llandovery days, being a

complete tosser, keeping my feathers

shiny and well groomed.

Plans for next year - Gap year maybe,

or just go on the dole.

Life ambitions/career prospects -

Become a lollypop lady or follow my

fathers footsteps into the music


Favourite past time -

Munging, sacking off the gym.

Best night out -

The night I got my hat-trick. Or the

night of the Gold Wagon.

Favourite centre party -

The one I went as Pauly C.

Songs that will remind you of ccb -

In the still of the night, Bread of


Most embarrassing moment -

There's plenty. But I would make a

really good boyfriend.

Any regrets? -

meeting Olly Kerby, playing cricket.

Abiding Memory -

Karl Hunt

Favourite quote -

'aye aye boi', 'TROLLL', 'Is that a

bellend?', 'hey, she's a nice lady', 'my

power to bench press ratio is way

better than yours', 'has there ever

been a protestant Pope'(Karl Hunt),

'YOU'RE MINGING', 'Let's go sit in the

dogs.' 'Haha, look at that gay in the


Where do you want to be in 10

years? -

In a Casino putting a grand on one

number on the roulette tables.


Name: Johnson Yuen

Nicknames: Jonno, Yuen, Jackson, eyes of

the team

D.O.B: 11.09.93

Address: Flat D, G/F, Block 5, Windsor Villa, Tong Yan San Tsuen,

Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong


A levels: Maths Physics Chemistry

Email: johnsonyuen2006@hotmail.com

Greatest Achievements

Being in the Senior XI and scored 3

goals, Played in total of about 2

minutes for 1st XV, passing driving

test with 10 minors

Plans for next year

Engineering at Uni(Bristol/Cardiff)

Life ambitions/career prospects Be

rich, have nice cars, be able to play

football every week

Favourite past time

the banter and the abuse in the gym;

chasing rabbits in easter camp;

fighting the boys; casual drinks at

drovers; betting (when I win); eating

a whole chicken each on a weekend;

choosing bracelet with Ed for Catrin;

watching Llew and Rosie fight

Best night out

Cardiff, Brecon when the OBs came

back, Shough’s 18th

dual carriageway in driving lesson,

chundered everywhere after a cup of

beer at house Christmas party in

third form

Any regrets?

Failed attempt of Christmas prank

(beaten by the weather)

Abiding Memory

1st XV away game at lucs; Ireland

tour, easter camp, pre season

Favourite quote TROLL!!; we

definitely underestimated the school

security(Blandford); it’s called the

obliques, it’s good for the army;

OLI!!(the boy who’s insane at kicking

pigeons); let’s go sit in the dogs; I

hate you Morris(Karl)

Where do you want to be in 10


Manage some league 1 team or

become a darts player

Johnson Yuen ~ St David’s

Songs that will

remind you of ccb

Tell out my soul;

Bread of heaven;

dancing in the dark

Most embarrassing

moment Losing a

tooth in house

rugby; driving on

the wrong side of


Leavers 2012

What we are

leaving behind!

Leavers’ Ball

Leavers Ball

Welcome to the Old Breconian Association

Most people remember their time at Christ College because of the people who were there

– the other pupils and the staff. The Old Breconian Association exists to keep strong links

between all those who have had the common experience of passing such an important

part of their life at Christ College.

We have over 2,500 members – mainly former pupils, but also former teaching and other

staff. Our ages range from 18 to 96. The Association arranges regular social and sporting

events, and links different generations together.

We think of ourselves as a diverse community, linked by our school, and we hope that

every Breconian will want to be an active member of that community.

President: Richard Whiting

Chair: Andrew Lewis

Vice-Chairman: Kate Dobbs

Secretary: Huw Richards

Treasurer: Jonathan Spencer

Tel: 01874 615462

Email: oba@christcollegebrecon.com

Andrew Lewis Richard Whiting

Huw Richards Jonathan Spencer

OBA Charitable Trust

The OBA Charitable Trust was created by the Association in 1985. Whereas the activities of

the Association are directed at establishing and improving communications between: OB

and OB; OBs and the school.

The idea behind the Trust is to help OBs who, for one reason or another, may be in need of

financial support.

The Trust is a registered charity; the Trustees are the President, Richard Whiting (49-56),

Guy Clarke (60-66), Alan Edwards (51-58) and Keith Jones (50-56).

Over the years a reasonable fund has been built up from surplus money held by the

Association, and also as a result of the generosity of several individuals by way of legacies

and lifetime gifts. We are therefore in a position to consider making several grants each

year from the income derived from the fund.

From experience, the Trustees anticipate that the majority of applications will come from

OBs needing help with their further education (including worthwhile gap-year projects),

but they are also keen to assist those who may have fallen on hard times, or indeed their

widows and children.

Applications to the Trust should be made in writing, addressed in the first instance to;

Huw Richards, OBA Secretary, Christ College, Brecon, Powys LD3 8AF


HathaGraphics 01558 822433

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