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Save the earth while you sleep


Heveya is about more than just

luxurious mattresses and pillows.

We believe in conducting

business with care for our

environment and the needs of

future generations in mind.

Our products are not only made

of renewable natural resources,

but above all are produced in

an environmentally and socially

sustainable manner.

The Heveya Story

Heveya originated in a response to

demands for comfortable mattresses

made of natural materials and produced

in an environmentally friendly way.

To fulfill that demand, we first looked

for the most comfortable material, which

turned out to be latex. It is highly elastic

and therefore contours perfectly to your

body and gives you great support.

Secondly, we wanted to assure that

you sleep in a healthy and natural

environment. Natural latex is made

from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea

Brasiliensis (hence the name Heveya).

Moreover, the Heveya cover is made of

soft and fresh bamboo fibre and natural

filling materials.

Finally, we care for the environment.

Heveya is about more than bedding

products. It is a way of thinking that

runs through our company. We only use

latex from our organic latex plantation,

invested in a water recycling plant and

for every mattress sold, we adopt one

acre of rainforest.

Heveya started in Australia, where nature

and environment are the central themes.

Today, Heveya is on its way to become a

world reference for high quality mattresses,

made of natural materials and produced

in an environmentally and socially

sustainable manner.

The Heveya Experience

To sleep well, your bedroom should feel

like a sanctuary of serenity and peace of

mind. Heveya can contribute to this.

There is more and more evidence

that metal springs and polyurethane

(PU) foams are not good for your

health. Metal springs can act as electromagnetic

radiation amplifier: a compass

reacts and an AM radio receives more

signals when they are nearer to a spring

mattress. PU foams, used as top layers

in most spring mattresses are also pure

chemical products.

At Heveya, we avoid these materials.

Your health is important and a mattress

on which you spend eight hours every

single day has to be of the best and

safest quality. Heveya organic latex

mattress offers you a peace of mind, not

only because of its natural materials, but

also because it is produced with care for

the environment and its workers and it

contributes to the preservation of our


To fully enjoy your Heveya experience,

create your bedroom as a place for

total relaxation: quiet, dark, cool, no

TV or smartphones and uncluttered.

We wish you many peaceful nights in

your Heveya room.


The Heveya plantation is the world’s

first organic certified latex plantation. To

obtain this status, our plantation needed

to be fertilized for 4 years with only

100% organic fertilizers. That is the time

required for the soil to be completely

chemical free, so that no traces of

chemicals are detectible in the latex milk.

Therefore, you are assured that Heveya

latex mattresses themselves also contain

no traces of toxic chemical fertilizers.

Our Heveya plantation is audited by

the Peterson Control Union Group,

www.controlunion.com, a European

organization which does regular

unannounced checks of the soil and the

latex milk.

The use of organic fertilizer on our

plantations also creates much-needed

jobs in the area. Just one queen size

mattress requires 12 acres of rubber

plantations to be tapped (which does

not harm the trees). This number of

trees absorbs a huge 143 tonnes of CO 2

from the air every year, and provides

employment for 8 rubber tappers.

Furthermore, the important work of

our latex farmers is paid in accordance

with fair trade principles. In these ways,

the Heveya organic plantation offers

benefits above and beyond its top

quality, chemical-free latex mattresses.

Heveya latex is a 100% natural

product. This means you do not have

to worry about toxic gasses being

released while you sleep. In contrast,

other foams, like PU foam or memory

foam are made entirely of petroleum


Reduce Your Carbon


Each of us produces about 24 tons

of Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) per year,

by driving, using energy at home or

buying oil based products, thereby

contributing to global warming. One

way of reducing our carbon footprint

is by planting trees. Trees absorb CO 2

from the air. Some trees absorb more

than others.

Hevea brasiliensis, the tree which

produces natural latex, is among the

most ecological trees in the world.

A single Hevea tree absorbs about 1.8

tons of CO 2 in its life time, similar to

a rainforest tree. Globally, all latex

plantations together offset 90 million

tons of CO 2 per year, a true blessing for

our planet.

Heveya organic latex is made from the

sap of the Hevea brasiliensis, the rubber

tree - a natural renewable resource.

Heveya trees provide latex their whole

life and are not damaged in the process.

At the end of their lifecycle, they serve

as a perfect alternative for tropical

hardwood in furniture, hence preventing

cutting of tropical rainforest trees.

When we heal the earth,

we heal


~David Orr


Fulfilling the promise of our slogan - comfort meets nature -

we always look for materials which are both good for you as

well as for the environment.

When we select materials for Heveya bedding products, we

always keep two points in mind: nature friendly and sleeping

luxury. Therefore, the materials chosen are of the finest quality.

These are also renewable raw materials which by nature

provide you with essential ingredients for a good night’s sleep.

We carefully craft these top-quality materials into products

designed to improve your health and wellness.

Your health and comfort is extremely important to us at

Heveya. And so is the health and sustainability of the planet.

We have the eco-friendly materials and the technical knowhow

to craft bedding that improves your daily well-being.

Organic Natural Latex Mattress And Pillow

Organic latex is a renewable resource unsurpassed in its all-point

elasticity. The latex core provides excellent support and ease

for the body, adjusting itself to your contours. Being naturally

antibacterial, anti-dust mite and mildew resistant, latex is ideal

for people with allergies.

A repeating pattern of pin-holes in the latex mattress design

creates maximum airflow and breathability. These pin-holes,

in addition to the natural open-cell structure of latex, allow

air to circulate and humidity to escape. This results in a cool,

dry sleeping experience for you.

The latex tree can absorb a lot of CO 2 to help the environment,

and at the end of its lifetime can be a good replacement for

tropical hardwood in furniture.

Bamboo Cover

Our mattress cover is made from bamboo fibre. Woven

from gently spun bamboo pulp, this fabric is silky-soft to the

touch and has a natural fresh smell. Bamboo fabric wicks

away moisture, allowing you to sleep cool and dry in our

warm climate.

Bamboo behaves similarly to cotton in its soft feel,

high durability and ease of care, but offers additional

environmental benefits.

Bamboo grows very fast and does not require use of

pesticides, making it the ideal renewable resource. Also,

bamboo requires much less water to grow than many other

alternative plants. The extensive root system of bamboo

helps prevent mudslides and erosion.

Cotton-Silk Blend Quilt Filling

A puffy cotton-silk blend is used to fill the inside of the

bamboo quilted cover, providing an additional layer of

softness and comfort for you. Cotton and silk are very

breathable materials, and this cotton-silk blend is designed

to absorb moisture and decrease humidity.

Cotton is an all-natural fibre which is renewable and

sustainable. Silk is a natural, renewable spun fibre.

Every layer that you sleep on has been designed with comfort

and nature in mind. This cotton-silk blend is not only

sustainable but supremely comfortable. In all of our materials

- even the ones you don’t see, like our quilt filling - we take

pride in combining comfort and nature.


Latex delivers supremely comfortable

natural springiness for a restful night’s

sleep. Heveya latex mattresses are

made of 100% natural organic latex.

It has much better elasticity than

synthetic latex and other natural

mattress materials.

Latex is highly durable, retaining its

support and elasticity for a long time.

Our Heveya organic latex has been

tested and found to keep its beneficial

properties for over 10 years.

Excellent Back Support

Heveya latex mattresses have excellent

all-point elasticity and thus, it can

perfectly mould itself to your body.

This ensures that your body is aligned

properly and cushioned comfortably.

Pressure is distributed evenly throughout

the body, with no painful pressure

pains. Our Heveya mattress is designed

to give proper support regardless of

which sleep position you use.

Heveya latex mattresses also come

in 7 comfort zones corresponding

to different areas of the body. For

example, the shoulder zone is soft to

allow the shoulder to sink in, while

the hip zone is firmest to offer better

back support.

Two Comfort Layers

Not one but two layers of luxurious

latex comprise a Heveya mattress. The

softer comfort layer is on top, while the

firmer support layer is at the bottom.

When you lie down on a Heveya latex

mattress, you will feel a soft sinking

feeling, followed by a sensation of

supportive elasticity. This is due in part

to the natural properties of latex but

also because of our unique two-layer

system. The result is a perfect balance

of comfort and support.

Healthy And Hygienic

The luxuriously soft bamboo cover

wicks away moisture from your body.

This cover features a 3D spacer to

make it fully breathable, and contains

fluffy cotton-silk blend padding as an

extra layer of comfort. This removable

dry-cleanable mattress cover allows for

maximum health and hygiene.

The latex mattress core is naturally dust

mite resistant and anti-bacterial, without

the use of any added chemicals. It is

therefore a great choice for those with


Heveya mattresses are designed and

created for your well-being.


Heveya pillows are made of 100%

natural organic latex with a soft

bamboo cover.

Heveya pillows have been especially

designed to keep the head in proper

alignment with the rest of the body.

The natural elasticity of latex provides

top quality support and comfort for

your head all night long. The ability

of latex to ‘spring back’ means it has

excellent shape retention properties for

many years, making it highly durable.

The natural open-cell structure of latex

means that Heveya pillows are highly

breathable. This excellent airflow not

only keeps the head cooler, but is

also more hygienic with no trapped


The natural resistance of latex to dust

mites, mildew and bacteria makes our

pillows safe for those with allergies.

For regular cleaning, the silky-soft

bamboo cover can simply be unzipped

and removed for dry-cleaning.

And we will indulge you in an

environmentally conscious manner:

every Heveya pillow comes with a free

re-usable cotton shopping bag.


Heveya bedroom furniture is made of

beautiful teak hardwood. We use teak

wood from plantations adhering to

strict eco-policy and also reclaimed teak

to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We carefully craft this wood into our

signature furniture pieces: bedframe, side

table and drawers. All have a minimalist

design with a sleek yet natural look.

Our furniture is unvarnished because

teak does not need a finish or protective

treatment. The abundant natural oils

in teak give a beautiful warm look and

provide plenty of natural protection to

the wood.

Besides its eye-catching appeal, teak

has exceptional practical qualities for

your bedroom. Its high oil content

repels moisture, and its high density

means it will not warp or twist, even

under significant changes of ambient

humidity. Teak is strong and durable

and is naturally weatherproof, unlike

most other woods. It can even be left

outside and survive extreme weather

conditions. The natural oils in teak

repel dry rot, as well as termites and

other wood-destroying insects.

Heveya bedroom furniture delivers a

clean-cut European look in a timeless

minimalist style. And all this is carried out

with every care for the environment.


Endangered tropical rainforests are the

world’s largest sources of biodiversity

and CO 2 absorption. They are known

as “the lungs of the world”, absorbing

carbon dioxide and producing livegiving


Together with Heveya, we can

protect our tropical rainforests from

deforestation by becoming a Rainforest


We adopt one acre of rainforest for

every mattress sold, enforcing our

commitment to the environment. We

do this in cooperation with CREA, a

non-profit organization focused on the

preservation of the Cocobolo Rainforest

in Panama.

Local communities are also aided to

develop solutions for specific agricultural

practices to increase wildlife habitat,

food production and protect the

remaining forests.

A certificate of ‘Rainforest Guardian’

which symbolizes the adoption of one

acre of rainforest is issued personally

to you as a token of appreciation from

Heveya and CREA. To find out more

about CREA and its activities, please

visit: www.crea-panama.org and


Eco-Crisis In Panama

Far-away Panama may seem like a small

country, but its endangered tropical

rainforests affect the whole world.

On its tiny land surface (less than

0.5% of the world’s land) reside an

extraordinary 7 - 10% of the world’s

known life forms.

Panama’s rainforests - one of our

planet’s ‘lungs’ - are disappearing at

one of the highest rates in the world.

Human activity such as logging there

is responsible for this loss. Without

the rainforests to remove carbon

dioxide from the air, Earth’s climate

will get hotter.

The Cocobolo Nature

Reserve And You

In Panama in 2006, a 1000 acre

rainforest was about to be sold to

cattle ranchers to be destroyed. CREA,

a non-profit organization, stepped in

and found a donor to buy this forest to

protect its resources. This forest is now

the Cocobolo Nature Reserve.

When you adopt 1 acre of the Cocobolo

Nature Reserve, you are enabling the

plants and animals in this area to be

actively catalogued while living in

their free and wild habitat. Many of

these are endangered species. You are

also providing ongoing protection in

this area from illegal hunting, burning

and logging.

Heveya makes it easy to for you

to protect the environment while

providing you with the best in

sleeping comfort. It’s built into

who we are and everything we

stand for.




where comfort meets nature

Waking up is a pleasant experience with

Heveya. Surrounded by soft cotton, latex

and silky bamboo fibre on teak furniture,

we help you bring nature into your bedroom.

Arise every morning, feeling refreshed and

fully rested. With Heveya, you will be

more than ready to relish each new day on

our beautiful planet.

At Heveya, we nurture and care for

the environment just as we do your

comfort and health. We each spend

about one third of our lives in bed, so

a mattress, pillow or bedroom furniture

is an important purchase.

Heveya takes every step to ensure that

your sleep is a luxurious and restful

one. Regenerate your body and your

energy each and every night. Sleep

should be enjoyable - a time of rest, a

time just for you. With Heveya, this is

the way it can be.

Our natural organic latex is not only

free of pesticides and chemicals, but it

is wonderfully comfortable, cool, and

dry to sleep on. Cushioning you from

pressure points and promoting proper

spinal alignment, our latex mattress is

designed for proper sleep and more:

for rest and relief from the hustle and

bustle of your day.

We take every care for the environment,

from our organic latex plantations

to our eco-friendly bamboo cloth

mattress covers and to our reclaimed

teak furniture.

Envision a relaxing modern uncluttered

look for your bedroom with our

healthy yet luxurious products. You

will enjoy thinking of your bedroom

as a welcome retreat for you.

And Heveya offers benefits which

go above and beyond comfort and

visual appeal. When you use our

products, you are sowing the seeds

of sustainability. You are making a

difference to the lives of our latex

farmers who work with safe, organic

agricultural practices. You are also

helping the planet soak up excess

CO 2 through the trees on our

latex plantations and through

rainforest sponsorship.

We at Heveya are proud to make

a difference to your personal

well-being and that of our planet.

And we are happy to make this easy

for you. All you need to do is enjoy

your restful sleep… and know you will

be helping to save the earth while you

do it.

From us all at Heveya, we wish you a

good night’s sleep.

When buying a new mattress,

why not

buy one that makes

the world a better place.

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