One of the best universities; Galatasaray University. Gsu is a

state university. “shopping malls have everything”



to be

Ywant to buy some

books and some


Or Look at some computer games and buy a birthday card. And you want to

have a drink a spend some time with your friends. Where do you go? The town


Maybe. But we often meet, eat and hang

out with our friends…in a shopping mall!


malls have




So why are shopping malls popular?


Manchester is an

exciting, multicultural city.

There are a lot of

beautiful buildings. And

there are 50,000 students

here so music scene is

brilliant. Manchester has

got 135 parks. We are

also near beautiful

countryside but the

weather is terrible. It’s

often cold and wet.

Extreme sports

just do it


“It’s a way of


is surfing on

wheels and it comes from

California, USA. Skateboarders

wear knee pads, helmets and big

T-shirts. They practice in skate parks or on the

street. It isn’t an Olympics- who knows?

“You forget your


You can do

On a mountain or you can practice on a

climbing wall! With lessons, climbing is very

safe. Climbers use a lot of ropes and

What do you do when you are

hungry? Go to the kitchen

cupboard? Buy a burger? Or do

you what Fergus Drennan doeslook

for food in the fields?

Fergus doesn’t like buying his

food in supermarkets or shops. He finds his food in the

lives and works

the south-east

countryside or next to roads. All his food is local and

it’s free.

Fergus usually eats vegetables but he also eats meat.

He doesn’t buy his meat- he finds it on roads.

Fergus Drennan is a writer, teacher

and TV presenter. He



in the countryside in

Fergus’s recipes are on his

Website and page 8. They are

very unusual. They are also healthy, fresh and free!

Why not try them?


The first Glastonbury Festival was in September 1970. The

tickets weren’t expensive. In fact, they were only € 1! It’s different

now. The tickets are very expensive. They were only 15,000 people at

the first festival but in 2007, there were over 177,000! The weather

isn’t always good at Glastonbury. In fact, the weather is usually


Top bands and singers play at the festival including Radiohead,

REM, Björk and Robbie Willams.

David Bowie was the top act in 2000. He was also at Glastonbury in


His work with electricity and his

inventions changed the way we live.

But we don’t even remember his


Nikola Tesla was born at midnight during an

electrical storm in 1856. He was a child genius

and invented his first machine when he was only

four. Tesla studied electrical engineering in

Austria and at Prague University, then worked as

an engineer. Then, in 1884, he travelled to

America and arrived with only four cents in his


In the US, Tesla worked for Thomas Edison,

the inventor of the light bulb. But he left because

they had different ideas and Edison didn’t pay

him very well.

Tesla then worked for George Westinghouse.

He invented an electricity system for the lights at

the 1893 Chicago World Fair. It was a great


If you’re SAD,

see the light!

Many people feel depressed in winter –

and now scientists think they know why.

In the USA about 6-20% of people have SAD and it

is common in other countries like the UK and

Sweden. People get countries like the UK and

Sweden. People get SAD in autumn and winter,

when the days are shorter and there is less daylight.

It is more common in women than in men. People

with SAD usually sleep a lot and feel tired all the

time. They also eat a lot of sweet food and feel

depressed. The answer is bright light . You can go

on holiday to a sunny country, of course!

In the 1970s,an American engineer

called Herb Kern noticed that in

spring and summer he was happy

and had a lot of energy, but every

winter he became depressed and

lazy. He thought it was because

there wasn’t much daylight in the

winter and asked some scientists to

make a ‘light box’. He put the box on

his desk and after a few days he felt

a lot better. In 1982 the scientists

gave his illness a name – Seasonal

Affective Disorder, or SAD.

Have you ever thought about in

career in politics? Have you ever

voted in an election? NO? Well,

why not start now?

In Britain last year, over half a million young people voted in the

elections for the UK Youth Parliament. The voters were all between

eleven and eighteen years old they elected 500 Members of the

Youth Parliament(MYPs).

MYPs work with people in local government. They explain young

people’s opinions on problems like public transport, education,

crime and environment.


into kppoliti


The book

The book You Only Live Twice by lan Fleming

tell us that

James Bond

was born in

Scotland in

1924, and he didn’t have

any brothers

or sisters.

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