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34 x May 18 - 31, 2017 x

34 x May 18 - 31, 2017 x MATTER OF HEALTH May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month by Michael Steppie, M.D., President, Medical Director Associates in Dermatology • 800-827-7546 • Skin cancer rates are skyrocketing, both in the U.S., where more than 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually, and around the world. In fact, one in five Americans is diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lives. It is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., with more new cases than the combined incidences of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. Skin cancer is a malignant condition that begins with the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Recent studies show it can result as an accumulative effect from sun damage (90 percent in the case of nonmelanoma skin cancers). Florida’s near year-round high temperatures mean we are all at a higher risk. Since 1975, the skin cancer death rate among Florida residents older than age 50 has doubled, and in the past two decades alone, the incidences of melanoma among Hispanic Americans have risen nearly 20 percent — a particularly disconcerting statistic considering that melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. What are the different types of skin cancer? • Melanoma is the most deadly of all skin cancers. It causes more than 75 percent of skin cancer deaths. One American dies of melanoma almost every hour. • Basal cell carcinoma is the most frequently occurring skin cancer. Although they are generally easily treated, BCCs tend to keep growing if untreated, and, in rare cases, can start to spread. • Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most frequently occurring skin cancer. An estimated 65 percent of them arise in lesions previously diagnosed as actinic keratoses. Most are easily treated, but if not removed, some can metastasize and spread to distant tissues and organs, becoming life threatening. • Actinic keratoses are pre-cancers that can turn into SCC if left untreated. They are often an early stage in the development of skin cancer. Early detection of skin cancer is key. Cure rates are high, and recurrence rates are low for cancers that are caught and treated early. It is important to check for changes in size, shape and color of pigmented areas. The Skin Cancer Foundation highly recommends an annual full-body skin exam by a dermatologist. ª

Every year, the staff at the Southwest Orlando Bulletin harvests heartfelt, honest and funny passages from the entries submitted for the Best Mom in Southwest contest. This year was no exception. Even though all the submissions for the 26th annual contest could not be printed, the following one-liners were too cute to exclude: “She is literally the best mom ever, throughout all of history, from before Jesus’ time to now.” Mack McAleavey, 12 Cypress Point “My mom is tough, because her back hurts, and she still carries a heavy baby.” Brookes Green, 10 Southwest Orlando “I love you more than I love myself.” Ye’Liah Whitley, 6 MetroWest “Mommy is what I call her, because she comforts me, and Mom Nothing Sweeter Than Mom & Apple Pie! doesn’t sound very comforting to me.” Kathryn Emery, 11 Stoneybrook West “She says I am everything to her, and that makes me happy.” Ethan Hartfield, 6 MetroWest “My life would fall apart without you.” Gabriel Carvalho, 9 Toscana “She is cuter than me.” Aluan Swanigan, 7 MetroWest “She knows my Chipotle order word by word.” Emma Segrest, 10 Windermere x May 18 - 31, 2017 x 35 “The best thing of all is that she married an amazing guy.” Caterina Giannini, 12 Phillips Bay “When my life washes over me, my mom pulls me out of the waves.” Sarah Lewis, 10 Winter Garden “She buys toothpaste and toothbrushes, so the dentist does not drill my teeth full of cavities.” Xavior Wery, 11 Gotha “Of all the gifts that God has to offer, my mother is the greatest of them all.” Emily Wood, 12 Dr. Phillips “My mom is amazing, because when it’s Earth Day, she recycles with me.” Vicktoria Gutierrez, 7 Stone Creek “Her hugs are filled with more love than a bucket that carries 1 billion gallons of soda.” Dany Ammagui, 9 Toscana “I love her so much that I could always give her a cuddle.” Chloe Gutierrez, 5 Dr. Phillips “She is like the glue to our family; she keeps us stable and running.” Holland Harris, 11 Bay Ridge I could write 1 million reasons why my mom is the best mom.” Nicholas DeGeorge, 12 Winter Garden CONTINUED ON PAGE 36 Largest Selection of Maternity Clothes in the Area! • Dresses • Special Occasion Dresses • Pants • Bathing Suits • Tops • Sleepwear • La La Loungers We also carry- Seraphine (Princess Kate's favorite), Olian, Nine Fashion, Maternal America, Noppies, Ripe Maternity ... Swaddle Blankets, Car Seat Covers, Nursing Scarves, Pregnancy Bands, Sticky Bellies and more ... 1201 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Suite 2 Winter Garden, FL 407-877-3400 Mon - Sat 10-6 BRAND-NEW LAKEFRONT BEHEMOTH Over 5,000 sq. ft. 2 MASTER SUITES On the shores of LAKE HANCOCK Resort Amenities Only $ 899,990 *REALTORS ... 5% COBROKE TOO! Best lakefront value in area 4074 592 SOLD Ronald Ziolkowski, PA RE/MAX Properties SW 6985 Wallace Rd., Orlando, FL (407) 352-5800