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6 x May 18 - 31, 2017 x FEATURE A Long & Rich History A Historical Glance at the Areas of Ocoee and Gotha by Debra Wood PLAY Tucked between Windermere and Ocoee, and home to about 2,000 people, Gotha enjoys a rich history, which caring citizens have sought to preserve and maintain. Early Gotha German immigrant H.A. Hempel founded Gotha in the late 1870s and named it after his birthplace. A Buffalo, New York, resident, he planned to spend a few months of the year in Florida to escape the cold. Hempel, an inventor of a printing tool, envisioned Gotha being an enclave for fellow Germans. However, Hempel enjoyed the woods and wilderness so much, he decided to stay, buying 1,000 acres of land reportedly for a mere 25 cents an acre. He then advertised in northern cities with large German populations, selling people on the Florida lifestyle. He put them to work planting citrus trees and running a sawmill that provided wood for building homes teacher. The town plan was surveyed in 1885. From 1882 to 1902, records show that Fritz Moritz owned the Brockman House, now the home of the restaurant Yellow Dog Eats. Census records indicate Dora Moritz and Frieda Meislahn operated a boarding house on the property. H.P. Hill bought the building and land in 1903. Then in 1909, Elise Lizzie Brockman bought the land and built a new residence. She lived in the house until 1917. The property was sold many times between 1917 and 1925. Minnie Smith, William Harrell and Virgil Rouse operated a store in the building in the 1920s and 1930s. Some may have also lived there. During the ensuing years, it was operated as Hamm’s Grocery and Fischer’s General Store until 1988. It continued as a store until 1999, when the Morgan family purchased it and their son, Fish, converted it into the casual cafe Yellow Dog Eats. The popular Yellow Dog Eats was once the Brockman House in the early 1900s. Discover the NEW PANDORA Colors of Paradise Collection, starting June 1st, at: 1067 South Clarke Road Ocoee, FL 34761 407.522.4400 © 2017 Pandora Jewelry, LLC • All rights reserved throughout the region and orange crates for the citrus industry. He arranged mail delivery from Orlando, a four-hour round trip by ox cart. The early 1880s were a time of great confidence and optimism in Central Florida. A post office and school opened in 1883, of which Henry Belknap was the first postmaster and In 1885, the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church began, meeting in people’s homes. The original church burned down. In 1935, a church was built that still stands. After having moved the congregation to Pine Hills, the parish moved back to the CONTINUED ON PAGE 8 x May 18 - 31, 2017 x 7 Kaylee’s Story Keeping Your Family Safely Together? By Kristen M. Jackson, Attorney When Kaylee walked into the law office in tears, she asked to speak to a lawyer that practices emancipation of minors. The lawyer met her in the lobby and after a brief discussion with her the lawyer quickly realized Kaylee needed immediate representation. Kaylee explained that her parents, Jacob and Emma, were killed in a car accident 2 days earlier. She was 3 months short of turning 18 years old and had a younger brother and sister which she didn’t want to end up in foster care. Both of Kaylee’s parents grew up in the foster system where they met. Jacob and Emma later married and were told by doctors that they would not be able to have children of their own so they adopted Kaylee from foster care when she was 4. Five years following Kaylee’s adoption, unexplainably, Jacob and Emma were able to have children of their own. Along came Yvonne followed by Liam. Before their tragedy, Jacob and Emma provided a good life for their family although they had no backup plan or estate planning that would protect their children in the event of their deaths. Being raised in foster care themselves, neither Jacob nor Emma knew their own biological parents or other relatives. When Jacob and Emma died, Kaylee realized because she had no immediate family to turn to, she and her siblings could end up in foster care if she didn’t act immediately. From almost the moment of her parent’s death, Kaylee, frantically trying to keep her family together, began searching for a lawyer. She was desperate to find a lawyer that could prevent her and her siblings from being separated and placed into foster care. Not really understanding emancipation she just chose the closest law firm and walked into their office. Fortunately for Kaylee, the firm practiced estate planning, probate and guardianship. The lawyer with who she met explained that emancipation would not provide the outcome Kaylee was seeking. Instead, the lawyer said an emergency temporary guardianship was best. Although, Kaylee would need someone willing to temporarily act as guardian for at least 3 months until she turned 18 at which time Kaylee could apply for guardianship of Yvonne and Liam. Ultimately, she would need to prove to the court that she had the financial means and parental commitment to be Yvonne and Liam’s guardian. A family friend offered to act as temporary guardian for Kaylee and her siblings until she turned 18 years old. Later, when she applied to the court, Kaylee was able to prove her financial capability of taking care of Yvonne and Liam from the assets left by her parents and awarded to her through probate. In the years that followed, Kaylee married and had a child of her own. Yvonne, now a junior in college, and Liam, now a senior in high school, both still live with their big sister, Kaylee. Had their parents planned effectively, Kaylee, Yvonne and Liam would have never experienced the threat of being separated as a family. Their story is not a unique; it happens every day all across America. If you haven’t thought about how to keep your family safely together in the event of tragedy, then it’s time you should. Contact an estate planning attorney today. Legal Areas of Practice By our Team of Attorneys Administrative Advance Directives Bankruptcy Business Buy / Sell Contracts Commercial Contracts Corporation Criminal Employment Estate Planning Family Law Guardianship Litigation Last Wills Medicaid Powers Of Attorney Pre-Nuptials Probate Real Estate Special Needs Title & Closings Trusts Trademark Estate Planning Wills, Trusts, Probate, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Pre-Need Guardians, Trust Administration, Pet (Animal) Trusts Probate With or without a Last Will, in order to obtain assets, pay debts and taxes and distribute remaining assets to the heirs or beneficiaries, the deceased’s estate requires the assistance of an attorney to manage the court supervised administration. 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