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learning with professionals - Higgins Counterterrorism Research ...

Figure 17. Pattern.

Source: Kennedy and Marshall, 23.

The crowning point of the course is a class consisting of a series of case studies

selected to help students appreciate the emotional content of visual evidence, to experience

Imagery Intelligence during high-intensity war, and to join the community of

Defense Intelligence. All at the same time. The nominal topic is an explanation of how the

military services failed to deliver image-derived knowledge to their tactical forces during

Operation DESERT STORM, 195 but the emotional lesson hinges on learning what was

published, when, and that the “customers” who failed to receive these reports were fellow

students and teachers. To increase the intensity of the experience, the author sets the stage

by playing Gulf War newscasts of tank battles and airstrikes before class. By this point in

195 A worrisome trend...emerged during the course of the war — namely, the hoarding of intelligence by [service]

component command staffs who failed to pass a variety of useful intelligence reports and analyses downward

to the ground units and air wings.” U.S. Congress, House Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee

on Oversight and Investigations, Intelligence Successes and Failures in Operations DESERT SHIELD/STORM,

103rd Cong., 1st sess., 16 August 1993, 24.)


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