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Almussana Mohamad - CV

Almussana Mohamad -

CURRICULUM VITAE Objective: Looking for challenging and progressive career. I am well educated, well-organized, highly motivated and have excellent communication skills. In addition, I am reliable, flexible, and quick to learn. High abilities in developing public initiatives, strong advocacy networks, and people management skills via series of business courses and programs. Working in an environment where I can utilise my administrative and communications skills. The environment I’m looking forward to working in is one where I would be part of a cohesive Group of people interacting with each other, sharing their ideas to come up with the best solutions, all working together towards a common goal. Personal details: Surname: First name: Mohammed Almuthana Date of birth: 01-07-1985 Nationality: E-mail: Syrian Handy Number: 00491771655853 Address: Germany, Osnabrück 49080, Sutthauser Str. 156 Education: - High school in 2004 - Faculty of Commerce – Business Administration, Damascus University 2009. - Faculty of literature –translation department, Damascus University 2015. - currently studying CHL - Certificate in Humanitarian Logistics with Fritz institute -UK - Liverpool online education (Master of Science international management) currently stopped. Certificated courses: - IOM: Building a Better Response (E-learning Humanitarian Academy at Harvard) - IOM: Communication Skills in Emergencies. - IOM: Monitoring and Evaluation. - IOM: Project cycle management and communication skills in Emergencies.