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Unheard Story of Aditi Gupta who was Winner of Mrs Global

India Expat - Singapore 2015

By Neetu Dora

Photo Credits: Vrinda Lekhi, Jim Lee

Tell us about your

childhood. How do you

remember it ?

Childhood. The word itself

makes me feel nostalgic at this

very moment. It has been an

adventurous and amazing

journey and has actually

created a strong essence of

what I am today. Born and

brought up in Mumbai, a

cosmopolitan culture allowed

me to learn how you

appreciate life and stay

positive. Coming from a

conservative family, yet,

adapting the spirit of

modernization, i have

cherished my childhood with

beautiful memories as a gift of

lifetime. Always adding a new

dimension to my life, my

parents, elder brother and

friends have let me thoroughly

enjoy each moment of


Tell us a challenge you

faced & how you handled it?

My biggest challenge in life 5

was when my dad passed

away on the finale of a local

beauty pageant in Mumbai. A

day, when everyone was

looking forward to celebrate

even with my smallest

achievement. Everything

crashed! The only way I could

handle it was self-belief

providing time to heal the

agony me and my family was

going through. This was one of

the turning points in my life,

so I took a step back, rethought

about every step that I

would take in future and got

back stronger than I thought.

Staying calm, composed and

focused becomes your first

step towards facing any

challenge. But, I never forgot

that day, dream that not just

me, but, my family saw. Along

with my career, my interest

towards beauty pageant and

modeling never faded. After

moving to Singapore with my

spouse, Prashant and having

daughter Arianna, I decided its

time to fulfill that one

challenge and I participated in

Mrs Global India Expat –

Singapore 2015 in Singapore.

Winning a crown was always a

dream but that day of

achievement truly meant how I

handled my challenge


Photo Credits: Ashima Jain, Vanitha devi and Indika D 6

During tough times, How do

u motivate yourself ?

As I said earlier, I prefer to

take a step back and re-align

all my energy towards positive

thought process. I have my

creative side which allows me

to de-stress and divert my

mind for positive outcomes. I

end up doing craft activities,

trained in Annie Sloan chalk

paint methods allows me to

experiment on refurbishing

furniture and I read a lot on

what inspires me to keep

myself motivated.

Photo Credits: Eileen Yap, Boban James

Whats next for you in your

ventures ?

After winning a beauty

pageant and being involved in

various runways for cause,

events, shoots, my mind still

believes that I am Digital

Marketing professional.

Moving to London in 2016 has

given me new perspective

towards life and I look forward

to utilize my marketing skills

while keeping my hobbies


Connect with Aditi Gupta : 7

Success Story of Annie Wealleans - Founder of BLACK DRAGON CRAFTS who is

in successful business for 43 years

By Rachanaa Jain 8

What’s your background and

when did you start your


I am just an ordinary 65 year

old lady who once had a

dream! I got married, moved to

Wales and fell in love with the

country, back in 1974. I

started my business journey

making leather goods, an art

which I had learned whilst

hitch-hiking around America

with a flower in my hair in the

early seventies. I made purses,

bracelets, sandals, bags and

footstools. It all started off on

my kitchen table. I sold my

work on market stalls and at

trade fairs and have to admit

that though I’d had no formal

training, I was quite good at it.

I was commissioned to make a

shoulder bag with a Celtic

knot design carved on it, so I

did some research and the bag

was a masterpiece. I loved the

Celtic knot work designs and

seemed to see them

everywhere in Wales, so I

started drawing them for

myself. I eventually developed

a technique to stamp Celtic

designs into my work. It

proved very popular.

Then I went on holiday to

Turkey and picked up some

big pieces of jewellery. Out of

one big piece, I created lots of

small pieces. I loved the

process and started collecting

interesting beads to create my

own jewelry. To complement

my Celtic leather goods, I

started looking for Celtic beads

but I couldn’t find any. They

did not seem to exist in any

bead shops and Google hadn’t

been invented yet! I like a

challenge, so I decided to try to

produce my own. My first

beads were produced out of

silver-plated recycled plastic

and they looked good, but the

silver peeled off. This was a big

disappointment, as I wanted

my beads to be affordable –

not everyone could afford

silver or gold Celtic jewelry

and I wanted to create an

inexpensive and beaded


However, peeling plastic beads

weren’t quite what I wanted to

produce so I started looking at

other ideas and eventually, I

came across a gentleman in

London who believed in me

and volunteered to cast my

beads for me in solid lead-free

pewter. We started to work

together. He made thousands

and thousands of beads for me

and between us, we created a

fantastic repertoire of different

shapes, sizes and Celtic


Sadly, 10 years down the line,

he decided that he wanted to

retire. As you can imagine, 9

this was Bad News for me and

made my future look very

uncertain. He suggested that

we could get the beads made

in China but I wanted them

produced in the UK and I was

very afraid of losing my


By this time, I had two

children and my marriage had

long since fallen apart, so I

was a single mother and life

was not easy. But my beads

were gorgeous and I was

selling a lot of them. I had a

small team of staff and had

graduated from the kitchen

table to a purpose built

wooden workshop at the top of

my garden. When the wooden

workshop started to

disintegrate in the wet welsh

rain, I built a proper

permanent building, with

planning permission, double

glazing and a wood burning

stove. Black Dragon felt like a

proper business in its new


Then I met my boyfriend, who,

luckily, was an engineer. He

suggested that we could buy

the retired casting equipment

and start to make the beads

ourselves. What a great idea! I

was given a half day tutorial

on casting and finishing beads,

then I hired a van to transport

all of the paraphernalia and I

cleared out my garage. Within

a few weeks, we had created a

“Beadoir” and I had cast my

first beads. I made a lot of

mistakes and burnt myself

many times. I melt my pewter

and pour it into the moulds at

350 degrees, which is quite

hot! Once I had developed my

own technique, there was no

looking back. I have become

quite competent over the years

and there is nothing more

satisfying than taking a stick

of raw pewter and

transforming it into perfectly

formed and absolutely

beautiful beads. It is hard

work though and my Beadoir

is dirty, dusty, smelly and

hot…not at all romantic.

However, next door is a lovely

light clean workshop, where

we make the jewellery. The

view from the window is

stunning, not that there is

ever much time to stand and

stare. 10

Tell us some challenges you

faced in business and how

did you handled them ??

Setting up a business is a big

challenge. You have to wear so

many hats. Initially funds were

very limited and I worked all

hours to get myself up and

running. If I’m honest, that

may be the reason for the

failure of my marriage. It was

my dream, not his…and you

cannot start hiring people

from day one. I was doing

everything myself from

designing, branding and

manufacturing to marketing,

selling, and shipping …and

then offering superlative after

sales service. I was also doing

my own accounts and paying

my taxes, buying and sourcing

all of the components, keeping

control of my stocks and, most



passionate about my work. If I

didn’t remain creative and

keep my work interesting and

vibrant, I wouldn’t be able to

eat and survive. In addition, I

also had to make sure that my

designs were protected, so my

work couldn’t easily be copied.

To succeed, you either need

access to unlimited funds or

you need to be a workaholic. I

didn’t have access to the

money and not everyone has

enough stamina but

fortunately, I do!

Another challenge for me at

the beginning, was my location.

I live on the side of a hill in the

middle of nowhere in West

Wales, where nothing much

happens. Although I could

happily do all of my

manufacturing from the

comfort of my own home, all

marketing and sales

opportunities involved being

away, which wasn’t easy.

Somewhere along the line the

internet was born and I had

my first webpage in

1996…which changed


Competition from the Third

World is another big challenge.

My work is original, unique

and 100% handmade but

there were plenty of massproduced

products coming in

from the East, some of which

looked very similar to my

jewelry. After all, a beaded

bracelet is a beaded bracelet

and the imported items could

be a lot cheaper. Too many

people base their buying

choices on cost alone, failing

to consider the moral aspects

of products manufactured in

other cultures with the

possible use of child labour or

“stolen” designs. I cannot 11

compete with the price of

imported goods but I aim to

keep my prices reasonable,

which is what I wanted to do

in the first place. My profits

are sometimes negligible and I

will never be rich in the

accepted sense but I think I

will always be happy. There

are many different ways to

measure success.

Another current issue is

variable exchange rates – my

raw materials are often priced

in US dollars. Currency

fluctuations mean that my

costs go up and down like a yo

yo…but I have to calculate a

price list which can be

guaranteed for years. You win

some and you lose some.

Despite all the challenges I

managed to win some great

customers and I sell to Disney

in Florida, the British Museum

in London, several catalogues

and online stores and many

small shops and individuals

all over the world. 12

Tell us how you managed to

win big businesses ?

Every year, I go to one

particular tradeshow in

Ireland and a couple of small

Celtic shows in the USA.

Buyers are always looking for

something unusual and

different and I have been lucky

enough to be in the right place

at the right time several times.

Just recently a buyer loved my

pieces and that’s how we got

onboard with the British


In Wales we used to have a

trade development board for

small businesses. We were all

encouraged and supported to

be creative and the board once

managed to convince Disney

Stores to come and look at

Welsh products. There are

many artists and artisans in

Wales, the land itself seems to

offer inspiration. The Disney 13

uyers came from Florida to

look and, amazingly, they

really liked my work. After

much deliberation, they

eventually decided to buy.

Twenty years later, mine are

the only Welsh products still

for sale in the Epcot Centre, so

I must be doing something


My work is also sold in the

museum store on Ellis Island,

near the Statue of Liberty in

USA. 12 million immigrants

came through the offices on

the island between 1892 and

1954, to build new lives in

USA. Many of these people

came from Europe, I’m sure

they needed good Celtic Luck

then and still do now!

Big accounts are important to

me but I don’t like to put all of

my eggs in the one basket. I

supply a lot of small shops too

– in Holland and Germany,

Japan and Australia; in

Canada and Ireland, Scotland

and France. America is

probably my biggest

marketplace. Approximately

70% of my turnover is

exported. Shopkeepers seem

to appreciate my efforts and

my beads really are beautiful. I

make Celtic charms, buttons

and clasps too, all of which are

available “loose”, to other

people who like to make

jewellery or sew for pleasure or


What advice do you give to

people who are starting up

or want to start business ??

The only time I ever worked for

anyone else was when I was

very young, before I had any

tangible dreams. I only ever

had the one job and I’ve

worked for myself ever since.

You should never, ever give up

on your dreams. Setting up a

business is not easy but if you

are passionate about it, you

will somehow succeed. Believe

in yourself , Passion and

Courage are crucial. You

learn quickly that you can’t

live on compliments and that

they don’t pay the bills, but if

you’ve got a good idea, you will

always “what if” if you don’t go

for it. 14

Tell us the history behind

the name Black Dragon

Crafts ??

I moved to Wales in 1974, as a

newlywed, to build a business

and start a family. We were

looking for a place to live and

found a run down cottage with

a leaky roof and no facilities

called Llyn Ddu (Black Lake in

Welsh). At about that time, I

was applying for a space at a

Craft Market and was put on

the spot to think of a name for

our new business. I thought of

Wales as “The Land of Dragons”

and the black lake we were

looking at and came up with

Black Dragon Crafts.

Fortunately, that particular

house purchase fell through

and we found a much better

place to make our home.

Admittedly there were leaks

galore and it was in very bad

condition….it was in such

poor condition that the bank

didn’t approve and wouldn’t

lend us the money to buy it.

We had to beg and borrow (no

stealing!) until we had enough

cash to buy our little piece of

heaven, then we had no choice

but to renovate the place

ourselves with our own bare

hands and make it Home.

Another stroke of good fortune

and 10 years later, the Local

Authority offered us a grant to

build a proper kitchen, get a

new roof on and install all the

of the usual facilities such as

electricity and water etc. I’d

washed nappies in the river 15

and saved rainwater for years,

we’d never known such luxury!

I can see that you have a big

Dragon sculptor outside your

workshop protecting it. Tell

us more about it ?

It was one St George’s Day and

I was going to USA to attend

the Celtic tradeshow. As I was

parking my van in the longstay

car park at Heathrow, a

man noticed the Black Dragon

logo on my van and asked me

if I liked dragons. Of course I

did! He asked if I would let

him take me to a place where I

would love what I saw…and we

walked down to the end of the

car park. There was a big

sculpture of a Dragon there,

all buried in brambles, broken 16

glass and rubbish. He asked

me whether I liked it and

naturally I said yes. I told him

that I was flying to the USA

and he said it would wait for

me. On my return, he was

waiting for me and explained

that the dragon belonged to

his boss, who had bought it

from a demolition site but had

no garden to display it in. I

had no idea what it was worth

but made him an offer and it

was accepted. All of the car

park attendants got together

to lift it and load it into my van

and I managed to bring this

handmade sculpture of a

dragon home with me! It is 3ft

tall with huge steel wings and

was obviously made by a very

talented craftsman.

People call me The Dragon

Lady, I wonder why!

Connect with Annie Wealleans:

Black Dragon Crafts

+44 1559 384624 17

Inspirational Story of Anita Heidema who is

founder of AH-HA

By Krupali Daftary Shah 18

Tell me about your

childhood ??

I had an interesting childhood

that had it’s good and tough

times. I was raised in Canada

by Dutch immigrants. I started

at a young age being a bit

defiant and doing things on

my terms. Wanted to be my

own boss even back then and

started small business

ventures at a young age. I

remember getting in trouble a

lot as I didn’t always do as I

was told. I know in my heart/

soul I was an entrepreneur at

a young age and wanted to do

big things but my fears and

need of security didn’t allow

me to notice it till I was 42

year old. My life lesson to

anyone is follow your heart

and your dreams. Take that

leap and done let anything

stop you.

How do you remember it ??

I have fond memories of my

childhood. Even though there

were some tough times I learn

from them and made me the

person I am today. I would not

change a thing.

Tell us a challenge you faced

and How you handled it ??

When my parents were able to

buy a house here in Canada

they bought in area that ended

up being a tough place. They

have these areas when there

was subsidize housing close to

us for people here in Canada

and it turned out to be a

rough area. I had to stand my

ground for sure so I wasn’t

bulled or beat up. I would

actually have a group of

friends I would protect. Made

me the tough person I am


I also had parents that were of

a generation that as a woman

you marry and have someone

take care of you. I have sent

my life showing I can do it on

my own. You have people in

your life because you love

them and you want them in

your life not so they will

support you. Face challenges

straight in the eye. It is the

only way or it will come back

to haunt you. 19 20

During tough times, How do

you motivate yourself ??

I would have to say living with

a manipulating husband for

20 years, the divorce of that,

two bankruptcies he put us

through, the loss of my

parents, daughter with mental

health and my career loss were

the biggest obstacles. There is

too much to write and don’t

want to be Oh No Me!!! My

learning lesson is that you can

reinvent yourself. I have stand

tall in those tough times.

When I have fallen I stood up

again to be stronger. When

you are at the bottom there is

only one way to go and you

need to see it and believe in

yourself. Now I am at the top

of the roller coaster with an

incredible partner, amazing

children, and group of friends

I love. I am grateful to have a

lucrative business I am able to

travel with and have time

money freedom helping other

so the same around the world.

I self motivate myself with my

meditations I sell on my site I

created with my Hypnotherapy.

I also have programs that

helps you create a “Auto

Success Mindset”

Whats next for you in your

ventures ?

To be happy and follow my

heart. Life is a tremendous gift

and we need to see the upside

of it. Now being 50 next month

I have the wisdom to know

what is important and help

others find that for themselves.

It is quite amazing actually. I

am continuing with my

Podcast and Video learn series

and programs with Mindset,

Strategies and travel. You can

find me at and follow me on

the social media sites you see

there. Wishing you all the best

in your life and business.

Connect with Anita Heidema: 21

Cover Story of Rachanaa Jain who is founder of WOW and

helps people live their DREAMS

By Neetu Dora

Photo Credits: Studio 56 Photography 22

Where are you originally from

and how was your childhood?

I was born and brought up in

Mumbai, India to upper medium

class family. I have 2 siblings,

younger brother and younger

sister. I was born with silver spoon

but that silver spoon was taken

away. I had good upbringing as my

parents always encouraged me and

wanted me to understand the value

of hard work and money. I was

academically an excellent student

and excelled well in studies as well

as extra curriculum activities and

won numerous awards and

certificates in sports, mono acting,

science projects, dancing and

painting and in her SSC

(equivalent to GCSE in UK) I was

awarded student of the year in

1999 due to winning the most

awards that year.

Financially I was not able to enjoy

all the luxuries which rich children

were able to and sometimes I was

bullied by some school mates who

would taunt me for not been able

to buy lunch from outside instead

bought it from home as my parents

something more to make a profit. I

started thinking and was passing

by a jewelry shop on the way to

school and I saw the price and got

this idea to buy some earrings. So I

bought 2 pairs of earrings at Fifty

Paisa each and took it with me to

school and wore one of the

earrings. As I was very popular all

teachers liked me and I went to

chat up with my teachers in staff

room and asked them if they liked

my new earrings and the teacher

loved it and I started highlighting

all the features and benefits of the

earring and the teacher asked how

much were they for and I said

Rupees 2 for 1 pair and teacher felt

it’s a great deal asked me to buy 10

pairs and I was very happy and I

made a profit of 200% and that

was my first step into business and

understanding of how money is

earned through hard work. From

that young age I wanted to become

an Entrepreneur and become

something in life.

Another lesson I learned which I

still remember is my father

invested in few properties and use

buy to let option to make passive

income but when he brought the

tenants to show the property, all of

sudden police came and they told

my dad that this is not your

property and to his shock he

showed the paperwork to police

and the police had 3 other people

with same paperwork documents

but in their respective names so

the seller of the property got fake

copies of paperwork done and sold

the property to four people and ran

couldn’t afford to. I used to

wonder sometimes why money is

so important and went to ask my

dad about it and he decided to

explain to me how people earn

money and importance of hard

work. So my father challenged me

to earn money and I accepted the

challenge and he gave me 5

Rupees, although I was very young

in my 3 rd standard and 9 years old

in school. The challenge was to

turn my Five Rupees into away with money and all other 4 23

people including my dad lost all

the money as it was a government

property and was not even owned

by anyone at that time. He lost all

his money as he invested in few

properties with the fraud seller.

My dad was very upset when he

came home and explained the

situation to my mom and I was

there so I heard everything. He was

planning to use that money for

family’s further education. And

now due to this loss it meant that

I might not be able to pursue

further studies in college which I

wanted to as the fees would be very

high to pay for my dad to pay.

Whilst my younger brother and

sister were crying and upset, I

came up with an idea. I went to a

local printing shop and asked to

design some leaflets for me. Then I

asked my siblings to distribute

those to all the local areas. Within

2 hours of distribution of the

leaflets my home phone started

ringing continuously and within 2

days I had over 80 students

enrolled for my summer camp

classes where I taught dancing,

painting and other activities to

students. I also used to predict my

students future just for fun and a

lot of it started coming true. I

earned enough money to pay for

my studies as well as helped my

siblings with their school fees. So

then I continued to study as well

as run tuitions during school

terms and run summer camp

during vacations. I became

independent and I also loved the

fact that no one could taunt me

about lack of finance. After

Graduation, I wanted to study

further and I came to UK to do my

Masters of Science in Financial

Management with Human

Resource Management from

Middlesex University Business

School. 24

Who is the biggest inspiration in

your life, the one person or place

that has inspired you to become

who you are today and why?

My biggest inspiration in my life is

my mom. She has inspired me to

become who I am today. Since

childhood, every time I was stuck

in something she would come and

help me find a way. She

empowered me and uplifted me

through the tough times in my life

especially when I was in the UK

and became very sad and lonely as

like me, instead I want you to be a

strong and powerful woman who

will be independent and will

empower and be a role model to

others. I want you to be as equal

as or even better than man.” This

words got fixed in my head and I

decided that I will fulfill my Mom’s

dream and become who she really

wanted to be as this will make her

happy and also I will feel very

happy that I have turned her

dreams into reality. So every time,

I think I am going to give up on

something, My mom’s words buzz

in my head and then I find a way

or I just call her up and ask her

what I should do in that situation.

I get a different kind of strength

after talking to my mom which

inspires me to achieve the goals

that I set for myself.

I was missing the family. I still

remember my Mom’s words “I am

just a housewife looking after the

family but I have not fulfilled my

dream of becoming an

entrepreneur which I always

wanted be due to the culture and

society and I had to sacrifice my

career as I got married. But my

dear I don’t want you to be stuck 25 26

What challenges have you faced

in your life and how did you

overcome this challenge?

My biggest challenge was going

away from home and coming to UK

to study and establish my career

as I missed my family a lot. Being

lonely and getting accustomed to

the weather and culture was a big

change for me. From being in the

nest of my parents to fly on my

own was very difficult. I faced

numerous challenges from finding

jobs to studying to making new

friends. I never cooked in India and

coming here I had to cook for

myself, doing all the chaos myself

and being independent. Every time

I was distressed I would either call

my mom or do meditation to calm

my mind and after that I used to

think and write down different

options I had and then decide

which way to go. Healing also

helped me heal my mind. I also

had some friends who supported

me but ultimately I had to make

decisions. Sometimes I made

wrong decisions and I got into

trouble due to that but I learnt my

lessons and decided to never

repeat those mistakes again. I

used to heal myself through Reiki

and it helped me come back on

track and move forward.

Another challenge I face is keeping

work life balance. Sometimes I

overwork and not keep enough

time for personal life. But due to

regular meditations, self-healing,

yoga and exercise I am able to deal

with this on a daily basis. I also

ensure I eat healthy and organic

food to keep going.

Who is influencing you everyday

to wake up and do what you are


I start my day with my created

meditation called “Chakra

Balancing and Healing with Angels”

which focuses on one chakra each

day of the week which sets me for

the day. Then I have my breakfast

and look up for Doreen Virtue on

Instagram to see her card drawn

for the day with a message which

really inspires me to get up and

take action. I am also very

passionate about what I do so I

just wake up and plan my day

ahead and take action.

Has being a woman been a

challenge in your field or do you

think ‘our’ capacity for

compassion is a benefit to

inspire the people around us?

Being a woman is a blessing in my

field as most of my clients are

women who needs compassionate

and empathetic approach. There

has been challenges in my field

though as there are numerous

coaches who are males and I have

been challenged to prove why I am

worthy to be a coach comparing to

Man. And I completely agree that

our capacity for compassion is our

biggest strength and is a benefit to

inspire people around us. Also

because we understand other

woman better than man as being of

the same sex. 27

Being a woman in business and

independent is still ‘rare’ in

todays world although its

changing, what have being a

woman meant for you, what are

your female strengths?

I come from a country where

woman are only meant to be doing

cooking, cleaning and looking after

family. So being independent has

been a challenge as I was in

corporate world working in a male

dominated environment and was

challenged to perform on every

level as a woman. But I accepted

the challenge and proved them all

wrong. I like the challenge of

turning people around especially

when they say I can’t do something.

Being a woman means a lot to me

as I believe that we are stronger

than man and that’s why god has

given us the power to give birth to

children. Because God felt that

woman could bear the pain of

childbirth and be able to get back

to work again. I am very proud of

being a woman and feel grateful

that God made me a woman. My

strengths are multi-tasking,

Intuition, attention to detail, calm

under pressure, being empathetic

and compassionate, collaborative

and being creative. 28

How do you live your dreams and

why did you create WOW


I live my dreams by helping others

achieve their dreams and that’s

why I have created a global

organization called World of

Winners (WOW) to help women and

men take their brand from Local to

Global. WOW comprises of WOW

Magazine, WOW Awards, WOW TV

Shows, WOW Events, WOW

Academy and WOW Retreat. Our

mission is to empower, educate

and enlighten people around the

world and turn their dreams into

reality by giving them global

platform to share their story to

millions around the world.

Since childhood, I have observed

that woman were seen as mother,

sister, aunt and housewife but not

as a bread earner for the family. So

in Indian culture, boys were

treated like asset and girls like

liability. When a boy was born

people would celebrate and are

very happy because they feel that

the boy will keep the family tree

growing and will earn money for

the family, whereas the girl is

going to get married one day and

they have to pay for her dowry.

This really hurt me whilst growing

up, because I felt that there is no

equal treatment for man and

woman. So I decided that I will

become a business woman who will

not only earn money but also look

after the family and live my dreams.

After having some success being

independent, other young girls

would come to me and ask me for

advice and guidance as they

wanted to become like me. I loved

helping them out and this inspired

me to help more people especially

woman and gave me a different

type of satisfaction as I felt that I

am doing my best to prove that

there is no difference between a

man and woman and they should

be treated equally and infact

woman can multitask and do

better than man. So I decided that

WOW will be perfect platform for

people who has amazing stories

and no one knows about and we

want to unleash their potential to

the world. 29 30

What’s your Secret Recipe to


I have highlighted my secret recipe

to success in my book “Awake Your

Dreams: Stop Procrastinating!

Start Achieving!” whereby the

secret is the word DREAMS. I use

this word to coach people and help

them turn their dreams into reality.

D stands for Desire, What do you

desire in Life, R stands for Reason

Why do you desire that specific

goal, E stands for enemies what

will stop you from achieving your

desire, A stands for Advice Who

will coach, guide, consult you in

your desire, M stands for Methods

what strategies you will use to

achieve your desire and S stands

for setting timescales Within what

timeframe I want to achieve my

desire. When you want to achieve

something use this secret recipe

and if you take action you will

receive results. 31

Why is it important do you think

that women should become more

business minded and take lead?

Business research has proved that

there are less woman on board

level in corporates than man and

still man are dominating the

market with less percentage of

women being in Executive position

worldwide. I want to change this

trend and make it equal or in even

better for Women Entrepreneur. I

strongly believe we are capable of

achieving everything that man can

and even better. Presently, it’s also

proving that women are taking the

lead as Theresa May has become

the new Prime Minister of United

Kingdom and I am very pleased

with that. It’s very important for

me that woman become more

business minded and take the lead

to prove to the society and the

world that we can reach the top

and be as successful or even better

than man.

What has been your

achievements and awards ?

I am so happy and grateful that I

had many big achievements.

Receiving testimonials from clients

that they have achieved their goal

is my biggest achievement. I won

International Speaker Award by

Radio Works World in October

2016 with nominations from 60+

countries around the world. In

February 2017, I won the “100

Best Global Coaching Leaders”

Award by World HRD Congress

were thousands of people were

nominated and I was privileged to

be successful and win. In March

2017, I also won the “Non Resident

Indian Achiever” Award by Build

India for my contribution and

charity work in India. 32

How does it work for you to

combine profitable business with

charity, you give 5% of all the

proceedings from your book to

‘Give India’ why is this

important for you?

I strongly believe in karma and

that “The key to living is giving”.

My book “Awake Your Dreams:

Stop Procrastinating! Start

Achieving! aims to inspire,

empower and enlighten as many

people as possible and use some of

proceeds to help others who can’t

afford to buy it. As being raised in

India, I have seen so many people

in poverty who did not have food to

eat or clothes to wear. So I feel

grateful that God has given me

more and I should share it with the

people who don’t have any. So

every time I go India, I do charity in

Schools, Orphanages, Hospital,

and Animal Sanctuary and feed the

people with my own hands as I feel

very good about it. So giving

donation to charity and helping

others always makes me feel good

and a different kind of fulfillment

that I have done something to help

others. Also, Like Yin and Yang,

Male and Female, Shiv and Shakti

you should always have a balance

of give and take to be successful

and to have a healthy business as

well as life. So I love to give away

for the good causes.

What’s next for you in your

business endeavors?

I have just completed a project of

setting up my online store selling

divine jewelry that has been

specially energized to achieve

different goals in life. I am working

on is to speak on international

stages and empower as many

people as possible to achieve

whatever they want in their lives.

WOW is the next big endeavor for

me I am also in verge setting up

my TV Show and will be watched

by millions. My aim is to expand

my business globally in 80+

countries within the next 5 years.

Connect with Rachanaa Jain :

+44 203 151 3933 / +44 1268 351 933 33

Spiritual Story of Celia Chantal who

discovered her life purpose

By Krupali Daftary Shah 34

How was your upbringing?

What do you remember as

a child ?

My childhood was

blessed by my parents who

chose to follow their dreams,

and not the well-worn paths

of societal and parental

expectations. Leaving

behind med school after she

became pregnant, my

mother first became a

Waldorf school teacher, then

got her PhD and is now a

speaker, author, and

spiritual teacher. My father

chose to be a musician

rather than attend

engineering school and

pursued a successful career

as a jazz musician. My

entire childhood we endured

economic hardship and

struggle, moving frequently

and mostly far from

extended family. However, I

attended Waldorf schools,

and from an early age had

music lessons and youth

orchestra, and our lives

were culturally and

spiritually rich.

Adversity and hardship

may be a part of every life,

mine no exception. For

example, my brother and I

were present when my

mother was violently raped

and suffered a miscarriage

(then PTSD) when I was 3

years old. Even then, it was

not a time a woman could

call the police or seek help

after such a trauma. I

endured a rape at 16, and

did not feel safe telling

anyone about it, rather

internalized the shame, fear,

and poor self-esteem such

an attack creates inside.

Trauma and accidents may

have life-long effects, and it

is a challenge to accept and

do the hard work of healing

these experiences demand.

These experiences may be

wake-up calls, however,

opportunities to learn life’s

most difficult lessons of

forgiveness, self-love, rising

above and continuing to

have faith.

If I were to think of one

theme for myself and family,

it is that of a lifetime of

learning to be true to oneself,

fighting for one’s dream of

reaching our own potential.

Reaching for Love over Fear.

This is an ongoing lesson:

reaching for selfactualization

and full


How do you manage to

survive during difficult

times? 35

It has been a

challenging time in US

politics – the present

President (was not elected

by the most popular vote) is

not one I agree with or can

relate to. It may seem easy

to allow fear to rule – but

violence and hate only

create more of the same.

Tolerance, love, openness,

compassion – are the only

ways to create safety and a

world of peace. If we

continue to allow a politics

of fear by not allowing a race

hate and fear. I have faith

and courage, and continue

to rise up against the fear

Since I was a young child I

have seen and heard Angels,

and had many mystical

experiences. I know without

or culture of people into the

US due to our fear of who

may be among those people,

it will only breed more hate

and fear among those

marginalized people,

creating more of what we

are trying to avoid.

My challenge in this

situation to stick to my

values of compassion and

tolerance, and have the

courage to voice these

values in the face of a

country and a government



and greed that is becoming

the norm in my culture.

a doubt that the only reality

is Love. It is time for mystics

to come out of the closet! 36

What motivates you

especially during tough

times ?

Having a strong

connection to God, or life

force, or my higher Self is

most important to make

sense and meaning of life. I

meditate every day –

calming my mind and body

and feeling a sense of

connection to all that is, and

feel a deep sense of peace

and knowing that all is well.

My singing and chanting

practice helps me to express

emotions, or calm thoughts,

and to set intentions and

prayers. I ask, how may I

serve in this situation?

Serving, or helping others,

always helps us feel good

about life, and helps raise

our self-esteem.

4).Whats next in your


Sound and music hold

the vibration of our

intentions: I am creating a

music album – singing and

chanting sacred mantras

and songs, using my voice,

instruments and crystal

singing bowls to help heal

and inspire. I will continue

to hold live events for adults

as well as children to chant

and sing and be uplifted and 37

inspired by sacred, powerful

mantras and songs.

Continue to work with the

Angels to bring messages

that inspire and empower.

Angels only speak through

loving messages, anything

that brings fear or negative

emotions is ego. That is how

to tell the difference. My

mission is to help raise

consciousness, inspire, and

empower through Love.

Connect with Celia Chantal: 38

Miraculous Story of Filmmaker&

Healer Gulrukh Khan

By Rachanaa Jain 39

How was your childhood


My childhood was very

happy. I recall very long

summers and lots of quality

time with relatives, as I

come from a very large

family. My father was a

banker and also was very

proactive in promoting Asian

Arts, Theatre and Music.

I was very lucky to grow up

being able to fully appreciate

both Eastern and Western

Culture, and had access to a

lot of performing artists,

authors and poets, which

helped to shape my

knowledge and perspective

in life. Many of those he

promoted are now

considered legends and have

had hugely successful


I read a lot and also saw lots

of films which helped shape

my love of working in the

arts, so I am now a director,

producer and scriptwriter; I

also work with the music for

my own productions.

I started travelling a lot from

the age of 17. I remember

saving up from a part time

job I was doing at Brent

Cross, whilst doing my A

levels, and flying on Freddy

Laker Airlines to the US and

Canada on my own - for a

whole summer. (Obviously

staying with family and

family friends). I developed a

huge passion for travel and

haven't stopped travelling

since. 40

Tell us a challenge you

faced & how you handled


This is a long one, but it's

the most unusual one I have

had to face. 'I recall a time

when we never had



smartphones. I went

travelling with a female

friend around Asia and

South East Asia with a

backpack, occasionally

stopping off at relatives

homes around India when

the 'travellers fatigue' set in.

In a sense, we were having

to rely completely on trust to

get by, as we moved in

foreign lands surrounded by

people we did not know.

On one particular occasion I

was travelling alone for a

month, and had to cross the

border of India to Nepal by

myself. Unfortunately, the

bus I was travelling on had

an accident, and had to stop

off in some local shanty

town. That would have been

okay, except for the fact that

I was actually the only

woman travelling on that

bus and was having to

endure all sorts of leering.

Primarily because, at that

time, it was probably odd to

see a lone woman with a

backpack - travelling alone

far away from a main city.

I managed to find a 2 star

hotel (the only hotel around,

and virtually empty except

for some resident

cockroaches running

around). I immediately

locked myself inside my

dusty room, as there seemed

to be no females around.

It was just after dusk and

quite a drab place with bare

light bulbs hanging from the

ceiling. I had an emergency

supply of biscuits in my

pack and a bottle of water -

so I planned to stay under

the covers and read till early

morning, so I could catch

the first bus out of there.

I had barely been there for

30 minutes, and someone

knocked at my door. I called

out but no one answered. I

thought it may have been an

accident. Ten minutes later

the same thing happened.

This started to freak me out

a bit, as I was only 25 years

of age, with very little world

experience in remote places.

The third time it happened, I 41

called out even louder, and I

heard a man's deep voice

saying he wanted to come in

and bring me some tea. Of

course I immediately

declined and said I was

sleeping. Fifteen minutes

later the guy knocked again,

and there was no reply to

my calling out.

I started to feel decidedly

unsafe, as the window in the

room was also too small for

me to get out of, and it was

on a side street. I shouted

out for him to leave me

alone and it seemed that he

must have got the message.

But it occurred again after

an hour or so.

At this point I didn't know

what to do, and remembered

to start saying some

prayers. I also remembered

a wise piece of advice a

friend had given me. This

was to act as though I was a

bit mad. In Asia there is a

lot of superstition, and if

they suspect you may be

'possessed' they will

definitely leave you alone.

So I started to do some fake

gibberish rantings, in a

weird and croaky voice, and

suddenly these unwelcome

visits stopped. I suspected

the guy got freaked out. It

was a long night and I

couldn't sleep. I remained

alert but he never returned.

I also recalled being told by

the same friend that when

being leered at, to go slightly

cross-eyed and give an

intense soul penetrating

stare - and they would turn

away, for fear of having a

spell cast on them.

At the crack of dawn I went

downstairs to rapidly leave.

There was no one at the

reception and the front door

was locked with some type

of chain. Yikes, 'Hotel

California' came to mind.

I rattled a bit with the door

and miraculously the chain

fell away. OMG. It was relief

to know I could get out. But

the thought occurred to me

that if that chain was so

loose, anyone could also

have got in.

I vowed never to take local

buses in remote areas again

by myself, as I rushed out to

get to the bus terminal,

where I knew there was

life. The first man that

leered at me, I gave him the 42

cross-eyed look and it worked.

How do you overcome

challenges especially in

hard times?

I think that everything has

to do with our own self

worth. When things seem

hard it's very easy just to

blame the external world,

without looking at what the

lesson contained within the

situation is to learn from. I

tend to sit quietly in

meditation, spend time in

nature, listen to calming

music, do yoga and take

short naps. This is all anti


However, I find that by also 43

opening myself up to

listening to others problems,

I am able to put my own

challenges into perspective.

By offering myself in a loving

way I find that somehow my

own anxiety lessens. Being

loving to others is a great

way to overcome many


What’s next for you in

your ventures ?

I am currently doing a

couple of projects related to

my film work and also

completing authoring a


Apart from that, I am also

designing a brand of fashion

with a fashion designer and

setting up an initiative to

promote holistic and eco

friendly living. I am co

creating with others so its

easier, as I couldn't possibly

do it all on my own.

I do see clients a lot for the

holistic therapies practice

that I run, as I have also

been qualified in holistic

therapies for the last 20

years. I think I will always

remain a Holistic

Practitioner on some level as

I just enjoy it so much.

Connect with Gulrukh Khan: 44

Agains All Odds Story of Placida


By Rachanaa Jain 45

Tell me about your

childhood. How do you

remember it?

I have always wondered

about my parents and how

they coped. They were both

very young when they

started having children. My

mum was 18 with her first

child and my dad 27. They

created a very warm

environment for four of us.

We had to discuss

everything, make list for

everything and document

everything. It was us,

against them, funny

sometimes when I think

about it.

Personally, I was overly

protected because I was

born with a genetic disease

which meant I was always in

hospital. And in the 60s,

there very little knowledge

on how to manage Sickle

cell Anaemia. They gave me

the best medical care that

was available and emotional

support, making me

understand that I could do

and be anything I wanted.

Sickle cell is not a stumbling

block. 46

Whats your background

and what do you do ?

I am Multi-award winning

Business Growth Strategist,

Multi-Time #1 Bestselling

Author, Serial Entrepreneur,

Publisher and Speaker

supporting women to turn

their shame to fame creating

a profitable lifestyle


During tough times, how

do you motivate yourself

Tough times will always

come, you can choose to let

it get you down or you can

use it to elevate yourself.

Every situation in life gives

you an opportunity to slow

down, think, redefine and

recharge. Don’t get me

wrong, you certainly will not

be dancing and celebrating

when you are in it. Tough

times are tough.

I have had a few in my life

and my way of dealing with

the situation is to read my

bible. I am a Believer and

when all fails, I run to HIM,

spend time with myself,

listen to music that inspire

me. I have playlist on

YouTube for moments like

these and generally just fill

my surrounds with anything

that will lift my spirit.

My catch phrase “This too

shall pass” and it does pass. 47

What’s next for you in



We are in a world where

opportunities keep banging

on your door, especially if

people can see that you are

climbing the ladder of

success. The shining object

syndrome is a disease that’s

crushing a lot of businesses

today. I try as much as

possible to keep focused and

not get distracted by the

many opportunities that

presents itself.

At the end of 2016, I took

out a solitude and ask,

“What would I want to be

doing in 2017? My answer.

Write books and help 200

women become bestselling

author by 2019. The goal is

for them to use their books

to create a profitable

business that gives them the

ability to have the lifestyle



So far 20 down, 180 to go ….

My last project Love

Unboxed made International

Bestseller in five Countries,

the transformation this book

is giving to its reader is

beyond words. I continue to

get wonderful reviews and

comments. Each feedback

tells me, my intention to

help women become authors

is the best I have ever made.

They are happy and I am too.

Connect with Placida Acheru: 48

Rags to Riches story of Super Model Sarika Mishra

Photo Credits : Gaurav Sethi

By Yash Arya 49

Where are you from and

how was your early years

as a child ??

I've had a very difficult

childhood - my father (who

recently passed away) was

an incredibly hard working

man. He worked two shifts

to look after 3 children and

support his family with a

salary of Rs 3,000- Rs

5,000. There were days he

deprived himself of a good

meal to supper our

education. To this end, I

couldn't ever think of letting

my parents down. We did

not have the luxury of

cushiony life but I ensured I

was thankful for what I

received from nunnery




My parents didn't know how

to read and write in English

but I am so proud they

decided to give us the best

education. Whilst in school I

was competing with kids

that belonged to a very good

background, I strived hard

to study until 3 am in the

morning. As a kid myself, I

gave private tuitions to other

kids to contribute towards

household expenses and

also, help my education.

I was always (by God's

grace) a topper (first three

ranks) in school.I even

performed on All India

Radio, won many many

elocution competitions and

even represented India for a





Johannesburg that was

organised by Cathay Pacific

Airlines. I was one of the two

chosen from all over


This desire to succeed

coupled by my very hard

working parents also, helped

me secure a Merit rank in

the government board

exams and I broke a record

for scoring highest in

political science and

sociology (94 and 90

respectively).Whilst in

college everyone went for

great meals, watched

movies, bought themselves

designer shoes like Nike- I

was determined to help my

parents and myself.I rushed

back from college to give

private tuitions. I never

travelled in a rickshaw as I

couldn't afford it but always

appreciated how blessed I

was to have the values that

were instilled in me by my

parents. 50

What do you do for living


I worked hard and I landed

up with a job in a bank. I

worked my way up and



determination made me get

an amazing job with the

same company that I

worked in India in Hsbc. I

also, acted in commercial

plays in India alongside



personalities like Vijoo

Khotey in Sholay movie.

I've always kept my acting/

modelling hobby alive

alongside my bankers job. 51 52

During tough times, How

do you motivate yourself


I motivate myself by

counting my blessings,

helping the needy and the

Tell us a challenge you

faced and How you

handled it ??

Last year I opted for

voluntary redundancy to be

with my ailing dad in India

who passed away in


There were times I felt I

wouldn't be able to pick

myself up but then decided

that my dad wouldn't be

happy seeing me weak. I

kickstarted my career in

modelling and haven't

looked back.

lesser able. Recently I

decided to celebrate my

birthday by volunteering in

feeding the homeless and

that was the best way I

could live my father's


It's been a roller coaster ride

coming alone to this country

and starting from the


I've recently bought my own

flat in London and thank my

parents for all the values

they instilled in me. A girl

who struggled travelling in a

rickshaw where the fare

costed Rs 10 to progressing

and working in London for

10 years now is all

attributed to the

determination and the do or

die attitude.

Connect with Sarika Mishra 53 54 55

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