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Camelot Program Note 2017


26 OUR DONORS: DECEMBER 1 2015 – APRIL 15 2017 Member: up to $99 Cynthia D. Allen Susan Allison Kate Finley Anderson Linda Arini Elise Arsenault & Justin Marra Ken Bader Alliston Baker Barbara Baker Marika Barnett & Istvan Ver Rosalind Barnett & Nat Durlach Michael & Kathy Bates Mrs. Bauer Laura Beasley-Topliffe Greg & Marie Bell Wilma & Laura Benjamin Judith Bennett J. Berkowitz R. Mark Binderman Ms. Priscilla Biondi Ira Hale Blackman Rose Blake Ruth W. Bloch Jean Bloomberg Phyllis Bluhm Milton Bordwin James & Margo Boyd Dr. Spyros Braoudakis Charles E. Breed Kathy Brodsky Herb & Rosa Bromberg David Noel Brooks Jim Congo & Nancy Brown Ms. Tamar Brown Marilyn Brownlie Bill & Marian Bruins Kathleen Calore Arthur Cameron Donald & Sondra Caplin Marty Carlock Ralph Chadis Ellen Clark Jonathan Clark Dorothy Clawson Larry Coen Benjamin & Zelda Cohen Dorothea Cohen Mary Colangelo Gretchen Conklin Joan Conley Paula Cortes Florence Coslow in Honor of Mrs. Freyda Sanders* James & Linda Crawford Anne Cullen Ed & Karen Daly Charley & Elaine Davidson Mary H. Degarmo Donald E. Denniston Edmund & Judith Dente Charlotte & Stephen Diamond Richard S. Doring Leslie West & Doris Oser John Dugan & Carol Baffi-Dugan John R. Duhamel Norma Elias & Saul Toby Mrs. Carol M. Elices Elizabeth Emory Roy & Joanna Epstein Charlotte Feldman Orna Feldman Bill & Carol Fenniman Janet Fidelman Bill & Antoinette Fidler Gabrielle Fiorenza Barry & Lisa Fireman Laureen Florio in Memory of MaryLou Trojano David Foss & Susan Julien Barbara & Marvin Fox Ena L Fox Aimee Francaes Lillian Freedman Linda & John Freeman Robert Gallagher Leslie Garber Helen L. Garrett David & Karen Gaylin Sydney Gelb Arlene D. & Ronald Generazzo* Judith Gentile Sonia Giddens Anthony & Virginia Giordano Ann L. Glagovsky Anne S. Goetze Susan & Bruce Gold Neil D Golden Janet Goldenberg Kippy Goldfarb Helen E. Golding Phyllis & Leon Goldman Elizabeth Green Joan S. Greenberg Daniel Greenwood Nancy Grissom Alison Hall Betsy Hall Mrs. Joan M. Hall Heather Hannon Gordon Harper Lawrence & Shirley Hartman Carrie Haymon John & Peggy Heywood Janice & Charles Hickey Jane Hilburt-Davis Carol Hillman Susan Loveland & Douglas Hodes Cynthia G. Lovell Leslie Holmes Kelly Hopkins Bill & Sandy Horne Marjorie & Charles Housen Donald & Bonnie Howard Elizabeth Hudson Karen Ippolito Ms. Naomi B. Isler Lois Jacobs June Johnson-Wolff & Richard Wolff Petra Joseph Bill & Constance Kantar Mark & Rosalind Kaplan Susan S. Kaplan Vicki Kaplan Beverly Kargir Leslie A. Kennedy X.J. & Dorothy M. Kennedy Fiona & Michael Kerr Carolyn & Charles Kiefer Barbara King Joan Klagsbrun Catherine Koletsky Leslie Kotkin & Doris Oser Maureen Kruskal Dr. Heidi B. Kummer Yuen Kwan Laurie Ann Laba Anne Lauriat Herbert Lemelman Carol Levine Elaine Levine Marcia Levine June Lewin Janie D. Lewis Tina Lieu Bill & Lee Longman Virginia Lopez Mary C. Lynn Anne Mahoney Mary Maker Robert Malsberger Richard & Candice Mandel Lina C. Marks Donald & Glenda Mattes Adrienne Mayer Charles McEachern Carolyn McIver Arthur McRae James McSweeney Julia McVay & Stanley Gross Lynn McWhood Franklin Mead June F. Michaels Sally & Stanley Miller Lynn Modell Michael J. Moran Jean Mudge Kathleen Munday Taft & Anna Murray Bob & Patricia Mytkowicz Edward & Sylvia Nankin Martha Narten Laurie Nash Linda & Steve Nathanson Leslie Nelken Debora L. Nickla William & Patricia Nickles Atheline W. Nixon Pat & Bill O’Brien in Honor of Steven Wasser Carol O’Hare Linda Orfaly Vanessa Ovian Annemarie Pacheco Brent Page Ms. Dorothy Patton Barbara Ann Paster Elaine Paster Suzanne Pedersen Mary E. Pelletier Penelope Peoples Karen Perlow & Dale Place Anne & Bruce Philbrick Margaret White Plum Erica Plunkett Judith Poole Ruth Powell Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Linda Poznauskis Sue Prindle Martin & Connie Rabinovitz Andrew Rainer Nancy B. Rawson Doug Raymond Dr. Robert W. Read Ms. Victoria S. Reed Paul & Garrie Reilly Susan Richards Peter Jason Riley Ron Ritchell & Polly Hogan Bruce & Nina Robertson Megan Rokop Martha & Buck Rollins Dr. Carla Romney & Stuart Beard Jan Rose Judith Rosenberg Carol Rosensweig & Charlene Grant Perry Russell Jeanne Ryder Judith Salisbury Eleanor Sall Freyda Sanders Dorette Sarachik Leslie Sargent Mary C. Scott Clare Selden in Honor of Sam Simahk Harry & Nancy Senger Ms. Kathryn Lea Sewell Barbara Shapiro Linda & Peter Silverstein Charlotte Simmons Ms. Elissa B. Skop William & Marge Smith Neal Snow Chris Stanley & Taurus Bennett Courtney Stefanik Evelyn Stern Lynne & Michael Stern Andrea Stidsen Barbara Stier Arthur & Ina Stolow Alan Strauss Eugene & Madeline Straussberg Sandra & Philip Stymfal Jane Swett Shirley Tarnopol Natalie Teager Mary Toropov Dan & Michlyne Thal David & Elizabeth W. Torrey Anita P. Turner Nancy van Dam Mrs. Kim & Ray Wach Donna L. Wade Jonathan Wagner Hazel Warnick Mrs. Joelle E. Wartosky Rick & Alice Weber Elizabeth Weilbacher Dorie Weintraub Bill & Danae Wharton Jean Wood Jo-Ellen Wood Bernice Wyzanski Ms. Ann Yardumian Sonja Yates Dov & Kathy Yoffe Judith C. Zacek 10 Anonymous Donors

AUDIENCE INFORMATION 27 CONTACT INFORMATION: The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, 140 Clarendon Street, 2nd floor, Boston, MA, 02116, 617.585.5678 / BOX OFFICE HOURS: The Lyric Stage box office is open Tuesdays from 12pm to 5pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12pm until 8pm on performance days (or 5pm on non-performance days), and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. The box office is closed every Monday and on select Saturdays and Sundays when there is no performance. Please note that the box office is not able to process new ticket sales or season ticket exchanges within one-half hour of performance times because of the number of guests picking up tickets prior to the show. TICKET SALES: All ticket sales are final. Only Season Ticket Holders may exchange their tickets by contacting the box office at least 24 hours prior to the performance. CAMELOT PERFORMANCES: Prices start at $25; senior, student, and group discounts available. Times: First and fourth Wednesday matinees at 2pm; Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm; Friday and Saturday at 8pm; Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. Post-Performance Q&A Series: first and third Sundays. Student Rush: $10 with valid student ID, one half hour prior to curtain. (All prices include a $1 restoration fee.) GROUP SALES: Substantial discounts are available for groups of ten or more. Contact the box office at 617.585.5678. PARKING: Discounted parking is available at area garages. Call the box office for specific rates, times, and restrictions. CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that the Lyric Stage does not cancel performances due to inclement weather, except in the event of a State of Emergency. In such cases, cancellation information will be posted at 617.585.5678. ACCESSIBILITY: The Lyric Stage is fully wheelchair accessible. An elevator is located at the Stuart Street entrance of the YWCA Building, and accessible restrooms and water fountains are available on the second floor in the theatre lobby. Please let the box office know in advance if a member of your party uses a wheelchair. We have a limited number of listening enhancement devices which are available at our box office on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be asked to provide an ID to receive a device, which will be returned to you after the performance when you turn in the device. CAMERAS: The use of all cameras and recording devices, including cell phone cameras, is strictly prohibited. CELL PHONES, ETC.: In consideration of the performers and your fellow guests, before the show begins, please silence cell phones, digital watches, pagers, and anything else that might disturb the performance. Texting during the performance is prohibited. CHILDREN: Children under the age of five are not permitted to attend The Lyric Stage’s productions. Some may contain strong language and adult themes, and we suggest you request additional information from the box office when purchasing tickets. CONCESSIONS: Refreshments are available for purchase at our concessions stand in the inner lobby. You are permitted to bring refreshments purchased at the concessions stand to your seats, but we ask that you be careful not to disturb your fellow guests during the show and to please dispose of any trash following the performance. FIRE ALARMS: If the fire alarm sounds, the lights in the theatre will come on automatically. Please remain seated and await instructions from our house manager and staff. In the unlikely event of an emergency, you will be instructed to evacuate. LATECOMERS: If you arrive after the performance has already begun, for your safety and the comfort of your fellow guests in our intimate venue, you will be seated in available seats at an appropriate point in the performance. You will be permitted to move to your assigned seats at intermission. All latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the management. In addition, if you must exit the theatre during the performance, a member of the house staff will re-seat you at an appropriate point in the performance. Please note that due to the intimate setting of our theater, you may be asked to sit in a different seat than the one you originally occupied. LOST AND FOUND: If you believe you have misplaced something at the theatre, please call 617.585.5678. RESTROOMS: The restrooms are located adjacent to the lobby. SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the YWCA Building.

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