The Warbler Issue 2 - May 2017


Wilnecote Warbler


Issue 2

24th May 2017

Cover photo taken by Becky Wingfield (Y9)

Ellesse Oates

Celebrating Success


Welcome to the second edition of the ‘Wilnecote Warbler’, our

new school newsletter.

Since the Easter holidays our assemblies have focussed on the

idea of perseverance, resilience, not giving up and how this leads

to success and achievement. This theme is reinforced in our

newsletter. The interview with Ellesse Oates is fascinating and

the commitment she displays to her sport and to achieving her

ambitions is something that we can all learn from. I am very

proud of her and hope to see her representing Team GB at the


I am also very proud of our Year 11 students who, as I write, are nearing the end of the first

week of their written GCSE examinations. I am well aware of the amount of hard work and

effort they have put in to the learning and revision process during their GCSE courses and, in

particular, the last couple of months. Their conduct and attitude thus far have been

exemplary. Keep up the good work.

The Wilnecote School, as you will be aware, views achievement in a much broader sense than

success in examinations, important though that clearly is. That is why we celebrate the many

and varied activities of the young people who attend our school. You can read about some of

these on the following pages, including our Peer Wellbeing Champions and our Maths

Challenge participants.

Finally I would ask you to read Miss Howell’s article about attendance – excellent attendance

is essential to the success and achievement that the Wilnecote Warbler celebrates.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and that it gives you an interesting flavour of life at The

Wilnecote School.

Stuart Tonks


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Half Term

Art Festival Starts


Return to School

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21 Summer Term

23 Year 11 Prom






Heads of House

Mr Grant


Attendance since

September 2016

Mr Herbert

William MacGregor


Attendance since

September 2016

Whole school attendance 94% since September 2016

Mr Simpson


Attendance since

September 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive ‘good luck’ and ‘goodbye’ to our Year 11s. We hope you

are successful in your GCSE examinations and that all of your hard work pays off. We wish you all the very best

of luck and want you to be successful in the next phase of your lives after The Wilnecote School - whatever that

may be.

With Year 11s so close to leaving school, it gives all the other year groups the chance to reflect on the stage that

they are at in their Wilnecote journey: Year 7s, coming to the end of their first year, looking to build on a great

start and continuing to develop; Year 8s will be starting their options year, working hard so they choose the right

GCSE subjects for them; Year 9s beginning their GCSEs in September, it’s very important to get off to a good

start in Key Stage 4 and finally, Year 10’s, beginning their final year at school – the pinnacle of their school career

so far.

So to all of you at different stages of your journey through The Wilnecote School, keep working hard and striving

to be the best you can! To round off why don’t we use a very pertinent quote from our very own Ellesse Oates

from Year 10:

“You get nowhere without hard work and commitment. Believe in yourself and, if at first you don’t succeed, go

back and work even harder, the rewards will come.”

Student Support

In the Community Academies Trust’s drive to ensure excellence, the SEN and Inclusion departments have

now merged into Student Support. The aim is to create a co-ordinated resource that is more able to respond

to the needs of our students.

In addition to in-class support, the department will also include set literacy support to ensure each student is

‘secondary ready’, as well as academic mentoring and a series of fixed term programmes for both academic

and social support, this will ensure all our students are better equipped with the skills for their future.

From September 2017 there will be a homework support session offered four days a week after school. This

will form part of allocated hours and is available to all students as this is an area that many students struggle

with but can make the greatest difference.

The Student Support department is managed by our SENCO and Inclusion Manager and overseen by one of

our Directors of Learning.

If you wish to discuss any issues regarding SEN or Inclusion, please either e-mail us at or contact Student Support on 01827 831346.


This year at The Wilnecote School we are having a particular focus on achieving high levels of attendance. Over the last few

years, our annual attendance rate has been just over 94%, which is roughly in line with the national average. Of course, our

goal now is to be above the national average and our long term target is to reach 96%.

Excellent attendance is crucial to a child's overall education. It is impossible for us to provide our students with the highest

quality of education if they are not attending consistently and accessing the many educational opportunities and

experiences available to them. Educational research has evidenced that regular absence from school can result on

significantly reduced attainment in GCSE examinations. Clearly it is vital that we do everything in our power to ensure that

all of our students have the very best chances to achieve academically and a focus on attendance is just one of the ways in

which we do this.

Our Attendance Policy, available to download from our website, outlines the procedures we follow to monitor attendance

and the strategies we put in place to address attendance concerns. As many of you will be aware we always aim to send an

automated text message home by mid-morning to inform you if your child has not been registered within the first half hour

of the day. The message requests that parents make urgent contact with the school to inform us of the reason for absence

and this helps us to ensure students who are absent are safeguarded. Additionally, it enables us to monitor absences, as well

as ensuring we meet the legal requirement of recording all reasons for absence on the official register.

In order to maintain our focus on high attendance we make contact with parents if their child's attendance falls below 95%,

highlighting any potential concerns and offering support if required. If that student's attendance continues to decline and

there are no apparent mitigating circumstances for that decline, the school may choose to set an internal target for

improvement, which again will include support from the school to help students to succeed. Unfortunately, for a small

number of students, this approach may not prove effective and at this point the school may have no option but to engage

the Local Authority's Local Support Team, who will work with the school and families to help overcome barriers to

attendance. In extreme cases the Local Authority will set a legal target, the failure of which could result in prosecution.

The subject of holidays in term time has also received much publicity in the media this year, as you will no doubt know. Please

be aware that in line with government expectations and Local Authority guidance, it is our policy not to authorise holidays

in term time. Leave of absence request forms, however, are available for exceptional circumstances, such as funerals and

should be completed prior to the intended absence. Again, please be aware that a leave of absence request for a holiday is

highly likely to be refused, due to our strong belief that full attendance during term time is in the best interests of all our


While we do place a high emphasis on attendance, we recognise that there are occasions when it can prove difficult for

students to attend, either through ongoing illness or through emotional difficulties that may emerge. In these

circumstances, we are here to help and are keen to work alongside parents to address any problems which may be affecting

their child's overall school experience. Our full time attendance clerk, Ms Hepburn, along with other members of our

pastoral team, are available to meet with students to help address any problems that may be affecting their attendance,

ideally nipping problems in the bud before they get too big. Our pastoral team are also proactive and happy to meet with

parents to support them in ensuring their children have the best opportunities to access their education. These members of

staff are easily contactable by calling the school.

Thankfully, the vast majority of students tell us that they enjoy school and are keen to get the most out of their education.

Regular assemblies highlight the latest House attendance data and good attendance and punctuality are recognised weekly

with students receiving Vivos, through our school rewards scheme. Annually, 100% attendance is recognised through

certificates and prizes and on a weekly basis we encourage our students to engage in healthy competition, helping their

House to achieve the highest percentage attendance.

We are all too aware that none of the above would prove successful without the support of our parents and we continue to

be grateful for the parental support we receive in ensuring high attendance remains a key feature of each student's

academic experience at The Wilnecote School.

Miss J Howell

Deputy Headteacher

Peer Wellbeing Champions

As a school we are delighted when young people

volunteer to help others. Sixteen Wilnecote students

have volunteered to become Peer Wellbeing

Champions and have now started training with

Prohealth UK. This involves working on various

modules alongside Councillors working for Prohealth

UK and doing a set amount of voluntary hours.

Students will get to know lots about wellbeing,

emotional health and an awareness of how our

mental health affects our daily life.

Students are required to complete three units. The

final unit is a demonstration of practical skills. Some

of our students have now completed and passed Unit

One and are well on the way to gaining their

qualification: NCFE Level 2 Award Peer Mentoring.

photo taken by Izzy Chinn (Y8)

Students from The Wilnecote School are not the only people working on this project; students from

people across Tamworth working onand thisLichfield project; are students also taking from across part and there is a website called Well4u that has

Tamworth been set upand forLichfield the programme. are also taking part and there

is a website called Well4u that has been set up for the


Further information:

Fran Taylor

Student Support Co-ordinator

Skills for the Future

Further information:

Year 11 Students get valuable interview experience

Over the past few weeks Year 11 students at The Wilnecote

School have participated in a series of practice

‘Professional Interviews’ as part of their careers work in

school. A group of local businessmen, company directors

and owners gave up their time to work with students. They

discussed, presented and explained their ‘employability

skills’ and how these might help them get a job in the


Mr Upton, Careers Adviser at The Wilnecote School,

commented, “The students responded brilliantly to the

experience and presented themselves really well,

impressing the assembled professionals with their energy,

enthusiasm and experiences. Each student is now in the

process of securing their next stage of education either at

college, sixth-form or applying for an apprenticeship and

practice such as this will be really useful to them going


Celebrating Success

In this edition of the 'Warbler' we are focussing on Year

10 student Ellesse Oates, who recently came a

magnificent sixth at the British Gymnastics

Championships in Liverpool.

She has competed around the world and has to mix

school work with a busy training and competition

schedule. Being interviewed by fellow students, here’s

what she said:

Q) How long have you been doing gymnastics?

A) “I have been doing it for 8 years, so since I was about

7 years of age.”

Q) What do you specialise in?

A) “It changes really but I have had most of my success

on the vault and bars. I guess my strongest discipline is

the vault.”

Q) How did you get into gymnastics?

A) “Well as a little girl everyone loves rolling

around throwing themselves about and

that’s what I did (a lot!). Then one day I

showed my dad how I could climb up and

swing on a tree (and was quite good at it) so

my parents said they would take me to

gymnastics to let off some of my energy and

hone my skills.”

Q) Who is your inspiration and why?

A) “My inspiration has always been Beth

Tweddle. Since I started I always wanted to

be her.”

Just in case you are not sure who she is, Beth

Tweddle’s Gymnastics achievements include:

Olympic Bronze Medalist, triple World

Champion, six-time European Champion,

Commonwealth Champion and seven-times

consecutive National Champion.

Ellesse meeting Beth Tweddle while

performing on BBC's Tumble (2014)

Q) You have recently met Beth Tweddle. What was it

like meeting her?

A) “I loved it! I was only 7-8 when I first met her, I did a

training camp with about 20 other girls - it was really

fun and certainly gave me the motivation to continue

with my gymnastics and to train even harder.”

Q) What do you enjoy about doing gymnastics?

A) “I love competing, showing lots of people how

dedicated I am to the sport. I especially love it when I

am at a competition and my name gets called out and

all the little girls in the audience are cheering and

looking up at me, knowing that (like I was with Beth

Tweddle) I am their inspiration.”

photo taken by Izzy Chinn (Y8)

Q) Tell us what you have been up to with Team GB?

A) “We had a couple of training camps at the start of

this year. At one of the camps we had an American

coach –Mary Lee Tracy – who came in to help us and

give us some tips. She passed on loads of useful advice

and information. Then, in March, we had European

trials which was over a two day period.”

Q) How much training do you do?

photo taken by Izzy Chinn (Y8)

A) “I do about 35 hours a week, whether during termtime

or holiday time. It is a massive commitment for

both me and my parents, who do all the driving to

training and events and support me massively.”

Q) Do you enjoy the competition?

A) “Yes I’m a very competitive person and I really enjoy

competing. It makes all those hours of training


Q) What are your main goals in gymnastics?

A) “I want to go to the big international competitions

with the girls' team and I want to go to the Olympics

and represent Team GB!”

Q) What advice would you give to

fellow Wilnecote students?

A) “You get nowhere without hard

work and commitment. Believe in

yourself and, if you don’t succeed,

go back and work even harder. The

rewards will come.”

Wed 24 May 9:00 0:45 EDEXL/GCSE 5BS0101 Small Business

Wed 24 May


13:15 1:00




Physics Unit 1 Tier F

Wed 24 May 13:15 1:00 AQA PH1HP Physics Unit 1 Tier H

Thu 25 May 9:00 1:30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 1F Non Calculator (F)

Thu 25 May 9:00 1:30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 1H Non Calculator (H)

Fri Date 26 May Start 9:00 Length 2:15 Board AQA Component 8702/2 Code English Component Literature Paper Title2

Mon 05 15 Jun May 9:00 1:00 2:00 OCR A017/01 B603/01 Rel HistStuds: B: ASPEthics INT Rltn Wrien Usa Freedom Wrien

Mon 05 15 Jun May 13:15 9:00 1:00 2:00 AQA OCR B604/01 45451 Rel D & Studies T: FoodB: Technology Ethics 2 Wrien Unit 1

Tue 16 06 May Jun 9:00 0:35 1:45 AQA 46551F 8700/1 French English Unit Language 1 TierPaper F 1

Tue 16 06 May Jun 13:15 9:00 0:45 1:45 AQA OCR B563/01 46551H French Geog B: Unit Geogrphcl 1 Tier HKey Thms Wrtn Fnd

Tue 16 06 May Jun 13:15 9:00 0:30 1:45 AQA OCR B563/02 46552F French Geog B: Unit Geogrphcl 2 Tier FKey Thms Wrtn Hgh

Tue Wed16 07May Jun 9:00 0:50 0:35 AQA 46552H 46651F French German Unit2 1 TierH


Tue Wed16 07May Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 0:45 AQA 46651H BL1FP Biology German Unit 1 TierFH

Tue Wed16 07May Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 0:30 AQA 46652F BL1HP Biology German Unit12 TierHF

Wed 17 07 Jun May 9:00 1:30 0:50 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 5IT0101 46652H Living German in Unit A Digital 2 Tier World H

Thu Wed18 07May Jun 9:00 1:00 1:30 AQA OCR A451/01 CH1FP Chemistry Compung: Unit Cmptr 1 Tier Sys F& Prgmng Wrn

Thu08 18Jun May 9:00 1:30 1:00 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 1MA1 CH1HP 2F Calculator Chemistry(F)

Unit 1 Tier H

Thu Fri 19 08May Jun 13:15 9:00 1:30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 5PE0101 2H Calculator Theory of Physical (H) ED.

Fri Mon 0922 JunMay 9:00 1:00 1:45 AQA 8702/1 BL2FP Biology English Literature Unit 2 TierPaper F 1

Fri Mon 0922 JunMay 13:15 9:00 1:00 1:30 AQA OCR B561/01 BL2HP Biology Geog B: Unit Sustain 2 Tier Dcsn H Mkng Wrn Fnd

Fri Mon 0922 JunMay 13:15 9:00 1:00 1:30 AQA OCR B561/02 BL3FP Biology Geog B: Unit Sustain 3 Tier Dcsn F Mkng Wrn Hgh

Fri Wed 0924 JunMay 9:00 1:00 0:45 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 5BS0101 BL3HP Biology Intro.toUnit Small 3 Business Tier H

Fri Wed 0924 JunMay 13:15 1:30 1:00 OCR AQA B354/01 PH1FP Music: PhysicsListening Unit 1 Tier Test F Wrien

Fri Wed 0924 JunMay 13:15 1:30 1:00 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 5BS0301 PH1HP Building Physics Unit A Business 1 Tier H

Mon Thu 25 12May Jun 9:00 1:45 1:30 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 1MA1 8700/21F English Non Calculator Language (F) Paper 2

Tue Thu13 25Jun May 9:00 1:30 EDEXL/GCSE 1MA1 3F 1H Calculator Non Calculator (F) (H)

Tue Fri 26 13May Jun 9:00 1:30 2:15 EDEXL/GCSE AQA 1MA1 8702/2 3H Calculator English Literature (H) Paper 2

Wed Mon14 05 Jun 9:00 1:00 2:00 AQA OCR A017/01 CH2FP Chemistry Hist B: ASPUnit INT 2Rltn Tier Usa F Freedom Wrien

Wed Mon14 05 Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 2:00 AQA CH2HP 45451 Chemistry D & T: Food Unit Technology 2 Tier H Unit 1

Wed Tue 06 14Jun 9:00 1:00 1:45 AQA 8700/1 CH3FP Chemistry English Language Unit 3 Tier Paper F 1

Wed Tue 06 14Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 1:45 AQA OCR B563/01 CH3HP Chemistry Geog B: Geogrphcl Unit 3 Tier Key H Thms Wrtn Fnd

Wed Tue 06 14Jun 13:15 1:30 1:45 OCR A021/01 B563/02 Hist GeogB: B: Brt Geogrphcl Scty Chngd Key1890-1918 Thms Wrtn Wrtn Hgh

Thu Wed15 07Jun Jun 9:00 1:30 0:35 AQA 8360/1 46651F Further GermanMathemacs Unit 1 Tier F Paper 1

Thu Wed15 07Jun Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 0:45 OCR AQA B601/01 46651H Rel German Studies Unit B: 1Philosophy Tier H 1 Wrien

Thu Wed15 07Jun Jun 13:15 9:00 1:00 0:30 OCR AQA B602/01 46652F Rel German Studies Unit B: 2Philosophy Tier F 2 Wrien

Fri Wed 1607 Jun Jun 9:00 1:00 0:50 AQA 46652H PH2FP Physics GermanUnit Unit2 2Tier TierF


Fri Wed 1607 Jun Jun 9:00 1:00 1:30 AQA OCR A451/01 PH2HP Physics Compung: Unit Cmptr 2 Tier HSys & Prgmng Wrn

Fri 16 Jun 9:00 1:00 AQA PH3FP Physics Unit 3 Tier F

Fri 16 Jun 9:00 1:00 AQA PH3HP Physics Unit 3 Tier H

Mon 19 Jun 9:00 2:00 AQA 8360/2 Further Mathemacs Paper 2

Tue 20 Jun 13:15 2:00 AQA 45501 D & T: Graphic Products Unit 1

Mon 26 Jun 9:00 2:00 AQA 45551 D & T: Product Design Unit 1

Year 10 Mock Exam Timetable




08:30 English Literature Paper 2 HALL, COMMON ROOM 105

11:10 ICT Paper 1 COMMON ROOM & 71 60

13:40 History Paper 1 71 & 70 60


08:30 Mathematics Paper 1 HALL & 71 90

11:10 Business Studies Unit 1 & 3 71 & 70 30 & 60

13:40 History Paper 2 COMMON ROOM & 70 60


08:30 Mathematics Paper 2 HALL & 71 90

11:10 Computing Units 1 & 2 71 & 70 45 & 45

13:40 Religious Studies COMMON ROOM & 70 60


08:30 English Language Paper 1 HALL, COMMON ROOM & 71 105

11:10 Drama 71 & 70 90

13:40 French & German Reading COMMON ROOM 45 (f) & 60 (h)


11:10 Geography Paper 1 71 & 70 90

13:40 French Listening COMMON ROOM 35 (f) 45 (h)

13:40 German Listening 71 35 (f) 45 (h)


08:30 Physical Educaon Paper 1 COMMON ROOM & 70 90

11:10 Physical Educaon Paper 2 COMMON ROOM & 70 75

13:40 Geography Paper 2 71 & 70 75


08:30 French & German Wring COMMON ROOM & 71 60 (f) & 75 (h)

11:10 Music Listening 71 60



11:10 CLASH STUDENTS 70 120


All Day Art Exam 11 & 19 5 hours


08:30 Food Praccal Exam 29 & 30 3 hours


All Day Languages speaking exams 68 & 69




French & German: Speaking exam times will be confirmed by your languages teacher

UK Maths Challenge News

Last month a number of students from The Wilnecote School

took part in the Junior UK Maths Challenge. The event challenges

not just mental arithmetic but the ability to problem solve under

a time pressure. Results are compared to schools all over the

country and students are awarded gold, silver and bronze levels

by attaining certain benchmarks.

All the students who competed did really well with particular

success achieved by a number of students, as below:

photo taken by Becky Wingfield (Y9)

Year 7 - Bronze

Year 7 - Silver

Year 8 - Bronze

Year 8 - Silver

Year 8 - Gold

Lorenzo Kordal

Sam Dishington

Cira Wyton

Sinead Livingston

Lucy Taylor

Harrison Richardson

Beth Rawlings

Caitlin Wiggers

photo taken by Becky Wingfield (Y9)

A very well done to year 8s Sona Urbanova (pictured above) who received

gold for her fantastic efforts.

Mathematician of the Month

Every month one student from each maths set is awarded the title 'Mathematician of the Month'.

The students receiving an award will have impressed their teacher with their enthusiasm and hard

work. Congratulations to this months recipients, who are:

Year 7 7M1 Brandon Jordan 7M2 Kenan Blakely

7M3 Caton Middleton 7M4 Jake Brown

7M5 Amber Morey

Year 8 8A1 Emily Walker 8A2 Lily-Rose McKay

8A3 Lewis Collins 8B1 Sinead Livingston

8B2 Jessie Snell 8B3 Amber Morey

Year 9 9M1 Adriana Maskova 9M2 Alex Watkins

9M3 Malachi Nash 9M4 Sam Nash-Fitzgerald

9M5 Jenny Prendergast

Year 10 10A1 Connor Blakely 10A2 Katie Hughes

10A3 Jack Johnson 10B1 Mason Simmons

10B2 Vincenzo Fontanella 10B3 Senna Pascoe

year 11 11A1 Chloe Maker 11A2 Libby Skilleter

11A3 Marcus Jackson 11B1 George Cooper

11B2 Connor McCullough 11B3 Ellie Howes

AQA Food Technology

A celebratory treat was held for three students

who have completed their final AQA Food

Technology unit. The students are Leo Holloway,

Leah Thompson, and Abi Hill (aka the 3 Amigos).

For their final unit they had to prepare a two

course meal. This involved costing their

ingredients, shopping for their ingredients and

finally cooking their chosen meals. They have

consistently worked hard and gained valuable

knowledge and experience in a life skill proving

their ability to be independent. Mrs Campion was

more than happy to act as their waitress for a

well deserved treat with Mrs Dayus and Mrs

Taylor joining in the celebration.

Fairtrade French

Over the past few weeks students in Miss Lakin's Year

9 French class have been working on a project all

about Fairtrade. At the end of the unit of

work students had to design and create a product that

would raise awareness of Fairtrade. They then had to

pitch the product in French, giving a group

presentation. Prizes were given for the most creative

design, best teamwork and most professional pitch.

"All of the students embraced this project and gave

excellent and professional pitches, with all of them

making their presentations in French of course! The

standard and the variety, in content and style, was

incredibly high and very impressive", commented

Miss Lakin.

In support of the British Heart

Foundation the Heads of House

present Footy Fives.


Teams of 5 players

Years 7-9 only

Teams can be mixed - ages and houses

Heats played during tutor time

£1.00 per player entry fee

Trophy and medals for the winning team

Collect your sign up sheet from the House Office

Sign up sheets to be returned to the House

Office by Friday 26th May with team fee

Footy Fives

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School email for general enquiries

Student absence email

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