Why your business need a Chief Digital Officer


Known as the "catalyst for change", every business should have a chief digital officer to propel transformation and innovation. Your business needs someone who can implement innovative strategies to improve customer experience and provide better services. For more information, visit https://digile.io/2017/02/21/we-need-a-cross-functional-champion-of-business-transformation-not-a-super-cio/.

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Why your business need a

Chief Digital Officer

What is a Chief Digital


• A chief digital officer is responsible for

transforming “analog” business models

and processes to “digital”.

• They use modern-day technologies (like

internet) and data to innovate businesses,

preparing them to compete digitally.

• He oversees operations of rapid-changing

sectors such as mobile applications, social

media and related applications, virtual

goods, as well as "wild" web-based

information management and marketing.

– Wikipedia.com

A CDO is responsible for…

• Disrupting their own business

model and process before others

disrupt them.

• He seeks ways to innovate customer

experience by determining their

pain points and solves them using

cost and time efficient methods.

• He executes digital strategies to

deliver agreed business outcomes.

• Break silos and eliminate processes

that slows down organization


• He builds a complementary team of

like-minded individuals that

provides front-end solutions and


A Chief Digital Officer

must be…

• a champion of innovation

• a champion of transformation

• a champion of the customer

• a champion of agility

• a champion of collaboration

• a champion of marketing

CDO at work…

• Perry Hewitt of Harvard University reworked

the official website, developed the university

app, and used virtual technology in telling the

university’s story.

• Atif Rafiq of McDonald’s built his Digital

Transformation team consisting of former

employees of tech companies like Facebook,

Yahoo, Microsoft, and others. They set to grow

the team more onboarding like-minded


• Tanya Cordrey leads over 150 people in

product, engineering, data, and analytics

teams that makes “The Guardian” news site a


You need a CDO


• They can pinpoint customer habits

to outline necessary product


• They can see patterns and

connections among your data.

• They can predict what will happen

next based on your past and

present data.

• They can interpret the meaning of

data to your investors.

• They can objectively analyze your

actual customer behavior.

20 Influential CDO’s

- powered by CXO Talk

• Rachel Haot, State of New York

• Sree Sreenivasan, Metropolitan

Museum of Art

• Perry Hewitt, Harvard


• Adam Brotman, Starbucks

• Tanya Cordrey, The Guardian

• Sharon Feder, Rachael Ray

• Fred Santarpia, Condé Nast

• Jeremy Phillips, The Motley


• Ganesh Bell, GE Power and


• Catherine Devine, American

Museum of Natural History

• Daniel Heaf, Burberry

• Atif Rafiq, McDonald’s

• Mike Germano, VICE

• Philip Dwyer, PCH International

• Jessie Adcock, City of


• Sean Cornwell, Travelex

• Sami Hassanyeh, AARP

• Jay Geneske, Rockefeller


• Paul Shetler, Australia Digital

Transformation Office

• Lubomira Rochet, L’Oreal

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