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XJ vs XF





generation of XK8



Fuel-injected for

improved performance





F-TYPE 2.0

with 300PS


SUMMER 2017 £5.50

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Special moment

I’vebeen messingaroundwith cars foraliving since1999,

and with Jaguarsfulltimefrom2012, yet I’ve never witnessed

anything as special as what happenedonMonday,April3,2017

when 13 beautiful Jaguar sportscarsgatheredatthe picturesque

Blyton Park circuitinLincolnshirefor our32-pagesupplement.

Representing more than 80 yearsofthe company’shistory,it

wasatruly momentous occasion, and oneI’ll neverforget.

Severalthingsoccurredtomewhenthe carsstarted to arrive.

First,how different they all looked. From thesimplicity of theSS100,

theperfect proportions of

theclassic XK range, the

E-type’ssvelteness, and the

grandioseofthe XJ-S, to the

flamboyancy of the X100

and X150 generationsofXK

and the return to simplicity

forthe F-TYPE,the cars

Theincredible line-up of Jaguar sports

cars forour 32-pagesupplement

showed howJaguar’s style has

constantly changed. Compare

the sixgenerationsofPorsche

911and they’d be allvariations on thesame theme.

Then, Icalculated theircombinedvalue.Withthe classic XKsand

E-type Series 1s all worthsix-figure sums, plusthe rising valuesofthe

XJ-Ss andmodernXKs,it’s not outofthe realmsofreality to saythat

together the13carsare worth£750,000. An intimidating thought.

My worries eased, though, when Iremembered that herewere13ofthe

finestsports carsevermade –and an empty track. Time to start driving.

@Paul_W_Walton, Editor




The supplement’s gorgeous front

coverand the XK and E-type

Series 1images inside aredown to

this very talented photographer


Who bettertocomparethe XK

150Swith the E-type S1,plus the

E-type S3 with the early XJ-S than

our resident Jaguar historian?


This experienced motoring

journalist and Jaguar enthusiast

had the enviable task of comparing

the XK 120with the XK 140

Summer 2017 \ Jaguar World |3



Summer 2017

32 XJ2.7 VS XF 2.7

The early 2000s wasan

important time in Jaguar’s

history.Although continuing the

traditional XJ (albeit in updated

X358 form), production of

the first generation of XF –a

modern, forward-looking

car –had started. We assess

whichisbetterbydriving a

2.7-litrediesel version of both


So, youdon’t need the space

that an X358 has to offer,

but still admireits looks? The

facelifted X-TYPE, whichtook

manystyling cues from its larger

sibling,could be the solution



Jaguar restoration specialist

Clayton Classics has fitted

fuel-injection to an E-type

Series 22+2,improving its

performance. We driveit

54 XE 2.0 250PS

We test the new 2018MY XE with

the 2.0 Ingenium petrol engine



Find out how Jaguar

Land Roverengineer Jack

Palfrey has modified his

early XK8 convertible

intoaunique example



When the granddaughtersof

Arthur Whittaker, Jaguar’s

former deputy chairman,

sawthat the Mk IV he had

sold in 1950 wastobe

auctioned, they had to see

it. We speak to them about

whythe car is so important


We talk to Jaguar’s chief

engineer forsportscars, Erol

Mustafa, about his long and

successful career at the company

and the new F-TYPE 2.0

4|Jaguar World /Summer 2017

JUNE 2017


What makes these supercharged saloons

so different, despitetheir similarities?

Is this limited-edition XJ40

the best model to buy?


servicing the X100’s

braking system

This hardworking coupe shrugs

off long-distance journeys

JUNE 2017 £4.75










Jaguarreveals anew 2.0-litreversion of

the F-TYPE and we have the first picture

of the forthcomingXFSportbrake


Detailsofthe X-TYPE Register’s RAF

Cosfordmeet and the Stratford Festival

of Motoring


All the actionfromthe first tworounds

of the JEC’s Saloon> Championship,

at Snetterton









Paul Walton uses his XK8

foraphotoshoot in Ipswich,

while Craig Cheetham’s

X-TYPE fails the MOT


Jaguar enthusiast Roger

West talks about his

2000 XKR convertible



Inspecting the timing

chains of an X100 XK8

with Tasker &Lacey

86 Q&A

Our experts answerquestions

about whya1978 XJ-S won’t

start, and whyanXFhas

put itself intothe restrictive




At last, the interior

is finally fittedtoour

modified E-type coupe


Find out about an interesting

reversing light upgrade

forcarssuchasthe Mk 2

and XK 150, plus anew

book about the D-type


It’s offtoCambridge to

visit established sports car

specialist, Wallis &Son

Market Place













TO YOUR DOOR *see pages30-31




PLUS Aluminium-bodied

C-type replica


E-type Series 1

Summer 2017 \ Jaguar World |5



New entry 2.0-litre

F-TYPE with cuttingedge

petrol power

JAGUARISbroadening the appeal

of the new F-TYPE by giving it its

owndistinct character with the

introduction of the state-of-the-art

four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine.

Balanced with improved fuel efficiency

and affordability,the F-TYPE experienceis

moreaccessible than ever before.

Poweredbythe advanced four-cylinder

engine, Jaguar’s new model can accelerate

from 0-60mph in only 5.4 seconds and

achieveatop speed of 155mph. The

turbocharged engine’s high maximum

torque of 400Nm, generated from just

1,500rpm, together with the eight-speed

Quickshift transmission, deliversexceptional

response throughout the revrange.

Not only is the 300PS Ingenium engine

the most powerful four-cylinder unit

ever offered in aproduction Jaguar,it

also generates the highest specific power

output of anyengine in the F-TYPE range

–150PS per litre–making this the most

efficient F-TYPE in the range, with a16

percent improvement in fuel economy

over the 340PS V6, together with CO2

emissions of just 163g/km on the

European combined cycle.

Ahost of advanced technologies enables

the Ingenium engine to deliver this blend of

high performanceand low fuel consumption.

Neatly integrated intothe cylinder head is a

state-of-the-art electrohydraulic valvetrain

featuring patented control algorithms,

developed in-house. This technology enables

fully variable control of intakevalvelift

foroptimum power,torque and efficiency

throughout the engine’s operating range.

The exhaust manifold is integrated into

the cylinder head casting. Coolant flowing

through ducts in the manifold reduces

warm-up times and, therefore, reduces

fuel consumption and emissions. The

manifold is carefully matched to atwinscroll

turbocharger.The design prevents

exhaust gas pulsation interference, ensuring

that the turbine wheel responds far

morequickly:boost pressureisdelivered

near-instantaneously,making turbo-lag

almost non-existent, and providing the

responsiveness so familiar to theF-TYPE

driving experience.

To ensurethe best possible launch

performanceand transient response while

still enabling the engine to develop its

high-peak power output, the turbocharger

features ceramic ball bearings. These

deliver the lowest possible bearing friction,

especially from cold starts.

The 200-bar direct-injection system features

centrally mounted fuel injectors. Together

with optimised spray patterns, this technology

helps to minimise fuel impingement on the

cylinder walls and the piston crowns, improving

efficiency and reducing emissions.

The Ingenium engine contributes to an

overall vehicle weight reduction of 52kg,

while meticulous tuning of the chassis

offersevengreater steering response,

body control and ride comfort. Says Erol

Mustafa, chief product engineer forJaguar

sports cars, “Most of the weight reduction

is over the front axle, making the car

beautifully balanced and really agile to

drive–asyou’d expect, the car is really at

home on beautiful twisty roads. Couple

that with afour-cylinder exhaust noteand

this particular F-TYPE has acharacter all

8|Jaguar World /Summer 2017


of its own. Iliketothink of it as the feisty

younger brother of the V6 and V8 models.”

The introduction of the four-cylinder

does not mean that driverslose out on

aural feedbackeither,because atuned

activeexhaust is standardonentry-level

F-TYPE models.

The 2018 ModelYear F-TYPE also

features several visual enhancements,

including redesigned bumpersand optional

full LED headlights. At therear,the fourcylinder

model features aunique single

tailpipe finisher to distinguishitfromthe

twin central exhausts and quad outboard

exhausts of the V6 and V8 models.

Lightweight 18in wheels also identify the

latest addition to the line-up, and help to

minimise unsprung mass, contributing to

the enhanced ride and handling.

The changes to theF-TYPE’s interior –

lightweight slimline seats, the TouchPro

infotainment system and new chrome

and aluminium trim finishers–heighten

the driver-focused feel, while the sleek

frameless rear-view mirror adds another

contemporary touch.

Summer 2017 \ Jaguar World |9


600,000 and counting

Jaguar Land Roverhas reported record

retail sales of 604,009 vehicles in the

financial year,up16percent compared to

last year,and exceeding 600,000 forthe

first time in the company’s history.Jaguar is

now Europe’s fastest-growing car brand.

Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rovergroup sales

operations director,said, “These numbers

set the seal on Jaguar Land Rover’s seventh

successive year of sales growth by breaking

through the 600,000 barrier. We continue

to make encouraging gains in key markets

suchasChina and North America, as well as

seeing sustained customer demand forthe

Jaguar F-PACE, Range RoverEvoque and

Land RoverDiscovery Sport.

“The last 12 months have seen the

launchofthree completely new product

lines, and successful growth across many of

our existing products. Jaguar sales are still

increasing strongly.”

Retail sales for Jaguar werearecord

172,848vehicles in thefinancialyear,up



introduction of the F-PACE and solid sales

of the XE and XF.Retailsales in the fourth

quarter were 53,972 vehicles, up 81 percent

on the same quarter last year.

Retail sales for JLR’s fourth quarter were

179,509 vehicles, up 13 percent on the same

quarter ayearago,and March sales reached

90,838 units, up 21 percent on March 2016.

Sales for JLR’s full financial year were

up year-on-yearinChina(32%),North

America (24%), the UK (16%) and Europe

(13%), while sales in other overseas markets

were down six percent.



Jaguar has revealed the first glimpse of the

desirable new XF Sportbrakeinanunusual

location: Wimbledon’s iconic CentreCourt.

The famously manicured surfaceserved

as the canvasfor alarge-scale outline of the

dynamic sports estate.

Jaguar director of design, Ian Callum,

watched as ground staff transformed

the venue’s famous whitelines under

the expert eyeofhead groundsman Neil

Stubley.Hesaid, “With XF Sportbrake

we’vecreated asilhouette whichsweeps

towardsthe rear,almostintothe distance,

and really gives the car asense of speed

and sportiness. It will bring new levels of

practicality to therange without sacrificing

the dynamic design and agile handling our

customersexpect.” Jaguar also revealed a

single image of the car,looking down onto

its roof.

The XF Sportbrakewill join the awardwinning

XF sports saloon in the Jaguar lineup

when it goes on sale this summer.

10 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Twin peaks

Jaguar has done the unthinkable by first

securing the World Car Design of the Year

award, then lifting the big one –the overall

World Car of the Year trophy.

Afterscooping the prestigious titles at

the 2017 World Car Awards –only the

second vehicle to claim the historic double

–the Jaguar F-PACE is now officially the

best and most beautiful car in the world.

To winthe trophies, the F-PACE had to

take on –and beat –far bigger,wealthier

European, Asian and North American

rivals, yet75influential motoring

journalists from 24 countries chose the

F-PACE abovethe Audi Q5, Volkswagen

Tiguan, Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

and Toyota C-HR.

Ian Callum, director of design, Jaguar

said, “The F-PACE is our first ever SUV,but

it is clearly recognisable as aJaguar,and for

it to winthe 2017 World Car of the Year

trophyvindicates our decision to bring

our unique design principles and dynamic

qualities to anew sector of the market.”

Adelighted Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land


steals top


to mark Jaguar‘s

overall success at

the World Car


RoverCEO, added, “The F-PACE was

designed and engineered as aperformance

SUV with exceptional dynamics, everyday

usability and bold design. Winning this

awardendorses the talent and great

work of our teams, who have delivered

the world’s most practical sports car and

Jaguar’s fastest-selling vehicle.”


Jaguar Land Rover’s £1bn Engine

Manufacturing Centre(EMC) is

celebrating production of its first

Ingenium petrol engine, whichwill debut

in vehicles later in the summer.

The fully flexible, state-of-the-art

manufacturing plant that now serves

JLR’s three UK vehicle plants has been

hailed as the most significant new

automotivemanufacturing facility in the

UK in the last decade.

Production of the 2.0-litrefourcylinder

petrol Ingenium engine adds to

its line-up, whichalsoincludes the ultralow

emission 2.0-litre150PS, 163PS and

240PS four-cylinder diesel engines.

Trevor Leeks, EMC operations director,

says, “The start of petrol production

marks an important milestone forthe

plant as we movetoproviding asuite of

ultra-low emission, high-performance

petrol and diesel engines to powerthe

full Jaguar and Land Rovervehicle lineup.

now and in the future.

The start of petrol engine production

reaffirms JLR’s strategic investment

programme to build skills and capability

in the UK. Of the 1,400 people workforce,

morethan 80 percent livewithin tenmiles

of the Wolverhampton plant, bringing

opportunity and prosperity to the region.

The EMC has also welcomed more

than 50 apprentices and graduates, all

on abespoke powertrain development

programme designed to support the

design, engineering and production of

JLR advanced engine range.

Sinceproduction of the Ingenium

diesel engine began exactly twoyears

ago, the EMC has built in excess of

400,000engines. It has welcomed

morethan 40,000 visitorsincluding

three membersofthe Royalfamily, 20

Government officials, including prime

ministers, British cabinet ministers

and local MPs and morethan 3,000

children through its Education Business

Partnership Centre. Morethan 85,000

cups of teaand coffee have been

consumed and 14,000 slices of the

famous EMC flapjacks have been eaten.

Trevor Leeks has taken3.6 million steps

in his role as operations director,the

equivalent of travelling to the moon

and backseven times, and employees

have given morethan 1,000 hoursof

volunteering to local good causes.

In averyshort time, the EMC has

made its mark as the beating heart of

JLR’s UK manufacturing operations.

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |11


Jaguar Classic Challenge

Round 1–Donington, April 28-30, 2017

AQUALITY grid of race-prepared

pre-1966 racing machines

and awho’s who of historic

motorsport competitors

ensured the first Jaguar Classic Challenge

race of the 2017 season starred at the

Donington Historic Festival.

The thirdseason of the Jaguar Classic

Challenge began in perfect conditions at the

Leicestershirecircuit, with the frontrunners

lockedincombat from the off. Championship

newcomer Ben Short forced fellow E-type

driver and pole-sitterGary Pearson to push

on the ragged edge forthe first tenminutes

of the 40-minuterace, beforePearson settled

intoarhythm and pulled out a14-second

lead to winthe 29-lap encounter.

The mandatory Jaguar Classic Challenge

pit stops served up their usual mix of

drama, with Pearson and Short both opting

to drivethe whole race solo. Short was

taking part in his first proper historic meet,

and subsequently wonthe Jaguar Classic

Driver of the DayTrophyfor his close and

clean racing throughout. He is one to watch

forthe rest of theseason.

Gary Pearson’s race-winning E-type

Graeme and James Dodd completed the

podium, the experienced father-and-son

pairing racing in the Jaguar Classic Challenge

forthe first time after recently buying

their E-type. The duo’s impressivedebut

performanceand strong racecraft is sureto

be one of the stories of the 2017 season.

Gary Pearson, race winner,said, “I am

absolutely delighted to win what wasa

great race and the perfect start to the

season. Ipushed hardfor the opening laps,

whichpaid dividends at the end. It was

truly exciting racing against Ben Short; he

is an excellent driver and is learning how to

race E-types very quickly.Hewillnodoubt

be athreat throughout the rest of the

Jaguar Classic Challenge season.”

TimHannig,director of Jaguar Land

RoverClassic, said, “Thereweresome epic

battles throughout the field. All our drivers

put on athoroughly entertaining show for

spectatorsand I’d liketocongratulateour

topthree on asuperb result.

“The strong field of driversshowshow

prestigious the Jaguar Classic Challenge

has become in its thirdseason. We look

forwardtowelcoming yetanother fantastic

line-up of historic Jaguar racing machines

at the next race,the HSCC Legends of

Brands Hatch Superprix,inJuly.”

The XK 150ofChris Keith-Lucas in the pits

Ben Eastickleavesthe pits in his D-type. He

eventually finished in 12th place

L-R: James and Graeme Dodd, race winnerGary

Pearson, and Ben Short

12 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017







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JDC X-TYPE Register RAF Cosfordmeet April 23, 2017

ANINCREDIBLE 231Jaguarsand

around 650 people took part in

this year’s RAF Cosfordmeeting,

organised by theJaguar Drivers’ Club’s

X-TYPE Register.

Part of this free event is apoliceJaguar-led

convoy fromthe nearby motorway service

at junction four of the M54. Alwayspopular,

around 75 carstookpart in the convoy.

All varieties of Jaguar were present during

the day, from abeautiful SS 1replica and

JDC chairman Nic Drukker’s Mk V, through

to apair of XJ220s. Therewereplenty of

Mk 2s, E-types, and aMkXinattendance,

plus moremodernmachinery suchasX350

XJs, X100 XKs and X-TYPEs. With event

sponsor SNG Barrattkindlydonating prizes,

free raffle tickets were given to every Jaguar

entering the siteonthe day.

Damian Annan’s beautiful silver

Sovereign wonBestX-TYPE of the Day,

David Anderton with his stunning Mk X

wonClassic of the Day, while John Southall

and his immaculateMk2was awarded

Jaguar of the Day.

One of twoXJ220s that attended the RAF Cosford

Jaguar meet

X-TYPE Register chairman, Tony Shirley (left), hands

Damian Annan his prizefor winning X-TYPE of the Day

David Anderton (right) with his stunning Mk X

wonClassic of theDay

John Southall (right) and his immaculateMk2won Jaguar of the Day

Ahighlight of theday wasanescortofJaguar policecarssuchasthis X-TYPE

estate, owned by Mick Healey

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |15


XKECsouth-west meeting, April 22, 2017

The South South West group of the XK Enthusiasts’ Club

meet every fourth Saturdayatthe Fleet Air Arm Museum at

Yeovilton. In April, the XKECmembersreceived avery special

invitation to visit the RoyalNavyhistoric flight at its hangar next

door.The historic flight displays include aircraft from previous

eras, suchasaSecond World WarSwordfish and aSea Fury from

the Korean War.

Details of the XKECcan be found at www.xkec.co.uk


of Motoring,

April 30-May1,2017

Forthe fifth Stratford Festival of Motoring,

Jaguar wasthe featured marque and alarge

collection of models were on display. A

little over 73 Jaguarswerebooked in for

the Festival over the twodaysand, with the

town centreclosed to traffic allowing cars

to fill the town centre, Wood Street was

reserved purely forJaguarsand Daimlers.

Therewas good mixtureofJaguarson

display, including plenty of E-types, Mk

2s, XJSs, XK 120s and XK 150s, plus two

high-quality replicas of the C- and D-type.

The Jaguar Heritage Trust had twocarson

display, its XJ220 and the F-TYPE RCoupé

that wasusedbythe Bloodhound SSC

team in 2015 to test the deployment of the

rocket car’s parachute.

Apopular highlight wasThe Vintage

Mobile Cinema, also parked up in Wood

Street, whichshowed Pathe newsfilms

aboutStratford,plus the C-type, D-type

and XJ220, all from the Jaguar Heritage

archive. This wasfinished with ashort film

clip of the Bloodhound car testing the


Jaguar Heritage’s director,Martyn

Hollingsworth, presented the Director’s

Choiceaward to JoeSugden forhis

beautifully restored and updated Mk 2,

while The event’s main sponsor –Listers

–pickedanXK120 DHC as its favourite

Jaguar of the show.

The Stratford Festival isn’t just about

static displays, however,and therewere

two90-minuterunsthat took participants

out intothe beautiful Warwickshireand

Cotswold countryside.

Next year’s Stratford Festival of

Motoring will held be on May 6-7,2018.

16 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

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Snetterton, April 1and 2, 2017



THE FIRSTtwo rounds of the 19th

JECRacing season has attracted

19 entrants, including three new

drivers: Michael Holt (XJR), Simon

Dunford(XJ-S), and TomRobinson from

Swallows Independent Jaguar (XJR).

The three-mile Snetterton 300 circuit is

suited to the big Jaguarsand promised to

be agreat opener to theyear’s competition.

Carrying on their battles from 2016,

Colin Philpottand James Ramm qualified

on the front row, Philpottaconsiderable

1.499 seconds ahead. Row2consisted of

Rodney Frost and last year’s championship

winner,Tom Butterfield, in the first

saloon. StandardClass Awas led by the

ever-improving Simon Blunt, followed by

new boyMichael Holt, and NickWade

–promising the usual big battle forclass

honours. Adam Powderham, jumping from

standardclass Atofully modified Class D

in his new XJR, qualified ahead of Patrick

Doyle’s fearsome 6.0-litreXJS.


Race one

An amazing first lap sawthe lead change

three times. Philpottled off the line only to

be passed by Ramm; Philpottreturned the

favour beforebeing passed again. This battle

continued forthe whole race,with the

carsnomorethan inches apart, but Ramm

expertly positioned his XJ-S to absorb

tremendous pressuretotakethe win.

Lateinthe race,Simon Dunfordbecame

part of asandwichbetween thebattling

leaderswhen he wasspectacularly passed

on both sides exiting Palmer bend.

Throughout the field, thereweresome

mighty battles that ultimately ended with

Chris Pizzala winning Driveofthe Dayfor

holding off aclose, race-long challenge

from Powderham in his supercharged car,

while Dave Byesimilarly fought off astrong

challenge from Guy Connew.

Another exciting three-way battle

between NickWade, Daniel Stewart and

Michael Holt wassplit up when Stewart

spun at Hamilton.

The Doyle XJ-S wasdelayed due to

fuel cut off being triggered during agear

change. Derek Pearce found the cause of

vibration that he had experienced during

qualifying when the gearboxmounting

collapsed, taking out the exhaust and,

rather moreimportantly,the propshaft.

Sadly,Robinsonwas pulled up forbeing

toonoisy and had overnight work to rectify

the problem forSunday’s race.

Above:Chris Pizzala and Chris Boon

arechased by Adam Powderham’s XJR





James Ramm (leading) and Colin Philpott

Simon Blunt’s XJ-S is chased by an X300

Daniel Stewart’s XJ-S is chased by Michael Holt’s XJ40

Derek Pearce’s XK8 leads Simon Blunt’s XJ-S

Dave Byeand Guy Connew’s XJ corner hard

18 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Dave Bye’s XJ leads the pack

Roger Webster’s X300

Race two

Following considerable silencing work, the

Robinson XJR wastested forthree laps and

deemed quiet enough to start race two,

whichwas good newsfor Tom, as it was

his birthday. The Pearce XK8 wasanonstarter

due to the previous day’s gearbox

mounting problem.

Race twocontinued in the same vein as

Saturday, with Ramm leading Philpott’s

flame-spitting XJ-S by inches. However,

positions were reversed on lap two.

Philpottfended Ramm until lap six, who

then repassed to take the chequered flag

by 0.3 of asecond, having survived ahairy

slide at Oggies bend along the way.

Connew led Byeand Frost until abig spin

at Coramdropped him out of contention.

Again, Pizzala and Powderham continued

their Saturdaybattleasifattached to each

other by ashort rope. Doyle had avery

tardystart and fought his wayfrom11th to

finish third, earning him the Driveofthe


Stewart had acouple of dust-raising

moments at tricky Oggies, and Blunt again

took Class C.

Atruly terrific start to the season.

Rodney Frost’s XJ-S in the gravel

Winner of Class C, Simon Blunt, leads PatrickDoyle






Daniel Stewart’s dust raising moment at Oggies

PatrickDoyle came from 11th to finish afine third

Winner of race two, James Ramm, leads Colin Philpott

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |19



























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Iwas delighted to read Paul Wager’s

back-to-backroad test of the

Daimler 250 V8 against aRover 3.5

Litre, not least because Iamalso a

keen Roverenthusiast, particularly

the big P5 models –although that

wasn’t alwaysthe case.

However,Iwas alittle surprised

by Paul’s choiceofthe small Daimler

saloon as apotential P5 rival; most

of the period road tests Ihaveread

seem to favour the 420/Sovereign

as Browns Lane’s natural challenger

to the P5B.

As aschoolboyinthe mid-

Seventies, Istill clearly remember

afriend’s father deliberating over

whether he should buy a(used)

Rover3.5 Litreorasecondhand

Daimler Sovereign 2.8. Irecall he

test-drovethe Roverone Saturday

morning,and then the Daimler the

following weekend. Iwas then given

the full debrief by his enthusiastic

son at school on Mondaymorning.

Being the motoring authority,

which–as12year olds –weso

obviously were,myfriend and Isoon

concluded that it would be best to

go forthe Daimler: by then, the P5’s

styling waspositively archaic while

the Daimler came with bags of street

cred (being little morethan athinlydisguised

XJ6). Not only that, but this

particular Daimler sported amanual/

overdrivegearbox, whereas the Rover

wasasluggardly automatic.

To us, it seemed likeaforegone

conclusion, only my friend’sdad

then confounded us both by buying

aVolvo164 instead.

John Parker

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |21



Congratulations on buying

the XJ8 4.2 Sport for Jaguar

World’s project car.Iused to

own the same model, and my car

featured on your pages when the

magazine asked forphotos of

Jaguarstowing caravans. Iowned

mine forfiveyears, whichisthe

longest Ihaveeverkept acar,and

Iloved every minuteofit–even

when it misbehaved.

Alot of people think that these

carsare expensivetomaintain

and arenot DIY friendly,but

that is not the case. Mine only

went intoagarage twiceduring

the time Iowned it, onceunder

warranty foratorque convertor,

and oncefor wheelbearings as

Ididn’t have timetodothem

myself due to doing some work

on my house. Ishould have done

them myself, though, as Iended

up going to the so-called Jaguar

specialist to show them how to

get it apart.

As forpeople thinking that

parts areexpensive, that is

another myth. With alittle bit

of shopping about, youcan pick

most things up at areasonable

cost.Ifound that some parts are

acrossover from the S-TYPE,

and work out cheaper because

they don’t have the XJ name in

front of them. Second-hand rear

ABS wheel sensorslisted forthe

S-TYPE spring to mind. These

were half the priceofthose listed

forthe XJ, but carried the same

part number.

Ilook forwardtoreading about

your XJ in futureissues. Being

Jaguar-less at the moment, I

intend to buy another as aproject

futureclassic sometime. It will

probably be an XJ, either an X308

or X350. Icould be persuaded by

an XK, but Iwill just have to wait

and see when the time comes.

Clive Hutton


What is going on? With the introduction of the new Ingenium petrol engine forXE

and XF thereseems to be a£4,745anomaly.XE, XF and F-PACE diesels areall priced

consistently,withXFonly £325 morethan XE and F-PACE afurther £2,350 more,

after allowing forthe different specification of headlights, wheels and split folding

rear seats.

But the 200 petrol XE is £4,270 less than the 180diesel and the 200 petrol XF

is £475 morethan the 180diesel. Jaguar has alwayspredicted that diesel would be

morepopular than petrol forits new generation models, but the present government

has subsequently gone anti-diesel due to emissions.

Has Jaguar got off on the wrong foot by being tooslow in developing its Ingenium

petrol engine, whichitstill doesn’t offer on F-PACE?

John Roe

(Owner of one of the earlypetrol XEs, whichisbrilliant)



Khethelo @Lord_Maphz

Jaguar E-type Series 1. Enzo Ferrari

described this one as “the most beautiful

car ever made.”

Lord Rambo @RyanWJBCFC

Ilove the look of the new F-TYPE 2.0 BUT

Ihate that rear exhaust. Looks like the

old crappy Boxster #OhDearJag

Safety first

Idohope RichardBremner

had some axle stands or other

protection when he wasworkingon

the rear suspension in the car park

[see JW June 2017,p23]. Having

treated anumber of patients who

have had the misfortune to have a

car fall from atrolley jack, Idread to

think of the potential consequences

had his trolley jackfailed.

John Gray (Retired neurosurgeon)

KDoubleU_ @kdoubleu_

Confirmed: Iwant aJaguar FTYPE

Nicholas Azerty @NicholasAzerty

Iwoke upthis morning and saw that the

world car of the year is Jaguar F-PACE.

Well done #Jaguar! #WCOTY #FPACE

clutchandgo_za @clutchandgo_za

The Jaguar F-PACE is crowned World

Car of the Year. Yes, an SUV. Isittime

for motoring enthusiasts to change their

tune? @jaguarsa #WCOTY

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From low mileage, low owner, excellent history originals to better than brand

new restorations and re-engineered modernisations, Miles Classic is committed to

bringing new levels of detail, fit and finish to the Jaguar XJ and Daimler Sovereign.

Specialising in concourse restorations of the XJ coupe, we combine the

very best in quality with value for money to deliver a personalised

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Miles Classic - Unit 8 Bradley Mills - Bradley Mills Road - Huddersfield - HD1 6PQ

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This XK120 hasa


stance, aided by 15"

wheels and wide rubber.



Britain's motor city. “In those days, you

share his love ofJaguar, and could always find work in another factory.

recently even appeared on Unemployment didn't really exist.”

BBC's TopGear torecall his Unsurprisingly, Norman was keen to

famous 13-hour drive from Coventry to try and get ajob at Humber, and he

Geneva for the launch of the E-Type. did atthe age of14, though he was

As someone who worked for Jaguar only there for six or seven months. “I

from its early Coventry days, through asked for an apprenticeship, but they

British Motor Holdings and into

wouldn't give me one,” hesays. “I tried

British Leyland, and then into anew, at Armstrong Siddeley instead, though

independent life, Norman isuniquely you had to have your parents with you

placed to tell us what it was like onthe then. That was aproblem, asmyfather

inside. Few characters from this turbulent had recently died. However, the labour

period are still alive, and fewer still have manager said he would have aword with

quite so much verve about them!

Mr Siddeley. Ididn't hear anything for a

Norman is Coventry born and bred, week, but then Igot aletter inviting me

and from the age of seven, lived with for adiscussion with Mr Woodruff the

his grandparents. “They lived opposite labour manager. When Igot there, he

the Humber factory,” recalls Norman, “I said 'I've had aword with Mr Siddeley.

remember watching the workers arriving Seeing as you've got the effrontery to

in the mornings, all onpushbikes of come and apply yourself, you're the type

course –there were few motor cars then.” of person we want, so you've got your

This would have been in 1927, when apprenticeship.' So, that's how Igot it.”

Coventry was fast establishing itself as Norman certainly enjoyed his

apprenticeship, “It was awonderful

firm. By the age of 16, Iwas working

in chassis testing, and it was noticed

that Ihad abit of atalent for it.”

Norman learnt todrive at Armstrong

Siddeley, where chassis would have

awooden scuttle and seat attached,

and abig box placed onthe rear of the

chassis to add the weight of abody.

The Second World War saw Norman

join the RAF, but when he was invalided

out in 1943, hebecame an air inspector.

“I'd head up to Lea-Francis, where they

made throttle bodies for the Stirling

Bomber. I'd give the stamp of approval

if Iwas happy. After the war, Iwas

invited to join Lea-Francis, because

they were going back into cars. Ihad full

control of the testing.” This was apretty

remarkable achievement for someone

who was still only 26 years of age. “I

loved the job. Ihad my own office and

secretary, and two guys working under

me. We considered that the Lea-Francis

Norman swiftly found himself making record attempts

Ayoung Norman on the streets of Coventry, Britain's motorcity.

for Jaguar,like here at Jabbeke in Belgium.



ignored the doubters and now owns

avery rare machine –anXK120

that's bursting with stories to tell and

which lets you know ofits 63 year

age with plenty ofadvertisement.

Take the paintwork. It's awful, with

cracks all over the body, and large

pieces where the paint ismissing

entirely. Then there's the remarkable

interior, which has leather astough

as overdone steak and holes inthe

carpet that allow you to see the bare


front bumper was removed, but the

rear bumperettes were left in place.

In those days, that was about asfar

as race preparation went. Cars were

driven to meetings, thrashed around

for abit, and then driven home.

This car wasn't raced very much,

because it had arather major accident

in 1954. The owner apparently had

aC-orD-Type to play with by this

point, so the XKwas sold to its second

owner, who merely parked itupina

barn. It sat there until 1988, when

the third owner found it. Herepaired

the bodywork, but was forced to

make some alterations. The closeratio

gearbox was removed, and the

triple-carburettors and their manifold

transmission tunnel. It's impossible to seem to have vanished. To get the car

replicate. It's only the passage of time working again, aMkII Moss gearbox

that makes acar look like this. Restoring was fitted, complete with overdrive.

it would surely destroy the character. The transmission tunnel was modified

But how did this left-hand drive

to suit, though with function very much

racer end upinthe English countryside ahead ofform inthe implementation.

of Herefordshire? The story begins in Astandard twin-carb manifold

1953, when this car was shipped from was used to allow the engine tolive

Coventry toMontreal, in Canada. It again, and the bodywork was repaired

had aclose-ratio gearbox, triple SU and resprayed. Its salvation was

carburettors and aeroscreens. The

short-lived though, and after just »

C L A S S I C J A G U A R S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 11

cars were better built than Jaguar's,

though we couldn't compete with them

on price. Igot awarning in 1951 from

my friend Jack Ridley, who was head of

sales at Lea-Francis. He told me that

sales weren't good, and suggested I

speak to his friend Bill Heynes, who was

the director of engineering at Jaguar.”

In the meantime, Norman had built

his own Formula 500 race car, which

had earned him alittle publicity in the

Coventry Evening Telegraph. Norman was

offered the role of Chief Development

Test Engineer. “The money wasn't very

good though, soIsaid they'd have to

pay me£2amonth more. They agreed,

though I'd have tostop racing my own

Formula 500 car. Iwas only allowed to

race for Jaguar. Ididn't mind too much,

because racing was very expensive!”

Norman asked to start atJaguar

in January, to enable him to

finish everything properly at Lea-

Francis. Lea-Francis subsequently

had to call the receivers in.

Norman started at the old factory at

Holbrooks, but moved to Browns Lane

in March. “At Holbrooks, the buildings

were good, but the interiors were awful.

There were old wooden floors with holes

in, but Browns Lane was abrand new

factory, and the offices were beautiful.

That was agood move for Jaguar.”

There were very few documented test

procedures at Jaguar, so Norman had to

put anentirely new system of working

in place. “I said that Iwanted totake

the first three cars off the production

line, and put 50,000 miles onthem for

aproper shakedown test. Later, Ihad

ateam oftwelve drivers, who worked

in three shifts around the clock. They

In 1953, Norman set aproduction car

speed record at Jabbeke –over170mph.

Right: Norman(left of engine cover) and

friends tinker with his 500cc race car.

Testing one of the E-Type development

cars at MIRA in 1960. This track was

almost Norman's second home.

roads. We had routes inthe hills of Wales, and that's what Iused for testing.”

and inthe traffic ofBirmingham.”

Norman used Purton near

Norman's first development job was Wolverhampton rather than MIRA, to

developing the disc brake. “They'd

maintain secrecy. Heeven ordered a

already got it [installed] onanXK120. load of straw bales from alocal farmer

Heynes showed me this new brake from so he could build his own circuit. Not

Dunlop. Iwent and had alook at it and that he had much time. “The old man

asked how they were getting onwith told me we had just three weeks,” says

it. They told methey'd almost finished Norman ofcompany boss William Lyons.

it, but asked ifI'd like to test it. Isaid The deadline was very real, as Norman

yes and took it to MIRA. Within three soon found himself as co-driver for

laps, I'd burnt the pads out. Pedal on Stirling Moss atthe Mille Miglia race

the board, fluid boiling. Idrove it back, of 1952. This was the first competitive

carefully, saw Heynes and asked who'd outing for the disc-braked C-Type.

signed it off. It was achap from the

“We had some fun inscrutineering,”

drawing office, who wasn't anengineer.” recalls Norman. “The Italian scrutineers

Norman was invited to ameeting asked us, 'where are the brakes?'

with the chap from the drawing office. They'd never seen anything like it.”

“He was anice bloke, but when Isaid Spotting acompetitive opportunity,

I'd tried ten stops from 100mph, he Neubauer, the Mercedes-Benz team

said he hadn't tried stopping from that manager demanded that the Jaguar be

speed.” The project was then left with disqualified. Count Maggi, who organised

Norman, who did some proper testing. the event, came over to calm things

“I asked why they'd put it on the XK120 down and allowed the car torace.

and not the C-Type. They'd just won at “The funny thing was, when Mercedes-

Le Mans with it, sosurely fitting them Benz brought their new 300SL Gullwing

to the race car was agood idea. Icalled intoscrutineering, the scrutineers

Dunlop and they swapped the disc

said 'but where is the door?' Count

were ordinary drivers onordinary public brakes from the XK120 tothe C-Type Maggi had to come and sort things »



fthe launch and ultimate success it came to automotive engineering,

Both strategies worked, of course,

of the C-Type proved the capability with the D-Type in particular being a with the XK120 proving itself on

of Jaguar’s engineers (and hinted real game-changer thanks to its use the race track. Meanwhile, its morefocussed

competition replacement,

at the company’s motor sport

of aeronautical-inspired techniques.

the C-Type of 1951-53, went on to be

amajor success, twice winning the

Le Mans 24 Hours. But if the C-Type

was aclever and innovative design

(employing alightweight tubular chassis

that combined inherent strength

with real weight-saving benefits), its

replacement of 1954 would prove to

be another leap forward for Jaguar.

ambitions), the D-Type moved things Sayer worked aspart of atalented

on once again thanks to its genuinely team headed upbyWilliam Heynes,

ground-breaking design. As with the who had joined Jaguar (then still known

D-Type’s predecessor, much ofthe as SS Cars Ltd) way back in1935. In

credit for that belonged toMalcolm the early post-war years, however,

Sayer, the former aeronautical engineer and with the Jaguar name now in use,

who had spent World War IIworking Heynes persuaded company founder

for the Bristol Aeroplane Company, and chairman William Lyons that an

moved to Iraq in 1948 and returned in-house engine was required to replace

to the UKatthe start ofthe 1950s. the units previously bought in from

By 1951, Sayer was employed by the Standard Motor Company. The two

Jaguar, his most famous creation being men also agreed that Jaguar’s push

the headline-grabbing E-Type that upmarket would benefit from being

arrived adecade later. But it was his involved in international motor sport,

earlier work with competition Jaguars which would guarantee publicity and

that first showed his raw talent when help to make Jaguar ahousehold name.

amonocoque tub created using

mostly sheets ofmagnesium alloy.

But the shape of the cockpit was


Series III


included smart

new tail lamps.


direction in which Jaguar wanted togo.

But, the trauma ofthe British Leyland

years meant development funds were

not there. Existing designs, whether they

were the original Mini, Land Rover, Range

Rover or Jaguar's XJ6, were simply left to

struggle on as best they could. Jaguar's

limited development budget would have

to focus onanE-Type replacement.

Saloons were simply not apriority.

By 1977, XJ sales were dropping, but

anew car was still years away. Italian

styling house Pininfarina was therefore

tasked with giving the XJ asimple, costeffective

makeover, while changes were

also made to the running gear. Pininfarina

managed the trick of raising the rear

roofline without corrupting the enticing

sleekness that was atrue XJ hallmark.

Rear passenger accommodation

was improved dramatically, and the

enlarged glass area made the interior

feel more airy wherever you sat.

The 4.2-litre XK engine masked its age

by gained fuel injection, which was by

now standard onthe XJ12 too. Only the


just as important asits construction

method, with its elliptical design and

compact size resulting in maximum

rigidity and impressive aerodynamics.

Ahead of this central monocoque tub

was atubular subframe that housed

the D-Type’s engine, steering and front

suspension. The rear suspension was

attached directly to the rear bulkhead

by four trailing arms, with atransverse

torsion bar providing springing and an

A-bracket offering lateral support. The

D-Type’s large one-piece bonnet hinged

forward (like the C-Type’s), while the rear

bodywork was completely removable.

The D-Type was one of the first

racing cars of its type touse such an

advanced moncoque-type structure,

employing stressed-skin engineering

that incorporated the framework

with riveted aluminum body panels,

thereby forming asingle rigid structure.

As with the C-Type, both the front

and rear panels ofthe car remained

unstressed and were easily removable

for repairs, although the D-Type’s

overall design was inevitably more

advanced than its predecessor’s.

Thanks to Malcolm Sayer’s

background in the aircraft industry,

aerodynamics played acrucial role

in the design of the D-Type, the

aim being to make it an even more

‘slippery’ shape than its predecessor.

Sayer knew that aerodynamics were

as important to any racing car’s top

speed asoutright power, and thus set

about creating the most streamlined

competition car ofits generation. Even

the underside of the D-Type had to

be as smooth as possible toensure

free-flow of air and to reduce drag.

For maximum aerodynamic efficiency,

it was decided that the D-Type

should belower and shorter than its

predecessor, tonot only enable the

car toachieve ahigher top speed than

the C-Type but also toimprove its

cornering capability. Most of the form

for the car came from mathematical

computation, thanks to Sayer’s previous

aircraft design experience. He devised

aprocess that included slide rule and

seven-figure log tables for working

out the formulae for complex curves; it

was the kind of work now undertaken

by specialist Computer Aided Design

(CAD) software, yet Sayer worked it

out mathematically and to great effect.

Indeed, initial tests of an unpainted

This shot,and the header,are of Ecurie

Eco se's 1957 Le Mans wi ner,driven

by RonFlockhart and Ivor Bueb.

In his 1988 book, Jaguar (published by

Sidgwick &Jackson), Philip Porter wrote:

“The D-Type was more sophisticated

in construction than the C-Type and

aerodynamically more efficient, and for

many people it has become simply the

classic sports racing car of all time. Ithas

often been likened to an aircraft on four

wheels. Applying techniques learned

during aircraft work in the war, Heynes

and his team, by now unrivalled in the

British motor industry, designed acar

of largely monocoque construction.”

In afurther tribute to Malcolm Sayer,

Porter explained: “There is awellknown

saying inmotoring circles that

1956 saw the D-Type's

second Le Mans victory,

though by Ecurie Eco se

rather than Jaguar itself.

The body was the work ofSayer,

who later adopted the famous fin for

high-speed stability atLeMans.”

differences between the D-Type and

its predecessor weren’t as great as

the design and construction changes,

with the newcomer retaining the

brilliantly successful XK powerplant,

albeit linked to abrand new gearbox.

Changes had been made tothe engine,

including the adoption of arevised

prototype D-Type revealed atop speed

block, larger valves and triple Weber

of 178 mph (almost 30mph faster

'if it looks right, it probably isright'. carburettors, all of which contributed

than the C-Type), which meant that There can be no better example of that to an enhanced output of 250bhp

Sayer’s calculations were spot on.

principle than the legendary D-Type. for the initial 3.4-litre version. »


3.4 retained carburettors. Anew fivespeed

gearbox, the ubiquitous Leyland

Transmissions 77 (LT77), became available

–agearbox also fitted to the Rover SD1,

Triumph TR7 and later versions of the

Land Rover andRange Rover. Most XJs

would continue touse the Borg Warner

65 three-speed automatic, nonetheless.


at first suffered adrastic drop, thanks

to the Iran-Iraq war and simply terrible

build quality. 1979 saw fewer than

15,000 Jaguars sold, the fewest for

almost 22 years. Industrial relationships

were at an all-time low, and components

supplied to the factory were often

not fit for purpose. It was abrilliantly

engineered car, ruined byexecution,

and warranty costs were far higher

than pretty much any other British

Leyland car. This wasn't what buyers

of asporting, luxury vehicle wanted.

As we covered inthe previous issue

of Classic Jaguar, the arrival of John

Egan would see areversal in Jaguar's

fortunes, albeit not everyone embraced

his changes readily. Asfar as the XJ was

concerned, the Series III would finally

Jaguar disguised it well, but that's 1948's

XK engine tweaked for the 1980s.

Engine baystickers

help givethat

'asnew' feel.

get the chance to shine, and prove

that it was rather more worthy than

its emergency interim nature might

suggest. Quality went up, and sodid

sales. From just 12,263 six-cylinder XJs

in 1980, Jaguar managed to sell over

20,000 by 1983, peaking at27,260 in

1985, by which time the XJ40 was hotly

anticipated. Over 97,000 XJ6s were the

4.2 version, in'basic' form. The Sovereign

and Daimler versions were available for

those who wanted alittle more luxury.

Early Series IIIs have become rather

rare. That's partly down topoor sales,

but mostly due to issues with paint,

combined with low values. Jaguar »
















When restoration seems to be the

order of theday,it'srefreshing to find

acar that proudly wearsits age. This

race-prepared XK120 is onesuch

car, andit'sall thebetterfor it.

ttakes bravery toignore pleas to

restore acar. Some people just

find it almost acriminal act not to

Ihave acar made to look shiny and

perfect. Thankfully, Sean Singleton

is not amongst them. In fact, hehas





Oneofthe most distinctive race cardesigns ever hadafascinating

development. We uncoverthe history, thefailures andthe fantastic

victoriesofthisremarkable aero-inspiredracer.



It all began with the D-Type’s cockpit,


Perhaps inevitably, the mechanical





















Norman Dewismay be 96 yearsold,but he showsno

sign of losing hisenthusiasm forJaguar,eventhough he

retired from thefirm in 1985.

estill travels the world to



This was inNovember 1951, though



Thanks to theattention of owner Stephen Hayman, it has

neversuffered as aresultofcoastal life.

he XJ6 Series III is the XJ

that should never have

existed. Designs existed for a

Treplacement for the XJ6 Series

II even before that model had gone on

sale –drawings from 1972 showed the

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Rather than increase sales, the new car









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IT’S Ahabit Ibegan when Iwas akid, and one that

I’ve sporadically pursued ever since. The result is the

ownership of atiny slice ofhistory seen through

idealised eyes, although this tiny slice weighs several

tens of kilos, maybe more.

I'm talking about car brochures, which still have an allure 43

yearsafter my firststicky-fingered haul wasgathered from the Earls

Court Motor Show in 1974.Istill have them, most featuring popular

family carsofthe day, manypictured on the drivewaysoffresh-built

housing estates surrounded by grinning model families preparing

foranactiveday out. Or if it wasanexecutive

model, ahighly attractivesecretary presenting

awide-lapelled middle manager with his brief

case and asmile, possibly suggestive.

Jaguar brochures were usually acut above

this, if no less clichéd. XJs on the gravel

driveways ofBritish country piles, women in

furs –this was the life, apparently. Anartful

exception wasthe large-format XJ-S brochure

collected afew years later depicting the road

trip of aglamorous couple.

The clothes, the social aspirations, the

modest features crowed over by brochure

copy writers –reclining front seats, asunvisor ticket pocket, a

coin tray – can momentarily evoke an era, besides providing


Youcan still get paper brochures even today, despite the advent

of the internet and the brilliance ofcar configurators. Youcan also

download abrochure inthe form of apdf, which isquicker, greener

and avoids the storage challenges created surprisingly rapidly if you

choose the physical version. Either way, you must surrender your

contact details, not unreasonably,whichwill almost certainly trigger

aphonecall from an eager sales person to

whom you must explain that you’re not

about to buy acar.

That said, I’ve quite often found myself

drawn tothe possibility of purchase when the brochure arrives, the

(usually) beautifully crafted images and prose performing asurprisingly

effectivejob of inducing temptation. Whichisthe point, of course. So

while car manufacturerscontinue to offer them Iwill occasionally add

moretomycollection, both paper and pdf, although the virtual variety

doesn’t have quitethe draw despitetheir convenience.

Idon't look at these things often –

although they'resometimes useful as fact

sheets for motoring hacks –but they're

quite agood reference ifyou're restoring

acar.Mostly,though, Ienjoythem forthe

nostalgia, which increases very pleasingly

with age. They’realso useful if you’vegot

the brochure for the car that you dream

of owning. That would be an F-TYPE in

my case, for which I’ve just downloaded

the latest, rather impressive 118-page

brochure. Particularly fine is the image

on page two, which shows atrail of head

and tail lights illuminating aswitchbackmountain pass in an attempt,

likely to be successful, to trigger some mind’s eye fantasising about

whereyou could take your F-TYPE.

Reality might strike when you download the specification and

price guide that comes with this catalogue, which provides another

33 pages of reading. Still, youmight be in with moreofachancenow,

because both brochures provide detail on the latest and (slightly)

more affordable four-cylinder version. Or you can dream on, armed

with facts.







One of Richard's own

treasured brochures

forthe E-type Series 3

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |25

Specialists in the

restoration and repair

of Jaguar Marques

Show winning restoration

and paintwork -Classic and

prestige vehicle maintenance

Full MOT/Mechanical and

Servicing Facilities.

Roll Over Body Jigs.

Low Brake Spray Booth.

Accident and insurance repairs.

Steel and AlloyWelding/Lead


Trimming, Chroming and

Plating service available.

Undersealing and Waxoiling.

We have WonNational Prizes.

We buy Classic Jaguar’s inany




From achip or ascratch toafull nut

and bolt rebuild –please call us or

e-mail on:-

Brewood Road, Coven,

Wolverhampton WV9 5DA

Tel: 01902 790320

FAX: 01902 791586

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360 degrees of Jaguar

We are a family business that’s dedicated to everything

that’s historic Jaguar. We are world class players enjoying

international race victories, Concours d’Elégance restorations

and a parts business that’s a global operation.


Please call for further details Telephone: 01777 818061

Email: mike@jaguar-spares-uk.co.uk Website: www.mandcwilkinson.com

First in line

WITH OUR big, Jaguar sports car supplement in

this issue, my thoughts drifted back tothe very

beginnings of not only Jaguar, but its rivals BMW,

too. Most readerswill know that Jaguar began with

sidecars, trading under the Swallow name. When it

came to four wheels, it based its exuberant design, with

flamboyant colour schemes, firmly on the

humble Austin 7from 1927. Few may realise

that BMW followed the same route with its

first-ever car. Itwas initially marketed in 1927

by Automobilwerk Eisenach under the Dixi

name – and called the DA-1 3/15 (DA =

Deutsche Ausfuhrung, orGerman Version) –

but, in 1928, it was bought by BMW. BMW

retained the name, badging the cars asBMW

Dixi until aname change in 1929, when it

simply became the BMW 3/15 DA-2.

Swallow bought in the Austin Seven as a

rolling chassis (no body or accoutrements).

With afew out-riggers tothe chassis, Swallow

fastened its attractive Art Deco-inspired body

with arounded radiator grille, retaining the

original Austin running gear. Itwas in 1928 that (Sir) William

Lyons secured adeal with Henlys for 500 cars, forging along-lived


In Germany, things went along in a similar vein with an

agreement made between Automobilwerk Eisenach and Austin,








where cars would be built on virtual kits

supplied by Austin. After around 100 kits had

been delivered, the Dixi became an officially

recognised makeinits own right. LikeSwallow,

everything mechanical remained pure Austin

Jaguar and BMW

started lifeon

Austin Sevens, as

Swallowand Dixi

Seven, but it was constructed with the steering on the left and all

nuts, bolts and various fasteners were metric.

Of course, Swallow went on to become S.S.

and then Jaguar, producing awonderful range

of fascinating cars. Although sporting in style,

the early S.S. cars were nomore than tourers,

and, apart from a one-off built by William

Walmsey, sports cars inched in with the sidevalve

S.S.90, evolving into the SS 100.

Historically, there were many parallels

between Jaguar and BMW, with the SS 100

facing the BMW 328, said to be part of the

inspiration for the XK 120.

In the Fifties, when Jaguar had its powerful

XK range, BMW entered the scene with the

exotic V8 507. Hugely expensive, production

just cleared 250 units for BMW, unlike the

thousands of XKs produced.

Then, of course, Jaguar faced BMW onthe circuits; the mighty

XJ12 5.3C threatened the legendary BMW 3.0-litre coupes, and

later the XJS took on the 635 CSi. Both companies, it seems, have

come along way from the people’s car of 1927.

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |27
















Quality and price are sensitive issues, we currently have 7Major E-type projects in the workshop plus STypes,

XK’s,Mk2, Daimler V8’sand XJS. Clearly we are delivering the requirements of our customers.


EMAIL –watjagparts@btconnect.com TEL 01629 640776 /01629 640081 FAX01629 640089

Designing sports cars

SPORTS CARS have been a big part of Jaguar’s

history sincethe beginning,although the approachin

designing them has changed dramatically over the

last 80 years. When Jaguar’s forebear –S.S. –started

to producecarsinthe Thirties, it waseasytolengthen

or shorten achassis, and an engine could be placed anywhereonit.

In the Seventies, monocoques (where the car’s body is part of its

structure) started to became more

popular so it wasnolonger easytomove

the engine and people around in relation

to the wheels, or change the chassis’


Traditional sports cars are frontengined

and rear-wheel drive, with the

engine positioned to give a50:50 weight

distribution (in other words, the same

weight on the front wheels as on the

back). The reason for this is because

when the mass of the engine is at the

front, under acceleration its weight is

transferred backwards resulting in

improved traction on the rear wheels.

Another way to achieve 50:50 weight

distribution is to place the occupants in

front of the rear axle, resulting in along bonnet likethe E-type’s.

When Jaguar started to design cars around monocoques, its

sports carswerederived from saloons that, due to needing alarger

cabin forinterior space, rarely had 50:50 weight distribution. When

we were developing the XJ41inthe Eighties –itself derived from the

XJ40 platform –itwasn’t going to have perfect weight distribution,

but engineer TomJones came up with the idea of inverting the front








50:50 WEIGHT


wishbones, which pushed the front wheels forward, resulting in an

almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

The rest of the XJ41’s structure was more difficult to change.

For example, there was acrash structure inthe front of the car

comprising of tubes either side of the engine. Modifying those

would have totally altered the structural integrity of the car so were,

therefore, best left alone. This means that, structurally, sports cars

and saloons have different requirements

and it is now moredifficult to base sports

carsonashortened saloon chassis.

Unlike saloons, sports cars also often

have open and closed versions and the

proportions and balance dramatically

change when there’s no roof. On both

XJ41 and XK projects, I designed the

convertible and coupe simultaneously to

optimise both. When creating abalanced

look with only awindscreen above the

waistline (compared to the visual weight

of acoupe) it is difficult for neither to

appear compromised. The E-type 2+2 is

agood example of this not working well.

Yet, the 2+2 aside, Jaguar has always

been good at making the proportions for

its sports cars, even those based on saloons, look right.

Keith Helfet was a Jaguar designer between 1978 and

2002. His most famous creations are the XJ41, XJ220, XK 180

and F-type concept, plus the design themes for the XK8. He

currently runs his own design company

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What makes these supercharged saloons

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XK8 vs with

XJS 60





Both are fast; both are beautiful.

How does the XJS V12 compare

the more modern XK8?


Fergus Pollock, the designer behind

both the XJS convertible and XK8








APRIL 2017

What makes these supercharged saloons

so different, despitetheir similarities?



0 vs X308

How doesJaguar’s first V8 saloon compare

with its more advanced replacement?


Servicing the X100’s

braking system





>SS 100






This unrestored,


example has covered

31,000 miles



E-type Series 1

This hardworking coupe shrugs

off long-distance journeys




APRIL 2017 £4.75

PLUS XF XF TDV6 TDV6 S Stested. tested.

Is it our favourite saloon?


This rare, limited-edition model marked

the end of the S-TYPE’s production


How to change

the XJ40’s oils

PLUS Aluminium-bodied

C-type typer



PLUS Aluminium-bodied

Is it our favo



M AY 2 017 £ 4.75


Is this limited-edition XJ40

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Track test of a successful competition Mk 2

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Although on sale at the same time, the X358 generation of XJ

and the first XF were from different eras. Tenyearson, we drive

a2.7-litrediesel version of both to see whichhas the edge



HOSE WHO report on technology

say that 2007 was a very important

year for its future. Not only did

the first generation of iPod go on sale, but

Facebook became part of our everyday life,

reaching 100,000 business pages by the end

of the year. The Amazon Kindle e-reader

also made its debut, changing how we buy

and read books.

By a strange quirk of fate, 2007 was an

equally important year for Jaguar’s future,

since it was the year the first XF was unveiled.

As the company’s first all-new design in a

generation, it set the tone for all forthcoming

models and its impact is felt today.

This was also the year that the XJ received a

major facelift, resulting in the X358 generation

of the saloon. As the final model to bear a

resemblance to the original XJ6, this was the

start of Jaguar removing the shackles of its retro

phase as it began to leave its past behind.

Even though one was harking to the past and

the other clearly pointing to Jaguar’s future,

the two were on sale together for a short

time, creating an awkward juxtaposition in the

company’s salesrooms.

Ten years on, we explore why this happened

and, like comparing using an iPhone to using a

cassette player, we drive a 2.7-litre diesel example

of each of these milestone Jaguars.

32 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Summer 2017 \ Jaguar World | 33


X358 XJ vs XF


Many ofthe X358’s design cues, such as the side air vents,

were taken from aone-off X350-based concept car called

the Concept 8. Devised by Jaguar’s Advanced Design Studio

under the watchful eye ofIan Callum, the Concept 8was a

long-wheelbase model with asupercharged 4.2-litre V8engine

and was unveiled at the New York Motor Show in2004. Other

changes over astandard X350 included 21in wheels, aspecial

panoramic roof and, inside, there was afull-length walnutcovered

console and warm LED lighting. Although the majority

of these changes didn’t make ittothe production X358, it

showed Callum’s vision for the car.

IanCallum knew he wanted to makechangesto

Jaguar’s design from the moment he started as design

director in 1999.

“I decided we had to go backtobasics,” he explains in

NickHull’s book, Jaguar Design – A Story of Style.“Go

backtothe values of what Iremembered Jaguar to be

and what they were to the likes of [Sir William] Lyons

and [Malcolm] Sayer. Stop worrying about wherewe

were todaybecause wherewewerewith the X350 and

X400 [the internal codenames forthe then-current XJ

and S-TYPE] wasfrankly abit depressing.” So he arranged

apresentation of awhole range of saloon cars(Mk V,

Mk VII, Mk X, Mk 2, XJ6 Series 1and X350), brought in

Jaguar’s executivecommittee, then walked around each

car and explained what was‘Jaguar’about it.

“Weall agreed they were Jaguars, yetthey were all

different. Ironically,here’s this XJ6 of 1968 and here’s the

new model for2002; whichare the most similar? Eachof

the othersinthe lineup were just fiveorsix yearsapart,

until the last two. They’re35years apart.” Ian added that

if Jaguar continued on this line, the companycould have

come to an end. “Atthat point, the pennydropped,and

the doorsopenedslightly formetotry new ideas.”

The car industry,though, is likeanoil tanker: impossible

to makeinstant changes in direction, something Ian knew

all toowell. “When Istarted at Jaguar,” he explained

during a2009interview,“Ilooked at what wasaround me:

the designers, the studio, the people, the cars, the facilities.

Younever start from scratch in these situations. Idecided

then and therethat it would take fiveyears to start the

change –Imean the perception outside the company–

and tenyearstocompleteit.”

So by the time Ian joined Jaguar,the X-TYPE’s

development wasabout finished and the design of the

X350 wasalready signed off, acar Jaguar’s then parent

company, Ford,wanted to remain as traditional looking

as its X308 forebear,despite it being the company’s first

car to be manufactured from aluminium.

Ian’s first chancetochange things didn’t arriveuntil the

X150 generation of XK in 2005. But, while its design was

crisper and with moreangular lines than what it replaced,

its proportions were still similar.Plus, it shared the familiar

oval grille and Perspex-covered headlights of earlier cars. It

wasn’t until the first XF –the X250 –that Ian and his team

in the design studio could makemoresignificant changes.

Herewas acar that, despitesharing the same floorpan

as the outgoing S-TYPE, looked likenoJaguar before

it. Gone were its predecessor’s oval grille and twin

headlight, and the quad hooded lights and rectangular

grille of the XJ and X-TYPE. Instead, it wasanall-new

34 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


X358 XJ vs XF





Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |35


X358 XJ vs XF





36 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


X358 XJ vs XF

design that introduced asquarer grille (still seen on

Jaguar’s current range of cars), plus large, single-piece

headlights. The overall design wasalso different sinceits

proportions were close to those of the XK coupe.

It wasahuge change in Jaguar’s design direction; the

most important sincethe angular XJ40 of 1986. Ian,

though, still reckoned the car had some connections with

the past, saying in a2009interview,“When we designed

the XF,wedidn’t think of it as replacing the S-TYPE. Not

because Idismissed the S-TYPE, but because Isaw the XF

as being the new Mk 2, whichisacar Iloved as ateenager.

Itook all the values of the Mk 2and translated them into

the 21st century.Therewas nothing in between.”

The car has become one of Ian’s favourites. “It marked

ahuge turning point and fundamentally changed the face

of Jaguar.Wewerevery passionatetopush this forward,

in spiteofthe resistance. The new visual language helped

re-imagine classic Jaguar as urban cool veering away from

its retroand conservativeimage.”

The only problem wasthat the new car made the thencurrent

XJ and X-TYPE appear old-fashioned –yet neither

were due to be replaced (if at all) forseveral years.

The solution wastogiveboth carsarefresh to help

them match Jaguar’s new design language (you can

read about the updated X-TYPE on page 42). Trying to

combine new and old wasn’t easy, as RichardCarter,

Jaguar’s studio manager,explained in our October 2014

issue. “The biggest challenge, Ithink, wastoharmonise

the sharper morecontemporary design intent with

the rather soft surfacedevelopment of the aluminium

bodyshell. X350 wasone of the first all-aluminiumbodied

cars, and alimitation of the aluminium pressing

technology at the time resulted in excessively large

corner radii to thebody panels.”

The eventual facelift comprised of anew,

narrower,body-coloured radiator surround with a

wide-spaced chrome mesh similar to the XF’s. Both

bumperswerealso deeper and morepronounced,

plus therewerenew vertical air vents in the front

wing (first seen on the RD6 concept of 2003

and already used on the XK to givecarsavisual

connection) and the boot lid featured afull-width

numberplatefinisher with Jaguar’s script, chromed

on all models except the XJR and Sport Premium.

Said Richardin2014, “The design intent wastogiveit

asportier,moremuscular and contemporary appearance

within the limitations of amid-cycle freshening. The air

in-takegrilles were accentuated with chrome bezels and

made moreprominent, with greater emphasis on the

front centrelower intake. This deepened the appearance

of the front end, giving the car the moremuscular

stance. The front and rear bumpersweregiven acleaner,

moremodern, surfacetreatment with simpler more

faceted forms and tighter corner radii.”

Although the changes were small and didn’t require

anymodifications to the aluminium body (other than

the vents in the front wings), they had amajor impact

on the car’s image. The car –known internally by Jaguar

as the X358 –put the model on amoremodern and

contemporary path than early X350s had been and

although it didn’t exactly match the new XF,neither did

it look toodifferent either.Ian’s description of the car in

2007 wasthat it combined the beauty of the traditional

with the confidenceofthe present.

The facelifted XJ arrived in early 2007,afew months

beforethe XF,whichwentonsale in early 2008. With

X351(the X358’s replacement) not going on sale until

2009, it meant the X358 and XF were on sale side-byside

foracouple of years, whichhad amassiveimpact

on the XJ’s sales. Just 2,211 were sold in Europe in 2008

and 1,266 the following year,compared to 17,923and

16,485 XFs during the same period.

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |37


X358 XJ vs XF

2008 XJ

2.7 TDVi







321lb ft



Max speed:



6-spd auto





Value now:


Yetdespitetheir differences, the twowerestill

connected mechanically,sincethey shared the same range

of engines, including the 4.2-litreV8inboth supercharged

and unsupercharged forms (the former used forthe XJR

and XF SV8), plus the 3.0 V6 petrol.

To find out how these twovery different carsfromthe

same period in Jaguar’s history compare, I’m about to drive

examples fittedwith the popular 204bhp 2.7-litrediesel.

The twocarsgatheredhere–aLiquid Silver XJ

2.7 TDVi Sovereign from 2008, and a2009XF

2.7 Luxury in Vapour Grey –show how

handsome eachisinits own way: the XJ with its classic

shape but contemporary grille and detailing,its size

giving it real presence(perhapsmorethan the XF), and

the sleeker new car with its shorter,coupe-liketail

making the classic three-boxdesign (bonnet, roof, boot)

less obvious than on the bigger car’s.

Ironically,Ithink the XJ has aged betterthan the XF.

Maybe it’s because the XJ has atimeless design, while

the XF followed trends that will alwayslook out of date

at some point. Put the old XF next to acurrent model

and it will look old; put an X358 next to acurrent XJ and

it will still look stylish.

Climbing intothe XJ, Iamgreeted with an interior so

traditional I’m surprised it doesn’t call me sir.Ahuge slab

of veneer dominates the dash, whichalthough is to the

same design as our own 2003 XJ8 4.2 Sport, looks better

built and constructed from nicer materials: the wood, for

example, is shinier,the leather thicker, and Ican’t imagine

that it looks muchdifferent from when its first executive

owner took delivery almost adecade ago.

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s

comfort. The car’s wide, soft seats will still do the job

20 yearsfromnow.This car,along-wheelbase version, is

125mm longer than the standardmodel,and sincethe

front seats of the facelift models have resculptured backs,

rear legroom is generous. If the XF is aprivatejet, then

this is your 747.

As atop-spec Sovereign, the car has every conceivable

extraasstandard, including sat-navand DVDchanger,

with rear screens in the front headrests. Thereiseven

arear control panel in the armrest to controlthe

entertainment system.

From the moment Itouch the pedal Ican feel the car’s

true personality shining through. It might look likea

luxury limousine, but it’s actually asports saloon, helped

in no small waybyits aluminium construction.

Although larger than the XF,byweighing in at just

1,658kg (3,657lb), the car’s 0-62mph time of 7.9seconds

(7.8 in the short-wheelbase) is almost identical to the

XF’s time of 7.7. But it’s morethan just afigure. The way

the XJ deliversits power is moredramatic and exciting

–it’s moreeager to accelerateharder than the XF.Some

heavier saloons can take ages forpower to transfer to

the rear wheels, but this Jaguar accelerates the moment

it’s asked: its 50mph to 80mph acceleration is awesome,

storming forwardwith aconfidenceand swiftness usually

reserved forsportscars.

The ride quality is magical; IamAladdin, in ahardcharging

super car riding on acushion of air (these big

carscame with air suspension as standard). Sincethis

also provided adaptivedamping,evenunder the most

extreme of conditions the interior remains calm and

relaxed. When it comes to comfort, there’s still no better

ride than the previous generation of XJ.

But don’t go thinking it’s soggy to driveand moreakin

to something our American cousins would build –the

suspension still has the ability to biteintoacorner.Bends

become moments to be savoured in the XJ, moresothan

in anyother large executivecar I’veeverdriven. Turn in,

foot down and, as the power surge hits the rear wheels,

Iskate round on the edge of adhesion, the adaptive

suspension helping to keep all four wheels planted firmly

on the asphalt. It’s never anything other than composed,

stable and –evenatthe limit –graceful.

In terms of performance, speed and comfort, Ican’t

feel muchofadifferencebetween this car and the XJ

3.0 Portfolio Itested in the June 2017 issue, even though

they areten yearsapart. Yetwhile that car had alist price

of £80,000, a2008XJ2.7 DSovereign like this one, with

sensible miles, is still valued at less than £10k. So, how

does it comparetothe smaller XF?

38 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



...Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing!






2009 59 (2010 model

year) JAGUAR XK 5.0 V8


CONVERTIBLE, Liquid Silver with

Warm Charcoal Hide, Navigation

System ,Heated/Cooled Front Seats,

Heated Steering Wheel, Keyless Entry,

Reverse Park Aid, 20” Kalimnos Alloy

Wheels, .............................. £29995

2012 12 JAGUAR XK 5.0 V8 AUTO

COUPE, Ultimate Black with Warm

Charcoal Hide, SATNAV,Keyless Start,

Rear View Camera, 20” Kalimnos

Alloys, Front/Rear Park Aid, Day

Running Lights, 22000 miles £28995

2010 10 JAGUAR XF 3.0 TDVI V6 LUXURY AUTO SALOON Liquid Silver with Barley Hide, Navigation

System, Front Park Control Rear View Camera, Keyless Start, 18” Venus Alloy Wheels, 38000miles, £13995

2009 59 JAGUAR XF 3.0 DV6PREMIUM LUXURYAUTO Cashmere Gold with Champagne Hide, Keyless

Start, Rear View Camera, Bluetooth Connectivity,SAT NAV, 19” Carelia Alloy Wheels, 50,000 miels.£11995

2009 59 JAGUAR XJ 2.7 TDVI EXECUTIVE AUTO SALOON Midnight Black with Barley Hide, SAT NAV,

Heated Front Seats, F/Rear Park Aid, Full size spare, 19” Carelia Alloys, 18,000 miles. .................. £15995

2009 09 JAGUAR X-TYPE 2.2 SE AUTO DIESEL 5DRESTATE, Chilli Red with IvoryHide, SATNAV,cruise

control, 42000 miles Front/Rear Park Aid, Heated Front Seats. .......................................................£8995

2008 08 JAGUAR XF 2.7 TDVI LUXURY AUTO SALOON Pearl Grey with Warm Charcoal Hide, Keyless

Start, Privacy Glass, 19” Smoked Aquila Alloys, 90,000 miles ......................................................... £8995

2008 58 JAGUAR XJ 2.7 TDVI EXECUTIVE AUTO SALOON, Indigo Blue with Barley Hide, piped sable, 19”

Carelia Alloys, Heated Front/Rear Seats, 48,000 miles. ................................................................ £11995

2006 06 JAGUAR XK 4.2 COUPE AUTO Liquid Silver with Warm Charcoal Hide, SAT NAV,Adaptive Cruise

Control, Front/Rear Park Aid, 19” Carelia Alloys, 62000miles ....................................................... £14995

2006 06 JAGUAR XK8 4.2 SCOUPE AUTO, Midnight Black with Warm Charcoal Hide. HeatedFront Seats,

RearPark Control, 19” Alloys. 55,000miles ................................................................................. £14995

2006 06 JAGUAR XK 4.2 COUPE in Liquid Silver with Warm Charcoal Hide, SAT NAV,Heated Front Seats,

Front/Rear Park Aid, Keyless Entry, 20” Senta Aloys, 49000 miles,................................................ £15995

2005 05 JAGUAR XK8 4.2 CONVERTIBLE,Indigo Blue with Champagne Hide, Blue Electric Hood, Heated

Front MemorySeats, PFM, Cruise Control, CD Multichanger,19” Atlas Alloys, 65000 miles, ........... £16995

2005 05 JAGUAR XK8 4.2 COUPE AUTO, Liquid Silver with Warm Charcoal Hide, SAT NAV, Adaptive

Cruise, RPC, 20” Detroit Alloy wheels, 46,000 miles..................................................................... £14995

2004 54 JAGUAR XJ6 3.0 EXECUTIVE AUTO SALOON, Zircon Blue with Sand Hide, SAT NAV,Rear Park

Control, Full size spare, 50,000miles............................................................................................. £6995

2004 04 JAGUAR S-TYPE 3.0V6 SPORTAUTO SALOON Platinum Silver with Warm Charcoal Heated Front

Seats, CD Player,Rear Park Control. 74000miles .......................................................................... £3595


01803 520026/558684 OUT OF HOURS: 07887 902456



X358 XJ vs XF

2009 XF

2.7 Luxury






321lb ft



Max speed:



6-spd auto





Value now:


It wasn’t only theXF’sexterior that wasabig step

forwardfor Jaguar,sowas thecar’s interior design.

Gone arethe big,clumsybuttons of the XJ and

S-TYPE, replaced by new flush-fitting controls. Thereare

fewerofthem, too. Then, thereisthe gear selector; the

XJ’s traditional stickhas been replaced with ahidden dial.

All of this made the XF’s interior cleaner and simpler

to usethan the larger car’s. Plus, while this example still

has veneer (other materials were available), there’s less

of it and the fascia in front of the passenger is aluminium.

It makes the XF’s cabin look and feel alot moremodern

than the XJ’s, although I’m not so sureit’s as well built

–the plastics aren’t as thick, the wood not as shiny. But,

in 2008, aLuxury model likethis cost £33,500, £18k less

than the Sovereign. This pricedifferenceisstill apparent

todaytoo –whereas the XJ I’vejusttested is now worth

between £8,500 to £9,000, this XF is £3,000 less.

Ihavedriven plenty of XFs in my time, but it’s still

exciting to watchall four air vents slowly rotate forward

and the gear selector rise seamlessly out of the gearbox

tunnel. Jaguar has used the same gear selector forevery

saloon since, but Ican still remember my amazement

when Isaw it rise up forthe fist time.

With the same 204bhp as the XJ, the XF 2.7 is

certainly no slouch. Squeezethe accelerator pedal even

afraction, and the forceofits 320lb ft of torque propels

it easily and cleanly.The six-speed automatic ’boxreacts

so smoothly and accurately that changes can hardly be

felt. While the official figures show it will reach62mph

in 7.8seconds,itdoesn’t feel as dramatic as the numbers

suggest. The reason forthat is the engine is very relaxed

–at80mph in topthe V6 is spinning at just 2,000rpm,

making it avery calm and effortless cruiser.

The ride is alittle soft, but that’s not to sayitshirks

away from acorner.There’s plenty of grip, and even when

really nailing it through aseries of A-bends (whichyou can,

thanks to theeasyaccess to power and nicely weighted

steering), with controlled body roll it’s never anything

other than completely composed. Yet, based on the same

steel chassis as the S-TYPE, and even with some aluminium

panels, the XF still weighs 200kg morethan the XJ –and

that affects how its drives. It lacks the litheness and the

agility of the larger car,despite the smaller footprint.

Of course, most of these carswill be used as motorway

hacks and hereit’s simply brilliant. Smooth and supple,

it glides along the asphalt, utterly unfazed by uneven

surfaces. It’s not as graceful as the XJ, perhaps, but it’s

still one of the most comfortable ways to get from Ato

Bthis side of that privatejet. It’s an economical one too,

returning an average of 37.6mpg,aslightly betterfigure

than the XJ 2.7’s still-excellent 35mpg.

Both are brilliant cars intheir own right: the XJ

for its breeding and performance, the XF for being a

fabulous first stab at abrand new kind of Jaguar. IfIhad

to choose one, I’d go for the XJ. Okay, it didn’t change

the face ofJaguar in the same way the XF did, but its

classic design and incredible performance for abig car,

matched with contemporary updates, still make itas

appealing as an iPhone.


For the 2007 Detroit Motor Show, to test the water ofits new design

Jaguar unveiled the C-XF. Although with its 21in alloys, narrow LED

headlights and cunningly hidden door handles it was obviously ashow

car, itisnow apparent that the overall outline and detailing –such as

the grille –were identical to the eventual XF’s. There had been previous

concept cars (such as the R-Coupe and RD-6), yet this was the first

obvious sign that Jaguar’s design language was about to change.

“One thing should be abundantly clear whenever people are discussing

Jaguar design: Jaguars should be seen as modern cars,” asserted Ian Callum

at the time, “and in the future, people will appreciate them for that.”

40 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


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Do youadmirethe look of the X358 XJ, but

don’t need acar that big? Then, the facelifted

X-TYPE, whichtook manystyling cues from its

larger sibling,might be your answer

42 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017




the market, it wasquite

clear that Jaguar wasn’t

going to achieveits initial

target of 100,000 units a

year forthe X-TYPE, despitethe fact

that its compact executivecontender

had oncebeen parent companyFord’s

great whitehope forthe brand.

Forits final incarnation, then, it changed

the direction of the model completely

–aslightly ironic moveconsidering that

it wasbyfar thebestX-TYPEyet.

Thereare numerous reasons forthe

model’s slower than expected initial

sales. It had apainfully protracted launch

that sawthe model range start lifewith

aV6petrol engine only,inamarket that

–inEurope at least –was commanded

by fleet buyers, whereeconomyand

low emissions were essential.

Then, therewas thestyling,which

wasneat but abit tootraditional.

Jaguar’s desperateattempts to distance

itself from the Ford Mondeo-sourced

platform of the car wasadecision that

led the company’s marketing team

so far away from it that it made them

appear embarrassed of what wasone of

the best chassis of its sizeinthe day.

The build quality,too, had fallen victim

to Ford’s cost-cutting. Whereas old XJs

soldiered on with tight-fitting trim and

durable interior fabrics, the X-TYPE began

to blot its copybook: warped door cards,

rattly plastics and jammed storage cubbies

being just some of the common faults.

Yet, despiteall this, the X-TYPE really

wasn’t abad car,and as Jaguar slowly

took on boardwhat the market wanted

(too slowly,inmanyrespects) it evolved

intoone that suited buyer demands much

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |43



ABOVE: With front wheel drive, the X-TYPE offers fabulous handling

better. First, asmaller-capacity V6 was

introduced. The 2,099ccunit (initially

badged as a2.0-litre despitebeing closer

to 2.1) wascoupled to afront-wheel-drive

powertrain –something that Jaguar was

initially reluctant to adopt. Yet, when the

first front-wheel-driveJaguar appeared,

sales pickeduprather than slowed down.

Then came the estate, followed by a

2.2-litrediesel equipped with the same

engine as (whisper it) the Ford Transit.

Aheavily revised range in 2005 saw

pricing and trim changes, too, that finally

brought the X-TYPE intoline with German

competition, but the slow introduction

of suchmodelswas toolittle, toolate.

Jaguar wascommittedtobuilding the

X-TYPE forseveral moreyears. Indeed,

beforeFord’sPremier AutomotiveGroup

sold off the company(along with Land

Rover) to Tata later in 2008, the plan was

to keep theX-TYPE in production at the

company’s Halewood plant, Merseyside,

until 2011.Assuch,arevision that wasmuch

moresignificant than afacelift wasneeded,

to notonlycapitalise on the opportunities

presented by European fleet markets, but

also on the growing number of privatesales

in developing markets suchasRussia and

Turkey.Bythe time the Tata-owned Jaguar

Land Roverwas established, the X-TYPE

facelift development wasalready complete,

so although Tata would ultimately decide to

pull forwardthe end of X-TYPE production

to 2009,those carsfromthe last two

yearsofproduction were by far the best.

The facelifted X-TYPE wasfirst shown

at the Canary Wharf Motor Expo in June

2007,but it would be nine months before

the new model appeared in showrooms.

Therewereover500 revisions to the new

car,chiefamong them being anew six-speed

automatic transmission forthe diesel variant.

The new gearboxfeatured asequential shift

function and waseffectively atest bed for

the transmission, whichwould also go into

the new XF.Itwas thefirst time that adiesel

autocombination, whichhad been available

on all the X-TYPE’s keyGerman rivals

forseveral years, wasfittedtothe small

Jaguar,and it helped to give the car further

traction in the critical fleet market. It was

The materials used forthe facelifted

X-TYPE's interior areofabetterquality

than earlier models

aterrific combination, too, with excellent

performanceand refinement: 0-60mph was

achievable in 8.7 seconds, while atop speed

of 134mph and CO2rating of 159g/km

were competitivewith the car’s core rivals.

Additional powertrains included the

existing 2.0-litrediesel, plus the carryover

V6 petrol engines that had been part of

the X-TYPE line-up since2001. In the UK,

however,onlythe 3.0-litrewas offered

due to revised road taxregulations,

whichmade petrol models prohibitively

expensivetotax and only really attractive

in the most upmarket trim level.

44 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



This example has the 2.2-litredieselengine 18in Proteus wheels standardonthe Sport Premium The dials aresimilar to those used in the S-TYPE

Wherethe model differed most

significantly wasinJaguar’s marketing

approach. Mindful that it had perhaps tried

the wrong tack when the model wasnew,

and that the X-TYPE wasbythen an older

model with alimited appeal in the market,

Jaguar took on amuchmoresubdued,

but targeted, direction in talking to its

customers. In essence, the X-TYPE became

very muchamini-XJ, with afocus on the

moreluxuriously appointed models in the

range rather than being all about the Sport

variants, whichhad been the major thrust

of the original car’s launchcampaign.

The style of the brochures and marketing

materials changed, too. Muchmoresubtle

coloursand classical photographygave

the car an upmarket aura, as if Jaguar

had identified that an X-TYPE would be

the perfect car foratraditional XJ buyer

looking to downsize, especially in the wake

of the introduction of the XF and the end

of S-TYPE production. The rather striking

XF was, after all, abold step forwards in

styling terms, and wouldn’t be foreveryone

coming out of an X308 or X350-type XJ.

Although Jaguar couldn’t affordto

change the tooling forthe steel shell, by

changing the plastic exterior mouldings

the X-TYPE wasmade to look morelikeits

bigger brother,the X358 XJ, whichhad been

launched earlier in 2007.Mostprominent

wasawider mesh grille (featuring aGrowler

badge) instead of the fluted original,

while wider,deeperbumpers gave it the

appearanceofalarger car from both

front and rear.The sill mouldings were

revised, too–atwo-fold improvement

as not only did they enhancethe styling,

but they allowed Jaguar to plug up the

gap between the plastic moulding and the

body sill, whichithad started to identify

as acorrosion trap on the earlier models.

Additional chrome details on the boot

lid, Jaguar insignia on the front wings, new

alloywheels and integrated turn signals in

the door mirrorscompleted the exterior

styling,whichcame with anew range of

exterior coloursand the removal of the

bright blue and solid redhues that had

previously been offered on Sport models.

Inside, the option of new Rosewood and

Piano Blackinterior inserts complemented

the existing Burr Walnut and Carbon

Fibre, and the choiceofseattrims was

also revised. Entry-level Classic trim now

had half-leather trim as standard, while

SE, Sport Premium and Sovereign variants

received full leather,withaluxury option

of soft-grain leather seat facings and

distinctivediamond-stitch insets on SE

and Sovereign, in the style of aBentley.

Therewerethree standardcolour trim

choices –Barley,Ivory or Warm Charcoal

(beige, cream or dark grey), while the

special-order soft grain trim could also

be chosen in anew colour line called

Spice–abrick redhue that worked best

with blackordarkgreyexterior finishes.

Summer mer


\Jaguar a

u ar

World |45



Other changes included new black-backed

dials similar to theS-TYPE’s replacing

dark green, and tungsten detailing for

the instrument bezels, air vents, centre

console and steering wheel spokes.

Therewas also awaveofnew technology

features. Integrated Bluetooth with pairing

foruptofivedevices wasabig boost for

the business user,while touchscreen sat-nav

wasstandardised across the range, along

with anew DAB-compatible radio receiver

that worked in both DABand FM format.

Front and rear parking sensorscompleted

the new tech,with smaller,morediscreet

and moreaccuratesensorsatboth ends.

Keen pricing also gave the X-TYPE alift,

especially at aretail level whereJaguar

didn’t have to do battle with the big fleet

managersand their expected discounts.

The 2.2 diesel autoClassic, forexample,

waspriced at £23,750 and wascomparably

betterequipped than most BMWor

Audi models at the same pricelevel.

In manyrespects, then, the final

incarnation of the X-TYPE wasactually

the car it should have been all along,

and it’s hardnot to see the last-of-theline

cars–with their mix of engine and

transmission choices and either saloon

or estatebody styles –asamissed

opportunity.Had Jaguar not rushed into

launching the X-TYPE in 2001, and had

instead spent abit moretime refining

the model line-up to be competitivewith

what the rest of Europe had to offer,it

could well have enjoyedgreater sales.

In the event, what rolled off the

Halewood production line forthe last

twoyearsofX-TYPE production before

being stymied ahead of schedule, was

an extremely capable, pleasant and

engaging car to drive, with all the

prestige appeal of an XJ, and alevel of

choiceand quality beyond that which

the X-TYPE had previously offered. The

facelift mayhavecame toolatetosave

the X-TYPE, but it wasafine car and

remains so foranyone wanting amini-XJ.

Thanks to:Owner of the X-TYPE

2.2 Sport Premium featured

here, Phil Allsop

2008 X-TYPE Sport

Premium 2.2

Engine: 2,198cc 4cyl

Power: 153bhp

Torque: 266lb ft

0-60mph: 8.5secs

Max speed: 137mph

Transmission: 6-spd man

Economy: 47.1mpg

Price new: £28,000

Value now: £4,500


It’s amazing how afew small

changes can make abig

difference. The steel body of

this 2008 X-TYPE is the same

as the earlier models, but its

narrower, squarer radiator

surround, the chrome mesh

grille, larger bumpers and

improved detailing create amore

contemporary look of the time,

even though its classic quad

headlight treatment remains

the same. Since the X-TYPE

always had fabulous proportions

anyway, itmakes this late

example avery handsome car.

The interior, although also

similar in design to pre-2007

cars, is improved by better

detailing and materials, giving it

the same high-quality ambience

as the XJ tested overleaf. One

big difference, of course, is that

the X-TYPE’s dash is covered

in carbon fibre (standard on

the Sport Premium). While we

take such modern materials for

granted in today’s Jaguar, this

would have been ahuge step

for acompany that built its

reputation on the traditionalism

of wood and leather –although

there is still plenty of the

latter, and Iespecially like

the cream, diamond-stitched

hide covering the seats.

This is a2.2-litre diesel

version, with 153bhp, and

the engine feels eager and

responsive. It only takes the

slightest touch of the throttle

for it to respond, propelling the

car forward crisply and without

hesitation. Yet itcan still pull

away smoothly at low speeds

and in alow gear, thanks to the

huge amount of torque –266lb

ft. It is quiet even under heavy

acceleration, with only alittle

unwanted engine noise making

its way into the cabin. The sixspeed

manual gearbox is quick

and accurate, having the short

shifts that Jaguar’s current

manual ’box sadly misses.

The lack of body roll means

the car remains composed at all

times so corners can be taken

surprisingly quickly, aided by the

confidence that front-wheel drive

brings, plus the firm accuracy of

the steering. As aSport Premium

model, the suspension is a

little harder than the Sovereign

specification, but it’s not

unpleasant and still rides easily

over bumps. It does miss out on

the visual razzmatazz and engine

grunt of amodern supercharged

model, but the X-TYPE is still

atrue sports saloon and this

gorgeous example, with just 80k

miles, represents alot of car

for its current value of £4,500.

It might be adecade old and

amodel that survived for just

12 months, but as aresult

of the sensible modifications

that Jaguar made in 2007

the facelifted X-TYPE still

has much to offer anyone

wanting acompact saloon

with the look and feel of a

bigger one. Paul Walton

The facelift X-TYPE received afull length signaturepanel

The facelifted X-TYPE’s squarer radiator grille

Part of the 2007 facelift wasimproved detailing

46 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

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small, experienced team are waiting to help.

Starting in 1976, we have assisted numerous customers with

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Full potential

Restoration specialistClayton Classics has

fittedmodern fuel injection intoa1969 E-type

Series 22+2 foracrisper andmorereliable

performance. We experienceitfor ourselves



strength or intelligence–is

the keytounlocking our

potential,” said Winston

Churchill. This is certainly

true of manyspecialists as they striveto

improvethe classic XK engine.

Although the 4.2-litreversion produces

ahealthy190bhp, unless perfectly set up

the engine never showsits true potential,

hencewhy it’s still being developed

and modified long after production of

the unit has come to an end. The latest

improvement favoured by ownersis

electronic fuel injection, amodification

Clayton Classics has started to offer.

“Itturns it intoanamazing,flexible

engine,” says Clayton’s managing director,

Geoff Insley,“and it really is astepforward

in terms of performance.”

Geoff and Clayton’s Dean Allsop

decided to offer fuel injection as part of a

comprehensivelist of modifications acouple

of yearsago,but knowing that it’s not an

easysystem to install, they wanted their own

car to trial it on rather than acustomer’s.

Says Geoff, “My view wasthat whatever

problems we’d encounter we would need

to understand them –and the best wayto

do that wasinstall it and then run the car.

We couldn’t just install it and sell the car.”

The car chosen wasanAmericanspecification

E-type Series 22+2 automatic

that Geoff had previously bought at auction.

Already in good condition, Geoff figured

that it just needed agentle recommissioning

rather than acompleterestoration. “It had

areally sound body and nicepaint,” he

explains. “Not to our standardmaybe, but

good enough.” Afterpurchase, Clayton’s

engineersrebuilt the engine, converted the

car to right-hand driveand went through

the suspension, fitting Koni dampers.

Aesthetically, the car waskept standard,

although the standardwirewheels have

been swapped forversions that arewider

and have alarger diameter.

Due to problems sourcing amore

modern five-speed manual, the automatic

wasreplaced by astandardfour-speedunit.

As an experiment, Clayton’s technicians

swapped the standardexport axle fora

higher ratio, 2:88 rear axle.

Jaguar itself began fitting Lucas’

L-Jetronic fuel injection to the 4.2 in

the lateSeventies and Geoff says they

considered adopting the same set-up, but

quickly dismissed it due to its crudeness.

48 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017





“It’s an old-fashioned system and we

decided that if we were going to do it, we’d

do it properly and bring it up-to-date.”

With plenty of specialists producing fuel

injection systems forclassic cars, Geoff

and Dean were able to pickand choose

the parts that worked forthem. Their final

set-up includes aMangoletsi manifold and

throttle mechanism, Jenveythrottle bodies

and Boschinjectorsand an ECUfrom

Emerald. Of course, it’s one thing fitting

all of this, it’s another making it work, but

Geoff says Emerald’s Dave Walker wasvery

helpful with Clayton’s technicians in their

efforts to get the system set up correctly.

“Wecalled him afew times to discuss

problems. He would often send us another

engine map via email and say, ‘Try that.’

We’d download it ontothe ECU, take the car

foradrive and tell him what we thought.”

Following acouple of yearsoftrial and

error,the car and the fuel injection system

areready,and Geoff is incredibly pleased

with the results. “Beforefuel injection,

thanks to the 2:88 axle, first gear wasvery

long,second wasfor accelerating,thirdwas

foraround town, while fourth wasgreat for

cruising on amotorway,although it struggled

at low speed. Now we’veadded fuel

injection, the car picks up with no coughing,

and trundles along at 800rpm. But put your

foot down and it will still pull away.”

Geoff is so takenbyhow the car

drives that he’s considering using it fora

European touring holiday, citing the extra

room the 2+2 gives over his standard

E-type Series 1coupe as abonus. Geoff

then offersmethe chancetodrivethe car

–not around mainland Europe, but rather

Coventry’s slightly less glamorous ring road.

It’s takenawhile, but the E-type Series

22+2 is no longer considered the ugly

duckling of the range. Admittedly,its

proportions aren’t quiteasperfect as the

standardcoupe’s, but Clayton’s burgundy

example still looks fabulous, especially on

its slightly wider-than-standardwirewheels

that help with both its looks and stance.

Geoff says almost apologetically that the

interior hasn’t been restored. “It’s not bad

enough to take it out and replace, but it’s a

dark redcar with ablack interior so it looks

slightly gloomy.”

Ithink it looks betterfor that sinceit

retains the patina only originality brings. Yes,

the blackleather and vinyl upholstery area

bit worn hereand there, but alittle distress

50 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


by appointment


Gildenhill Place,Gildenhill Road, Swanley,Kent BR8 7PD England

Tel: 01322 669081 Mob: 07836 250222 •Website: www.peterjarvis.net

Jaguar E Type 1970 Roadster finished in

totally unmarked gleaming Primrose Yellow

with Black hide interior, headrests, tinted

glass, stereo system, sparkling chrome wire

wheels, whiteband tyres, spare and tools

unused, only two owners from new, lots of

bills and history, original hand book and old

MoTs, lots of valuation certificates, never

seen rain, partial restoration by ourselves to

bring this car to the highest of standards,this

car must be seen for its condition, the

ultimate in ETypes, £115,750

Jaguar EType 1969 2+2 left drive, finished in the original mirror finish of gleaming unmarked masons black, with light

beige hide interior,headrests, reclining seats, sparkling chrome wire wheels, manual transmission, power steering,Jaguar

fitted triple Webber dco 40 carburetors, with six branch manifold,lots ofhistory, handbook, only 500 miles since the best

restoration we have ever seen, complete with all tools, recent concours winner, and winner of many shows, trophies to go

with car,this is averyrare and special EType. The original colour scheme is breathtaking,alsocomes with everything itemized

from the previous owner. This is the best 2+2 we have ever seen, more detailed pictures onour website. £125,750

Jaguar SS 100 built in 1968 by thefamous Birchfield

coach builders inhand crafted aluminum, based on

the 1936 SS 100. These cars are very rare only

22 were made, this is number 12. These cars have

tripled inprice in last few years,mostly because of

the investment side ofit, plus they drive beautifully.

Hardly ever come up for sale although wehave had

6ofthese master pieces. Finished in gleamingblack

withmatching hide interior piped in red, with matching

carpets, headrests, walnut veneer dashboard, power

steering, manual with over drive, anodized wire

wheels, large chrome head lights with chrome mesh

protectors, twin spots, 4.2.litre, 4pot vented discs,

all weather equipment, proberlythe finest coachbuilt

repro in the world, these cars are just breathtaking,

must be seen.Excellent value. £85,750.

Jaguar EType 3.8 series 11962 LHD Roadster. Finished in gleaming

Carmen red with as new black hide interior with the bright aluminum dash

and centre consul, CD stereo system, brand new sparkling chrome wire

wheels and tyres, spare wheel unused, complete with all tools and hood

cover, the whole car looks new. This breathtaking icon has been totally

restored from front to back by avery well known man in the Jaguar world.

And has only covered afew hundred miles since. Comes complete with

handbook also the amazing historyfile of the restoration. Achance to own

proberly the finest of ETypes and asuperb investment. £157,500.

Jaguar EType V12 1971 2+2 LHD finished

in British Racing Green with superb black

hide interior, headrests, air conditioning,

power steering, chrome wire wheels, drives

excellent, lots of maintenance invoices, only

two owners, alwaysgaraged,not concoursbut

avery genuine car to drive, gift one for the

enthusiast, at only £48,750.

Jaguar EType V12 roadster 1973 This EType

must be one of the best inthe world,easily

mistaken for new. Finished in unmarked

gleaming black with cherry red hide interior,

headrests,sparkling chrome wire wheels, with

white band tyres, spare wheel unused, power

steering,manual transmission, stereo system,

tinted glass, drives like new, box file full of

history, thousands spent to bring this car to

its like new condition, ifyou want the very very

best this is it. Just breathtaking. More pics on

our website.Afine investment. £165,750.

Jaguar EType V12 Roadster 1973/4

Finished in gleaming Old English

White with as new black hide interior,

headrests, original radio/cassette and

manual transmission, power steering,

as new sparkling chrome wire wheels,

spare wheel unused, only 36,000 miles

from new, virtually one owner from new,

good history, original paper work and

handbook, very rare to find a car in

this unique condition, never seen rain,


Jaguar EType V12 Roadster 1973 finished

in the period Primrose Yellow, as new

black hide interior, black hood cover, and

black hood, headrests, CD stereo system,

automatic, power steering, new chrome

wire wheels and whiteband tyres, spare

wheel never used, complete with all tools,

only 58,000 miles from new, original factory

handbook, recent invoices to bring this car

to mint condition, this EType drives superb

and is just stunning. £125,750. More pics

on our website.

Jaguar EType 1965 4.2 FHC Finished

in British Racing Green with Beige hide

interior, Sunroof, Radio, Upgrades, engine

by Forward Engineering, Coopercraft

brakes, this unmolested car has only

15,000miles from newand looks onlytwo

years old. Achance in alifetime to own

avery rare EType, which has mellowed

to an amazing condition. This car isjust


Jaguar EType 1970 left hand drive 2+2

finishedinopalescentsilver blue,withsuperb

matching hide interior,overmats, headrests,

original stereo,manual transmission, power

steering, air conditioning, chrome wire

wheels,42,000 miles from new, two owners,

invoices, original handbook, service book,

excellent example. £59,750.

Jaguar EType 4.2 Series 2 Roadster

1970 finished in Primrose Yellow

with Black hide interior, headrests,

stereo system, manual transmission,

sparkling chrome wire wheels, zero

miles since nut and bolt restoration,

lots of bills, magnificent throughout,



Jaguar EType V12 1973/4 roadster, finished in totally

unmarked signal red with superb black hide interior,-

headrests,tinted glass,stereo system,over mats,power

steering,manual transmission,as new sparkling chrome

wire wheels,with new white band tyres,complete with all

tools,lots of recent invoices,original handbook,been stored

in amuseum for many years,only covered 37,000 miles

from new, and only two owners,never seen rain,drives like

new,this EType is just magnificent through out.£145,500.



gives it morecharacter, likeanold, battered

briefcase. Besides, it’s the view from the

driver’s seat that matters,and after seeing

the gorgeous wood-rimmed steering wheel,

it’s the huge white-on-blackSmiths dials in

front me that Inoticenext beforelooking

down that long,voluptuous bonnet. It’s here

Ithink that, despitethe 2+2 being 9in longer

than the standardcar resulting in the twotiny

seats behind me, this is still an E-type with a

performancetomatch.It’s athrilling moment.

And Ihaven’t even turned the keyyet.

WhenIdo, the classic 4.2-litrestraightsix

starts in aheartbeat, the engine’s gruff

noteontickoversounding as steady as a

metronome. Isnickthe long gear stickinto

first and release the clutch,and already know

the car’s performanceisgoing to be cleaner

than normal. Instead of fluffing and coughing

likesome classic carsI’vedriven, with its

electronic fuel injection the performanceis

smooth and, importantly,reliable.

Just likeamoderncar,Iknow exactly

how fast the car will go depending on how

far Ipush the throttle pedal. So, with an

empty dual carriageway ahead of me, I

squeezethe pedal harder,resulting in an

instant and crisp burst of acceleration, the

excitement of whichisfurther heightened

by the XK engine’s distinctiveexhaust note.

It’s not only enhanced performancethat

fuel injection offers; it’s the reliability of its

power delivery.After braking slightly fora

roundabout, slicking the four-speed ’box

intothirdand then second, Ienter back

ontothe carriageway. The car accelerates

the classic 4.2-litre straight-six starts

in aheartbeat, the engine’s gruff

note on tickover sounding as steady

as ametronome

in exactly the same manner as it did earlier

and would continue to do so all day.

The new Koni shockabsorbersand fatter

tyres mean the car’s handling is as reliable

as its performance. And, with plenty of

grip, little body roll and, importantly,the

ability to perfectly balancethe throttle

through abend, Ican carry plenty of speed

intoacorner beforeblasting out.

All of this makes Clayton’s Series 2great

fun to driveand is easily the best set up

E-type I’veeverdriven. Clayton Classics

now offersfuelinjection as part of its

modification package. Geoff tells me about

one of his customer’s car to illustratewhat’s

possible, “He wanted to do trackdaysin

his E-type, so we gave his car twodifferent

maps. He simply flicks aswitchfor his track

daymap then flicks it backtodrivehome.”

It has takenplenty of effort by the

Clayton team, but an E-type youcan

comfortably use forboth road and track

showsthe full potential of both the car and

fuel injection.

Thanks to: Clayton Classics (02476 691916; www.claytonclassics.co.uk).

The E-type Series 2isnow available for demonstrations

52 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

Our most innovative car to date..

Classic styling meets state of the art

technology in our latest restoration; fully

modernised fuel injection, uprated brakes,

adjustable front & rear suspension,

5 speed gearbox, air conditioning, LED

lighting and modern fuse board.

+44 2476 691916



The ultimate E Type Roadster is now

available for test drive

First drive

XE 2.0 i4 250PS


With current controversy surrounding diesel engines,

Jaguar’s new Ingenium 2.0-litrepetrolunit couldn’t have arrived

at abettertime. We driveanXEwiththe 250PSversion





HAS OUR loveaffair with the diesel

engine come to an end? With growing

concerns about the amount of harmful

emissions that diesels produce, sales

arefalling in the UK. According to

the Society of Motor Manufacturersand Traders,

78,778diesel carsweresold in January 2017, a

drop of 4.3 percent on the same month lastyear.

Petrols arenow outselling diesels, too: in 2016,the

market wassplit 49 and 47.7 percent respectively.

So it is with perfect timing that Jaguar is starting to

produceits new four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine

at its class-leading Engine Manufacturing Centrein

Wolverhampton. We’vehad the 2.0 Ingenium diesel

foracouple of yearsnow,anengine Ilike, and these

all-new petrol engines will directly replacethe existing

–but old-fashioned –200PS and240PS units.

Excluding the 300PS in the recently announced

F-TYPE 2.0 (see News), thereare currently

twounits –200PS or 250PS –available with the XE

and XF; F-PACE has the 250PS unit only.I’ll be trying

the 250PS engine in this XE, ahandsome Caesiu Blue

R-Sport with all-wheel drive.

As you’d expect from Jaguar,the new petrol

units boast plenty of new technology,suchastwin

scroll turbos to reduce lag,optimisepower output

and efficiency.Itworkstoo. In the XE, both engines

return 44.8mpg and emit just 144g/km (both

improvements over the outgoing 2.0 engine).

The differencebetween the200PS and250PS lies

with their performances: at 155mph, the 250PS has a

7mph faster topspeed than the 200, although at 6.3,

it’s only 0.8 of asecond faster to reach60mph. Then,

there’s the cost. At £35,645, the XE 250 R-Sport I’m

about to test is £4k morethan the 200PS version.

Both engines have continuously variable valve

lift technology to improveair delivery,too, plus

electrohydraulic valvecontrol forimproved flexibility.

54 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

First drive

XE 2.0 i4 250PS

XE R-Sport 2.0 i4


Engine 1,998cc4cyl

Power 250PS

Torque 270lb ft

0-60mph 5.8secs

Max speed 155mph

Transmission 8-spd auto

Economy 42.2mpg

List price £35,645

It’s clear from the moment Iaccelerateawayfor the

first time that this is acrackingengine. It’s quiet: using

an app on my smart phone it was75DBat50mph on

an uneven A-road. As acomparison, on the same road,

my XK8 4.0 –itself smooth and quiet –was 80DB.

However,when Iburythe throttle, the result

is asurprisingly racy and gruff exhaust note. At

speed, when the turbos arealready spooled up and

spinning,the eight-speed ’box(there’s no option

foreitherofthe new 2.0-litrepetrols to have the

company’s six-speed manual gearbox) kicks down

immediately,resulting in apunchy and instant

acceleration. Adownside of having so manygears,

though, is that at low speeds the transmission can

hunt around forthe right one, resulting in aslight

pause beforethe engine finds the torque it was

looking forand the car accelerates.

Lightweight and compact, the new Ingenium

petrol engine hasn’t upset the XE’s excellent

handling and the car still feels composed and surefooted,

the four-wheel driveaiding grip. However,at

speeds on uneven roads, it can feel abit fidgety.

The XE AWD250PS petrol isn’t as economical

as the XE AWD180PS diesel (by18mpg), but it’s

still cleaner and morepowerfulthan the outgoing

petrol engines. If we really arefalling out of love

with diesels, then perhaps it’s not just due to

their environmental issues: maybe we prefer the

smoothness and performanceofstart-of-the-art

petrol engines suchasJaguar’s new Ingenium 2.0.



The XE S3.0 now has the 380PS

V6 rather than the 340 version

The other important news for the 2018MY

is that the XE Snow gets the full 380PS

V6 as fitted to the XF and F-TYPE S,

rather than the entry 340PS. In acar the

size of the XE, this has ahuge impact on

its performance.

Although the time taken to reach

62mph has barely changed (from 5.1 to

just 5.0 seconds), the explosive way in

which the 380PS delivers its performance

has. It only takes agentle squeeze of the

throttle for the eight-speed automatic

gearbox to kick down, resulting in ahard

and sudden thrust of speed. It sounds

fabulous, too. Not as loud as the F-TYPE

V6, maybe, but the engine’s distinctive

wail is still present.

Despite dropping in alarger, heavier

engine, Jaguar hasn’t affected the XE’s

composed handling, while its direct

steering responds to my every command.

There’s nodenying that, at almost

£50k, the XE S380PS is expensive for a

compact saloon. But, if you judge acar by

its performance rather than its cost, then

it’s worth it. Just ordered aBMW M4?

Then, you’ve bought the wrong car.

XE S3.0 380PS

Engine 2,995ccV6

Power 380PS

Torque 332lb ft

0-62mph 5.0secs

Max speed 155mph

Transmission 8-spd auto

Economy 34.9mpg

List price £48,045

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |55





Programme engineer JackPalfrey works forJaguar

Land Rover, so when he bought a1996 XK8, it wasn’t

long beforehewas repairing and modifying it


56 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |57



I’VE ALWAYS loved the X100, whether

in XK8 or XKR trim, and alwaysdreamt

of owning one,” says JackPalfrey.“Now

that Ido, it is every bit as rewarding as

Ithought it would be. Iget admiring

looks from all sorts of people.”

When 30-year-old Jacknoticed, in 2014,

that the prices of XK8s had slumped, he

started looking at several that were forsale.

“Although Isaw anice2000MY, it was

alittle out of my budget and not quiteto

the spec Iwanted,”herecalls. “I also sawa

completely rottencar that wasfulloffiller

at aso-called specialist.

Then he sawa1996convertible that

tickedall theboxes, and whichhebought

forabargain £4,500. It had covered

122,000 miles, had been highly spec’d

from new with awinterpack, which

includes heated seats, heated door mirrors

(including folding mirrors) and heated

windscreen, plus headlight washers.

“I got some history from the previous

owner and afully stamped servicebook

–the important bit,” he says. “I also got

someone in JLR to have alook at the

warranty history forme, whichIhave acopy

of. Interestingly,ithad some gearboxissues

early in its life, and at, 500 miles, it had a

new gearboxfitteddue to an intermittent

problem, and again twoyears later some

gearboxcomplaints resulted in re-adjustment

of the cable, and afilter and oil change.”

Jackisproud to saythat his XK8 has

never broken down and needed rescuing,

but he has been forwardthinking and

replaced the alternator,power-steering

pump, oil cooler pipes, thermostat housing


and coolant header tank when they started

to show signs of trouble.

One repair took Jackseveral months

to complete,though, because of the time

takentosource thesecond-hand parts.

The chrome finish on the headlight bezels

(surrounds) and the reflectorswas starting

to peel off, whichisacommon problem,

and he managed to fix the defect at first

with some chrome-effect spray paint. He

also thought about painting the bezels

black, as on the 2004-2006 XK8 X100, but

decided to stickwith originality here. So,

instead, he kept looking foraset of secondhand

headlight units, whichneeded to

include cut-outs forthe washers.

Having found anearside headlight unit

in good condition, he kept looking foran

offside unit. “It had been well over ayear

BELOW: The leather seats have been re-coloured to

restoretheir original cream finish

RIGHT: Early 4.0-litreV8has coveredmorethan

126,000 miles. It has had anumber of ancillaries

renewed, but wasotherwise reliable

58 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



and Istill hadn’t sourcedone, when apair

popped up on eBay,”herecalls. They cost

abargain £40. “The pictures were unclear

of their condition, but Itook apunt on

them and bought both. Afew days later

they arrived, and Iwas pleasantly surprised

with them. They were alittle dirty and had

some mud on, but were completeand in

good condition.”

Unfortunately,the replacement headlight

units didn’t have the washersthat Jack

needed, but he eventually pluckedupthe

courage to dismantleone of them and his

old offside headlight unit to see if he could

assemble agood one.

“I set about trying to prise the lens from

the bezel on the new unit,” he explains. “I

had aquickcheckonmypower wash lamp

that Icould prise the lens off the bezel and,

with minimal effort, the seal wasgiving way.”

Although the lens on his old headlight

unit could be removed, the lens on the

replacement unit refused to come off. “I

tried heating it, both with aheat gun and in

the oven on low heat, but nothing helped

to soften the sealant,” says Jack. “In the

end, Itook the drastic decision to break the

lens and removeitinpieces.”

Armed with his old lens (whichincluded

the cut-out forthe washers) and a









dismantled replacement headlight unit with

agood reflector and bezel, he started to

assemble the twotogether.“Iusedblack

RTV(room temperaturevulcanising) to

re-seal the lens to the bezel. This seemed to

work well and also act as agood sealant to

prevent wateringress.”

Oncethe RTVhad fully dried, Jack

looked at the lighting part of the unit,

hoping he could use the backofit. Both

units were different, so he resorted to

stripping them and assembling one unit

with as manyparts from the replacement

unit as possible.

Other jobs Jackhas done have been

just as involved and creative. The exhaust

tailpipes, forinstance, were designed by

him. He explains, “I had access to some

very sketchyCAD data,so, in my spare

time, Imodelledupsomepipes in CAD and

overlaid them to seehow they would fit.

Aftersomeadjustments, Igot the pipe

angles and lengths right, so set about

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |59



finding asupplier forthe tailpipes, which

eventually led me to acustom exhaust

fabricator who made up the tailpipes. Given

that the pipes only had twobends,finding

someone to supply and bend twopipes in

stainless steel wasn’t toomuchofanissue,

or tooexpensive.”

Jackalsowantedtoredesign and

replacethe pipework that is routed over

the rear driveshafts, but realised it wasa

complex set of over-axle curves, and also

that Adamesh had beaten him to it. So he

ordered apair instead.

Today, Jackpoints out to me the

damage to the underside of the bonnet’s

soundproofing,whichhesuspects is where

the plastic inlet manifold (alloy-effect

coating proved tooexpensiveduring

pre-production costings) has fouled it.

He also says that the wings and bonnet

line arelower than the later XK8 X150

model, whichhad to comply with safety

regulations requiring agreater gap between

the topofthe engine and the underside of

the bonnet.

Some aspects of the car have remained

bewildering,suchasthe alloywheels.

Jackinitially thought these were adealer

option, but his boss (who wasinvolved in

the development of the XK8) cannot recall

having ever seen them. Afew days later,

when Iwas at SwallowsIndependent Jaguar

Specialist, one of the mechanics recognised

the wheels as apopular set of BBS alloys

fittedtoBMWs. The PCD (pitch circle

diameter) on the BMWand XK8 is similar,

so suchwheels can be swapped over and, as

Jackhas done, Jaguar decals added to the

centrecaps. Maybe this is the answer.

Jackhas long been keen on repairing and

modifying his own vehicles. “My parents

bought me aMk1Golf Cabriolet to work

on when Iwas in my teens to keep me out

of trouble and Ilearnt alot on that –and

even morewhen Iended up parting it out

forspares as it had alot of body rot,” he says.

BELOW LEFT: Dashboardisfinished in burr walnut

BELOW RIGHT: Spotless bootcan swallowlotsof

luggage, as well as this bag forthe hood cover

Having learnt to driveinaMk3Vauxhall

Cavalier,and consequently owning numerous

Mk 3Astras, he returned to German

cars, owning an Audi A6, an A4 Avant

Quattroand another VW Golf Cabriolet,

some of whichheresprayed and customised.

“I’vetinkered with carsall my life,” he

explains. “I got friendly with acustom

painter in Somerset, just down the road from

whereIlived, so anysparetime Ihad Ihelped

him out, and we ended up painting alot of

my vehicles. Ihelped out on some custom

bodywork, whichIalso used on my A6.”

Jack’s bodywork skills also helped him

when he went to Bridgewater College

and completed its foundation degree

in Motorsport Technology,followedby

the final year top-up at OxfordBrookes

University.“From this, Ijoined Jaguar

Land Roverasaserviceprocess validation

engineer,” he says, whichinvolved working

on full CAD renderings of vehicles in the

development stages and carrying out

serviceand repair work with virtual models

of hand tools, and digital manikins to assess

60 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


XK8/XKR Parts

and Accessories




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from afamily business with

more than thirtyyears

NorthWalesJag Centre

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andcomplex motor vehicle

requiring specialistknowledge

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to maintainits performance.

exclusively in Jaguars. CARSALES


Please visitour website or phonefor an Jaguar’s original Formula 1show caris

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equipmentwhichenables us to


experts for all servicing

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requirements and repairwork.

quickly and efficiently.

Based in the stylishcoastalresort of Llandudno, we’re only afew minutes walk from therail station.

By car we’re ten minutes from the A55 and when you’re here, it’s just astroll to the beach!



North Wales Jag Centre Ltd


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exactly how avehicle can be serviced and

repaired, checking access to all fixings and

raising issues. I’vesince moved on and I’m

now responsible forthe serviceattribute

forthe new Range RoverVelar.”

Jack’s car painting and customising skills

again came in useful on his XK8, especially

forrespraying the bumpers, sills and the

offside door and wing. “I have asmall garage

Iuse forpainting,” he says. “It’s six feet

wide so Ican’t get the car in, but Iuse it as a

workshop. Ihaveacouple of paint guns and

an air compressor,whichisabasic setup. I’m

not apro,but can get agood finish.”

Jackhad to put his mechanical skills to

good use after atrip to Bournemouth with

his wifelast summer,when he noticed

apoolofliquid underneath the front of

the car.After checking all the essential

underbonnet fluids (engine oil, coolant,

power steering and brakefluid), he

remained puzzled as to the source of the

leak. On the return journey home, the fluid

loss turned intoaproblem when he floored

the throttle pedal.

“I got to about 3,000rpm in second gear

and it jumped, the revs went up, then it

re-engaged second, and it dawned on me; it

wastransmission fluid,” he explains. “So Igot

her up to speed, nursing her in higher gears

and, fortunately,itwas aclear drivehome.

Iwas hoping that therewas enough fluid

to keep her going without causing damage.

Iknew the system held tenlitres, although

three aretaken in the torque converter.”

Amile or so from home, the XK8 went

intofailsafemodeand the five-speed ZF

automatic gearboxremained in fourth gear,

but Jackmanaged to makeitback. The next

day, he topped up the gearboxtocheckfor

leaks, cleaned anytransmission oil that had

leaked out, and went forashort test drive

beforepeering underneath.

“With an inspection torch, Icould see

fluid escaping from the rubber section

of pipe to thecooler in the radiator,” he

says. “It seemed the OEM crimps on the

hydraulic pipes had failed.”

Fixing the problem wasn’t asimple case

of fitting new crimps, though. Instead, he

had to removethe bonnet, the radiator fan

shroud and power-steering pump.

Jackhas also had to dealwith restoring

several aspects of the interior of his XK8.

The cream leather seats and upholstery were

re-coloured, the burgundy suede door cards

re-trimmed using material from afabric

supplier (Jackused glue and plastic welding

to fitthe new material), and the hood was

revived with a£40 Renovocleaning,dye

and proofing kit. “The latterdid take time,”

he explains, “not so muchinthe actual

undertaking,but the time needed fordrying in

between stages. It’s doable over aweekend.”

There’s no denying the fact that

Jackhas got well and truly stuckinto

maintaining and lightly modifying his

XK8. It’s encouraging to seethat manyof

the common problems on this car can be

resolved, although having plenty of time is

ABOVE: Jackrepaired the headlights himself, using

second-hand donor units that cost £20 each

BELOW: These 18in alloywheels arebelievedto

have originallybeenfittedtoaBMW

essential if you’rekeentokeep costs low.

Jacktells me that although he doesn’t

think his XK8 is quiteasmuchfun to drive

as aLotus or MX-5 in terms of dynamics

(the XK8 is heavy at around 1,850kg for

the convertible), it is definitely amatch for

the Audis, Volkswagens and Vauxhalls he

has owned.

“Also,” he adds, “it’s agreat GT cruiser

and I’m looking forwardtotaking it on a

road trip across Europe at some point.”

Thanks to: The Manor

Country House Hotel


near Bicester for the use of their

grounds to photograph Jack’s XK8

62 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

Family run business, specialising in the

buying, selling and racing of Jaguar

motor cars.

Website: www.jaguarselect.co.uk

Contact Tel: 01825 872911/

07969 533722 (Adam Powderham)

Jaguar XKR-S

4.2 2008 -

50000 Miles


Jaguar History



Daimler X300

Double Six V12

-Spruce Green

-Captain Seats

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Jaguar XK 2006 Coupe.

Mileage 52000. Jaguar History. Charcoal

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Jaguar 2004 XKR -34000 Miles -

Best we’ve ever seen -£27995

Jaguar XKR 2006 -Two Owner and Complete

Jaguar History -80000 miles -£16995

Jaguar SType R2002 -88000 Miles -Ivory

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XK8 08/16



XK8 ServiceItems

Part No. Description Price PartNo. Description Price

NJA3558AA AirFilter 10.20 C2N3587 Oil Filter 9.19

C2C35417 Fuel filter 6.25 C2C37063 DriveBelt (V8) 16.74

NCA3850HA2 SparkPlugs 12.54 each JLM20880 ServiceKit 110.72

C2C26235 DriveBelt (Supercharged) FROM 51.44 GJA8962BB Wiper Blade (Drivers) 7.08

AJ86484 Thermostat 15.54 GJA8960BB Wiper Blade (Passengers 4.82

NCA2246BA ThermostatSeal 2.08 MJA2140DJ Frontshock Absorbers From 152.46

JLM1098 Track RodEnds 7.80 each MJA3540DE Rear Shock Absorbers From 138.60

MJB3953AA Steering Rack Mounting Bush 25.28 each JLM20683 Steering Rack Gaiter 9.60

MNC1830AA FrontWheel Bearing 28.20 JLM1708 Rear Wheel bearing Kit 24.60

MXD2102AA FrontAntiRoll Bar Bush 10.62 MJA2105AG Front AntiRoll bar Link 16.56

MJA3502DD Rear AntiRoll bar Bush 6.70 MNA3505AE Rear AntiRoll Bar Link 6.84

CBC8996 Prop ShaftFlexCoupling 42.40 JLM21380 TopBall Joint 13.50

MNC1350AA LowerBall Joint 29.40 MNE1360BB FrontLower Wishbone Bush 7.62

MJA1462AB FrontTop Wishbone Bush 15.12 MJA2370AJ Front Subframe Bush 50.28

CAC4610 Rear hub Taper Roller Bearing 8.76 MJA3715AB2 Diff Strut Mounting 12.46

CAC4713 Pendulum LowerBush 2.95 CAC7760/1 Pendulum Upper Bush 12.72

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When Arthur



learnt that his

old car wasupfor

auction, they knew

they had to see it

beforeitfell under

the auctioneer’s

gavel. We speak to

them about whythe

car means so much

TALL began innocently

enough over aChristmas


drinks party with the

neighbours. Somebody

mentioned an interestin

old carsand Arthur’s

granddaughter,Lucy,spokeofhis time at

Jaguar.But it wasall in passing. Until, that

is, she returned home and decided to

carry out research that would have an

impact on her and her sisters’lives.

With the cold efficiency that only

internet search engines possess, details

flowed in about an auction featuring a

restored Jaguar 3½-litresaloon –owned

new by Jaguar’s Arthur Whittaker.

Intrigued, Lucy spoketoher sister Sally

about her discovery and they decided

it would makeaniceday out to go to

Brooklands in March and take in the

auction at the same time. They were

accompanied by Charlotte,the thirdof

four sisters(Sarah couldn’t makeit).

Prior to theauction,they had the chance

to take along look at, and even sit in, their

grandfather’s car.They knew then that

the one factor they hadn’t bargained for

wasemotion: they had to buy this Jaguar.

None of them had ever found the need

to attend an auction, let alone bid for

something this significant. Knowledgeable

buyerscompounded the situation, all

fully awareoflot number 203. Said Lucy,

“It wasanerve-wracking experience.”

Keeping her bidding arm firmly by her

side likeaseasoned campaigner,Lucy

waited until the chancersfell away and

only the serious buyerswereleft. Then,

she joined the fray,her heart skipping

abeateachtime she wasoutbid. Her

dogged determination wonthe dayas

her bid passed the estimated priceof

£55,000-£65,000, and eventually the

hammer fell on £69,440. Emotions of

elation, nervousness and excitement all

converged to bewilder their senses.

66 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



What to do now,though? None of

them had driven acar likethis before.

Fortunately,itwas arranged that the

car be transported to acollection area in

Northampton, whereLucy’s husband, Mick,

wasabletocollect it and take agentle drive

to theirhome on the outskirts of Coventry.

Mickhad measured and prepared the

garage ahead of time so it wasready forthe

Jaguar.Meanwhile, they all came to terms

with their new acquisition and embarked

on acampaign of research forboth car

and, to some extent, their grandfather.

As children, they had alwaysbeenferried

around in Jaguars, and talk around the

table wasforever about the ‘works’.

Arthur Whittakerhad joined Swallow

SidecarsatBlackpool in 1923 at the age

of 17.AnapprenticetoImperial Garage,

the work with Swallow wasinitially part

time, as the company’s first salesman. He

would ride his Granville Bradshaw-engined

Matador motorcycle with Swallow sidecar

all over the country as he introduced the

trade to the new product from Blackpool.

Lucy recalls her grandmother saying the

family worried enormously about the

young Arthur’s sales trips, whichwereoften

forlong distances over some fairly bleak

and hostile terrain, and undertaken in all

weathers. The job wasn’t forhim, though,

and, then full-time with Swallow,hesoon

found his feet bound to thefactory.

When Swallow had astand at the

Olympia motor show,Whittakerwas the

allocated salesman. By 1927,(Sir) William

Lyons promoted Arthur to become

his chief assistant on the business and

serviceside, to whichheexcelled. An

integral part of the company, he made

the transition from Blackpool to Foleshill

in 1928, as Swallow wasdesperate to

expand, despitethe national depression.

In 1935, with Lyons’ partner Walmsey

(forever apain in his side) retired, anew

companywas floated on the stockmarket:

SS CarsLimited. Having proved his worth

through sheer ability,Whittakerprogressed

from salesman to general manager,before

being appointed adirector of the new

company, with Lyons as managing director.

His flair forthe dramatic wascalled

upon when he wasinvolved in the nowfamous

1935 launchofthe first SS Jaguar

in aMayfair hotel. Specially invited guests

were askedtoestimatethe selling priceof

the new car.Their average guess wasover

£600 and yetthe actual pricewas just £385,

largely due to Arthur’s legendary purchasing

skills. Wartime activities then occupied the

Jaguar factory,and, with nothing escaping

Whittaker’s attention, he released the

full story at the cessation of hostilities.

Lyons held him in high regard, in part

no doubt due to Arthur’sability to get the

best pricewhen purchasing,yet stillremain

on good terms with everyone. Respect is

an oft-used word today, but it is something

that Arthur received in abundance. Jaguar’s

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |67



man in America, Jo Eerdmans, thought

very highly of Arthur,singling him out as

being especially decent and thorough.

In 1961,the year of the E-type and

Mk X, Whittakerwas appointed deputy

chairman. He sawthe merger between

Jaguar and BMC, but everything changed

in 1968: Sir William Lyons announced

that he would be relinquishing his status

as managing director,although he would

stay on as chairman and chief executive.

With yearsofchain smoking telling on

Whittaker, he also took the decision to

step back, giving up his executiveposition

butstaying on in anon-executiverole. By

November,hefeltthe need to fully retire.

His close friend William ‘Bill’ Heynes

wrotetoLyons saying,“Thereisnodoubt

the companyisbadly missing Mr Whittaker,

who wasresponsible morethan anyone in

the organisation forwelding the various

departments intoasingle unit. He could,

and did, discuss with all directorsthe various

day-to-dayproblems without anypersonal

aggrandisement, and wasvirtually the second

step in the ladder,whichgavecohesion.”

Arthur had almost tenyearsin

retirement beforeemphysema took this

most gentle man, passing away in 1977.

Lucy recalls her grandpa as being

very muchafamily man, fun to be with

and alwayssmiling. Despitespending

long hoursatJaguar,hemade sure

that therewas time forthe family,

with holidays often spent all together

at Sandbanks in Dorset, wherehealso

enjoyedsailing. Arthur’s wife, Mary,

missed Blackpool, so they also made it a

point to return whenever they could.

Stories of his understated reactions are

legendary,not the least in 1957 during

the destructivefireatthe Jaguar factory.

ABOVE: Interior materials were to Arthur Whittaker’s specification

BELOW LEFT: Lucy (left) and Sarah with their grandfather’s Jaguar

BELOW RIGHT: The 3½-litreengine remains as smooth as ever

Apparently,having already arrived home

fordinner alittle later than usual, he put

his knifeand fork down and mentioned

that he had to return to the works that

evening. When his wifeasked if there

wasany particular reason, he calmly

announced, “The factory is on fire.”

His position at Jaguar allowed anew

Jaguar every twoyears. In another

charming story,itissaid that the

Whittaker’s had acolourful gardener called

Charlie who, while Arthur and Mary were

away,decided to ‘borrow’ Mary’s new

Jaguar from the garage in their house

on the Kenilworth Road. When their son

Tony discovered it missing,hereported

it as stolen and the policedulyarrived.

Right on cue, as everyone stood milling

about in the drivescratching their heads,

Charlie swung the car intothe drivewith

his girlfriend in tow, whom he had clearly

been trying to impress. Having caught him

red-handed, Tony felt he had no option

but to fireCharlie thereand then. Later,

recounting the story to his father,Arthur

wasless than impressed exclaiming,“What

the bloody hell did youdothat for? Ihave

afactory full of cars, but good gardeners

arelikegold dust.” That wasabout as angry

as the even-tempered Arthur ever got.

Fortunately,thereisahistory file with

the Jaguar,and, along with other research,

68 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


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atime line has been pieced together.Built

latein1947, the car wasregistered new to

Arthur WhittakerinJanuary 1948, when

the retail pricewouldhavebeen £1,263.

Lucy has aletterdated Christmas 1947

sent from Arthur to Mary apologising

fornot being able to source her more

pairsofpost-war stockings and alluding

to another special Christmas present that

could only have been the 3½-litresaloon.

Afterthe requisitetwo years, the Jaguar

went to RJ Peabody beforebeing recorded

again in 1955, owned by RegParley.In

1970, it wassold to dealersHarris Bros, in

Chippenham. It reappearsin1972onthe

Isle of Wight in the hands of Anna Offert,

and in Oxfordin1976with Charles Davies.

In 1981,the first restoration work was

started by David Priest, in Watford,who

eventually moved to Edinburgh. Due

to Priest’s subsequent ill health, David

Davenport’s services were retained for

the restoration, wherethe recordsshow

that the engine had already been rebuilt.

Davenport completed the restoration in

2004 and recalls the car as being “a good

one”, whichDavid Priest then collected from

Bedfordshireand drovehome to Edinburgh.

An MOTinJuly 2004 showsthe mileage

as 61,346, believed to be genuine.

Some four months later,RichardBurn

took over the Jaguar,but the servicework

wasstill carried out by David Davenport. The

2009 MOTshowed the mileage at 62,503,

when it wassold on to Owen Wynne in a

deal brokered by Davenport, who had also

been instrumental in the sale to Burn.

Wynne maintained the car,and his

infrequent use took the mileage to 63,749.

Owen eventually consigned it to the

auction in March 2017,when the sisters

enter the picture. Mickhas diligently

maintained records, including those first

36 miles driven home from storage in

Northampton. The family arejust getting

intothe ways of older car motoring and

aredetermined to take it out at every

opportunity.Trips out areusually around

50 miles-or-so and, today, thespeedometer

reading has just tripped over 64,000.

IarriveatLucy and Mick’s charming

home and am delighted to findsister

Sally also there. The family enthusiasm

is as exciting as it is infectious. Idiscover

that Arthur’s son Tony preferred lawto

motor cars, but wasvery muchaware of

his past and wrotehis memoirstoinclude

recollections of the warfromaCoventry

kid’s point of view.Later,hewas one of the

gang of four founder membersofthe Green

Party.Lucy is saddened that he wasnever to

see the Jaguar,ashepassed away just ayear

beforeitreturned to the family.Afamily

photograph exists showing ateenage Tony

and his father with the car; he would have

been absolutely charmed to see it again.

Finally,Iamprivileged to seethe 3½-litre

Jaguar.The gentle hum of the engine eases

the car out of the garage to reveal the most

fabulous shape. Curving lines slowly come

intosight beforethe crowning glory –huge

Lucas headlights and aheavily chromed

radiator grille. The car is simply magnificent.

On the day, Iamcontent to ride in the

passenger seat, aguest of the family rather

than imposing myself as driver.Mickdrives,

with Lucy and Sally comfortably seated in the

luxuriant backseats. It’s acomfortable place

to be,too,because Arthur specified the bestquality

hide, offset by burr walnut veneer.

Mickisreally getting the hang of the

old Jaguar and is clearly enjoying himself.

As we poreoverthe car while taking

photographs, it becomes evident that

this is asignificant survivor.Manyofthe

detail parts remain, including the cigarette

lighter and virtually the entiretoolkit,

neatly residing inside the boot lid.

Icould waxlyrically about the fine

restoration, discussing the finer points, but

Ipreferinstead to reflect on the lifeofa

man who worked largely in the background,

shunning the limelight, preferring to spend

quality time with his family.Arthur Whittaker

wasanunsung heroatJaguar,and all of us

Jaguar ownersowe him an enormous debt

of gratitude; his name should be mentioned

in the same light as that of Lofty England,

Bob Knight and his close friend Bill Heynes.

Could therebemoreofafitting tribute

than his Jaguar returning to the family

fold, afamily that is determined to show

the car at various events? To Lucy,Sally,

Charlotte andSarah, we wishyou yearsof

enjoyment with this car,whichwill, of course,

change the path of your lives forever.

ABOVE: Fabulous toolkit set in green baizeisvirtually complete BELOW LEFT: Arthur with nephew Billy

on the waytoWembley MIDDLE: The same journey with his son Tony RIGHT: Arthur Whittaker(second

left) in characteristic pose with forefinger on chin, smiling at astory from arelaxed Sir William Lyons at

Arthur’s retirement dinner

70 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


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Tel/Fax: 01905 821569

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Completeinterior trim manufactered and fitted in our factory.

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As the chief engineer

for Jaguar sports cars,

Erol Mustafa has the

kind of job title that

goes down well at

dinner parties. But being

the keeper of Jaguar’s

DNA is atall order

72 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017




Weall want to make

beautiful cars,” says

Erol Mustafa, the

man lucky enough to

hold the job title of

chief engineer,Jaguar sports cars, when

talking about the relationship between

the marque’s engineersand designers.

In manycar companies, the relationship

between the twoareas is fraught.

The designersare seen as the ones

with vision, and the engineersare

the gatekeepers: the people who find

reasons not to let the designers’ ideas

in, rather than to interpret them.

“We’revery luckyatJaguar to have

acohesivebalance,” says Erol. “It’s all

about the relationships. The designers

have the vision and the engineers

deliver that vision. It’s only as alast

resort, if something would affect the

car’s performanceorquality,that

we’d push back. And that’s broadly

understood among all of us.”

Erol has been part of Jaguar’s

engineering team sinceheleft university

in 1995. “It wasaninteresting time,” he

recalls. “Backthen, we had justtwo cars–

the XJS, whichwas really quiteold, and the

XJ, whichhad justbeen heavily revised.”

Erol, however, began his career on the

X100 –the codename forthe XK8 –as

part of the engineering development team,

beforemoving intoamoretechnical role,

working on combustion systems forthe AJ

V8 engine, as fittedtothe XK and the XJ8.

But his major break waswith the

second-generation XK, the X150,

whichfirst appeared in 2005.

“It wasatthat time that Iwas made

vehicle engineering manager forsports

cars,” he tells me. “I went from being

responsible forpowertrain to being in

charge of integrating all elements of

the car –balance, ride, NVH [noise,

vibration and harshness] and refinement

to match the attributes we’d set out

forthe X150 in the planning stage.”

From there, Erol went on to become

the engineering lead forthe F-TYPE, a

role he held from the car’s inception to

it going intoproduction in 2013,and

one that subsequently took him into

the position of chief product engineer,

whichhehas held since2015.

One of the biggestchallenges he

has faced recently waslaunching

the new 2.0-litreIngenium-engined

F-TYPE, the brand’s first commercially

available four-cylinder sports car.

“With the F-TYPE, we have acar

that has multiple characters,” he says.

“Fromthe 200mph SVR at one end of

the spectrum to the new 2.0-litreatthe

other,the car wasnever acompromise.

We won’t call the 2.0-litreanentry-level,

because it is asports car developed

in its ownright to givethe excellent

performance, handling and character

that areessential elements of the Jaguar

DNA. This is increasingly important as

we looktowardsfuturepowertrains,

whichmay well be very different again.


Jaguar DNA and get it right. Heritage is

hugely important, especially to abrand

likeJaguar,but we needtorecognise it

and use it to inspireusand stand true to

what the brand means, while constantly

looking at the future. We needtolook

forwardmorethan we needtolook back.”

So what, in Erol’s eyes, defines

engineering as aconcept?

“It’s all about balance,” he tells us.

“Balancing requirements, specifications

and properties to achieveatargeted

outcome and makefeasible what the

designersenvisage. We knowwhat

the Jaguar DNA needs to be, and we

work in harmonytoachieveit.”

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |73

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01733 551000 JAGUAR SALES 07850 825266

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Jaguar ownershipthatlittle bit easier

76 OUR


Paul Walton uses his

XK8 foraphotoshoot

in Ipswichwhile

Craig Cheetham says

goodbyetohis X-TYPE

80 Your Jaguar

Jaguar enthusiast Roger West introduces us to

his 2000 XKR convertible

82 Modern Workshop

Leeds specialist Tasker &Lacy explain what to

look forwhen inspecting an X100 XK8

86 Q&A

Queries about an XJ12coupe not starting and an

XF diesel in restrictiveperformancemode

90 Classic Workshop

The interior is finally refittedtoour E-type

Series 1coupeproject

94 Gearbox

New products this month include aD-type book

plus improved lighting forclassic Jaguars

96 Specialist

We take atrip to Cambridge to discover more

about established sports car specialist, Wallis &Son



2000 XK8 4.0

It’s been three weeks sincePaullasttook his XK8 out forarun. To putmatters right,

he heads to Suffolk to meetthe winner of the SNG Barrattphotocompetition

Paul’s XK8 and Martin Brazill’s

E-type look good together

I’VE BEEN having abusytime recently,

the result of whichmeant my XK8

didn’t turn awheel in morethan

three weeks, and it wasn’t really my

fault. Having so manycarstotestwas

the main reason, starting with the XJ

3.0 Autobiographyinthe previous

issue, whichwas replaced by the F-TYPE

V6 forthe sports car supplement.

Then, there’s our new project car,

an XK8 4.2 Sport. So manycarson

the drivemeant Icouldn’t physically

retrievemyXK8 out of the garage.

However,with things returning to

normal and my drivenow clear,itis

time to get backonthe road. Atrip

to Ipswichtoshoot the car belonging

to the winner of parts specialist SNG

Barratt’s 2016 photocompetition

seems an ideal outing. Trying to start

the car the daybeforethe event ends in

failure. Even with my limited technical

diagnostic abilities, Ican diagnose a

flat battery.Sureenough, after Ijump

it off my Nissan Pathfinder SUV,the

Jaguar’s big V8 bursts, thankfully,into

life. Aftera20-minutebattery-charging

drive, the problem is resolved.

The next day, Iset the satellite

navigation on my phone (the car’s

ancient system is useless) forthe 90-mile

journey to Ipswichtomeet Martin

Brazill. As the winner of SNG Barretts’

photocompetition, he has won£200

worth of vouchersand aprofessional

Paul jump-starts his XK8

from his Nissan Pathfinder

photoshoot of his car provided by Jaguar

World.SoIhavearranged formagazine

regular Michael Bailie to meet me

outside Martin’s house to photograph

his redE-type fixedhead coupe.

The drivesouth alongthe A14

76 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Will new tyres improve the handling

of Paul’s XK8? He thinks they will

Winner of the 2016 SNG Barrattphoto

competition, Martin Brazill, with his E-type S1

to theSuffolk coast reminds me of

just what afabulous car this is. Fast

and comfortable, its 4.0-litreV8is

surprisingly smooth compared to

the XJ8’s 4.2. It might not have the

same heavyweight punchasthe

saloon (thereisadifferenceof10bhp)

but it’s quieter,morerefined.

One thing I’venoticed,though, is that

the handling isn’t as sharp as other XK8s


due to the tyres. The car’s Flutealloysare

currently shod in tyres made by apair of

Chinese firms I’venever heardof–three

matching and one odd –whichisclearly

having anegativeeffect on how the car

drives. Sincethe springs and dampers

were changed last year,the poor quality

of the tyres won’t allow the car’s true

potential to shine through. It’s abit like

asking Usain Bolt to run in the Olympics

wearing apair of supermarket trainers.


house wherehis gorgeous red

E-type fixedhead coupe is ready and

waiting. A1964model,itisone of

the final 3.8 coupes. He has owned it

foradecade now,using it regularly,

including forcontinental holidays.

Martin’s winning photowas alow

shot of his car,framed by bright green

leavesinthe Suffolk countryside. Simple.

SNG Barrettsaid of it, “Martin’s use

of depth, composition, colour and

light bagged him the topprize.”

Martin’s car is handsome and a

perfect example of the breed, yetIstill

reckon my car looks good alongside.

The E-type’s influenceonthe XK8

is clear and the similarities of their

curves makeitobvious, even to the

uneducated, that they’refromthe same

stable. However,his perfectly presented

car puts mine, still coveredinathick

layerofgarage dust, to shame. Imake

amental notethat Imust clean it as

soon as Iget home (but, of course, I

know Iprobably won’t get time).

With the shoot over and pleasantries

complete, Imakemyway backalong

the A14. Ikeeppromising myself to use

the car more(otherwise it’s likeowning

apainting by Monet and leaving it in

the craterather than hanging it on the

wall); anything less will be awaste.

Still, arrangements arealready in

placetohavethe brakediscs and pads

changed in early May, whichyou’ll find

out about in the next issue. Although

the car passed its MOTlastyear, the

tester did saythat the pads were down

to 20 percent, so it is time to have

them changed. I’ll probably get tyres

sorted sooner rather than later,too.

None of this will be cheap, so

I’d betterget backtowork.

BELOW: Photographer Michael Bailie shoots Martin’s car

RIGHT: Martin’s winning shot in SNG Barratt’s 2016 photo competition

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |77



1966 E-type OTS/1966 E-type fixedhead

Jim makes the mostofthe sunnyweather to use his open E-type fora

fete and an open day. Meanwhile, work continues on his coupe

The ford in Bruiseyard was,

fortunately, dry during our visit

THE E-type is running so strongly

that we aretaking anyexcuse for

heading to thequiet countryside,

thinking nothing of justleaving the car

parked up in villages while we take a

stroll. We can’t imagine anyharm coming

to thecar in these idyllic locations. So, we

had acouple of fabulous days justdriving

the open E-type with the topdown,

taking in the Framlingham spring fete,

beforespending afew hoursinthe castle.

Local villages likeBruiseyardalso had an

appeal, not leastbecause of the vineyard.

Radiator specialists NAR, at

Northampton, had an open daytocelebrate

50 yearsinthe cooling business, and Rob

Goodwin asked if I’d bring the E-type

along. It meant giving the car agood clean,

whichIalwaysseem to be doing,but Ido

tireofthe watermarks left on the polished

cam covers after awash, as watergets in

through the bonnet louvres. So, this time, I

cut apieceofstiff plastic sheet big enough

to coverthe engine and carburettors

and the waterjust ranoff, leaving the

engine unsullied. Ithen didn’t feel too

bad about opening the bonnet, following

the manyrequests at the open day.

Work has started at MCT Restorations

on our fixedhead E-type. The headlining

is installed, the Dynamat suppression

is in place and the A-post door rubbers

are fitted, courtesy ofS&K Vintage

Refinishing’s Martin Cooper. But there

are still issues: the chrome plating Ihad

carried out locally is way below par. It

seems that the company can chrome,

but cannot undertake any repairs to

small blemishes. So, after some hot

exchanges, Itook everything away to

have it done again. Fortunately, Mick

Turley uses atrusted company near

Nuneaton, which has agreed to do a

speedy turn-around. We look forward

to more progress next month.

Apieceofplastic over the

engine while washingthe

car stops waterstaining

the polished aluminium

Martin Cooper prepares

to remove the E-type

door ready to fit the

door seals

78 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



2001X-TYPE 2.5 SE

Craig returns to the MOTtesting station, as this time his X-TYPE

undergoes it annual inspection; will it be as successful as his XJ6?

ABOVE: The biggest hole wasatthe rear of the

offside sill, wherethe subframe mounting was

clearly visible

AFTER SINGING the praises of my

XJ6 lastmonth forits flawless

performanceinthe MOTtest, it

is nowmyX-TYPE 2.5 SE’s turn. Ialready

knowitwill need afew bits and pieces

because the engine management light

and ABS warning lamps areon, and my

OBD reader has told me the problems

relatetoanoxygen sensor issue and

worn brakediscs. Neither areenough

to condemn acar that has only cost

me £500 to buy in the first place.

Of greater concern, though, arethe

bubbles of corrosion on the sills, which,

oncethe MOTman crackedout his

dreaded toffee hammer turn out to be

muchmorethan just surfacerust. Indeed,

at the trailing edge of one sill, the hammer

reveals ahole big enough to fityour

fist into, through whichyou can see the

mounting points forthe rear subframe.

The other side is better, butnot by

much, and it soon apparent that the

X-TYPE will need morethan just acouple

of welded plates and some minor service

items to achieveaclean ticket. Not only

that, but it also fell down on dangerously

corroded brakelines, front to rear.

Sadly,the values of X-TYPEs aresolow at

the moment that even afairly interesting

and well-equipped early example suchas

mine just isn’t worth throwing money at;

even with mates’ ratescalled intoplay, the

cheapest Ican get it through the test will be

around £700. If it wasacherished car,that

would be fine, but I’d bought the car purely

to useasarunabout, and the mathematics

of bangernomics dictatethat youcan get a

perfectly roadworthycar forless than that.

Plus, nobody wanted to buymyRover

45, and it fared muchbetterthan the

X-TYPE when Idropped it in foranMOT,

coming out the other side with just the

one advisory –for aslight exhaust blow

around the flexi pipe. Simple economics

dictate, then, that I’m backbehind the

wheel of adutiful, but unsaleable, Roverfor

my daily duties, while Ikeep my cherished

fleet of classics (I have afew other cars,

as well as my X300) in tip-top condition.

The story does have ahappy ending,

however.After the MOTfailure, Itook

the X-TYPE to my off-road storage area,

wherethe lads that do quiteafewofmy

bodywork repairshaveaunit. One of them

needed areplacement car and isn’t shy

of wielding awelding gun, so adeal was

agreed, and the X-TYPE will liveagain. I’m

pleased about that, as it wasimmaculate

inside, and deserved asecond chance.

ABOVE: Front of the sills wasalso crusty,meaning

extensivewelding repairswereneeded

ABOVE: To add to the problems, the X-TYPE also

failed on adangerously corroded brakepipe

Would Ihaveanother? Yes, in a

heartbeat; I’d lovea3.0 Sport. What I’ve

learned from my short, but sweet, X-TYPE

experienceisthat they’reterrifically

rewarding carstodriveand fornot alot

of outlay. But,boy,can they rust.

Summer 2017 \ Jaguar World |79




Roger explains how

achancesighting led

to him buying a2000

XKR convertible

IHAVE ALWAYS been aJaguar fan,

but had never been in asituation

whereIcould affordone –until the

dayIwas surfing the internet and

sawanice2000 XKR forsale in Klosters,

whichisanhour’s drivefromus.

Ishowed the Jaguar to my wife.

To my uttersurprise, she said, “We

bettergoand have alook or I’ll never

hear the end of it.” So we did.She was

impressed with the car and we were

able to buy it foranacceptable sum.

With just 55,000km on the clockitlooked

really nice, but Idecided to take it to a

Jaguar dealer nearby to have new timing

chains, tensioners, new thermostat and

waterpump fitted. This cost 5,000 Swiss

Francs but, as aresult, I’m happy to say

my X100 is runninglikeasewing machine.

Unless Itap the throttle, that is, when it

turns intosomething muchmoreaggressive.

We love driving it and my only

complaint is that when Igiveitsome

welly Ican only hear the wine of blowers

and not the exhaust. That maybedown

to my poor 72-year-old hearing.

The Jaguar has had twoprevious owners,

one being adoctor from Bern and the other

aKLM pilot who, after getting his pension,

spent alot of time on his yachtinthe South

of France, wherethe Jaguar wasleft sitting

in the hot sun. The previous owner had

had the dash sill coveredinpseudo leather,

whichshrunk in the heat to such an extent

that it even squeezed out the dash speakers.

Again, Ihad achat with the local

dealer,who wasable to source another

dash from an X100 it wasusing forparts.

This car had 325,000km on the clock,

but the dash wasasnew.Ialso bagged

the internal rear-view mirror as mine

wasn’t dipping. Ionly had to payfor the

labour,whichIthought reasonable.

My original dash had had asat-navthat

wasn’t working and, even if it had been,

it would apparently have been rubbish.

The new dash has the three clocks in

the middle and looks very muchnicer.

At themoment, Ican’t think of anything

that needs doing,exceptanoil and filter

change of the transmission. Ihaveno

reason fordoing this except forthe fact

that the car is 17 yearsold and I’m sure

the original oil is still in there. It changes

gear as it should and I’d hatetoput a

spanner in the works. Maybe someone

can givemefeedback on that.

We live 2,400ft up in the mountains of

eastern Switzerland so the car is off the road

forfourtofivemonths every winter because

Idon’t want to drive it on wet, salty roads.

As aresult,wehaveonly added another

4,000km in the three yearswe’ve had it, so

Ihope it will one daybecome acollector’s

car,although thereare quiteafew available

at reasonable prices on the net. However,

even with the little we gettodrive, thereis

no moreserene afeelingthan driving over

mountain passes with the topdown in the

sunshine, and getting the double benefit of

driving asupercar in the fresh mountain air.



Please send approx 500words and a

selection of photos, plus your contact

details to:jwm.ed@kelsey.co.uk

80 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017

MCT Jaguar Restorations for interiors

to concours

Jaguar Parts, Maintenance and Restoration

Old Mill, Dorfstrasse 36, CH-6265 Roggliswil (LU)

fon +41 (0) 62754 19 29, fax +41 (0) 62 754 1980

www.jaguarclassic.ch, info@jaguarclassic.ch

West Riding


Specialist in allJaguarmodels, both oldand new

● Engine building and race preparation work carried out by

Championship Winning Team

● Rolling road tuning facilities

● Very competitive prices for servicing and repairs

● Manufacturer approved Diagnostic Equipment

● Gearbox specialists

Unit 1, 117Huddersfield Road,Mirfield WF14 9DA

Phone:01924 494400 Fax: 01924494411

Email: enquiries@westridingindependent.co.uk

1951 Geneva Motor Show - 120 FHC, 1st in Class Pebble Beach 2014.

Phone Mick or Chris Turley on 02476 371110

email: mctjag@btconnect.com

3Veasey Close, Attleborough Fields Ind. Est. Nuneaton, Warks. CV11 6RT

Visit usonour website www.mctjag.co.uk

> Jaguar Extended Warranty Approved Repairer

> Jaguar Diagnostic Testing &Repairs

> Jaguar Service Inspections &MOT

> Bespoke Vehicle Builds &Restorations

> Suspension Geometry Alignment

> Jaguar Parts Department


Classic &Modern Jaguar’s

> Secure Vehicle Storage

> Vehicle Valeting &Detailing

> On-Line Service Price Calculator

> FREE Jaguar Courtesy Cars

independentJaguartrainedmaster technicians

Call us on 0333 666 1950 or visit

www.jagtechnic.co.uk for further information

11&12 White Knight Business Park, Hammonds Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex. BN23 6PW


Inspecting an XK8

Afull servicehistory and lots of old MOTcertificates is reassuring when

buyingaused Jaguar,but can problems be missed? Tasker &Lacy assesses

Paul Walton’s XK8, whichhas afully stamped servicebook



WHEN IT comes to buying a

second-hand Jaguar,almost

everyone is looking fora

well-cared-for example

with lowmileage and aclean bill of

health at every MOTtest. Nowadays, you

can checkthe MOThistory of avehicle

online to find out whether it has ever

failed, what it failed on and whether any

advisories were issued. The servicebook

and receipts provide the evidencethat a

vehicle has been maintained, and many

dealersand independent specialists store

the information about avehicle, which

lists everything that has been done to it,

ranging from minor repairstorecalls.

Paul Walton’s XK8 is a16-year-old X100

model with amere77,418miles on the

clockand aservicebook that has been

meticulously stamped and kept up-to-date

according to its mileage, so we arekeen

to see if acar that looks good on paper is

really that good in the flesh.

We leave Paul’s XK8with independent

Jaguar specialist Tasker &LacyofLeeds

forawhole week to complete some

other work, including renewing the

suspension springs and shockabsorbersand

rustproofing the bodywork.

We also had the engine oil analysed

by MillersOils. We were sent acontainer

and prepaid envelope in whichtoreturn

asampleofoil. The old engine oil in

Paul’s XK8 should have been a5W30fully

synthetic, but Millersconcluded it wasn’t

and that it wasdefinitely in need of being


As you’ll see from the photographs over

the following pages, we discover some

minor oil and coolant leaks and tworusty

brakepipes. We also had the opportunity

to checkmanyofthe XK8’s weak spots,

including the timing chain tensioners,

corrosion and suspension bush wear.


Tasker &Lacy

Wyther Lane, Leeds LS53BT

Tel: 0113 2743362

Website: www.taskerandlacy.co.uk

MillersOils Limited

HillsideOil Works, RastrickCommon

Brighouse HD6 3DP

Tel: 01484 713201

Website: www.millersoils.co.uk

82 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017





With the XK8onatwo-post ramp, the firstproblem Tasker &Lacy notice

aretracesofacoolantleak(pink residue) on thegearboxdrain plug,

whichistracedbacktothe thermostat housing

The coolant pipe between theheadertankand thermostathousing

shouldbeaJaguarpartmadefromplastic with shortrubberhoseends.

The pipe on thisengineisafuel hose, whichisokayfor coolant,but a

genuinepipeonlycosts around £40



Pressuretesting the system helps to identify the cause of acoolant leak, so

air is pumped in via the header tank up to one bar.While coolant doesn’t

spurt out from the areas we’veidentified, we repair them while here

Fitting anew,genuine coolant pipe between the header tank and thermostat

housing adds peaceofmind. The fuel hose is sufficient forcoolant and it’s a

tight fit, but it’s best to have the right part fittedifit’s available

5 6 7

The thermostathousing is secured with

three 8mm bolts. As the gasket maybethe

causeofthe leak,wedecide to renewit. Upon

dismantling it, the seallookstobegood, butwe

renew the paper gasket anyway

We suspectthiscould be thecauseofthe

coolant leak –the radiator tophosewhere

it’s attached to the thermostat. Ajubilee clip

hasbeenfittedinstead of aspring clip, and it’s

slack. We decidetorenewit

The coolantsystem has been partly drained,

so we refill it with amixturethat hasalifespan

of five years. The engineneeds to be runupto

temperature and theheaterset to hottoallow

anyair to escape


Accordingtothe servicerecords,the air filter waslast

changedin2007 at 64,752miles.After releasing all

themetal clips forthe air filterhousing’slid,the panel

filterinsidecan be removed. When compared with

anew airfilter,itdefinitely needs to be renewed

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |83



1 2 3

The engine oil waslast changed at 64k in 2007.

We’renot sure what has been used, so we drain

it out, collect asampleand sendittoMillersOils.

We receiveareplywithinafew days to reveal the

oil is notthe recommended 5W30 fully synthetic

AMannengine oil filterhas been fitted, which

is straightforwardtounscrew. Tasker &Lacy

uses genuinefilters,and Mann is an OE supplier

forJaguarsothere should be no issues with

one of these

Despite5W30 fully synthetic oil being recommended

forthis XK8’s 4.0-litreV8engine, Tasker &Lacy

oftenuses athicker, semi-synthetic 5W30 or 10W40

oil forolder engines. However, as this engine has low

mileage, we sticktothe recommended oil



2 3

Thereare traces of oil aroundthe engine sump

thatlead allthe wayuptothe camshaft covers.

Oil leaks via thecamshaft covergaskets are

common, so we decidetorenew them with

new,genuine parts

The coolant header tank needs to be removed

to access thenearside camshaft cover, so John

at Tasker &Lacy drawsthe coolant from it,

then removesits mounting boltsand movesit


On the offsideofthe enginebay,the air filter

housing and induction pipebetweenitand the

throttle body need to be removedtoprovide

betteraccess to theretaining bolts on the

offside camshaft cover


5 6

Eachcamshaft coverissecured with aseries

of 10mm nutsand bolts. Some of these are

awkwardtoaccess andtime consuming to

undo. Aselection of ¼inextension barsand

universal joints help here

Six 7mmbolts along the centreofeachcamshaft

coverneed to be undone to reveal the coil packs,

whichare also secured with 7mm bolts.Once

removed, there areanother two10mm bolts for

the camshaft cover

Afterdetaching breatherhosesand wiring

plugs, thecamshaft covers can be removed. On

theoffside, the dipstickissecured to theside of

the coverand its attachmenthas to be broken

to separateit


8 9

With the camshaftcoversremoved, the condition

of theenginecan be inspected. Thereare no signs

of blacksludgy deposits, so oil changeshavebeen

regularlyconducted. The topend of theengine

appearstobeingood condition

The timingchain tensioners arethe old plastic

type (metal types arenow fitted). When closely

inspected, theredonot appear to be any

fractures, but they willneedtobereplacedin


Genuine gaskets areusedtorefit thecamshaft

covers.Eachgasket sits inside agrooveonthe

underside of the coverand thereare holes in

it forall the 10mm mounting bolts. It is quite


84 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017




2 3

The front brakediscs showminimal wear,but

the padsare definitelyworn. There is enough

material remaining(the minimumis1.5mm

forthe MOTtest),but they will need to be

renewed soon

We have to remove therear calipers to change

thesuspension springs and shockabsorbers,

whichalsohelps withinspecting the discs

andpads.The rear pads appear to be in good

condition, with plenty of braking material


Oncethe rear calipershavebeen removed, we

can measure thethickness of thediscs,and see

there is very littlewear. Therearbrakesoften

undergo avisual inspection during aservice,

so this is agoodopportunity to inspectthema

little moreclosely



The XK8iswell known forwear withinthe front upper

inner wishbonebushes, which results in uneventyrewear

andapoor ridequality.Plus,justlikemanyJaguars, it can

sufferfromahollowrattleatthe rear,often caused by

aworn, lowershockabsorber mounting bush. Paul was

alreadyaware of ahollow rattle at the rear and,judgingby

thewear marks on theinsideedges of thefront tyres, the

wishbone bushes areworn.Fortunately,wealreadyplanto

renew the coil springs and dampers with newcomponents

from TheDavid Manners Group, andthis fixesthe rear-end

rattle. As we need to remove thefront wishbonestorenew

thesuspensioncomponents, we fitfour genuinebushes


The brakepipes were inspectedatthe previous

MOTtest when they were alittle rusty but

sufficient to pass. However, upon unclipping

them (notallowedduring the MOT), we could

spotdeeper corrosion hidden by the clips


Thereare twofront-to-rear brakepipes, whichare easy to access from

underneath the car to renew.The job took less than an hour,after which

the brakefluid wasrenewed and the brakes bled

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |85


Jaguar World's

technical adviceservice

Edited by RayIngman

Two-cylinder XJ coupe

QWhen Ilaid up my 1978,

43,000-mile V12coupe some

seven yearsago, the engine

wasexceptionally smooth and quiet,

and never failed to starteagerly on the

first turn of the key. It wasfittedwith a

Luminition ‘performance’ constant energy

ignition conversion after the standard

‘Opus’ system had inevitably failed.

Now the time has come for

recommissioning,the engine fails to

start, appearing to ‘run’ on about

twocylinderswhen assisted by the

starter motor’s best efforts.

Prior to this point, Ihad drained the fuel

tanks, cleaned the nylon pick-up strainer

filters, replaced the main inline fuel filter

and refilled with Shell’s finest ‘V-power’

99 octane petrol. The engine oil and filter

were changed, the plugs removed, and the

engine cranked over to raise oil pressure

and to ensurenovalves were stuckopen.

Beforespark plug replacement, the

compressions were checkedand found

to be even at around 140psi on every

cylinder.The fuel pump audibly runs and

fuel pressureholds at 32psi –proving

the return valves to be sound.

Testing has confirmed that ahealthy

ignition spark exists at every plug. As Ihave

the three basics of afour-strokeengine

(fuel sparks and compression), Iamata

loss to know what to do next. Please help.

Benjamin Calais

AThis is arelatively common

problem on aV12 S2 and pre-HE

XJ-Ss employing the D-Jetronic

fuel-injection system. The relatively

crude green injectorsare prone to

seizing,caused by the gum deposited

by stale petrol and internal corrosion.

With the ignition on, twisting the

throttle turntable energises the injectors

(mimicking the acceleration pump found

on some forms of carburettor) and should

result in an audible clickfromeachinjector.

The sound can be amplified by the use of a

stethoscope, or along screwdriver with one

end pressed hardagainst your ear and the

other end against eachinjector body in turn.

Silenceindicates either an electrical

fault or astuckinjector.Aplug-in Noid

test light will checkthe former and is

likely to confirm the latterfault.

We suggestfilling the fuel filter with

neat petrol injector cleaner,spinning the

engine over to circulateitaround the fuel

rail, and leaving it foracouple of days. Then,

ask afriend to spin theengine over while

administering sharp (and controlled) blows

to thebodies of the affected injectors. Each

cylinder chiming in will indicatesuccess;

sometimes, subsequent engine heat will

assist in freeing off the morereluctant units.

If youwish to observethe operation of

the injectors, it is possible to undo the two

7/16in AF securing nuts per component,

raise the completefuel rail assembly clear

of the inlet manifolds, and turn the engine

over on the starter motor.You should

see afine, even spray pattern from each

individual nozzle. Prior to this, it is essential

that the ignition system is disconnected and

that alarge fireextinguisher is to hand.

Should this fail, we suggestseeing a

specialist (wehaveexperienced very good

servicefromthe intriguingly named Mr

Injector (tel 07860 350390; mrinjectoruk@

gmail.com). The companyisparticularly

familiar with the vagaries of early Jaguars,

and can also supply the necessary hardware

to completethe job, including the rubber

injector seals, whichharden with age.

Courtesy ofSealey Products (www.sealey.co.uk; 01284 757500), the sender of each issue’s Star Question will bethe envy of their

friendswhen they receiveanaluminium adjustable-focus3wLED torch(worth £28.74Inc.VAT). The‘LED020’producesanextremely

bright white light with an output of110 lumens –count them! The illumination pattern can be altered from spotlight to wide area

with asimple twisting action of theheadand athree-function on/off push-buttonprovides full,half and blinking lightpossibilities.

All this is contained within alightweight aluminium housing and is powered three AAA batteries (not included).

86 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Whooshing XF

QIhaveanXF3.0D 2011 model. While

driving down the motorway,Iheard

aloud popping noise, almost as if Qad atyreh deflated rapidly.The car then

went intoRestricted Performancemode

and therewas adistinct lackofpower.

I’vehad the car in with alocal garage (but

not Jaguar specialists) and am told that my

car has afault code indicating airflow or

turbo issues. Ican hear awhooshing noise

when the engine is revved, but the garage

can’t pinpoint the fault. Anyhelp please?


AWe have seen this problem before

and experienced the very same

popping and RP symptoms you

relate. The most likely cause is that the

intercooler has asplit on the offside

(RH from the driver’s perspective) of

its casing. As the air departs the turbo

it has to go through the intercooler

to be chilled beforeitpasses intothe

engine. Anyair leak on this system

will result in the aforesaid Restricted

Performanceand fault codes relating

to turbo issues being generated.

The codes will not direct youtothe

specific fault, as it is amechanical failure

not an electrical issue. The best wayto

find the source of anyleaks is to carry

out asmoketest. To achievethis, remove

the air filter box, fit pipes to theintake

and pump smokein–anaerosol can

be obtained from motor factorsfor this

purpose. Anyleaks will henceshow visibly.

XJ-S headtransplant

QAftertwo head gasket failures

on my 130k-mile3.6 XJ-S,

Ihavediscovered that the


Qswarped. i In addition, the

valveguides aredisplaying excessive

wear.Afriend has offered me alowmileage

4.0 X300 cylinder head for

avery attractiveprice–free.

Will this fit my car and arethereany

performanceadvantages or disadvantages?

Simon Turner

AYes, it will fit. If youhave

access to back issues, we

coveredthis conversion in

the June and July 2012 issues.

The X300 AJ16engine wasdeveloped

from the earlier AJ6 design and,

therefore, shares manydesign parameters.

Essentially,the conversion is purely a

bolt-on job, but youwill need to use

theX300 exhaust manifolds, which

have adifferent manifold flange bolt

pattern to theAJ6. Thereisnoproblem

with the existing exhaust system as

the downpipe flanges areidentical.

Youwill also requirethe later top

chain damper (toclear the revised

cam cover) to blank off the existing oil

filler tube assembly –the X300 cam

coverhas an integral oil filler cap.

As to performance, anyimprovement

will be fairly imperceptible –the AJ16

head’s design is moreefficient with better

gas flow past the smaller diameter valve

stems, but amoretangible improvement

will be enjoyeddue to thebetteroverall

condition of the replacement unit.

Our technical experts are ready to give you help and advice onany problem. If your question is aparticularly complex one, it may take time to respond, and

in some circumstances it may bebeyond our resources todoso. In this unlikely event, we will let you know. Please allow up to three months for aresponse via

the magazine. Personal responses can be given, but at our discretion. Fax: (FAO Jaguar World Q&As): +44 (0)1959 541400 Email: jwm.questions@kelsey.co.uk

Post (enclosing an SAE): Jaguar World Q&As, Kelsey Publishing Group, PO Box13, Westerham, Kent TN163WT,England.

JW would like tothank Martin Pike ofClassic Engineering, (01992 788967) Kevin Brackley of

Chiltern of Bovingdon (01442 832932) and TomLenthall of TomLenthall Ltd (01189731614)

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |87


It’s time to fit the

headlining and Dynamat

We areinthe trim shop with our upgraded E-type wherewe

discover that it’s bestifthe work is carried out in aspecific order



ITISawelcome relief to be

backwith our upgraded E-type

fixedhead coupe oncemore. MCT

Restorations is nowable to begin

the full retrim, although thereare

still one or twohold ups. The chrome

plating carried out by alocal company

proved less than satisfactory,sois

being redone by aspecialisttrustedby

Mickand Chris Turley.

Ihad expected to fit the Dynamat noise

and heat suppression before transporting

the car to Nuneaton, but Mick soon put

astop tothat. There isaset chain of

events to follow, and the first in line is the

headlining –clambering around inside

the car over the Dynamat while fitting

the headlining can destroy anything

you’re wearing because the edges of

Dynamat are sharp and the glue harsh.

But these are the only penalties to pay for

such afine product. So, we are fitting the

headlining first, then the Dynamat, which

will soon be covered bytrim and carpet,

therefore minimising the need to clamber

over the floor.

As in most of these cases, we’re showing

the procedure without the minute detail,

but getting the headlining perfect is vital

as everyone will notice wrinkles or apoor

fit. With the headlining in place, attention

is turned to the lower section of the car.

From new, Jaguar secured the harness

in place with sleeve-covered metal tags.

Although efficient, the trace outline can

always beseen through the sill covers,

so MCT remove the tags and secure

the harness in place with glue, which is

actually more efficient anyway. However,

that glorious paintwork has to be sanded

back tomake akey for the glue when it

comes to fitting the trim.

Then work begins on fitting the

Dynamat, aproduct proven to reduce road

noise and vibration. It not only makes the

cabin abetterenvironment forthe new

sound system, but, with its secondary

function of resisting heat, it will aid the

efficiency of the air-conditioning. We’ve

further improved heat management

by using Zircoflex sheeting inside the

transmission tunnel and on heat shields,

and Zircoflex coating on the exhaust

manifold and down pipes. It is now possible

to putahand on the heat shield alongside

the manifold without getting scorched.

Dynamat has perfect qualities for

bonding to the surface, but it must be

clean and oil free. So, get in there first

and prepare the surfaces. It is also vital to

get the shape right by making atemplate

from cardboard and then cutting the

Dynamat to suit. MCT already has trim

patterns, which are perfect for the job.

The protective cover on the Dynamat can

then be removed, allowing it to be fitted

in place. Trytoget it right first time as

the bonding is very efficient. With the

Dynamat in place, we’re ready to move on.


Mick and Chris Turley at MCT

Restorations, tel: 02476 371110

Dynamat, www.dynamat.com

UK distributor, Celsus,


Zircoflex, www.zircoflex.com


Fittingthe door rubbers

88 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



1 2 3

The main headlining had been fitted. Here,

Micksmooths out the wrinkles

Anyexcess material can nowbetrimmed off

and removed

Still glued in place, the overlap can nowbe

eased offthe metal


Using MTC’s ownfabricated tool, the material

is teased backbehind the metal lip



In readiness forthe foam backing,glue is

applied to the car first

As the material is tuckedaway, anyextraexcess is trimmed off

7 8


Here, the foam has been cut to sizeand glued

in place

Morefoam is added to thecorner section. Note

that the door surround has already been trimmed

in colour,ready to accept the headlining

Theareaaround the interior light needs to be

cut to allowthe feed wires access to the light

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |89





Edge beading is sewn intothe headlining

material, ready to be pushed intothe body

void at the edge of the headlining

This part can be very difficult as the void

gap varies in width –fitting can seem almost

impossible at times

Using the same tool (effectively athin, wide

blade), the material is eased intoplacewhile

under tension to avoid anywrinkles



With the topofthe edge section fitted, the bottom follows.This hooks

underneath. Again, it is vital that it is under tension

Pulled and stretched, the headlining material is only pushed intoplace

when the surfaceisabsolutely smooth



Note how, in this corner section, the topand bottom curves arenow


The 2+2 replacement header rail wasaltered and fittedahead of time.

Themirror is fitted; sun visorswill follow

90 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017



1 2 3

MCT removesthe tags securing the wiring

along the inner sill. Onceoff, metal remnants

arehammered flush

Instead of using the tags, whichwouldshow

through, the harness is glued in place

The handbrakewarning light wiretagsare

hidden beneath the centreconsole,sothese

tags can be left in place

4 5


By using its ownexisting carpet and trim

patterns, MCT is able to cut the Dynamat

perfectly to size

Trial fit beforeremoving the protective

backing to avoid having to adjust, because

adhesivequalities areexcellent

Thefirst areas to fit should be anyinaccessible

sections –suchasthe upper footwell

7 8 9

Here, the transmission tunnel forwardsection

hasbeen covered

Take into account access holes, likethe

gearboxoil filler plug. Cut asuitable hole in

the Dynamat

To cut the filler hole, leave the bung out and

then cut through the Dynamat onceinplace

10 11 12

The Dynamat is nowinposition over the

remainder of the transmission tunnel

The remaining areas can be covered, to include

the section behind the seats and floorpans

Zircoflex sheeting fittedbeneath transmission

tunnel cover[see Feb2017]

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |91


Silicone air filter grommet for six-cylinder E-types,

and stainless steel brakehoses

SNG Barrattisthe exclusive

supplier foranew and

improved silicone air filter

grommet, to suit all six-cylinder

E-types. The amended design

is longer lasting and far more

durable than the original rubber

type. Part number C17546S retails at



Also new is an extensiverange of

stainless steel brakehoses, which

improvebraking performancewhile

also being resistant to corrosion.

The improved design allowshigher

temperatures and longer life; rubber

hoses expand under brakepedal

pressure, whichisvirtually non-existent

with the stainless-steel hose.

Eachhose is pressuretested to

4,200psi and exceeds DOTstandards.

Burst pressureisahigh 12,550psi to

13,500psi, meeting high-speed and

high-temperaturerequirements, and


-70°C to +260°C.

Prices start at £12/$16/FR€14.40/


All prices include local tax.

Gasket set forall-synchro

gearboxand S3 E-type brake

vacuum pipe

M&C Wilkinson has introduced gasket sets

forthe all-synchromesh gearbox. They are

manufactured using acontrol-swell material

that is designed to absorb oil and fill small

imperfections in the sealing facewithout

causing leakage. This material is also ideal

forareas of low bolt load. Priceis£9.95.

Part number C35530 is the Series 3

E-type RHD brakevacuum pipe, as fitted

between the brakevacuum tank and master

cylinder,aswellasasecondpipe from the

servotothe brakemaster cylinder.Supplied

in pairs, they cost £35+VAT(£42).(£131.40).

Tel: 01777 818061

Website: www.mandcwilkinson.com

Website: www.sngbarratt.com

Sales OfficeUK

01746765 432


Sales OfficeUSA

+1 800 452 4787 (toll free)


Sales OfficeFrance

+33 (0) 385201420


Sales OfficeHolland

+31(0) 13 52 11 552


240 stainless steel

exhaust system

This stainless steel exhaust system to suit

the 240 is anew line from David Manners

and offerstremendous value formoney.Part

number MEX006, including the basic fitting

kit, costs £208.33+VAT (£41.66).

Tel: 0121 544 4040

Website: www.davidmanners.co.uk

SS 100doorbuffers

Swiss specialists Donni Classic Car has

been restoring anumber of SS 100s.

They usually requireanew ash frame,

so new door buffershavetobefitted.

Unhappy with those on the market,

Donni Classic Car commissioned the

original Widney crested containers

forthe rubber buffers, along with the

correct buffers.

As well as perfect buffersand

seat, some were rejected because

the lettering was0.5mm toowide,

although that does not prevent them

from functioning correctly,and they

areoffered at agood discount.

Tel: (+41) 62 754 1929

Website: www.jaguarclassic.ch

92 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Six-cylinder E-type heater matrix

XKs Unlimited is manufacturing anew and improved six-cylinder E-type heater

matrix. The original heater coreswereproduced using an old expanded-tube design

and performed poorly due to little contact between the thin fins and the watertubes

resulting in very low heat exchange efficiency.

These modern coresare made with atube-and-fin design, whereseveral layers of

folded aluminium fin aresandwiched between wide, flat tubes and then topped with

header tanks. The entireassemblyisovenbrazedsoafar greater surfaceareaoffinsis

welded to thetubes, resulting in muchhigher efficiency.

While moreexpensivethan conventional replacements, it is said to be avastly

superior part. Part number CO-17092 costs£105/€122/$129.95.

Tel: (+011)805 544 7864

Email: parts@xks.com

Website: www.xks.com

XK parts

Coventry Auto Components has produced a

number of new steering/suspension-related

components, including the rare andawkwardto-find

topcolumn spline section. CACpart

number 4429 retails at £90+VAT (£108). All

associated topcolumn parts arealso available.

Continuing its range of castings, there

is aheavy-duty version of the later XK

120/140/150 anti-roll bar mount brackets.

CACpart number 4096 is priced at

£95+VAT (£114).

Front bumpstop rebound rubberstosuit

all models –CAC part number 4421–are

£29.17+VAT (£35)each, while the torsion

bar parts are(4105 long bolt) £81.82+VAT

(£98.18); (4106trunnion) £12+VAT (£14.40),

and (4107long nut) £12.59+VAT (£15.10).

Tel: 02476 471217

Website: www.covauto.com

LED innovation

The BetterCar Lighting Companyisconstantly

exploring new ways to harness the power and flexibility

of LED lighting. Its latest innovation is to upgrade the

reversing light forcarssuchasthe Mk 2and XK 150.

The company’s easy-to-fit conversion uses powerful

LED lighting to truly improvethe flood of light, while

also harnessing the previously unused spacebehind the

lens to house an extrapair of redLED lights, whichcan

be used as either brakelights or rear foglights, and is

completewith aseparateswitch.

The completekit, including comprehensive

instructions, costs £124.99+VAT (£149.99).

Tel: 0121 7737000

Website: www.bettercarlighting.co.uk

Book Review

Author: Chas Parker

Publisher: Haynes

ISBN: 978-1-78521-078-5

Price: £25

Website: www.haynes.com

Obviously this isn’t really a

workshop manual, but rather a

history of the D-type designed

to look likeone,complete

with aclassic cutaway of the

car on the front cover. At

160pages, it offersaprecise

history from the D-type’s

origins and development

to design and anatomy.

The car’s racing history is

explored, and author Chas

Parker (himself an experienced

motorsport journalist) has

spoken to those who know the

car today, including specialist

restorers, historic racing drivers

and current owners.

Addintothe mix the

individual histories of the works

carsand other notable chassis,

and it makes acomplete

account of Jaguar’s most

famous racing car.

Although there’s nothing

new forthe connoisseur,it’s

agreat entry-level read into

the D-type’s history,and

as abeautifully presented

hardbound book with plenty

of archiveand contemporary

images of the car and the races,

it is also good value, at just £25.

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |93


Wallis &Son Ltd

Wallis &Son’s Elliot

Wallis (front) and sales

manager RichardEvans

Full circle

Wallis &Son turns the clockbackmorethan

50 yearstoits Jaguar roots. We head to the company’s

Cambridgeshirepremises to find out more


Wallis and Son Ltd celebrates

is 80th anniversary this

year,having enjoyedalong

and colourful history since

1937.Asone of Cambridgeshire’s largest

car specialists, it has been afranchised

dealer foravariety of prestigious makes

over the years.

Elliot Wallis, the company’s current

managing director and great grandson

of its founder,tells me, “Wehad many

dealerships, including Rolls-Royce,Lancia,

Rover, Land Roverand Jaguar.” Now,the

companyisaJaguar specialist onceagain,

alwaysstocking avariety of good-quality

used models.

Wallis &Son Ltdbegan when Percy

Wallis and his son, Geoffrey,started selling

carsand motorbikes in and around the

Cambridge area. Says Elliot, “They opened a

garage called Cresswells in the Thirties, but

soon opened other garages and businesses

in Cambridge and Newmarket.”

Percyhad been passionateabout anything

with an engine sincehewas achild and,

with his brother,Horace, he even built an

aeroplane in his parents’ backgarden.

In 1984, when Austin Roverwas in

trouble, Wallis &Son dropped the

franchise forthe British firm. The company

then moved to its current location in

Barton, apicturesque village on the

outskirts of Cambridge, whereitopeneda

petrol site, aused-car sales business and a

repairsworkshop. The movewasn’tinitially

popular with its long-standing customers,

but it wasanecessity if the companywas

to grow,animpossible task in the tight

confines of Cambridge. Says Elliot, “In the

old days, we didn’t carry the stockofcars

we do now,plus therewas less traffic.”

Geoffrey’s son, Nigel, took over the

business around the same time as the

move, and Elliot joined him in 1999 after an

18-month stint with the local Jaguar main

dealer.Elliot marks the fourth generation of

the family to be in charge of the company,

and works alongside his wife, Hannah, who

is in charge of the firm’s human resources

needs. Wallis &Son very muchremains a

family business.

The financial crash of the late2000s

resulted in the companypulling out of the

used-car market, to concentrateinstead on

servicing large fleets of vehicles, including

forthe Asda supermarket chain. When the

UK’s financial status improved acouple of

94 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


Wallis &Son Ltd

yearsago,Wallis &Son returned to selling

used carsand Elliot employedanew sales

manager,RichardEvans. Richardhad worked

foraVolkswagen main dealer for13years,

and waslooking foranew challenge.

Richardexplains whythey have

decided to specialise in Jaguar,“We really

likethe brand, really likethe cars, and

they’repopular in the Cambridge area.”

He and Elliot also enjoyworkingwith

Jaguar enthusiasts, too, finding them

knowledgeable and easytodeal with.

“Compared to some, Jaguar owners

arestraightforward,” says Elliot. “They’re

usually well educated about the cars, know

what they want, and understand what to

look for–meaning they will often buy cars

unseen over the phone.”

On the dayofmyvisit, although thereis

avariety of prestige carsonthe forecourt,

and agorgeous Ferrari 348 and aPorsche

911convertible in the showroom, outside

areavariety of Jaguar sports cars. There

is afabulous selection of X100 and X150

XKs. “The X150 is an incredible car for

the money,” says Richard. “Wecurrently

have an XKR just £25,000 –and I’d rather

have that than manyotherssports carsin

the same pricebracket.Ithas morepower,

morespace inside and sounds nicer,too.”

Richardwillonlystock the very best

examples with low mileage and afullservice

history,and all the carshereare below

average mileage; he showsmeaone-owner

1999 XK8 with just 13,000 miles. But it’s not

just sports carsthat Richardisinterested in.

“We’d liketoventureintosaloons,” he says.

“XEs and XFs arevery good carsand Iknow

the F-PACE is popular.”

The sales department, though, is only one

part of Wallis &Son’s operation; it also offers

servicing,along with classic and wedding car

hire, whichcame about by accident.

“In 2010,when the Asda contract

ceased through no fault of our own, I

waswondering what to do with the yard.

Around the same time, my father bought a

Jensen Interceptor Series 3and aMk23.8,

and Isuggested we rent them out. They

don’t go out often because we’refussy

about who we rent them to,but they earn

enough to keep them ticking over.” Elliot

has sinceadded moreJaguarstothe hire

car fleet, including twoE-types, the Series

1½ 2+2 coupe that appeared on the cover

of our March 2017 issue and agorgeous

Series 2convertible that Wallis &Son’s

workshop restored over atwo-year period.

Thereisalsoarange of classic Minis,

modern saloons and SUVs.

Wallis &Son’s clean servicedepartment

is well specified and includes 12 ramps, and

Autologic diagnostic equipment that is to

main dealer level. So, along with servicing

ABOVE: The sort of car Wallis &Son specialise in:

an XK8 with just 13,000 miles

modern cars, thanks to theexperienceof

technician Dave Worsleyitalsolooks after

classic models, too. Elliot tells me they have

around tenE-types on the books, adding,

“Dave is brilliant and truly understands the

carsand their common pitfalls and issues.

We oftenget people come backand say,

‘It’s never run as niceasthis.’”

The location might be different, but it’s

clear from the gorgeous Jaguarsthat Wallis

&Son stockand rent that the passion for

the carsisthe same as it was80yearsago,

and is set to continue.

BELOW:The interior of the company’s former

dealership in Cambridge’s city centre, takenin

the mid-Seventies when the companyhad the

franchise forBritish Leyland

Wallis &Son’s well

equipped and very

clean workshop

This gorgeous E-type Series 1½ 2+2

is just one of the classic Jaguars

that the companyhas forhire

Wallis &Son

Cavendish House, Cambridge Road

Barton, Cambridgeshire CB23 7AW

Tel: 01223 263911

Website: www.wallisandson.co.uk

Summer 2017 \Jaguar World |95

Vicarage Modern Classics...

The Vicarage concept of renewing, upgrading

and revitalising their Jaguars with modern braking,

power steering, automatic or manual gearboxes,

fuel injection and a custom paint finish

is unique. AVicarage car is not just

for special occasions, but makes

every occasion special.

Please contact us for more information.

Occassionally Vicarage used cars become available for sale. Please contact us for details.

Vicarage Classic Parts...

Below is only asmall selection of our manufactured parts. AFitting Service is available for all Rear Suspension

and Power Steering Kits. Please telephone for our full colour brochure and price list.

Power Steering Kit

Available for XK120, XK140, XK150,

E-Type’s and MkII’s.

V12 EType Exchangge

Carburetor kit

Set of four

Bonet insulation

Available for XJ6’s S1toS3

A/C Hose outlet cover, Horn ring

cover, Dash Vents LH/RH

Steering Cowls

Upper and lower steering column cowl MkII’s

Steering column cowl available for V12

Unit 1, Modular Business Park, Four Ashes, Wolverhampton, WV10 7DE.

Telephone: 01902 791816 or 791818 . Facsimile: 01902 791271

Website: www.vicarage.co.uk . Email: sales@vicarage.co.uk

“A Family Run Business Specialising

In The Motor Trade Since 1937”

Jaguar XKR 4.2 S2dr Recaro sport seats, Brembo brakes, super

sports suspension and 20inch wheels, Upgrades -Sports Seats

Ivory Leather, XKR SPack, 6months warranty, Full dealership

history, Excellent bodywork, White Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Good, Standard Features -Climate

Control, Cruise Control, Rear Parking Assist, Computer (Driver

Information System), Upholstery Leather, Electric Windows (Front/

Rear), Telephone Equipment (Mobile Preparation), Alarm, Seats

Electric (Driver/Passenger -Driver Memory), Alloy Wheels (20in),

In Car Entertainment (CD Autochanger), Heated Front Windscreen

with Rain-Sensing Wipers, Jaguar Alpine Premium Sound System,

Metallic Paint. Metallic Satin Silver, Here we have afantastic

low mileage example of Jaguars XKR. Mileage isonly 28,399

miles. This vehicle was sold by Stratstone Jaguar in March 2006,

making it one of the last of its kind. Finished in Satin Silver with

ivory Recaro interior and 20 inch Sepang Alloys, the car truly is

stunning. £32,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr-1 owner and only 21000 miles Abeautiful

example of the XKR! 6months warranty, Next MOT due

03/12/2017, Last serviced on 04/12/2015 at 20,866 miles, Full

dealership history, Excellent bodywork, White Full leather interior

-Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Good, Pearlescent Midnight,

Ivory Leather, Front Parking Assist, Wood/Lther Heated Steering

Wheel and Wooden G/knob, Burr Walnut Veneer, Heated Front

Windscreen, Keyless Entry, Satellite Navigation, Seats Heated

(Driver/Passenger), Cruise Control, Parking Aid (Front/Rear),

Climate Control, Seats Electric (Memory Driver/Passenger), In

Car Entertainment (Radio/CD Autochanger/MP3), Computer

(Driver Information System), Electric Windows (Front), Telephone

Equipment (Mobile Preparation), Alloy Wheels (20in), Alarm,

Heated Front Screen, Upholstery Leather, Cruise control, Electric

door mirrors, Heated seats, Sports seats. £24,995

Jaguar XK8 13834 miles Purchased new in May 1999 From

what was Evans Halshaw Jaguar of Milton Keynes. The vehicle

has then been maintained by this site at intervals of2433m,

3848m, 4829m, 5827m, 6587m, 7550m, 8147m, 9075m,

10041m, 10710m, 11577m, 12303m. 6months warranty, 12

months MOT, Last serviced at 13517 miles, Full dealership

history, Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Meteorite, els -Cast

Alloy 8in fr/9in rear x18in 7Flute, CDAutochanger (6 discs),

Mirror Pack, Climate Control, Alarm, Telephone Equipment

(Fixed), Computer, Electric Windows (Front), Seats Electric

(Driver), Traction control, Air Bag Driver,Air Bag Passenger,

Air conditioning, Central Door Locking, Electric door mirrors,

Electric windows, Power-Assisted Steering, Radio, Seat Height

Adjustment. £21,995

Jaguar XK8 4.2 2dr Full Jaguar history and body kit, Upgrades

-Heated Front Windscreen with Rain-Sensing Wipers, Headlight

Powerwash, Metallic Paint, Mirrors -Power Fold Back/

Electrochromic, Cast Alloy Wheels 19in Atlas, Xenon Headlights

(with Auto Levelling/Powerwash), Adaptive Cruise Control with

Forward Alert, Rear Parking Assist, 6months warranty, Next

MOT due 24/02/2017, Last serviced on 09/02/2015 at 28,195

miles, Full dealership history, Excellent bodywork, Black Full

leather interior - Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Good,

Standard Features -Cruise Control, Climate Control, Computer

(Driver Information System), Alarm, Upholstery Leather, In

Car Entertainment (Radio/CD Autochanger), Electric Windows

(Front). Metallic Platinum, Here we have abeautifully presented

XK8. The car was supplied new from Stratsone in Newcastle.


Jaguar XK 4.2 V8 2dr This XK was the first car Jaguar designed

and built this Millennium. The All Aluminium XKisahugely

updated car, yet maintaining the looks and feel of the original.

6months warranty, 12months MOT, Last serviced at 36,020

miles, Full dealership history, Excellent bodywork, White Full

leather interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent,

Metallic Liquid Silver. Ivory Trim, Heated Front Windscreen,

Heated Wood and Leather Steering Wheel, Adaptive Cruise

Control, Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS),

Power Foldback Electrochromatic Door Mirrors, Front Parking

Assist with Touch-Screen Visual Aid, Traction control, Satellite

navigation, Radio, Parking aid, Leather seats, Height adjustable

drivers seat, Electric door mirrors, CD Player,Air conditioning,

Airbags, Alloy wheels, Central locking, Electric windows, Heated

seats, Immobiliser, Lumbar support, Power steering, Remote

central locking. £20,995

Jaguar XKR The car was delivered by H.A. Fox of Cheltenham

in March 2003. The car has enjoyed comprehensive servicing,

with intervals of 6356m, 10177m, 13143m, 16963m, 20798m,

29343m, 31652m, 34589m, 37193m and 38382 miles. 6months

warranty, 12months MOT, Last serviced on 24/02/2015 at 38,382

miles, Full service history, Excellent bodywork, Ivory White

Full leather interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Good,

Metallic Slate, Reverse Parking Aid, Reverse Parking Control,

Warning Triangle, Ivory Colour Leather Trim, Adaptive Cruise

Control, Metallic Paint, Sports Leather Contrast Seats, Cruise

Control, Parking Aid (Rear), Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger),

Climate Control, Upholstery Leather, Seats Electric (Driver/

Passenger), Computer (Driver Information System), Alarm, Alloy

Wheels (18in), Electric Windows (Front). In Slate grey with ivory

sports seats, this XKR really stands out. £18,995

Jaguar XKR Here we have abeautifully looked after XKR. This

car was registered new inOctober 2000 with Cambridge Jaguar,

and has enjoyed 1owner since. The car has been serviced every

year with the selling dealer, and this is reflected in the drive. 6

months warranty, 12months MOT, Last serviced on 16/08/2016

at 62,341 miles, Full dealership history, Excellent bodywork, Full

leather interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent,

Emerald, Finished in Emerald Green, with Oatmeal leather,

the car is lovely to look at. Reverse Parking Aid, Heated Front

Seats, First Aid Kit, adaptive damping (CATS), Electro-chromatic

mirror pack, Powerfold mirrors, Heated Front Windscreen with

Timer, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Computer,Alloy Wheels

(18in), In Car Entertainment (CD Autochanger), Electric Windows

(Front), Alarm, Seats Electric (Driver) £12,995

Jaguar XK8 4.0 2dr This is alovely XK8 ready to use and enjoy!

The car has been Enjoyed and cared for by 4owners since it

was registered in October 1996 at Stratstone of Birmingham.

The car has afully stamped up service book and documented

history to support its 20 years use. 6months warranty, Next MOT

due 13/06/2017, Last serviced on 29/04/2015 at 91,744 miles,

Full service history, Good bodywork, Beige Full leather interior

-Good Condition, Tyre condition Good, Metallic Sherwood,

Cream Leather Trim, Harman Kardon CD audio pack, Paint

Mica Metallic, Headlamp Wash, Heated Front Screen, Alloys:

18inx8infront 9inrear, CDAutochanger (6 discs), Air Filtration,

3x3 point rear seat belts, Air conditioning,Airbags, Alarm, Alloy

wheels, CD Player, Central locking, Electric door mirrors, Electric

windows, Height adjustable drivers seat, Immobiliser, Leather

seats, Power steering, Radio, Remote central locking. £7,995

So please do not delay and call us today to arrange atest drive of aquality used car from afamily business selling cars for

over 80 years. Specialising in Sports &Classics. Finance Available. Warranty Included with options to extend. Full Dealer


including nationwide delivery available. Call today 01223 263911 to arrange aviewing, you won’t be disappointed., Family

Business Since 1937 Specialising in Sports &Classics.

Cavendish House, Cambridge Road, Barton, Cambridgeshire, CB23 7AW

01223 263911 sales@wallisandson.co.uk

Jaguar XK 5.0 Supercharged V8 Dynamic R2dr **WOW**

20" Vortex Alloys, Speed Pack BodyKit, Jaguar Smart Key

System with Keyless Entry, Rear View Camera, IvoryQuilted

Recaro Seats, Xenon Headlights, Bowers and Wilkins Stereo,

Super Performance Brakes, Red Brake Calipers, Suedecloth

Headlining, Speed Limiter 174mph, Air conditioning, Heated

seats, DAB Radio, Satellite navigation ..................... £45,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged V8 2dr *SPEED

PACK* 6months warranty,Full dealership

history, Excellent bodywork, Interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent XKR Speed

Pack, AlloyWheels-8.5J/9.5Jx20in Kalimnos

Painted Fin., Adaptive Front Light./Dynam.

Pivot./Corner.Lights, 174 mph Speed Limiter,

Navigation with Route Guidance with Traffic

Messaging Chanel .................................£39,995

Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Portfolio 2dr *2014* 6

months warranty,Last serviced at 29,000 miles,

Full service history, Excellent bodywork, Full leather

interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition New,

Metallic Sratus, IvoryLeather Interior,20" Kalimnos

Alloys, Heated Front Windscreen, Rear View Camera,

DAB Radio, Headlamp Powerwash,Front and Rear

Park Aid .................................................... £39,995

Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 2dr **I OWNER FJSH** 6months

warranty,Full dealership history, Excellent bodywork,

Full leather interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition

Excellent, Metallic Winter Gold, Air conditioning, Airbags,

Alarm, Central locking, Cruise control, Satellite navigation,

Heated seats, DAB Radio, 18" Venus Wheels, Front and Rear

Park Aid, Rain Sensetive Wipers, Traction control, CD Player,

Headlamp Powerwash, Cashmere Leather Interior .. £32,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr 6months

warranty,Full service history, Excellent bodywork,

Interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition

Excellent, Suede Cloth Headlining, Heated Leather

Steering Wheel, Bowers and Wilkins Music system,

Heated/Cooled Seats Black......................... £31,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr *FACELIFT 2012

MODEL* 6months warranty,Full dealership history,

Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Lunar,

Navigation with Route Guidance with Traffic Messaging

Chanel, Cruise Control with Active Speed Limiter,Dual Zone

Automatic Climate Control with Humidity Control, Touch

Screen Monitor,Front and Rear Parking Aid with Touch

Screen Visual Indicator ........................................... £30,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr 6months

warranty,12months MOT,Full service history,

Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Ultimate,

Electric Windows (Front), Rain Sensor, Heated/

Cooled seats, Bowers and Wilkins Stereo, Red Brake

Calipers with Rlogo, Super Performance Brakes

.................................................................. £30,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr 6months

warranty,Full dealership history, Excellent

bodywork, Interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre

condition Excellent, Metallic STRATUS, Upholstery

Leather,20" Nevis Alloys, Xenon Headlights, Heated/

cooled seats, Bowers and Wilkins music System,

DAB Radio, Keyless Entry, Red Brake Callipers,


Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Portfolio 2dr *7JAGUAR SERVICES *

IvorySeats with Oyster Cha. Upper IvoryStitching, Heated

Leather Steering Wheel, Satellite Navigation, Active Ventilated

Front Seats -Heated and Cooled, Seats Heated (Driver/

Passenger), Climate Control, Cruise Control, Parking Aid (Front/

Rear), Alarm, Rain Sensor,20in Kalimnos AlloyWheels, Heated

Front Windscreen, Bowers and Wilkins Music System, Ivory

Leather interior......................................................... £28,995

Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Portfolio 2dr *2012 MODEL, GIANT

SPEC* 6months warranty,12months MOT,Full dealership

history, Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Navigation System with

DVD Mapping, 7in Full Colour Touch-Screen Display,Active

Ventilated Front Seats -Heated and Cooled, Automatic Climate

Control with Humidity Control and Dual Zone Temperature

Control for Driver and Front Passenger...................... £27,995

Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Portfolio 2dr 6months warranty,12

months MOT,Full dealership history, Excellent bodywork,

Interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent,

Metallic Azure, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Radio

Receiver,Heated Leather Steering Wheel, Satellite

Navigation, Active Ventilated Front Seats -Heated and

Cooled, Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger), Climate Control,

Cruise Control, Parking Aid (Front/Rear),.................. £27,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr Satellite

Navigation, Climate Control, Parking Aid (Front/Rear),

Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger), Cruise Control,

Heated Front Screen, Electric Windows (Front),

UpholsteryLeather,Rain Sensor,AlloyWheels (20in),

In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD/MP3/CD Autochanger),

Seats Electric (MemoryDriver/Passenger), Telephone

Equipment (Bluetooth Interface), Alarm ............£26,995

Jaguar XK 4.2 V8 60 2dr *LIMITED EDITION XK60*

Keyless Entry, Satellite Navigation, Seats Heated (Driver/

Passenger/Rear), Parking Aid (Rear), Cruise Control,

Climate Control, Heated seats, Height adjustable drivers

seat, Aluminium JGate, Aluminium Pedals, Burr Walnut

Dashboard, Black Power Hood, Bluetooth, XK 60 Bodykit,

Leather Capped Gearknob, 20" Seta Alloys, IvoryLeather

Interior,Black Mohair Power hood .....................£26,995

Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Portfolio 2dr *1 OWNER

FJSH* Satellite Navigation, Active Ventilated Front

Seats -Heated and Cooled, Cruise Control, Seats

Heated (Driver/Passenger), Climate Control, Parking

Aid (Front/Rear), 20in Kalimnos AlloyWheels,

Heated Front Windscreen, Rain Sensor,AlloyWheels

(20in), UpholsteryLeather,Electric Windows (Front),

Telephone Equipment (Bluetooth Interface) .. £25,995


£295* 6months warranty,Service history, Excellent

bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent Condition,

Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Liquid, In Car

Entertainment (Radio/CD Autochanger/MP3), Paint

Metallic, Seats Electric (MemoryDriver/Passenger),

Telephone Equipment (Mobile Preparation), 20"

Senta Alloys, Bluetooth ............................£25,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr 6months

warranty,Full service history, Excellent bodywork,

Interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition

Excellent, Metallic Liquid, Heated Front Screen,

Telephone Equipment (Bluetooth Interface), Electric

Windows (Front), Rain Sensor,Warm Charcoal

Leather stitched Cranberry, DAB Radio......£25,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr PORTFOLIO LTDEDITION 6months

warranty,12months MOT,Service history, Excellent

bodywork, White Full leather interior -Excellent Condition,

Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Celestial, All cars are fully

inspected, serviced and receive a6month AAwarranty,

Satellite Navigation, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Parking

Aid (Front/Rear), Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger), Alarm,

Computer (DriverInformation System) .................... £24,995

Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged 2dr 6

months warranty,Full dealership history,

Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -

Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent,

Metallic Ultimate, Adaptive Front lighting, Air

conditioning, CD Player,Power steering, Warm

Charcoal Leather,Red Brake Calipers


Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr Satellite Navigation, Parking

Aid (Front/Rear), Climate Control, Cruise Control,

Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger), Seats Electric

(MemoryDriver/Passenger), Computer (Driver

Information System), Electric Windows (Front), Alarm,

Telephone Equipment (Mobile Preparation), Heated

Front Screen, Warm Charcoal Leather,Burr Walnut

dashboard, Black 20" Senta Alloys..............£23,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr 6months warranty,Full

dealership history, Excellent bodywork, Full leather

interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition Excellent,

Satellite Navigation, Parking Aid (Front/Rear), Climate

Control, Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger), Cruise

Control, Paint Metallic, Telephone Equipment (Mobile

Preparation), Electric Windows (Front), Warm Charcoal

Leather.Pearlescent Prism........................... £23,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr *GIANT SPEC* 6months warranty,

12 months MOT,Full service history, Excellent bodywork,

Full leather interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition

Excellent, Metallic Pearl, Active Front Lighting, Adaptive

Cruise Control(ACC), Keyless Entry, IvoryLeather,Luxury

Sports Interior,Heated Front Windscreen, Heated Leather

Steering Wheel, Jaguar Premium Surround Sound, Burr

Walnut Veneer,Front Parking Assist, .................£22,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr *SUPERCHARGED* Full

service history, Black Full leather interior,Satellite

Navigation, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Parking

Aid (Front/Rear), Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger),

Alarm, Computer (Driver Information System),

Electric Windows (Front), Heated Front Screen, In Car

Entertainment (Radio/CD Autochanger/MP3), Seats

Electric (MemoryDriver/Passenger) ............£22,995


6months warranty,Full dealership history, Excellent

bodywork, Interior -Excellent Condition, Tyre condition

Excellent, Silver,XK60Anniversarybodystyling, Satellite

Navigation, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Parking Aid

(Rear), Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger/Rear), Upholstery

Leather,InCar Entertainment (Radio/CD/MP3/CD

Autochanger), Electric Windows (Front/Rear)........... £21,995

Jaguar XJ 3.0 TD Portfolio 4dr Full service history,

Excellent bodywork, Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Azurite,

DAB Radio, Blind Spot Monitor,Jet Suedecloth

Premium Headlining, IvoryLeather,Digital /Analogue

Television, PrivacyGlass, Navigation System -with

HDD Mapping, RDS and Traffic Message Chanel/

Dynamic Route Guidance,........................... £20,995

Jaguar XKR 4.2 2dr *9JAGUAR SERVICES* 6months

warranty,12months MOT,Full service history, Excellent

bodywork, White Full leather interior -Excellent

Condition, Tyre condition Excellent, Metallic Midnight, CD

Player,Central locking, Electric windows, Heated seats,

Power steering, Air conditioning, Remote central locking,

Airbags, Satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Jaguar Premium

Sound Music system, 20" Senta Alloys ............£19,995

Chiltern Jaguar Specialists





1962 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Sedan

This 1962 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Sedan is aspectacular example

that was the recipient of ano-expense-spared, comprehensive

bare-metal restoration by Jaguar experts at Classic Showcase.

The car is in an attractive color combination of Opalescent

Maroon over aTan interior, providing adistinctly elegant look

to an already great style. Classic Showcase -Oceanside,

California -www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100

1959 Jaguar Mark IX 3.8 Sedan

This very original, matching numbers 1959 Jaguar Mark

IX has been well maintained and lovingly cared for by

Jaguarprofessionals throughout its long term ownership.

With its great history of being campaigned, it was

appreciated by judges and spectators alike!

Classic Showcase – Oceanside, California –

www.classicshowcase.com –T:001 760 758 6100

1960 Jaguar XK-150 3.8 DHC

This Jaguar is currently undergoing acomprehensive

restorationtoashow/driver level. The 3.8 engine model

had a few distinct changes, amongst them asignificant

difference in therear tail light fixtures. With an estimated

completion date of spring 2015.

‘Classic Showcase –Oceanside,California–

www.classicshowcase.com –T:001 760 758 6100

1963 Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Sedan

The ultimate iteration of the seminal Mark II model, this 3.8-liter

overdrive-equipped example which has been very well cared for

during its lifetime, exhibits many original finishes throughout.

Fine, largely unrestored examples such as this are rarely coming

up for sale today, making this opportunity all the more special.

‘Classic Showcase –Oceanside, California –

www.classicshowcase.com –T:001 760 758 6100





1977 Jaguar XJ6C Sports Coupe

This British Racing Green XJ6C Sports Coupe is alovely and very original

example, and avery straight and solid car in stock factory condition. This

particular example features aunique Pillar-less Window post design, and while

very sporty, the car has more than enough room to accommodate up to 5adults.

Coming in abeautiful color combination of British Racing Green over aBiscuit

interior and Black vinyl roof that is unique to this model Classic Showcase -

Oceanside, California -www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100

1974 Jaguar-XKE Series 3 V12 OTS (with hard top)

Completed at Jaguar's Browns Lane factory in June of 1974, this

exceedingly original E-Type Roadster is one of the final examples of the

legendary model. Believed to have been delivered to the US when new,

the car is equipped with left hand drive, and the end-of-the-line twelvecylinder

power plant. Finished in the very fitting livery of silver metallic

over red, this highlyoriginal Jaguar is believed to have covered just

over 18,000 miles since new.Classic Showcase-Oceanside, California

- www.classicshowcase.com - T:001760 758 6100

1971 Jaguar XKE Series II V12 2+2

Exceptionally preserved Series II V12 with an unbelievably

low 8,480 original miles since new! Always well

maintained and in agorgeouscolor combo of British

Racing Green over biscuit, this XKE presents aunique

opportunityfor the collector demanding originality.

Classic Showcase -Oceanside, California

-www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760-758-6100

1967 Series 14.2 OTS

This stunning, matching numbers, original CA black plate

1967 Jaguar XKE OTS was completed at the Jaguar factory

on March 2nd, 1967 and was destined to the first owner, Mr.

Cavon of Oakland, CA. Raised on the West Coast in California,

and recently in Colorado, it has lived aluxurious life being

well cared for and pampered in afew large collections.

Classic showcase –Oceanside, California –

www.classicshowcase.com –T:001 760 758 6100





1967 Jaguar SType 3.8 Sedan

Nowisyour chance to have astylish and collectible Sedan that has all of the performance

and comfort features collectors seek in aclassic Jaguar. This original single family

owned since new SType Sedan is aSouthern California car with original Black Plates

and quite asurvivor, full of great patina throughout; the Sedan has been well maintained

and cared for throughout the course of its life, and comes equipped with an original and

Jaguar factory-authorized Coolaire air conditioning system and owner’s manual. Classic

Showcase -Oceanside, California -www.classicshowcase.com -T:0017607586100

1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe

This Jaguar is in great condition, and is a truetime capsule

of originality that drives like a dream. It comes dressed in

its original, brilliant Signal Red, and sporting a Black leather

interior. Mechanically sound, it was always maintained by

local Jaguar specialists. The V-12Engine isvery


silky smooth, and very

quiet.Classic Showcase - Oceanside,

California -www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 7586100

1963 Jaguar-XKE Series 14.2 OTS

This 1963 Series 1E-Type has recently benefitted from acomprehensive, professional restoration

by Jaguar professionals. The matching-numbers car is presented in aspectacular color

combination of White over Red, with aBlack convertible soft top. The E-Type has had over

$200,000 worth of restoration work performed, and includes many new parts throughout; during

the restoration process, the car was stripped to bare metal, metal finished, fitted, primered

sealed,painted, wet sanded and buffed to the beautiful finish you see today. Classic

Showcase -Oceanside, California -WWW.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100

420 GSedan

This attractive 420 Gsedan is avery original California black plate car that is full of patina and complimented

by what is believed to be single ownership by aNorthern California resident. The Motor magazine's October

1966 issue referred to the 420 Gas"still one of the best looking large cars in the world today", and

commented on the similarity of its new radiator grille to that of the 420...This particular example comes in a

lively color combination of Opalescent Green over aBlack with wood trimmed interior, and runs very well as

adaily driver, and features anumber of desirable features such as afactory-optional air conditioning system,

aBlaupunkt stereo system, original owner’s manual and toolkit. While presently in good runningand driving

order, Classic Showcase recommends afresh servicing along with very minor work performed onthe sedan to

ensure an optimal driving experience. If you have been looking for agreat entry-level classic Jaguar as afun

daily driver or one to restore at your own pace, then this 420 Gcold be just the Jaguar you are lookingfor!





1976 Jaguar XJ6C 4.2 Liter Sports Coupe

Exceptionally preserved and stylish XJ6 that has been brought back

to life after 20 years in storage. Highly original with limited mileage,

it has received afull servicing to the cooling &fuel systems, anew

battery, tires, new hoses, new steering rack boot, front brake pads,

front sway bar bushings, down link bushings, &engine mounts.

Truly an original XJ6C. classic Showcase -Oceanside, California -

www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100

1951 Jaguar 'LT1' 3.4RoadsterRecreation

The very special Roadster presented here is afaithful

recreation of avery famous carthat is steeped in rich

Jaguar automotivehistory.In1951, as William Lyons was

preparing Jaguar’s upcoming C-Type model for entry at

Le Mans, he ordered (3)XK-120 “Special Works” models

as an insurancepolicyin the event the C-Type would not

be ready intime for the upcoming Le Mans race.

classic Showcase - Oceanside, California -

www.classicshowcase.com - T:001 760 758 6100

1965 Jaguar XKE Series I4.2 OTS

It is not often that you find an E-Type with less than

30,000 miles that is original as this car. This would be a

spectacular car to perform apreservation restoration to or

you can take it to ahigh level show car if you wish.

Classic Showcase -Oceanside, California -

www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100

1977 Jaguar XJ6L Series II 4.2 Sedan

This well preserved and very stylish XJ6L is aSouthern

California car since new, and has spent it's entire life in

the Western region of the United States.

Classic Showcase -Oceanside, California

www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100





1962 Jaguar-Projects XKE Series 13.8OTS

This car is for sale as aClassic Showcase restoration, equal to our driver/

show-driver/show restoration levels. Please see our restoration page for

further information. We have found ahidden treasure, atruebarnfind.

Now is your opportunity to bring this wonderful treasure aesthetically

back to its prior glory days. This can be your next dream project to restore

to all your specifications, and desires. classic Showcase -Oceanside,

California -www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100


1952 Jaguar XK-120 3.4 OTS

This very stylish XK-120 roadster is astrikingly well-preserved example with

agorgeous color combination, exuding thepure beauty and elegance that

is most often associated with Jaguar's XK-120 models. This example has

been driven ascant 18,197 miles since new, and brims with originality and

patina throughout. Previously, the roadster was owned by 2 prominent Jaguar

collectorswho always took great care in preserving the car, while driving it

sparingly and keeping it's originality intact.

classic showcase - Oceanside, California

-www.classicshowcase.com - T: 001 760 758 6100


1952 Jaguar XK-120 3.4 FHC

This magnificently styled 1952 Jaguar XK-120 has lines and

beauty way ahead of its time, begging to be driven and enjoyed.

The Coupé is amatching-numbers car, elegantly presented in

anexquisite color combination of Jaguar Dark Blue over aGrey

leather interior. Benefiting from acomprehensive restoration by

Jaguar professionals Classic Showcase -Oceanside, California

-www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100


1967 Jaguar-XKE Series 14.2 OTS

This highly original, single-family owned Jaguar E-Type roadster

was built in March of 1967, and was later dispatched to New York

and then on to Southern California where it has been kept since.

With only 62,069 original miles, it is numbers-matching, and

retains its California Black Plates. The Roadster was the subject of

arestoration performed by Jaguar Professionals, and presents in its

truly original and stunning color combination of Opalescent Maroon,

fit with abeautiful Black interior as stated in its JDHT Certificate.

Classic showcase -Oceanside, California -

www.classicshowcase.com -T:001 760 758 6100


1953 Jaguar XK-120 3.4 FHC

This CA black plate, matching numbers XK-120 is avery original car that has been well

preserved. It can be purchased “as is” for you to restore as you wish, or you can purchase it, and

have Classic Showcase restore it to aShow Driver or Show level. It was originally British Racing

Green, and it can be taken back to its original color combination during the restoration, if you

like. It is very hard to find good original, unmolested cars coming with the original hoses, clamps,

and panels still in place. The interior is also original, which is unusual to find on a car of this age.

Classic Showcase - Oceanside, California - www.classicshowcase.com - T: 001 760 758 6100

1967 Jaguar XKE Series I 4.2 OTS

This one owner, all original, CA black plate 1967late

Series IXKE shows fabulous patina. It has been stored for

many years, is in its original color combination of Carmen

red and black and has only 52,123 original miles.

‘Classic Showcase – Oceanside, California –

www.classicshowcase.com – T: 001 760 758 6100

1970 Jaguar-XKE Series 24.2 OTS

This unmolested 1970 E-Type Roadster is an attractive and exceptional

stock example that is presented in aspectacular color combination of

Silver and Black, complimented by a Black convertible top. The Roadster

has received a professional restoration by Jaguar professionals, and

features a number of new additions including a new exhaust system,

new shocks, and a fully restored wooden steering wheel.

Classic Showcase - Oceanside, California www.classicshowcase.com - T:001 760 758 6100

1966 Jaguar-XKE Series I4.2 FHC

It is not often that you find an original, unmolested, matching numbers XKE with an original interior. This

fabulous color combination of golden sand and cinnamon, with long term ownership, has only traveled

87,028 miles since new. This is acar that we intend to continue on with the preservation restoration.

Wewill do all the mechanical services to makeitagood driver, and then it will be scheduled for

paint, and afew remaining details attended to. Once completed, it will be a good contender for the

preservation category in Jaguar Concours. It is a very difficult to find such a rare beauty in this condition.

Classic Showcase - Oceanside, California - www.classicshowcase.com - T: 001 760 758 6100



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SS 100

Former Ecurrie Ecosse driver Ian Stewart

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We examine his car

E-type Series 2

Afteralifeofease, this E-type moved

intoaworldofadventure, touring

Europe, America and Africa

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We look at the history and improved

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Finishing Lines

Williams Lyons,SS90, Blackpool, June 1935

JAGUARFOUNDER William Lyons rarely

competed in the carshecreated, despite

being akeencompetitor on motorcycles

in his youth. One of the rare occasions he

did wasinlateJune 1935, at aBlackpool

speed test.

The car wasthe second SS 90 prototype –

registration AVC477.Itdiffered from the first car

(ARW395)byavertically mounted sparewheel at

the rear,rather than arounded tail, and also because

the radiator wasunusually badged SS 1and the car

carried no SS 90 identification.

The event wasthe SS Car Club’s first major rally

after its formation the previous year,and washeld at

Blackpool (SS’ home until 1928 when the company

moved to Coventry). Although it wasnot officially

entered –Lyons wasonlytheretodemonstratethe

then-new sports car –hestill showed his prowess

behind the wheel by setting the fastest time in the

slalom test. At 64 seconds, he wasseven seconds

faster than the nearest official competitor.

This is the only known pictureofLyons at the

event and, as can be seen, the Club’s members

turned out in avariety of vehicles. In the background,

thereisarareSS1Airline, twoorthree SS 1coupes

and an SS 1saloon.

Sadly,success on theday wasmarred forLyons

afteritwas discovered that the Club’s treasurer had

absconded with the funds collected at the meeting,

leaving Lyons to foot the huge hotel bill.

Despitethe sour ending to the event, it

demonstrated what the companywas capable off,

whichwas later confirmed by the faster SS 100and

the long list of incredible sports carsthat followed.

114 | Jaguar World /Summer 2017


• MK2, S Type, XJ, 420 Front Spring Compressor

• XJ40, X300, X308 Front Spring Compressor

• I.R.S E Type etc Rear Spring Compressor

• X300, X308, Rear Spring Compressor

• MK2, E Type, S Type (60’s) Hub Puller

• Wire Wheel Adaptors, for the hub puller

• X308, XK8, ABS Rotor Nut Socket

• MK2, XK’s, 4HA Type, Half Shaft Removal Tool

• V12 Head Removal Tool

• S Type Hub Puller 1999>

• V12 Cam Shaft Sprocket Retainer

• V12 Cylinder Liner Retainers

• Mid-Engine Stabilizer Tool, MK2, E Type etc

• Diff Flange Puller Tool, most classic models

• HD Thor Hammer, as used in garages for

tightening wire wheels correctly

• Torsion Bar Setting Gauge E Type S1, S2, S3

• Cam Setting Plate XK Engines

• Cam Setting Plate AJ6 & AJ16

• Lower Shock Absorber & ARB Bush

Compressor Tool XK120, XK140 XK150, MK7,

8, 9

• Timing Chain Adjuster XK Engines

• Switch Ring Tool

We Don’t Just Sell Tools.

We Hire Tools Out Too!


• NGK - Black Plug Caps

• NGK - Spark Plugs - BP5ES

• HT Lead

• Chrome Head Nuts

• Chrome Cam Cover Nuts

• Cylinder Head Studs

• Gaskets & Gasket sets

• UK Recon Water Pump MK2, XK’s, E Type etc

• Differential bearings & seals

• Fuel Filters, Oil Filters & Air Filters

• Battery Tray and Cover - MK2, V8, S Type

• Polybush Kits

• Heavy Duty Road Springs & Packers - MK2

• Brake Discs - Made in the UK

• Mintex Brake Pads

We have a large stock of hose for petrol, oil

vacuum & brake fluid hose that does not “sweat”

& damage paintwork.

• Cotton Braided Vacuum Hose 3/8, 7.5mm &


• Heater Hose - 5/8”

• Oil Hose 5/8”

• Unleaded Fuel Hose 15.6mm

• High Pressure Fuel Hose - 5.6mm & 9.5mm

• Green Leaded & Unleaded Fuel Hose 3/16 & 1/4


We have over 70 years’ experience, working on Classic Jaguars, and selling spares. Our family run business can help

you with your classic jaguar problems. From sourcing parts, to engine rebuilds, Inspections, Servicing, Upgrades and

Consignment Sales. We have a vast stock of New and Second hand components for the XK engine (from XK120 - XJ6 S3)





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*Free with an order, otherwise a postage fee may apply. Please ask for more details.

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