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ACCT 571 DeVry Week 5 Quiz

ACCT 571 DeVry Week 5

ACCT 571 DeVry Week 5 Quiz Downloading is very simple, you can download this Course here: Or Contact us at: ACCT 571 DeVry Week 5 Quiz ACCT571 ACCT 571 DeVry Week 5 Quiz (TCO E) A __________ authorizes the transfer of raw goods needed for production from the storeroom to the production facilities. o o o o master production schedule materials requisition move ticket production order Question 2. Question : (TCO E) Labor productivity is measured by the average product of labor; i.e., the quantity produced divided by the labor time required to produce it. All other things held constant, an increase in labor productivity will increase throughput by o o o o increasing productive capacity. increasing productive processing time. increasing yield. increasing all components of throughput. Question 3. Question : (TCO E) Theft or fraudulent distribution of payroll checks is a potential threat to the payroll processing activity. What is one control that can be implemented to help prevent paychecks being issued to a "phantom" or "ghost" employee? o o o o the cashier should sign all payroll checks prenumber all payroll checks use an imprest account to clear payroll checks paychecks should be physically distributed by someone who does not authorize or record payroll Question 4. Question : (TCO F) Concerning XBRL, which of the following statements is not true? o o o o XBRL is a variant of XML. XBRL is specifically designed for use in communicating the content of financial data. XBRL creates unique tags for each data item. XBRL's adoption means accountants and systems professionals must know how to write XBRL code to take advantage of its benefits.

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