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BIS 245 DeVry Entire Course

1. Question : (TCO 2) A

1. Question : (TCO 2) A default value is o o o o a predefined list of values that can be selected by the user. a value that cannot be lower or higher than the selected limit. a specific value that automatically appears in a field and has edit capabilities. a specific value that automatically appears in a field that cannot be changed by the user. Question 2. Question : (TCO 2) Validation text is o o o o an error message that provides instruction on what to fix when an incorrect value is entered into a field. a list of predefined values that can be entered in a field. a comparison of values entered in two fields. a field that requires a value of characters or text only. Question 3. Question : (TCO 2) An input mask o allows one record to have more than two field values. o allows the user to type a social security number as 111223333 and it would display as 111-22-3333. o confirms that a value greater than 100 is a valid value. o is a list of values that are previously defined from which the user can select one item. Question 4. Question : (TCO 2) An input mask that will only allow for digits from 0 to 9 and the + or - sign is o AA. o 99. o ##. o 00. Question 5. Question : (TCO 2) An input mask placed on a form will apply to o o o o all forms based on that table. all forms in the database. all forms based on that table and the table itself. that specific form only. Question 6. Question : (TCO 5) To edit a form, use the o o o o design view. datasheet view. layout view. layout view or design view. Question 7. Question : (TCO 5) Which statement below best describes how designers and users work with forms? o The designer and the users will edit and update forms.

o o o The designer of a form will make it functional and easy to use the first time. The designer of a form will need to keep revising a form as suggested by the users. The designer and users will never need to edit a well-designed form. Question 8. Question : (TCO 5) If you click on the form tool, you will open a(n) o o o o existing form. new form in design view. new form in layout view. wizard to design a form. Question 9. Question : (TCO 5) A Split Form is best defined as o o o o are most effective when run again on one table. a form that combines two views of the same record source. Sections may be displayed differently depending on the view. can perform complex What-if analyses. require a macro in order to be effective. Question 10. Question : (TCO 5) All of the following are aggregate functions EXCEPT o o o o average. count. minimum. subtract. BIS 245 DeVry Week 6 Quiz Latest 1. Question : (TCO 1) When creating a report, you should consider all of the following EXCEPT o o o o who will use the report. the purpose of the report. data that should be considered confidential. number of records input into the report. Question 2. Question : (TCO 1) A report footer o o o o is used to print page numbers on the report. prints group statistics at the end of the report. prints grand totals at the end of the report. All of the above Question 3. Question : (TCO 1) Which report section would be used to summarize grouped field data? o o o Detail Group Header Group Footer

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