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BIS 311 DeVry Week 5 iLab

Code function

Code function ValidateOrderAmount 5 10% Function code was entered that corresponds to the given pseudocode, with no syntax errors. Code ValidateSalesTaxPercent 5 10% function Function code was entered that corresponds to the given pseudocode, with no syntax errors. Application is shown running successfully with screen shots for each of the three test cases: Test-run application successfully 20 40% (1) non-numeric entries for order amount and sales tax percent, with appropriate error messages; (2) out-of-range entries for order amount and sales tax percent, with appropriate error messages; and (3) valid entries for order amount and sales tax percent, with correct tax and order total results. Total 50 100% Required Software Visual Studio 2012 Access the software"> Steps: all iLAB STEPS Step 1: Launch Visual Studio and Create Project">Back to Top (a) Log into the Citrix iLab site as you did in the previous labs. Click the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 icon to launch Visual Studio. (b) Pull down the File menu and select New Project . . . (c) In the New Project dialog, ensure that under Templates in the left column, Visual Basic is selected, and that in the center column, Windows Form Application is selected. In the Name field at the bottom of the dialog, enter SalesTax. Click OK. Step 2: Rename Form and Add Controls">Back to Top (a) In the Solution Explorer pane on the right side of the screen, right-click on Form1.vb, select Rename, and change the name to SalesTax.vb. Press Enter after entering the new form name. (b) Change the Text property of the form to Lab 5 Your Name (where Your Name = your full name), as you have done in previous labs. (c) Drag the following controls from the ToolBox onto the form, arrange them in a logical fashion, and set their properties as indicated in the table below. Control Name Property Text Property Label Label1 Order amount: TextBox txtOrderAmount Label Label2 Sales tax percent: TextBox txtSalesTaxPercent

Button btnCalcTotal Calculate Total Including Tax ListBox lstMessages (d) Ensure that all controls are positioned and sized so that the form has a neat, professional appearance and none of the text is cut off. Your completed form should look similar to the following. (e) Pull down the File menu and select Save All to save your work. If a Save Project dialog appears, ensure that the project is saved to the My DocumentsVisual Studio 2012Projects folder under your DSI number. Click Save. Step 4: Test, Debug, and Submit">Back to Top (a) Run the application by doing one of the following: click the Start button; pull down the Debug menu, and select Start Debugging; or press the F5 key. (b) Your form should appear. Test your application by using the following test cases. For each test case, enter the indicated values for Order amount and Sales tax percent; click the Calculate Total Including Tax button; and check that the messages displayed in the list box are correct. Capture a screenshot showing the results of each correct test case and paste it into a Word document. Remember to use CTRL+ALT+PrintScreen to capture a screenshot. Test case Order amount Sales tax percent Messages # 1 abc def 2 -1 0.15 3 100.00 0.10 Please enter a numeric order amount. Please enter a numeric sales tax percent. Please enter an order amount greater than 0. Please enter a sales tax percent between 0 and 0.14. The sales tax is $10.00. The total including tax is $110.00. As an example, the screenshot for Test Case 1 should look as follows. (c) If your application does not work correctly, debug the application and try again. Post in the Q & A Forum or contact your professor for assistance, if needed. (d) When your application works correctly for all test cases, select and copy all the code for the button-click event handler, the ValidateOrderAmount function, and the ValidateSalesTaxPercent function, and paste it into your Word document below the three test case screenshots. Save the Word document as Lab5YourFirstLastName.docx (where YourFirstLastName = your first and last name; e.g., JohnSmith) and submit it to the appropriate dropbox.

DEVRY CIS 336 Week 5 iLab 5