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BIS 450 DeVry Week 5 iLab 5

• Screen shot of

• Screen shot of updated record after a successful edit. Grading Rubric Criteria Points % Step 2: Create Maintain Food Information Web Form (Secure/Admin.aspx) • Secure folder created on the web server • Admin.aspx created in Secure folder • Has standard page header, navigation menu, and page footer • Form title “Maintain Food Information” in bold • Input controls: Textbox for food • Button for Find Food Info • AccessDataSource control • DetailsView control 10 40% Step 3: Configure AccessDataSource Control • Connected to HealthyEating.mdb in database folder • Retrieves NDB_No, Food, Amount, and Calories columns from Foods table • Parameter query with LIKE operator bound to txtFood textbox • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements 5 20% Step 4: Configure DetailsView Control • Bound to AccessDataSource control on form • Displays columns NDB_No, Food, Amount, Calories • Classic AutoFormat applied 5 20% Step 5: Test, Capture Screenshots, and Submit (Student Name BIS450 Lab5 Screenshots.docx) • Word file submitted to dropbox with the following screen shots: o Fourth “beets” record displayed in DetailsView o In process of adding a record o Showing new record after successful add o In process of editing a record o Showing updated record after a successful edit 5 20% Total 25 100% i L A B S T E P S STEP 1: Open Web Site on the DeVry Web Server 1. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. You must use Visual Studio 2010 in the Citrix environment. 2. Pull down the File menu and select Open, then select Web Site. In the Open Web site dialog, select FTP Site in the left column. The connection information you used in the previous lab should be displayed: • Server: • Port: 21

• Directory: coursefolder/yourname, where coursefolder = folder on the web server for your course (provided by your professor), and yourname = your first initial and last name, (e.g. jsmith for student John Smith). • Passive Mode and Anonymous Login: Both unchecked. • Username: acadDnnnnnnnn, where Dnnnnnnnn = your DSI number. • Password: Enter the same password as you use for Citrix iLab (must be re-entered each time). Click Open. STEP 2: Create Maintain Food Information Web Form 1. In the Solution Explorer window, click on the Web site root ( to select it; then pull down the Website menu and click New Folder. Enter Secure as the name of the new folder. 2. In the Solution Explorer window, click on the Secure folder to select it; then add a new Web form named Admin.aspx to the folder. TIP: Putting this page in a separate folder on the site will make it easier to restrict its use to administrators only, later. 3. Set the Title property of the Document to Maintain Food Information. 4. Attach StyleSheet.css to the Web form. (Remember that since the page you are working on is inside the Secure folder, you will have to navigate up one level in the Select Style Sheet dialog to locate StyleSheet.css.) 5. Because this form will use several elements that were also used in the Food Information Guide form, it will be more efficient to copy the body of that form as a starting point, rather than copy from Default.htm as we have done in some earlier iLabs. Open FoodInfo.aspx and copy the contents of its element (in HTML, everything between the ?????? ????? and ????? ????? tags, but not the ?????? ????? and ????? ????? tags themselves). Paste these contents inside the div in Admin.aspx (in HTML, in between the and tags). 6. Change the “Food Information Guide” heading to read Maintain Food Information. 7. Delete the GridView control. 8. Drag a DetailsView control from the Data section of the Toolbox and drop it onto the form where the GridView control was. Select and drag the right edge of the control to stretch it across the form. Your Web form should now look like the following in Design View: 9. Save the Web form. STEP 3: Configure AccessDataSource Control 1. Click the AccessDataSource1 control and, if necessary, click the > button in the upper right corner to display the control’s smart tag. Click the Configure Data Source task in the smart tag.

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DEVRY CIS 336 Week 5 iLab 5