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BUSN 369 DeVry Course Project

BUSN 369 DeVry Course

BUSN 369 DeVry Course Project Downloading is very simple, you can download this Course here: Or Contact us at: BUSN 369 DeVry Course Project BUSN369 BUSN 369 DeVry Course Project International Business Research Project">Objectives | a11b-ac99a4354358/12/BUSN369_CH_CourseProject.html#2">Guidelines | 4b07-a11b-ac99a4354358/12/BUSN369_CH_CourseProject.html#3">Suggestions for Preparing Your Report |">Section Outline | 4b07-a11b-ac99a4354358/12/BUSN369_CH_CourseProject.html#5">Section 1: Select and Profile a Foreign Business (100 points) |">Section 2: Competition, Social, and Economic Factors (100 points) |">Section 3: Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources (100 points) |">Section 4: Global Finances (100 points) |">Reflection (100 points) Objectives">Back to Top The purpose of this Course Project is to engage students in understanding the far reaching challenges and opportunities of operating an international business. Upon the completion of this Course Project, students will also have a greater appreciation of how culture, political systems, society, and other factors impact business practices not only domestically but internationally. Guidelines">Back to Top The Course Project must be comprehensive and follow the following analytical stages. 1. There are four sections in this Course Project and are due at the end of Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8. At the end of Week 8, you will submit a complete report containing all sections along with a cover page, table of contents, body text with appropriate subtitles, references page, and appendices. There is a separate reflection document which students will complete individually and submit to the appropriate Dropbox. 2. Each section should be two- to three-pages in length with appropriate references shown on the references page. The final report should be 8- to 12-pages in length not including the cover page, references page, and appendices. If embedded images are used, they should be sized appropriately and integrated with the text.

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