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Maintworld 2/2017


EDITORIAL Text: Emil Ackerman Digitalize or die RECENTLY, I WATCHED an interesting keynote presentation at a conference with a topic ’Uber yourself before you get Kodaked’. This keynote was not presented at a B2C conference or in a future-oriented management forum. Instead, the theme of losing your business if neglecting the digitalization around you was discussed in PaperCon, the world’s largest technical conference for the paper and packaging industry. Even the more conservative industries need to be aware of the fact that digitalization can and will transform the ways to do business. It might be that the core business stays the same, but in order to be more efficient, to generate new revenue streams, to integrate yourself more deeply into the value chain of your customer, and most importantly, to gain or retain competitive advantage, you need up-to-date information. Information about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen are at the core of digitalization. Knowledge, indeed, is power. Power to direct your business into a more sustainable future with competitive advantage. However, activities related to digitalization are not valuable per se. Every action and choice you make should help you build a better business and better operations than before, just like in all other investments. Keeping this in mind, it is important to know that many digitalization-related ideas can be tested and piloted quickly and at a fraction of the cost of machine investments. Consequently, even big companies can now validate their ideas quickly, or alternatively fail fast. Once you know through pilots, what areas of digitalization work for you, it is easier to make the final decision to invest in integrating the areas into your routine operations. Come to think of it, five years from now, no one will be talking about digitalization anymore; it will be business as usual. Emil Ackerman Managing Director & Co-Founder of Quva Oy, Chairman of the IIoT Committee of the Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint Information about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen are at the core of digitalization. Knowledge, indeed, is power. 14 Planned and scheduled work is 20 percent more efficient than unmanaged work. And it is safer. 4 maintworld 2/2017

IN THIS ISSUE 2/2017 10 In mountainous tunnels under high rock cover, the true ground conditions can be difficult to predict, even with information collected from an exploratory tunnel. 38 Mining operators are increasingly confronted with security breaches on their properties. 6 10 14 18 Combining Machine Learning with IIoT Should Be Your Priority Choosing the Best Tunnel Boring Machine for Mountainous Conditions Five Ways to Break Out of the Reactive Maintenance Cycle of Doom Breathing New Life into Old Valves Boosts Productivity 22 28 30 32 36 What Makes a Critical Spare Part ‘Critical’ Smart Online Monitoring Reliability, Maintenance and Safety Asset Care and Reliability in the Mining Industry using Ultrasound34 Thermography in Photo Quality Connectivity and Interoperability: No value without reliability 38 40 44 48 Security Solution Helps Battle Illegal Mining Digital Automation System Maintenance and Cybersecurity – the Perfect Partnership? Steam Trap Inspection Basics Using Ultrasound Overview of Dutch Working Conditions in 2016 Issued by Promaint (Finnish Maintenance Society), Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland tel. +358 29 007 4570 Publisher Omnipress Oy, Mäkelänkatu 56, 00510 Helsinki, tel. +358 20 6100,, Editor-in-chief Nina Garlo-Melkas tel. +358 50 36 46 491,, Advertisements Kai Portman, Sales Director, tel. +358 358 44 763 2573, Subscriptions and Change of Address members, non-members Printed by Painotalo Plus Digital Oy, Frequency 4 issues per year, ISSN L 1798-7024, ISSN 1798-7024 (print), ISSN 1799-8670 (online). 2/2017 maintworld 5