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RUST magazine: RUST Australia Special

RUST magazine: RUST Australia Special We join Touratech on a three-week adventure ride into The Outback! The guys at Touratech HQ had a seriously busy 2016, so what did they do to find some stress relief at the end of the year? Yep, they jumped on their bikes and went for an adventure ride! Again, through our special relationship with the T-Team, our editor JB got invited along. And he was so glad he was, as the Outback ride became his ride of the year. Australia is no hidden gem but sometimes it might just be a little underrated – in the words of the Australians themselves: the country is ‘sensational’. So here’s that trip, in JB’s words and pictures (and those of his companions). And we guarantee after reading this you’ll want an Australian adventure of your own. Oh, and keep an eye on Touratech’s website, come June they’ll have a full-length film of the adventure… We trust you’ll enjoy it! JON BENTMAN (Editor, RUST)

Adventure Great Southern

Adventure Great Southern Land the uncertainties in the european Union given Brexit, and the sheer shock of the Trump win in the US presidential elections have all made for troubling times. “Such tensions and anxieties all melted away once we were into the Outback, we were back to Mother nature dominating our destinies, and she deserves our respect. We traveled slower, as the heat and the land dictates, and we were immersed in the natural experience with only the smallest of human interruptions. as we rode I could feel a sense of calm and peace overtaking me – it was just me gliding through this vast land, a very simple yet fundamental interaction. I was at last feeling calm and happy.”” HIGH COUNTRY The australian adventure had started in the Victorian high country, found some three hours northeast of Melbourne – and home to Touratech australia. here the eucalyptus (gum tree) forests that cloak the gently rolling slopes had soothed (that word again) with shades of green, greys and, where the underlying rocks were exposed, blues – these colours ever-changing in subtlety as the sun’s sweep across the sky cast new spears of golden light through the canopy. In the trees the birdsong was beyond anything heard anymore in europe, so rich in variation as kookaburra, parrots, lyrebirds and even robins would sing out, clear and crisp through an atmosphere empty of the thrum of urban chaos.

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