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RUST magazine: RUST Australia Special

RUST magazine: RUST Australia Special We join Touratech on a three-week adventure ride into The Outback! The guys at Touratech HQ had a seriously busy 2016, so what did they do to find some stress relief at the end of the year? Yep, they jumped on their bikes and went for an adventure ride! Again, through our special relationship with the T-Team, our editor JB got invited along. And he was so glad he was, as the Outback ride became his ride of the year. Australia is no hidden gem but sometimes it might just be a little underrated – in the words of the Australians themselves: the country is ‘sensational’. So here’s that trip, in JB’s words and pictures (and those of his companions). And we guarantee after reading this you’ll want an Australian adventure of your own. Oh, and keep an eye on Touratech’s website, come June they’ll have a full-length film of the adventure… We trust you’ll enjoy it! JON BENTMAN (Editor, RUST)


Terra Incognita

the rear of the bike this was close to wipe-out territory. So i had to drop the speed on the tracks from 100 to 70-80km/h to maintain some composure. At that speed the rear settled down. But the front didn’t. At any speeds, it seemed, the front did not like running into loose stuff. You’d be tootling along at say 80km/h on a gravel road, minding your own business and just edge into a small berm of gravel or sand and the front would simply sledge sideways – putting your heart in your mouth for a second, usually demanding throwing a leg out to rebalance the ride, too. obviously not the nicest experience. And it got worse. For a leg of the journey where we needed the husky to ride with a full fuel load (to assist the gSs with an outback refuel) the husky then became a complete handful, requiring super-judicious course-plotting. on a couple of occasions i got to swap onto the gSs and along the same tracks the BmWs rode almost oblivious to all the irregularities. it took not even a quarter of the concentration the husky needed.

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