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Social Zen Review - MEGA $22,400 Bonus & 65% DISCOUNT

Social Zen Review - (FREE) Bonus of Social Zen. Download premium bonuses of Social Zen and Social Zen review in detail: Social Zen is a brand new web-based software that automates all of your social media posting. It lets you schedule and post to the big platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr with 1-click. Tags: Social Zen Social Zen review Social Zen review and bonus Social Zen reviews Social Zen reviews and bonuses Social Zen review and discount Social Zen review in detail Social Zen ultimate review Social Zen demo review Social Zen review in detail

How Does

How Does Social Zen Work? Special Features of Social Zen: • Supports 7 different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr Google Plus, Linkedin) so your marketing messages are seen in the most popular social networks on the planet • 100% Fully Hands-free Automation saves you vast amounts of time and effort • Geo targets your audience based on location (perfect for local business owners and consultants) • Set automation speed of the campaign so your accounts look natural and stay safe • Schedules automated posts so you always have fresh engaging content for your followers (and frees up your valuable time) • Auto likes, comments, follows, pins daily so your audience keeps growing with new eager prospects • Get real time activity and analytics from inside the app so you can track the progress of your campaigns • And much, much more! Social Zen consists of several powerful modules such as • Auto Social (This is where true automation takes place) • Social Tracker (See live trends, search for trends, track social activity based on your keyword entered)

• Auto Poster (Managed multiple accounts, scheduled posted out, bulk media upload, and post from your wordpress, open cart, magento, shopify sites • Instagram Instant Likes and Instant Gram Stories. • Image Editor: Create Images with Quotes using API to find millions of powerful quotes from inside the app that you can post to your social profile • Link Cloaker as well to cloak your links from getting blocked (Generate up to 50 cloaked link from a single link at the push of a button. • Auto generate bulk bitly urls for your posting campaigns. How It Works: Step 1: Activate Activate by adding your social media accounts Step 2: Automate Automate by entering your keywords to build your following Step 3: Profit Profit from your social media accounts like a pro Why Should You Get Social Zen Now? Social Zen lets you schedule and post to the following social networks with 1-click. Forget about tedious cutting and pasting content to your networks! It can post simultaneously to: • Twitter • Facebook (Pages AND Groups) • Tumblr • Pinterest • Instagram • Google+ There’s no better way to gain trust and visibility than social media. (And that leads directly to more sales!) Now you can cut your posting time to a mere fraction... and make sure your content gets seen where your audience hangs out most.

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