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Trandabat et al.

Trandabat et al. /Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 6 (2007), 6, 545-548 References Branzila M., Temneanu M. ,Creţu M, Pereira M.D., Donciu C., (2004), System for environmental monitoring using a data acquisition board by parallel port, IPI, L, 737-742. Branzila M., Fosalau C., Donciu C., Cretu M., (2005), Virtual Library Included in LabVIEW Environment for a New DAS with Data Transfer by LPT, Proc. IMEKO TC4 , vol.1, Gdynia/Jurata Poland, 535-540. Girao P., Postolache O., Pereira M., Ramos H., (2003), Distributed measurement systems and intelligent processing for water quality assessment, Sensors & Transducers Magazine, 38, 82-93. Schreiner C., Branzila M., Trandabat Al., Ciobanu R., (2006), Air quality and pollution mapping system, using remote measurements and GPS technology, Global NEST Journal, 8, 315-323. Trandabat A., Branzila M., Schreiner C., (2005), Distributed measurements system dedicated to environmental safely, Proc. 4th Int. Conf. on the Manag. of Tech. Changes, vol.2, Chania-Greece, 121- 124. Trandabat A., Pislaru M., Schreiner C., Ciobanu R., (2005), E-survey instruments based on remote measurements dedicated to peculiar areas with increased risk for environmental safety, 9th Int. Conf. on Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. B, Rhodes-Greece, 933-938. 548

Environmental Engineering and Management Journal November/December 2007, Vol.6, No.6, 549-553 “Gh. Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania ______________________________________________________________________________________________ SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND CATALYTIC REDUCTION OF NO x EMISSIONS OVER LaMnO 3 PEROVSKITE Liliana-Mihaela Chirilă 1∗ , Helmut Papp 2 , Wladimir Suprun 2 , Ion Balasanian 1 “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering and Management, 71A D. Mangeron Bd., 700050 - Iasi, Romania 2 Institute for Technical Chemistry, University of Leipzig, Linnéstr. 3, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany Abstract The perovskite structure was synthesized by sol-gel method type citrate. Three perovskite LaMnO 3 samples were obtained after calcination and were characterized by XRD, XPS and TPR. The catalytic testing was carried out in SCR-HC equipment (HC=C 3 H 6 and C 3 H 6 respectively) in presence and also in absence of oxygen atmosphere. The results pointed out a good activity in NO x reduction but only in oxygen absence. As it was expecting, LaMnO 3 perovskite has shown a good activity for hydrocarbons oxidation Key words: citrate sol-gel, perovskites, SCR-HC 1. Introduction Once the atmosphere pollution became a serious problem for environment, the scientific world in the field started to develop different methods for removing of emissions resulted from human activities. It is well known that a large amount of nitrogen oxides emissions are coming from lean burn engines. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method of nitrogen oxides supposes the using of reduction agent which increases the requirements for mobile engines. Thus, for catalytic nitrogen oxides converting the attention was headed to the burn environment for a proper reduction agent. Many tests were used the hydrocarbons as reduction agent leading to good results of nitrogen oxides conversion (Buciuman et al., 2001; Haj et al., 2002; Rottländer et al., 1996; Tran et al., 2004). Another problem in selective catalytic reduction is the catalyst choosing. A good catalyst must have a high stability, a high catalytic activity and to be cheap. A good catalytic potential for nitrogen oxides removing has shown different catalytic materials such noble metals, zeolites or oxides. The exotic character of some oxides with perovskite structure is reflecting in their catalytic activity and makes them famous in oxidation catalytic processes. Different results were obtained in catalytic reduction over these structures (Ng Lee et al., 2001; Patcas et al., 2000; Spinicci et al., 2003). The aim of this paper is synthesis and characterization of LaMnO 3 perovskite and its testing as catalytic material in nitrogen oxides removing by SCR-HC method. Three LaMnO 3 perovskite samples were obtained by calcinations at 600, 800 and 1000 o C and were characterized by XRD, XPS, gas physisorbtion and TPR. The catalytic testing of these samples was carried out in SCR-HC equipment where the hydrocarbons used like reduction agent were propene and propane. 2. Experimental 2.1. LaMnO 3 synthesis LaMnO 3 perovskite structure was prepared by citrate method type sol-gel using lanthanum and manganese nitrates 1:1 with an excess of citric acid 1.5. It was followed next steps of the perovskite synthesis: i) stirring of precursors in distilled water at 60 o C till obtaining a yellow viscous solution; ii) ∗ Author to whom all correspondence should be addressed:

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