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2nd session newsletter

2nd session

HELPING VETERANS SOAR Issue 1 May, 2017 Helping veterans soar through education counseling and mentoring. The CORPOINT Story Even if they were successful in the military, all individuals discharged must readjust to civilian life in order to live up to their full poten al. We believe each veteran as the poten al to take off and SOAR CORPOINT’s goal is to assist in that effort. The military is very structured and makes most decisions for the individual. In addi on, many veterans have experienced physical and/or mental trauma which con nue to seriously affect them. These facts create unique challenges which must be overcome if the veteran is to truly SOAR. They must create their own structure, set and pursue their own goals, and overcome effects of any trauma they experienced. Many veterans are able to do this on their own but there are quite a few who need support. Fortunately, the current United States’ culture is very suppor ve of veterans and much is being done to provide needed assistance. Even so, numerous veterans in Western North Carolina con nue to have challenges. Our purpose is to provide unique services which help them by offering a hand up and not a hand out. To have a truly happy and produc ve civilian life, services which veterans may need fall into several categories: · Physical Health care · Mental health care · Housing · Educa on · Employment · Legal Ÿ Social The goal of CORPOINT is to assist the veteran soar through education counseling and mentoring. Progress CORPOINT has been established by dedicated people who believe in this cause. Each recognize the potential benefits in the lives of veterans if they could establish and obtain educational goals based on their strengths and desires. It is extremely satisfying to watch a veteran realize their potential. Great news! With completion of the North Carolina non-profit incorporation process,the CORPOINT Organization is now officially, CORPOINT, Inc. Now that this initial hurdle is complete, efforts are being placed on completing the Board of Directors, creating a budget, clarifying goals and objectives, then applying for recognition as a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization. This will allow contributions to us to qualify as tax deductions and confirm our purpose. CORPOINT Serves First Veteran When CORPOINT was initiated, Fred , a founding member, stated that if we could help one veteran we would be a success. Well, that has occurred as a young Desert Storm Veteran met with some CORPOINT Members and discussed his desires, goals and expectations. As the discussions continued, the Veteran began to recognize how the opportunities and the skills and abilities he would improve through advanced education. The initial session ended with the veteran beginning the process to change his life.

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