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VideoBold 2.0 review - VideoBold 2.0 (MEGA) $23,800 bonuses

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• Physical Products Why Should You Get Videobold 2.0 Now? Videobold 2.0 is a brand new collection in a new video style called “storyline” macro films. They’re basically human interest messages, which are location shot. They tend to feature real people, in real places, doing real things. . This is the first specialist video product to offer affordable storyline videos to SME’s and niche marketers. They’re high quality products which will almost sell themselves, making them an ideal cold market sale. Now you can go on and customise each macro film for a client, simply by overlaying their logo and a lower third for the call to action or contact info. That makes each film unique to that client and with this league of video production that can be worth 1500 and up. Plus you can create a series of them to cover seasonal and event and location variations. You can easily get 20 variations for each business. You can set your own rate as a package, or stick to the rate. It’s totally up to you. Even buy 19 get 1 free is a deal... But you can get even more creative than that! If you swap out the soundtrack, you’ll get a vast amount of freedom for your production and you can get voiceovers off Fiverr for around 20 per minute. Not bad to customise a 1500 video. But most video consultants and video agencies, won’t need to go as far as changing the soundtrack. Using the power of the VBE Video Editor you can overlay your own sub story in just a few frames, using text or graphics. That makes your video portfolio, endless in potential.

In addition to that, you could sell them an alternate “storyline” video, or edit; (overlay, insert, top, tail, replace the soundtrack or do a new overlay locations. Even 3 versions (or variations) would triple your income per client. Videobold 2.0 collection opens up all of these profit multiplier opportunities to you. All you need to do is to remember to ask. “Oh I presume you want the 3 variations package?” “Oh and they have a special of their seasonal add-on pack, so you can have 20 different events, or celebrations like Christmas or a new product launch?” With a plain old FAQ, Explainer or spokesperson video, they might think they can get away with one for ever. After all they only have the one website and they only do the one main thing. But as a “storyline” video as it’s about them and their branding, they’re likely to want to keep making quite a bit of noise about it. And that means variations to keep it fresh and current. If they have different divisions, niches, verticals, departments, or locations, there’s a set of versions for those too. Why does Videobold 2.0 matter? Videobold 2.0 matters because it’s the first time ordinary businesses will have viable access to the big brand style of storyline videos. You’ve seen them everywhere, without even noticing. Cadbury’s Milk Tray where the man dives off a cliff to give the girl a box of chocolates is probably the furthest back you’ll remember. The Nescafe Coffee “cup of love” was one of the most popular. But right here, right now, brands are using live streaming on SnapChat, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook “ads” to deliver storyline style

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