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VideoBold 2.0 review - VideoBold 2.0 (MEGA) $23,800 bonuses

films. eCom micro

films. eCom micro businesses are making 5, 6 & 7 figures, in storyline style launches, from snowboards to sunglasses. Now amazingly, with Videobold 2.0 you can offer these styles to your clients too, without having to spend hours scripting, filming, or editing. Videobold 2.0 is an ideal door opener, because it’s an original style with a very specific purpose that business owners can finally relate to. “Them”. It’s an easy foot in the door, because people see the impact and potential of it, plus it’s about them, which is always good. So it almost sells itself. And then it opens up the opportunities for seasonal variations, video SEO teasers, and overlay series. Then the door is open to cross sell other services from Press Releases to POI video hire, video SEO, social management, email newsletters and everything else. That’s a deal, isn’t it? Any business that cares about its branding and image, will be prewarmed to Videobold 2.0. Bottom line is you can use Videobold 2.0 standalone, as each film is complete in itself. Naturally you can brand it for the client, with a logo and lower third for contact details/call to action. Or with a very small amount of work (4 captions - the VBE video editor supports overlaying text or image tracks) you can tell your very own sub story. By changing that for every event/season now you have a series of videos you can charge for, just for 4 simple overlays. You can edit & re-brand their video templates to suit your business needs or that of your clients with: Instant Access

Your video download account is automatically setup when you signup. Fully White Labeled Their logos or watermarks are not in the videos you download. Quality Templates This is by far the easiest way to get premium video templates. Quick and Easy Support Their support team is always on stand by 24/7 to attend to your needs. With this Exclusive Offer you Get Full Developer Rights! you get access to OVER 200 "Storyline" Videos for Pennies on the Dollar! • Stunning Style Makes You Stand Out • Sell Videos for Top Dollar to Clients • Convert Like Crazy with Compelling Videos • Unlimited Usage to Profit Over and OVer with this exclusive offer you get complete developer rights as a bonus (details below)...Plus you get access to OVER 200 Premium Macro Films! You can sell these videos for top dollar, use them to drive tons of cheap traffic or anything you can think of with unlimited usage! What other customers say about Videobold 2.0

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