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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Friends Appreciation Day May 20th

G e f ä l l t m i r L o v e H a h a W o w T r a u r i g W ü t e n d Wormhole Bistro (faintly heard from the orchard) ♪ Remempurr me ta wun hoo liff thhere He wunzz wazz a troo luff off main... ♫ - No, thhat izz SSHE! He no maek da kambrik sshirt! - But thhe tekssst ssaee "he"! - But thhat izz sstoopie! An ai neao ssum tekssst thhat DUZZ ssaee "sshe"!

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March 2012 Friend - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
New Year's Eve 2016