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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Lunca Susanna help

Lunca Susanna help facepoop is acting up again Liz Reeve Oh no! Pat Gancarski Luke and Dillon go running ahead of their Ma into the bistro. Dillon& Luke-~ We're late! Sorry! Ma was out wif Daddy and them was late getting back home. But now we're here. Pat comes into the bistro after her boys made their entrance. Sorry we're late. We got a late start this morning. We've got up late and got started late today. Wormhole Bistro (run over for hugs) Hai, Auntie Pat, Luke an Dillon! Nah, ya no be laet - ya be tshuss in taim fur da littul snackie! Skitters be bizzee back dere in da kitshun, him gonna komm owt as soon as him hab finnish da lastest tee taim snackies! Pat Gancarski Hi Pookie, Starli and Troubie! Pat, Dillon and Luke all hug their friends. Dillon&Luke~ We wanted to get here earlier because we need to get a little practicing in. We made some small changes to our song and we just wanted to do a run thru in the dressing room afores we does our song for everybody. Wormhole Bistro Me hab da nip tee an da aizee nip tee reddee an waeetin fur ya in da dressin room, an sum da lite snackies, too! Pat Gancarski L&D~ Thank you Starli! We are gonna go practice our song now. We'll be back soon. Okay Ma. Pat~ Okay boys. I'll be here. HoneyBun's Mews Hi, Auntie Pat. Hi, Dillon and Luke. Haz you heard from Collin yet? Iz he and Charlie Girl going to come and sing wiff you? I haz heard Charlie Girl singing wiff the Rainbow Choir when I wuz in the movie room, and she haz a lubly voice. Wormhole Bistro See ya den, Luke an Dillon, an uz all be lookin forward ta da konzert! - Oh, kan me get ya sumding, Auntie Pat? Da kaffee, or sum da tshoozie, an mebbie da littul snackie? Pat Gancarski Hi GS Skits! A coffee with troll creamer would hit the spot. I'll wait u til later for something to eat. I think I'm more nervous for Dillon and Luke singing today than they are.

Pat Gancarski Hi HoneyBun! I think both Collin and Charlie will be here today. Charlie Girl does have a lovely voice doesn't she. She use to sing a lot too. I know that Dillon and Luke have been very secretive about their practicing. I haven't been allowed to sit in on them. So I think maybe Collin has been practicing with them. The Rainbow Choir has a lot of very talented singers. I'm sure CC enjoys listening to them even when their just having choir practice. Wormhole Bistro Oh yes... uz allwaeez endshoee it wenn uz kann heer dem froo da Rainbow Wormhole! Wormhole Bistro Skitters comes runnin out tu gibs him's GMa Pat da quick hugs, me habs seen me Brudder Dillon n Luke n gibs dem hugs but me gotta gets back tu da kitchen but will be backs soon xxxx Pat Gancarski We will have to come listen to them next time their singing at the Bridge. All of us would love hear them again. Pat Gancarski Its okay GS Skits. I know you have your paws full getting the food ready for the party today. Pat Gancarski Thank you Starli for the coffee. Wormhole Bistro It be ma pleshur, Auntie Pat! Wormhole Bistro Fank mews GMa Pat him calls out obers him's sholder as him runs back tu da kitchen Liz Reeve Hi Auntie Pat, Luke and Dillon! On this kind of days, I miss Charlie Girl and Collin so much! I hope they will be here! Pat Gancarski Hi Liz! I miss them both so much. I think we'll see them both here today. Susan Siefers I just love walking thru this garden to get into the Bistro. Wormhole Bistro Hai, Auntie Susan! ofertaim ta get EBBEREE ding flauwerin an blossomin tadaee! Oh, da faeries hab wurk

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