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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Wormhole Bistro On my

Wormhole Bistro On my way! Kathleen Dell Wormhole Bistro Thank you. Kathleen Dell Wormhole Bistro Oh, wow! Thank you so much. This is so sweet Of you. What a beautiful cake! Wormhole Bistro Uz be happee dat ya liek it, Auntie Kathleen! Kathleen Dell I love it. Dawn Barela That is gorgeous!!

Lunca Susanna yellow roses are known for friendship i hope you can see them and i hope there is enough for ebry one that is if facepoop let you get it Wormhole Bistro OMC Auntie Lunca, des bootifuls Yellow Roses bes gorgeous ans we fanks mew fur dem ans me purromises tu gibs eberypawdys one Fank mews sew muchie

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