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Friends Appreciation Day May 20th 2017

Pat Gancarski I

Pat Gancarski I understand from what little I could get from Dillon and Luke thus new song is about friends. Those here and those who have crossed the bridge. Vicky Wagner McKenzie (clap clap clapping ) yea! Great song. Liz Reeve Clap clap stamping feet and paws...! Susan Siefers Great song. I wish I understood the words, but it still moves me. (HoneyBun nods, clapping, laughing, and wiping her eyes.) Leann Applegate Whoo hoo clap clapping clap!! Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Oh, HAI, Auntie LeAnn! heer tadaee! It be graet ta see ya Leann Applegate Surprize!! So good to see everypawdy! ! Precious Jezzie claps loudly Quincey and Bonnie Yay! Dillon and Luke! Wormhole Bistro WOWZERS dat shur bes da grate song as him wipe da tears frums him eyes, dem sings sew grate! Dawn Barela Good afternoon boys!! Gomez CatStar Dillon and Luke! Are you part of the Ginger Boys? Opening act? Wormhole Bistro Dillon an Luke be da half of da Ginger Boys dat still be boddilee in owr world - da udder half be dem angels neao... :'(

Wormhole Bistro Dillon n Luke wave at everyone and starting announcing we have some very special guests that we would love to introduce to you today. One is the Lady sitting in the back with the beautiful Purple wings, that is our beloved Angel Auntie Jacky! And now we have Chief Sammi da Bear and Miss Minnie aka Squeak! And another beloved Angel has come for today, Angel Girl who swishes her tail to only a melody that she can hear! And our beloved sister Angel Charlie Gurl! And with the sound of more wings being heard is Angels Collin and Shadow Man!

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